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Mamba memories- Taken from us to soon #8-#24 from the Coach Scott Fields

Mamba Memories- Taken from us to soon #8-#24
Kobe Bryant
I will be doing a Mamba Memories show soon ! Please share your Mamba memories with me here.
I will share these memories on my Kobe tribute show to be aired when I can process this emotional event.

I apologize in advance as I will be scattered  as I will share thoughts as they come across my mind. There will be typo's and punctuation issues. I have been told I write like I speak.....
I am flooded with thoughts and emotions with this horrific news. I know this is therapeutic for me to try to put this in words. Thanks in advance for endulging me as I try to articulate only a few memories I share. I can not share them all, but I can share a few. This is my path, my journey my way of dealing with this event.

The NBA community is shocked and shares great sadness. Sunday 1/26/2020 will be a day many sports fans will need to time to grieve from. Time is needed to cry, remember, reflect,  everyone will need their own personal time to process this legends passing. It is a challenge to find the right words to do this guy's legacy justice. I know I can not find the right words, but I guess it is therapeutic for me, I am numb, I am in shock.....I am still at a loss for my grandfathers passing, to me my grandfather walked on water. so, I own the fact I am not in touch with my true feelings on this situation. I am sorting all of this out as I go.

This new generation or younger generation of sports fans, Kobe was and is the icon, Kobe was and is my age groups MJ. Kobe is to this generations basketball player, like Tiger is to my generations Golfer

The news was stunning, Could it be true? Was it really Kobe? he was only 41 ? Was his family with him? were all his daughter's with him? Was it a helicopter crash? was it a plane crash?  was it an automobile accident? the feeds had to be wrong ! with this day of social media overreaction, what was true? what was speculation?  This is devastating news. It can not be true?

I preface this with I admired Kobe and his on court accomplishments and his mental approach to the game. He was a fierce competitor. He was MJ's mini me. My Generation had MJ who transformed the game and took the NBA global but I wasn't a Kobe fan ! I respected his game. I respected his accomplishments.  I didn't turn on a game because Kobe was on but when MJ played, I turned the game on but again Kobe was something special ! Kobe has inspired millions across the globe, I am taking nothing away from him. I will admit everywhere you look you see Bryant jersey's being worn That's an impact !

I have coached in many countries and in every country I have been in, I would see thousands of Bryant jerseys being worn.

Mamba I know your on court accomplishments and accolades, they are heavily documented, but what I am sad about is we in the human race will learn more about you and discover more who you were off the court with your passing, and that is a shame, while you were alive we took you for granted and could only debate who was better? Who would you want in poll questions ! I am sad for that. It seems juvenile of us to compare, contrast and label players. Let us learn to just APPRECIATE your gifts and talents.

I remember the interview when he discussed his desire to get a helicopter and pilot, he did it as LA traffic was getting worse and he didn't want to miss family time, Flying in a helicopter would only take 15 min. He didn't like setting in a car in traffic and miss a school play or a school function, and he wanted to train and focus and not compromise family time.
Routine early morning weights and workouts, take care of media or  whatever.  Fly back get in a carpool line, pick up kids.
Train and focus work on craft and his skill set. He wanted and valued the time to spend with his kids, he didn't want his wife to always pick up kids, the NBA schedule didn't allow for him to be at a lot of kids school functions. the helicopter would allow him to maximize his time with his kids when he wasn't on the road. He always focused on the Details....

Then we find out his 13 year old daughter was with him?  Gianna, GiGi, who was probably most like him of his daughters.  So many images  and videos of Kobe and Gianna attending basketball games and Kobe being a mentor and teaching her the game, that she so passionately loved.  Kobe was her coach of 13 year olds. I heard a Jimmy Kimmel  (Oct 2018) interview where Kobe shares with everyone that GiGi was going to carry on a legacy of the game. Kobe said, people would say, "you need a boy to carry this legacy of hoops on and Gigi would resound, " oye, I got this!"

This image above was often seen as Kobe was with his daughter at many basketball games, NBA/WNBA/NCAA they shared the bond of the love of the game. Kobe was transforming from an NBA legend and a self player to a Father/Mentor/Coach.

When I learned that the helicopter crash, and trying to process the news Kobe was on the helicopter. then learning that Gigi was also a passanger. It became a double tragedy. My mind drifted to Venessa, his wife. How can she deal with losing her husband and the loss of a child? Then my mind drifted and I told my wife, I said, " Babe, I bet he was going to a game with his daughter."
I wanted to be wrong, I wanted it to be false news. but it wasn't. It was real.... I thought about Kobe trying to comfort his daughter as the helicopter was going down. I thought about Kobe and what he was telling the other passengers on the helicopter.

