Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I am a TOTG and always a SOTG- Coach Scott Fields

I am a TOTG and always a SOTG
-Coach Scott Fields

This is always an exciting time of the year for me. I am a professional basketball coach. There are no days off, the grind is everyday. The NBA Finals are in the books and the Golden State Warriors are again the NBA Champions. The Draft has passed and the NBA summer leagues are in full swing. July 1, the Orlando Summer league action has taken place. I watch all the games from NBA TV.  The Utah Summer league is also going on and it is basically in my backyard. July 7, the Vegas NBA summer league will be the hub of all things in Professional basketball.
The NBA summer league is many things to many people. Drafted players get their first feel of the NBA and professional basketball. Undrafted players are trying to gain the exposure needed to either get invited into a camp, or GM's from around the globe are looking for the perfect fit for their teams in FIBA leagues around the globe. Fans get up close and personal. Autograph seekers are 1) either obtaining signatures for their collection, or 2)  they try to have anything signed that they can sale on e bay ?
For me, I get excited, as I consider myself a TOTG (Teacher of the Game) Young professionals need to be taught the game. I have said this before, but AAU basketball has ruined the game and the Teaching of the game. AAU is all about games, all about money, all about sponsorship, all about selling shoes and marketing their shoes.  Young players do not learn the proper fundamentals, they do not learn the proper mechanics of shooting. Coaches don't have time to Teach the game. Coaches are to busy recruiting what they feel is the top talent. Why do you think entitlement is an issue?  Coaches chase these players and are constantly telling them how great they are. These AAU coaches have other agenda's. The AAU coaches have ulterior motives, What discipline is being taught? What accountability is being taught? what fundamentals are being taught? oh boy, I could go on and on. I will say this, I feel AAU can gain great exposure for young athletes, AAU can also allow players an opportunity to play against other top talent across the country, and if a player is honest with himself, AAU can be a great measuring stick of their personal talents and skill sets. . but why do you think you see more Individual skill development coaches across the country? why do teams all invest in Player development coaches? because AAU basketball doesn't TEACH the game.
I am a TOTG (Teacher of the Game). I have  a detailed eye. I pay attention to many of the small but important details of the game.  NBA summer league action allows me to be a SOTH, (Student of the game). I get to observe many games, I get to observe many coaches, I watch and steal ATOs, (after time outs) SLOB, (Sideline out of Bounds) BLOB, (Baseline out of Bounds) I watch and steal end of game and end of quarter special situations. I like to watch for how people defend the Pick and Roll , Pick in Roll at top of the key, Pick and Roll from elbow extended. I like to watch how teams and coaches run offensive sets, do they run plays, or do they have a offensive system?
I also like to watch the play of the PG, (Point Guard) I watch for the decision making, I watch how they control the pace, control the space, do they direct the team, do they make their team mates better? are the a score first player? are they a pass first player? Do they defend well? do they pick up for 94 feet? Do they force you out of the comfort zone? Are they out of control? Do they pass to the teammates shooting hand, do they hit them in their offensive rhythm. Do they hit them in the knees? hit them low? hit them in the shooters pocket? do they hit the outside hand off of a curl? These things all need to be taught, Does the PG set good screens? is he a vocal leader? Does he lead by example. these again are all great Teachable moments for a coach. Do the players talk on Defense? are the players versatile? can they read and recognize mismatches? Can players shoot the mid range jump shot? can they finish around the basket? do they have a floater game?
Can a player shoot off of the dribble, can they shoot a 1 dribble pull up? a two dribble pull up? Can a player hand the ball with pressure? Can a player get to his spots? Can the player make a post entre pass? Is the player only comfortable in the open court? can they execute in a half court system? again this is why I am a TOTG. I enjoy all the nuances of the game? How are the players shooting mechanics? Does he use his balance hand correctly?  Does the player have proper balance? what is the player looking at when they shoot? How is the follow through? is the player proper aligned to the target? what is the target? does the player fit a system? Does the player defend well? what does the player look at when he defends? does the player have good footwork on offense? does the player have proper foot work with their lateral movement? where is the off hand on defense? If you are a SOTG(Student of the Game) you will always look to learn how to teach these things properly. You will try to learn new terminology? You will look to steal new offensive sets, you will look for how to defend special situations? you will learn how to manage and control a game as a coach. If you are a head coach, you will need to know how to utilize the talents and skills of the players to empower the Team and help the team to be successful. If you are an assistant coach, you need to be able to assist the head coach with making game adjustments. The NBA summer league is a great opportunity to TEACH and develop the talent. if you are a TOTG you will thrive on this time of the year, as the summer is when players add to their skills sets, the summer is when a player develops his skills, adds to his skills, Players need this time, even though there is no off season for a true player. Summer means adding to your assets, working on a counter move. working on your deficiencies. Coaches can use this time to be a SOTG, learn and steal ideas, philosophies, learn new systems, Pick the brains of the games best TOTG.

I love NBA summer league action as the markets opens. This year 2017 is unique, more front office moves have been made than coaches have moved. More Presidents  have been replaced, more GM's have moved onto other franchises. I am thrilled to see the new teams coming into the former D league, it is now the G league as Gatorade is the new league sponsor. This league is all about player development, but also coaches are being developed, referees are being developed, this is also an opportunity for young front office executives, marketing and sales positions are being filled. to me if you are a TOTG you are more successful and much more marketable. I assure you if you are not a SOTG you will not be successful and the game that is evolving and changing will pass you by.

I am speaking of myself here, but I have always considered myself a TOTG and I will always be a SOTG. My bio and resume speaks for itself. because I am a TOTG I have been blessed to have had much success. My Teams have won, my Players are developed. I am more proud of the number of Players I have placed with their respected National teams. We have developed over 100 players to play and compete in either the Olympic games or the World Championships. I can even be boastful and say, I have been blessed enough to have worked with players who have played not only in the NBA but also won NBA Championships. I was smart enough to be a SOTG when I was around them.

I love this game. I love the NBA Summer league. I get to be in my environment. I am around my former players. I get to see many coaching friends. I see players working on their craft. I see agents from around the globe. I get to see and spend time with my NBA front office friends, I get to see and spend time with my NBA coaching friends. I am in SOTG mode. I watch games, I watch practices, and when asked or if given the opportunity I am in full TOTG mode.

Yes, I am a TOTG (Teacher of the Game). and Yes, I will always take this time to be a SOTG (Student of the Game)- Coach Scott Fields

Friday, June 30, 2017

"The things I THINK and need to share" - Coach Scott Fields

"The things I think and need to share"- Coach Scott Fields

I think it was a line from the movie Jerry McGuire, you know the one, Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr.  "Show me the money" !
Tom Cruise sets up late at night while attending a convention and he has a moment when he had so much on his mind and needed an outlet. He starts typing a memo to all of his colleagues. I think in the movie he says, the things we think, but are afraid to say? He grew a conscience and put into words all of his thoughts, all of his feelings, all of his emotions.....I think you have the idea.

Well, here I sit at a laptop and I too am going to share some thoughts on this,  the eve of the NBA's  Free agency. The eve of the start of the 2017 NBA Summer League in Orlando.

Here are the things I THINK about with the greatest game ever. The game and state of BASKETBALL.

It is early summer, the NBA draft was just completed and the Golden St Warriors have just won another NBA Championship. Notice, I said NBA Championship, I hear people say, they are WORLD Champs. No, they are not the World champs, they are the NBA League Champions. This is a very egotistical statement made by many Americans with a very narrow lens. This also shows the intelligence of the average fan. Basketball is played around the globe. We have Olympic games and Champions. We in America love these Olympic games and we as Americans put more value and stock in these commercialized games, why? because of the money and commercial appeal and pageantry of the Olympic games.  but the WORLD values and put much more stock in the World Championships.  Many counties qualify and attend these games. Players represent their countries with pride and heartfelt emotion. Could the Golden St Warriors represent the USA in the World Championships? Yes,  if the powers that be sent them? but the USA tries to send the best available collaboration of stars to represent the USA in these World Championships. so, please don't call the Golden State Warriors then World Champs ! Have a global view of the game. Have a broader knowledge of the global game and appreciate what the original DREAM TEAM and what Michael Jordan did to take the game global.