I think about the time he never flinched when Matt Barnes acted as if he was going to hit Kobe  in the face with a inbounds pass, Kobe didn't flinch.

I think of his youngest daughter who will never know her dad,  other than what people tell her. She will not know his smile, she will not know his voice, she will not remember his embrace or hugs or smell. this makes me sad !

I received a what's apps message from my son Brandon, who grew up in LA. He was a huge Kobe fan, his bedroom across the hall from our room in our home, is decorated with Kobe on his walls.
He said, ,"Did you see the news?" My son Brandon was sad. He sent this message from the country of Georgia where I feel Kobe has inspired him to be a baller.
My daughter Whittney in Chicago sent me a text, she said, "Did you see the Kobe news?"

Then my phone and Kim's phone started blowing up with people trying to process the news?

My family was sending me text. My sister, my nephews. Everyone was in shock. Text from Coaches, Players and friends who knew of my connection to the game.

I was trying to find the right words again.

Kobe was global. he played basketball at age 8 in Italy where Jelly Bean Bryant was playing and he admired a player named Mike D Antoni. Kobe was fluent in multiple languages and rapped in Italian.  He entered the NBA out of High School.

I am a pro basketball coach, I remember coaching at the NBA summer league, when Kobe was a rookie. He was with the La Lakers. Kobe was straight out of high school.(17 years young) he was a teenager. he was walking hand and hand with his girlfriend Venessa. He was a star in the making. He had on his shades,  he had on his sweat suit, the shoes clean , he was holding hands with Venessa. the venue was the pyramid at Long Beach State University. I remember camera crews by the hundreds following around this Lower Merion HS standout out of Philly. He coined the phrase, "I am taking my talents to the NBA." This phrase later to be used by Lebron James when he stated, " I am taking my talents to South Beach."   His first game in the NBA summer league he scored 36 pts.  D Fisher and T Lue was also rookies that summer league on that same team. You knew you were watching greatness. He was already bigger than Snoop Dogg in LA. Jerry West the GM of the Lakers you knew he was great and you orchestrated the trade to bring him from Charlotte to LA. oh, by the way, Kobe averaged 36 pts / game in that NBA summer league.  oh by the way, my free agent team  that I was head coach of ,in that NBA summer league,  advanced to the final four and was beaten by Anthony Mason and Penny Hardaway. (Just Saying)

Kobe was always well prepared, there is a popular meme of Kobe where it states, " Don't be bored with the basics." Kobe would focus on the details and fundamentals of the game. he was known to set in a practice gym for hours work on a simple swing through in a triple threat position and make sure his feet are square to the rim. This is a meticulous detail, but he would focus and work on it with repetition to perfection.

Kobe I remember you in your first playoffs vs the Utah Jazz and you shot the air ball, but the fact you had the confidence to shoot it , that was something I remember ! you were ready then to put the venom in 'em . Coach Del Harris knew of your young swag.

Kobe was curious for details, he had great coaches and teachers of the game as mentors. Jerry West, Coach Fred "Tex" Winters, Phil Jackson, He would set and pick NBA players brains to learn from them and he accepted the challenge of wanting to be better than MJ. He was the black mamba. I think of my personal friends who coached him and worked with him. Kurt Rambis, Jim Cleamons, Tex Winters, Bill Bertka and the list goes on. I have been in the LA practice facility many many times. I think of Mike Zwick and many who have been apart of that franchise. The Lakers are like the Jazz, they are family owned business, so for 20 years Kobe was your family. I am glad to hear the organization is bringing in counselors to help employees deal with the grieve and loss.

Jerry West, the NBA LOGO, was a mentor, Kobe was only 17 years old. Jerry West was like a surrogate father to Kobe. Kobe couldn't drive around LA when he was traded to the Lakers. Kobe wanted rides to the gym for workouts, Jerry would drive him to the gym and work with Kobe. Jerry West watched him grow from a boy to a man. the Logo basically raised him. Kobe couldn't get into clubs and drink beers with the fellas, truth be told , he probably didn't want to either.

If you came into a pre game shoot around or walk through and your responsibility was to show the opposing teams playing sets and quick hitters, if you didn't know it and your were not prepared as a coach, Kobe would call you out on it. Kobe not only challenged the players to be prepared as he, but he also challenged the coaches and management to be at their best. This is why the riff happened between Shaq and Kobe. Kobe couldn't understand how or why Shaq was not coming into camp in shape and prepared as he was.  A Champion mindset can not understand or accept a mediocre mindset. They can not comprehend and they don't want to comprehend it.

As a professional basketball coach, I have many NBA friends. I am friends with writers, GM's, Players, Agents so My Facebook timeline was full. My twitter feed even more full as even common people writing memories.  My Instagram feed was all people sharing memories and photos and quotes and short videos.

I love hearing the stories from Kobe's teammates and NBA players talking about their experiences with or against Kobe. Most people become greater if they pass early. Kobe was 41 years young, and his stories are GREAT ALREADY !

If you haven't already,  read the Dear Basketball letter from Kobe after his retirement Nov 29, 2015. This was published for the Players Tribune: Google it and give it a read..

How can you not love and admire Kobe's dear basketball letter and good bye to the game? Most Fans had a Love/Hate relationship with Kobe. If you were a Laker fan, you were a Kobe fanatical, If you cheered for any other team in the NBA , You hated him !
Kobe would brake your heart by beating you time and time again and he would relish in the victory and give you a wink and a smile as he took your heart out. !

I agree with Dan Patrick, the host of the DP Show and former ESPN broadcaster. Kobe Bryant was curious. He wanted to know how to not only compete with MJ, Kobe wanted to know how to be better than MJ ! He talked with MJ, he picked his brain. He talked with coaches, he met with coaches, we watched film with coaches. He wanted every advantage he could gain.

Other than MJ, whom else was a competitor like an MJ? he would watch those films to emulate MJ's moves. Mamba mentality was born. Mamba Mindset.

NBA teams are taking 8 sec back court violations, 24 sec shot clock violations in his memory

Maybe at 8:24 am /pm there should be a moment of silence for him? on a Kobe Bryant day !

Yes he will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this year with Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.

MJ passed the NBA Torch onto him after MJ has the torch passed onto him from Magic and Larry who took it from Dr. J that is my generation.

Has Kobe passed the torch onto Lebron James? I know Lebron just passed Kobe for 3rd all time on the scoring list.

Kobe was transitioning from a selfish NBA All Star with life after basketball, He won an academy award for Dear Basketball !! What other NBA player has done that?

Kobe was enjoying coaching his daughter and teaching her the Mamba mentality.

Kobe was great on the ESPN documentary called " details" he was teaching in this segments, he was sharing his knowledge, I love this. I am a coach and this is what I did for years breaking down film. I cant get enough of this stuff.

For my generation, I remember Magic Johnsons announcement he had HIV ! This is the closest announcement to make me feel some sort of way?

This was a difficult for me as the passing of Michael Jackson and Prince all amazing entertainers. Kobe too was an entertainer.

Kobe should be remembered as GREAT on the court, but how about off of the court and a family man, yes, we all know about the case in Colorado ! In life, humans make mistakes and people can learn from mistakes. Kobe was a family man and father. Kobe after basketball was empowering women, hiring women, he had women in his life in his home and he was paving the way for his girls to be strong and know they can accomplish anything they put their mind to.

I think of his wife and daughters Kobe has left behind. I also think of the other victims of this tragic event.

I think of the Helicopter Pilot, I think of the Baseball coach and his daughter, I think of the young basketball coach also in route to the Mamba center for a scheduled game.  Not just Kobe was killed 9 lives were lost ! We must also grieve for them as well.

I think of the Calabasas community who had to witness the foggy , and fiery crash. I think of the LA community and the Grammy awards that were held the same night of Jan 26, 2020.

I think of Kobe's recent comments : Kobe said there are women who could play in the NBA, that message was for his daughter to believe she could one day also be an NBA player. I believe this.

I agreed with Kobe's comments on AAU basketball....I will miss his insight as I agree with him on many levels. I am inspired to share my knowledge and share my insights with the next generation, as I too want to leave the game in good hands. I want to help young coaches.

numbness, sadness, loss of words ! I will go on, as life will go on. This makes me think of my own mortality. What is my legacy? What will I leave society?

You know you are something special when you go by one name.
Elvis, Mike, Madonna, Prince, Kobe
people know him as Kobe, not Kobe Bryant.

Kobe craved competition,.  he was  a competitionaholic?  is that even a word?  Thanks Dan LeBatard of ESPN, I am using it.