This time of year, summer. Young players are currently trying to gain exposure, be seen and market themselves to the next level. Young Players watch these NBA Finals and have ambitions of being the next Steph Curry, the next KD, the next Lebron James or Kyrie Irving. these same young players in early April have watched the NCAA Final Four and watched the North Carolina Tarheels win an NCAA Championship. These young players just watched the NBA Draft and observed a record setting draft with more freshman come out of college after 1 year and have their name called by the NBA commissioner Adam Silver.
The NBA is already a saturated product of young talent not ready for an 82 game regular season schedule. Mentally, Physically they are not ready, Skill sets are low and they don't understand the game and how it is played. The NBA suffers as the product and entertainment value is decreased.
The NCAA game suffers as student/athletes don't value an educations. They are labeled "One and Done." The NCAA product suffers as Coaches must change the strategy to compete. Yes, UK coach John Calipari, has used this structure to benefit the most. I don't blame him, it is the structure that is fractured. The system needs to be tweaked .I am not made at coach Cal. I applaud him and I would do the same, if I too were a college coach at the NCAA level.
I am thrilled to hear NBA Commissioner state they will look into changing the rules for NBA entrance, the age of the athletes,
I get it, I understand the argument of, If a 18 year old can be sent off to war to fight for our country, why cant he earn a living for his family.
I am just speaking openly about the product of the game. the product has dropped off. I want to see a better entertainment value of the NBA with better play. I hope for a better NCAA system where the student/athletes value the education and process of becoming a better player. This would make for better NCAA play and competition, this would make for better and far more developed talent in the NBA.
I will say it here, I will say it now.
"This is what I THINK and need to share"
I agree with Kobe Bryant when he said AAU is killing basketball. I agree with KG, Kevin Garnett who in a interview with Kevin McHale said, AAU is killing basketball. both of these athletes skipped college to play in the NBA. they were both HS seniors who took their talents to the NBA.

I THINK AAU coaches for the majority are not great teachers of the game. They are hustlers who are chasing the next big endorsement deal. These coaches are chasing the next big shoe contract. They are putting together travel teams and enabling talent and making the players feel entitlement. The system is fractured, it is jot the players fault, it is the parents fault for allowing it to happen. It is our microwave society that is soft for allowing it to happen. We allow individuals to skip the process. We are all to blame. There is no player development going on, there is only travel to the next city, flights to be caught, flights to be paid for, games to be played, no discipline established, the fundamentals are not being taught, I assure you, if you are working with a great skill development coach, you will get far more productive repetitions with shots, far more repetitions with post entre passing, far more repetitions on proper foot work. Individual attention to proper restitutions. in one hour you could get hundreds of proper shots under a controlled environment.  AAU games you might get 12 shots? and they will be poor shots, poor shot selection, because players are pressured into showcasing their talents to the NCAA coaches in the stands. they rush and play to much as individuals. YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT !
Money from sponsorships is switching hands, money again is being made, players are not taught the game.
I also THINK and know and have observed  many so called player development coaches who carry a bag full of balls and cones to a gym and still are not teaching players properly. these so called coaches are stealing money and running a day care and are not emulating a game situation or structure.

I am not trying to be the old man screaming, "Hey you, Get off of my lawn."

I get frustrated at what I see and what I read on social media. In see fake news, I see fake coaches, I see the blind leading the blind, I see scams, I read about these exposure camps where players are promised exposure from pro scouts, GM's and FIBA coaches will be in attendance, and they pay $150 to attend a camp, where nothing is being taught, no one is in attendance to evaluate and access talent. No contracts are signed and money has exchanged hands.

I think and need to share, I am bothered and frustrated at the lack of integrity. I am concerned about the lack of trust being established and relationships not being cultivated. I care deeply about this game. I love this game. I appreciate the life lessons that the game teaches. I am concerned what is truly being taught to the next generation.

I am not one to just bark out negativity, and complain and not offer a solution. If there is a problem, I want to assist in the fix of the fractured structure.

AAU coaches should have to pass a regulated and mandated exam. AAU coaches should be certified by a governing body with ethics. I believe the current system is fractured as these current AAU coaches only pass an NCAA eligibility exam every couple of years. I believe the AAU coaches should be on staff at local HS and on HS staff to allow them to monitor and supplement their income.
AAU coaches should learn and assist with skill development, they should know and understand the fundamentals and be able to apply them and TEACH them effectively.