I am an optimist, I am always looking for the silver lining, as this is a horrible event, but I know our country is so divided with our current climate, for a short time, Kobe has united  us as a country, as it doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, how much money you make, what color your skin is, it doesn't matter if you speak English or not, for a brief moment in time, we all are thinking of purple and gold and a man who wore it.  We are thinking of Gigi, we are thinking of people who shared that helicopter ride with you, as these families are also mourning !

Rest in peace Captain Ara Zobayan- I know you did everything you could piloting your helicopter
Rest in peace Kobe Bryant
Rest in peace Gianna Bryant
Rest in peace Alyssa Altobelli
Rest in peace John Altobelli
Rest in peace Kerry Altobelli
Rest in peace Christina Mauser
Rest in peace Sarah Chester
Rest in peace Payton Chester

Here are a few more images for you !!

Eyes are the window to the soul 

Mamba Out !

The black mamba is a deadly snake- Kobe you simply "Put the venom in 'em !"

Coach Scott Fields

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

High School Shot Clock- by Coach Scott Fields

Shot Clocks in High School Basketball - Coach Scott Fields

We need to start a movement with High School Basketball across the United States. We need to start petitions in each state that doesn't have a shot clock in high school basketball.  Can we at least start the dialog? Can we vet it out and get answers to our key questions?

I will be the first to say I don't have all the answers, but I do want to start the dialog and ask the right questions to start the movement.

Isn't it time to evolve as a basketball community? isn't it time to grow the game and assist the players with their development? isn't it about the kids and players? or is it about the coaches and their win records? isn't it about making the game fun to play and make the product entertaining to watch for fans?

Let us be proactive- Let us evolve and make the game better in each state that still does not have a shot clock.

Each state has a high school athletic association. I will take the time to research and locate each high school athletic association. I will provide e mail addresses for each of these associations.
Let us collect signatures and take to these Associations and press them to get a SHOT Clock in each state.

The National Federation of State High School Associations or the NFHS

P.O. Box 690
Indianapolis, In. 46206
Ph     317 972 6900
fax    317 822 5700         www.nfhs.org

Who is with me? Who will take the lead in each State? Who will start collecting signatures and take to these associations?
This is something bigger than myself. I will need the help from many.

allow me to present you some facts as I found on a search drive.

in 2013 there were 8 states who had a shot clock     (in alphabetical order)
1) California
2) Maryland
3) Massachusetts
4) New York
5) North Dakota
6) Rhode Island
7) South Dakota
8) Washington

in the next few seasons  two more states were added to the list
1) Michigan
2) Texas

Now some more facts to think about.... California is the number 1 state for NBA players ? interesting thought:  New York is the number 2 state in NBA players and Maryland is the number 7 state to have NBA players.
of the two states to later institute the shot clock Michigan is number 11 in NBA players and Texas is number 6 when it comes to NBA players.
This information from Ethan Morof on a twitter blog from the past.

The NBA instituted the shot clock 1954 at 24 sec
NBA G league has a 24 sec shot clock
FIBA, instituted the shot clock at 30 sec in 1956
WNBA had a 30 sec shot clock and then switched to 24 sec in 2000
NCAA had a 45 sec shot clock and it was reduced to 35 sec shot clock in 93-94

The high school in the united states listed above have either a 35/30 sec shot clock.

The shot clock is used to of course speed up the game. the shot clock gives a rhythm to the game, it provides a tempo to the game.

I have coached at all levels of the game.         (see my bio at coachscottfields.com)
I am eager to work on this to better the game. There have been many great articles in the past written on this topic. There have been social media accounts in the past. I just want to add gas to the fire !

The Following is the National High School Athletic Associations contact information. These are listed by state. I am looking for representatives from each state. Lets evolve the game. I care about the Game. I care about the development of the Game.

Thanks for your help, Thanks for your leads to make a network to get the right people involved to "GET A SHOT CLOCK IN EVERY STATE" in the United States.