I want to go back to the NCAA comment and give a solution.
I heard that Duke coach, Coach K suggested that players either commit to college and attend at least two years and obtain an associates degree and then be able to enter the draft.
or go pro right out of HS. and bypass the college game all together if that is their choice.

I see some positives with this suggestion. Will this fix it? at least it is a step in the right direction. I am glad their is at least dialog. I have faith that since their is dialog being shared it is on the conscience of those decision makers to correct it.

I have a vision, I have experience and direction. I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this game. I have a voice and I am eager to once again share this knowledge. Thanks for indulging me, I am not a writer or professional journalist. I just wanted to share my openness and  be vulnerable with you and allow you to take jabs at me and my opinions.
but, you better come with some substance. I believe in what I have shared.

on another note and I and sharing things that I THINK, can we try to fix the healthcare system to befit everyone and can we get our current president to stop tweeting !

Have a great July 4th weekend !
Be safe, stay positive and encourage others !

"The Things I THINK and need to Share- Coach Scott Fields

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I am a coach to my core- Coach Scott Fields

I am a coach to my Core-Coach Scott Fields

I, like millions of fans, watched the NBA Finals this year. I was entertained, I enjoyed the drama, the story lines, I enjoyed the rhetoric by the so called pundits, so called experts, I laughed at the tweets ,I shake my head at social media and the random thoughts being tossed around... I enjoyed listening to peoples perspectives. I watched my wife get so emotionally involved in the games. I watch my son Brandon soak it in and watch and listen and learn.
I too listened to the sports shows and listened to their opinions, their arguments, I listen to the comparisons being made. This Team compared to this Team, This year compared to other years, This player compared to this player. I listen to them argue about the rule changes, the Super Teams, The NBA and the referees. The legacies. Blah , Blah, is all background noise. I keep my focus, I stay locked in.
I listen to the players and what they say after games, what will be bulletin board material. Are the coaches sending subliminal messages to referees through the press.

I love this game !

I know this, I don't watch the games like the casual fan. I watch the entire playoffs. first round, second round, semi finals, and finals with a strategic eye. I am a coach to my core. Yes, I am entertained, Yes, I am intrigued, Yes, I too have strong opinions..

I am working on my craft, I am keeping my skill set sharp. I watch for adjustments to be made during the game. I watch the sideline out of bounds plays, I watch the baseline out of bounds plays. I try to see if they put the ball in the right players hands, I try to see if he catches where he is comfortable, I watch for miss matches on defense, I see if they attack the weaker defender. I watch for isolation's on pick n roll, I watch the pace, I see the spacing, I see the angles of the screens, I watch the and read the flow. I try to think to myself, "what would I say in this timeout?" What would I pull this player aside to say to him here? Would I work the officials, would I say things to get in the oppositions head. What would I say to the press after the first or third quarter. What D would I draw up, What special play would I run after a time out, Who do we attack, who is in foul trouble? how many time outs are left? Who do I need to engage ? Who can provide a spark off of the bench? Who do I take out? Who do I want to take the shot, where does the shot need to come from? How can I make that player work harder, How do I run at him on pick n roll? Would I switch on a match up, Would I change, the pace?

I am a coach to my core, I don't get emotional, I do applaud a great play, I play the game in my mind as If I am the coach making the tough decisions. I react to a silly move or a lost defensive assignment. I make a comment to Brandon as a teachable moment. I share thoughts with my wife as I coach from my couch.

My mind races with thoughts on what I would do, I stay opened minded to always learn, to always grow, to always steal something, maybe it a play, maybe it a phrase, maybe its a move a player makes.maybe it is something Mark Jackson says, Maybe Van Gundy will point out something?

I watch the body language of the players, I watch for what they say to each other. I watch to see who is tired? who is gassed, who is putting their hands on their knees, who doesn't lock in during timeouts, I watch who is encouraging his teammates from the bench. I am watching the assistant coaches. I am running player stats in my head. I am watch for who needs encouragement, I watch for who needs to make an adjustment.