National High School Association list

·        Alabama High School Athletic Association

P O Box 242367 (36124) 7325 Halcyon Summit Dr Montgomery, AL 36117Phone: (334) 263-6994Fax: (334) 387-0075                             www.ahsaa.com

·        Alaska School Activities Association

4048 Laurel St, Ste 203 Anchorage, AK 99508

Phone: (907) 563-3723Fax: (907) 561-0720              www.asaa.org

·        Arizona Interscholastic Association

7007 N 18th St Phoenix, AZ 85020-5552

Phone: (602) 385-3810Fax: (602) 385-3779               www.aiaonline.org

·        Arkansas Activities Association

3920 Richards Rd North Little Rock, AR 72117-2920

Phone: (501) 955-2500Fax: (501) 955-2521                  www.ahsaa.org

·        California Interscholastic Federation

4658 Duckhorn Dr Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: (916) 239-4477Fax: (916) 239-4478        www.cifstate.org

·        Colorado High School Activities Assn

14855 E Second Ave Aurora, CO 80011-8900

Phone: (303) 344-5050Fax: (303) 367-4101               www.chsaanow.org

·        Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference

30 Realty Dr Cheshire, CT 06410-1655

Phone: (203) 250-1111Fax: (203) 250-1345              www.casciac.org

·        Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association

35 Commerce Way, Ste 1 Dover, DE 19904

Phone: (302) 857-3365Fax: (302) 739-1769            www.doe.k12.de.us/diaa

·        District of Columbia State Athletic Association

1050 First St. NE., 6th Floor Washington, DC 20002

Phone: (202) 654-6115Fax: (202) 724-7656                www.dcsaasports.org

·        Florida High School Athletic Association

1801 NW 80th Blvd Gainesville, FL 32606-9176

Phone: (352) 372-9551Fax: (352) 373-1528                   www.fhsaa.org

·        Georgia High School Association

PO Box 271 151 S Bethel St Thomaston, GA 30286-4187

Phone: (706) 647-7473Fax: (706) 647-2638       www.ghsa.net

·        Hawaii High School Athletic Association

PO Box 62029 c/o Kaimuki High School 2705 Kaimuki Ave., P3 Honolulu, HI 96816

Phone: (808) 587-4495Fax: (808) 587-4496       www.sportshigh.com

·        Idaho High School Activities Association

8011 Ustick Road Boise, ID 83704

Phone: (208) 375-7027Fax: (208) 322-5505                 www.idhsaa.org

·        Illinois High School Association

2715 McGraw Dr Bloomington, IL 61704

Phone: (309) 663-6377Fax: (309) 663-7479                www.ihsa.org

·        Indiana High School Athletic Association

PO Box 40650 9150 N Meridian St Indianapolis, IN 46260-1802)

Phone: (317) 846-6601Fax: (317) 575-4244      www.ihsaa.org

·        Iowa High School Athletic Association

PO Box 10 1605 S Story St Boone, IA 50036-5226

Phone: (515) 432-2011Fax: (515) 432-2961       www.iahsaa.org

·        Kansas State High School Activities Association

PO Box 495 (66601-0495) 601 SW Commerce Pl Topeka, KS 66615-1234

Phone: (785) 273-5329Fax: (785) 271-0236      www.kshsaa.org

·        Kentucky High School Athletic Association

2280 Executive Dr Lexington, KY 40505-4808

Phone: (859) 299-5472Fax: (859) 293-5999       www.khsaa.org

·        Louisiana High School Athletic Association

12720 Old Hammond Highway Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Phone: (225) 296-5882Fax: (225) 296-5919       www.lhsaa.org