I am a coach to my core...this is my lab, this is my classroom, I am a teacher of the game. I believe in life lessons to be taught, I believe their is a process. I watch for fundamentals, I watch the mechanics of the shot, I watch the shoulders on the screens, I watch the hands of the defender, I watch the eyes and the hand eye coordination of the defender. I watch the body during the shot, I watch the snap of the passes, I watch the deepness of the breath. I watch were hands are during a screen, I watch the shoulders of the defenders on screens, I watch the angles of the pick and roll.

I am playing a game of chess to gain an advantage. I am looking for the vocal leaders, I am watching for leadership by example.

I am a coach to my core- I am what I am, I don't deny it, I don't apologize for it. I am seeing how I can empower a player to accomplish more than he thought he could. I am looking to see who I would challenge, I am looking to see who needs to have his role redefined.

This has been a great season, we should stop judging, stop hating, stop comparing, lets enjoy this season for all its special moments. The great play from quality players. The NBA is in special times with special unique talent. This is the greatest game ever. Can it improve ? yes,
Will I improve,  yes? I will continue to learn, I will continue to grow, I will continue to be a coach to my core. It is in my competitive DNA.

I am a coach to my core- Coach Scott Fields

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I will see you at the NCAA Final Four- Coach Scott Fields

2017 Men's NCAA Final Four
I am eager and excited to be headed to the NCAA Final Four. So, Phoenix Arizona,  here I come. I will enjoy this experience for a few reasons. I will be traveling down with my family. My wife, Kim. My son Brandon. I will experience this through his eyes.
I know he is eager, he will set in the stands with me, he will see the big stage, I hope it inspires him to continue to grow as a young man and as a player as he aspires to continue his play.
I am also excited to reconnect with many coaches in the industry. I know this is a madhouse for many who have a resume in hand and they are looking to land a job. The lobby's of the hotels are a who's who of coaches, Athletic Directors are looking for the right fit to build or turn around their programs and institutions. Once a guy is named, they will be hustling to to put together a staff.
I see this as an opportunity to introduce my son to many friends in the industry.
I will get to see many of my former players who are now coaches at different levels.

I have to admit, it is an honor to be contacted by your former players. It get excited to reconnect with them, I am eager to hear where they are on their journey's. I am excited to share memories, I get emotional as deep down this is what it is all about. This is a legacy, I hope I have been able to touch and inspire them to be better men,  better husbands,  better coaches. I hope that I taught them something about the game that they to pass on to the next generation of players.

a decade ago, I would be the man on the hustle looking for a position. I am now blessed and lucky enough that I can pick and choose the position I am looking for. but, I understand the grind, I understand the pressure,. I understand the stress and anxiety of it all. I am sure as I attend the games, I can now view the games from a different lens.
I will enjoy the excitement of the games through the eyes of my son. I know he will take this experience all in. I know he will be daydreaming that it was he on the big stage. I know he will soak up the atmosphere. I know he will watch the players and then try to emulate the moves. I know he will see the thousands of fans in the stands, I know he will hear the roar of the crowd. I know he will be thinking the game out in his mind what he would do, what the teams should do.

Who do I want to win?  well, I don't have a dog in the fight.
I am happy for Coaches Frank Martin and the success his South Carolina team has achieved. Their first ever Final Four. I have seen him transform his style in the past few years from his Kansas St program. This is proof positive Coaches continue to learn and grow daily. I guess they are tagged the Cinderellas of the Big Dance? but, defense travels !
How about the job Coach Mark Few has done with building his Gonzaga team has had this season. Only one loss all year to a growing BYU team. BYU has players I have been blessed to have worked with at the AAU level. The Zags, made famous from Hall of Famer Jazz PG John Stockton. but, Mark Few has stayed persistent and built one of the top programs in the country. Mark Few has not been lured away to the larger programs for more money. He has a home. he has remained loyal to the institution that gave him his shot to live his dream. I respect that, I admire that. I am Happy to see him and his team in the final four for the first time in schools history.
Coach Dana Altman and his Oregon Ducks. This is a team that has been sneaky good all year.
Here is a guy who came up the coaching ranks from mid major program in the Midwest.Teams on the east coast had no idea how good they were? East Coast TV didn't show a lot of Pac 12 games? yet, UCLA and the Ball family are getting all of the publicity. but that is another post for another day.
This is about the Ducks and the cliche' survive and advance mantra. The Ducks have not been in the Final Four for decades. Is this his one shinning moment? He has great players, nice athletes who believe in in themselves. Yes, they have NIKE in their backyard as an endorsement and wonderful uniforms from NIKE, but they are more than that.
Then Coach Roy Williams of UNC. The only traditional powerhouse left. Could he win #3 and become apart of only a select few who have done it before him? Does america cheer against him because they are a traditional powerhouse? Well, lets look at it like this. These players are hungry and have a redemption mindset. They were a few seconds from winning it all last year until a long 3 pt shot took away their crown as Nova ran a perfectly executed special situation play as PG ran in front of the shooter and made the perfect pass in rhythm to the shooter who did what he has done all season long. Yes, it made the MJ crying meme popular. but, this UNC team has length, has size and they gave the young guard crew of Kentucky fits.