·        Maine Principals' Association

50 Industrial Drive Augusta, ME 04330

Phone: (207) 622-0217Fax: (207) 622-1513         www.mpa.cc

·        Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association

200 W Baltimore St Baltimore, MD 21201-1595

Phone: (410) 767-0555Fax: (410) 333-3111         www.mpssaa.org/

·        Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association

33 Forge Pkwy Franklin, MA 02038-3135

Phone: (508) 541-7997Fax: (508) 541-9888            www.miaa.net

·        Michigan High School Athletic Association

1661 Ramblewood Dr East Lansing, MI 48823-7392

Phone: (517) 332-5046Fax: (517) 332-4071           www.mhsaa.com

·        Minnesota State High School League

2100 Freeway Blvd Brooklyn Center, MN 55430-1735

Phone: (763) 560-2262Fax: (763) 569-0499                www.mshsl.org

·        Mississippi High School Activities Association

PO Box 127 1201 Clinton-Raymond Rd Clinton, MS 39060

Phone: (601) 924-6400Fax: (601) 924-1725            www.misshsaa.com

·        Missouri State High School Activities Association

1 N Keene St Columbia, MO 65201-6645

Phone: (573) 875-4880Fax: (573) 875-1450         www.mshsaa.org

·        Montana High School Association

1 S Dakota Ave Helena, MT 59601-5198

Phone: (406) 442-6010Fax: (406) 442-8250              www.mhsa.org

·        Nebraska School Activities Association

500 Charleston Street, Suite 1 Lincoln, NE 68508-1119

Phone: (402) 489-0386Fax: (402) 489-0934             www.nsaahome.org

·        Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association

1188 Victorian Plaza Circle Sparks, NV 89431

Phone: (775) 453-1012Fax: (775) 453-1016               www.niaa.com

·        New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association

251 Clinton St Concord, NH 03301-8432

Phone: (603) 228-8671Fax: (602) 225-7978               www.nhiaa.org

·        New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association

PO Box 48 1161 Route 130 Robbinsville, NJ 08691

Phone: (609) 259-2776Fax: (609) 259-3047               www.njsiaa.org

·        New Mexico Activities Association

6600 Palomas Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87109-5639

Phone: (888) 820-6622Fax: (505) 923-3110               www.nmact.org

·        New York State Public High School Athletic Association

8 Airport Park Boulevard Latham, NY 12110

Phone: (518) 690-0771Fax: (518) 690-0775             www.nysphsaa.org

·        North Carolina High School Athletic Association

PO Box 27515 222 Finley Golf Course Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Phone: (919) 240-7401Fax: (919) 240-7399               www.nchsaa.org

·        North Dakota High School Activities Association

PO Box 817 350 2nd St, NW Valley City, ND 58072-3047

Phone: (701) 845-3953Fax: (701) 845-4935             www.ndhsaa.com

·        Ohio High School Athletic Association

4080 Roselea Pl Columbus, OH 43214

Phone: (614) 267-2502Fax: (614) 267-1677               www.ohsaa.org

·        Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association

PO Box 14590 7300 N. Broadway Ext Oklahoma City, OK 73113

Phone: (405) 840-1116Fax: (405) 840-9559               www.ossaa.com

·        Oregon School Activities Association

25200 SW Parkway Ave, Suite 1 Wilsonville, OR 97070-9616

Phone: (503) 682-6722Fax: (503) 682-0960                  www.osaa.org

·        Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association

PO Box 2008 550 Gettysburg Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-0708

Phone: (717) 697-0374Fax: (717) 697-7721                 www.piaa.org

·        Rhode Island Interscholastic League

875 Centerville Road Building 3, Suites 7 & 8 Warwick, RI 02886

Phone: (401) 272-9844Fax: (401) 272-9838                   www.riil.org

·        South Carolina High School League

PO Box 211575 (29221-6575) 121 Westpark Blvd Columbia, SC 29210

Phone: (803) 798-0120Fax: (803) 731-9679                 www.schsl.org

·        South Dakota High School Activities Association

PO Box 1217 804 N Euclid Ave, Suite 102 Pierre, SD 57501-1217

Phone: (605) 224-9261Fax: (605) 224-9262                www.sdhsaa.com

·        Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association

PO Box 319 3333 Lebanon Road Hermitage, TN 37076

Phone: (615) 889-6740Fax: (615) 889-0544                   www.tssaa.org

·        Texas University Interscholastic League

PO Box 8028 1701 Manor Rd Austin, TX 78722

Phone: (512) 471-5883Fax: (512) 471-5908                 www.uiltexas.org

·        Utah High School Activities Association

199 East 7200 South Midvale, UT 84047-1534

Phone: (801) 566-0681Fax: (801) 566-0633                    www.uhsaa.org

·        Vermont Principals Association

Two Prospect St, Ste 3 Montpelier, VT 05602

Phone: (802) 229-0547Fax: (802) 229-4801             www.vpaonline.org

·        Virginia High School League

1642 State Farm Blvd Charlottesville, VA 22911-8609

Phone: (434) 977-8475Fax: (434) 977-5943                www.vhsl.org

·        Washington Interscholastic Activities Association

435 Main Ave S Renton, WA 98057

Phone: (425) 687-8585Fax: (425) 687-9476             www.wiaa.com

·        West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission

2875 Staunton Turnpike Parkersburg, WV 26104-7219

Phone: (304) 485-5494Fax: (304) 428-5431              www.wvssac.org

·        Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association

5516 Vern Holmes Drive Stevens Point, WI 54482-8833

Phone: (715) 344-8580Fax: (715) 344-4241                www.wiaawi.org

·        Wyoming High School Activities Assoc

6571 East 2nd Street Casper, WY 82609

Phone: (307) 577-0614Fax: (307) 577-0637            www.whsaa.org

my e mail address is coachscottfields@gmail.com
my twitter is @Scott_Fields
my Instagram is @coachscottfields
I am on linkedIN and Facebook.

my website is coachscottfields.com

I am eager to hear from all of you !