The stage is set, The Teams are preparing to stay focused with the media distractions in full force.
Saturday two games will decide who will play in the Final Game on Monday.

Saturday: South Carolina vs Gonzaga
                 Oregon vs North Carolina

Will it be a battle of the Carolina's? Will it be the Wild Wild West? Will Cinderella finds it way? Will the traditional program rise?

Well, I will be there, I will watch it all unfold. I will watch it all, I will keep in mind all the story lines.
I will live it through my son's eyes.

I will enjoy and take it all in. I am excited to see many friends, former players, coaches, media, yes, I will have a few important meetings set up. This is March Madness ! for any basketball junkie like myself, this is the pinnacle.but, remember in this one and done format, anyone can win it all !
but, in the coming weeks, the NBA Playoffs will begin. I am equally excited to watch the drama of that unfold as well.

I Love me some basketball ! I am blessed to be in the industry. oh, by the way, this was all made possible as my wife surprised my son and I and set all of this up so we could enjoy this as a family ! I am blessed. Enjoy the weekend, Enjoy the Finals ! let the barbershop talk begin.

hey NCAA, this is a multi billion dollar industry, should changes be made for the participants?
let the debate begin !  but lets not loose sight of what is special about this BIG DANCE ! I know it is a business, but for these student/athletes this is a dream moment. they grew up shooting on nerf hoops  in the bedroom, or on the driveway counting down 3-2-1 and hit the jumper to win it all.

this is the NCAA Final Four !

Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 NCAA men's Bracket

2017 NCAA Men's Bracket

Did the selection committee get it right?
Who got snubbed?

Who do you have in your sweet 16?
Who do you have in the Final Four?

Who will win the 2017 National Championship?

What will the final score be for the final game?

I am eager to hear from you !

- Coach Scott Fields

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sean Rooks Interview, his legacy will live on Rest Easy my friend- Coach Scott Fields

This is a repeat interview with my friend and former player Sean Rooks. Please take the time to listen to his wisdom, his knowledge. Sean was always positive, always uplifting, always had a smile on his face. Sean was not just a former NBA Player, he was a coach on the rise, he was a friend, he was a father, he touched many lives on his journey. As of June 7, 2016 he passed to the other side, but his legacy will last forever in the hearts he touched.  Rest Easy Big Fella. I will miss our many conversations and sharing our morning Morivational tweets together. I will see you on the other side my friend. Please keep his entire family and extended family in your thoughts and prayers. "You are a Basketball Angel"

Sean Rooks interview

Please click the link below to enjoy this interview from 5/5/2014. His voice, his positive energy, his passion for the game rang true. We shared memories, he shared insights, he talked about his son. Powerful words from a great individual.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


It's time, the NBA playoffs are now upon us for the 2016 season.

The Golden State Warriors set a single season records for wins in a season at 73.
The Spurs have quietly set back Under the radar resting the Vetrans and only lost one home game all season.
Can the Clippers get over the hump?

Lebron in the East has played in 5 straight NBA Finals, can his Teams health win it all ?
Will the Raptors with 56 regular season wins, get over the hump?
Can the Heat find a way to advance with Bosh in question!

What about the Pacers with PG back in action?
Can the pistons be the surprise team?

Will OKC and the triple double machine carry the Thunder with KD?
ATL and Boston, will be a grind it our first Round series. Can Houston find a way to slow down the Warriors?

Weaknesses will be exposed, game adjustments under a microscope.

Let's have some fun, in a series, the best Team advances..

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The NBAs historical evening- 73/60 "I Love This Game"

The NBAs Historical evening -73/60 "I Love this Game"

On 4/13/2016 BIG numbers like 73 and 60 show why this is Sports Entertainment.
The NBA had a BIG NIGHT in the West !

After a season of sports banter, experts and pundents all weighing in on "Could they break the record?  Yes the MVP led Golden St Warriors win a game over the injury plagued Memphis Grizzlies to set a single season Record of 73 wins, beating the MJ led Bulls.
Stop the comparisons, let's just enjoy what we witnessed.
73 wins, WOW !!!
Fun to watch, STEPH Curry hits his 400 3 pt FG ...

Then there is the Black Mamba, his final game in the league, #8 or #24 Kobe he puts it to the Utah Jazz on a night just hours before the game, the Houston Rockets secure the number 8 playoff spot to see GS Warriors in round one. Kobe takes 50 shots to score 60 pts to beat the Jazz.
That's a mic drop.

As a fan, fun to watch. As a coach, I smile and I cringe.

let's just soak it up and enjoy

eager to listen to sports radio today...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In honor of Kobe's farewell- Video ad

In honor of Kobe
Thank You for your Heart
Tonight Kobe bids farewell to the NBA as a Player, at home vs the Utah Jazz.
This is also a night the Golden St Warriors attempt to set the single season wins mark with 73 vs the Memphis Grizzlies.

Which will you watch?

I could share many thoughts.  But I will just let you enjoy this video farewell ad from Nike
Celebrity cameos included.

Click link below to enjoy the video

Friday, April 1, 2016

Building a Winning Culture through Recruiting - Coach Scott Fields

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Building a Winning Culture through Recruiting - Coach Scott Fields

Building a Winning Culture through Recruiting - Coach Scott Fields

I came across an article the other day , It inspired me to put a few thoughts down.
I wanted to put a few thoughts together on How to build a Winning Culture through Recruiting for your program. 

This is applicable for college coaches and GM's of Professional basketball clubs or Franchises.This is applicable for Basketball recruiting at all levels, it doesn't matter the gender, the level of NCAA Division 1,2,3. NJCAA, NAIA or even Prep Schools across the country. There are even High School programs who have the fortune to recruit. 
Let's be perfectly honest, you have to have talent, you can't go to war with water guns....but you need talent with character, heart, work ethic. If you bring in talent with a poor attitude or a since of entitlement, poor etiquette. It will struggle to build chemistry, you will be dealing with issues daily. I have seen it first hand. 

You as the Head Coach, you have a choice, you have decisions to make. 
If I go into a gym, go to a Game, attend a AAU tournament,  of course, it is very competitive, there will be hundreds of college coaches  or scouts who are there watching, observing taking notes. These coaches and scouts all go out to find the players to provide them stability, Help them Win. Turn around a Program or Club or Franchise. 

I have a philosophy, a system. I find players to fit the mold of each position I am trying to fill.
I am looking for tangibles within these athletes. I am a detail guy. I look for specifics skills sets for my PG, my Shooters, my Wings, my PF and my Center. 

The game has evolved, I look for players with versatility, I like cerebral players, players with a high basketball IQ. Athleticism is a plus, the ability to defend, I like Fundamentally sound players who have some sauce. I also look for the Role Players to fill out my roster of my program.

I also watch for RED FLAGS, these are the signs of a player that I know I will never bring into my program. The player could be the best athlete, he could be a high flying crowd pleaser.
But if I see Red Flags, He would never be a FIT. I am building a Culture with Character. The bi product of that Culture will bring Success.

Work Ethic- if a player doesn't hustle, if a player coast through his warm up, if he coast through drills , if he is lazy on Defense, if he is last on the court, if he doesn't put in effort , if he gets out hustled, if he doesn't work for rebounds. If he sets soft screens, if he doesn't snap his passes, If he doesn't dive on loose balls, never attempts to take a charge, if he never deflects passes, doesn't deny wings, if he get beat to spot, if he allows to get posted up with no fight. If he chooses not to be coachable.

Selfishness- if the player constantly draws attention to himself, after shot, after pass, after made basket, after a dunk.  if the player constantly kills the offensive flow with to much dribble, if they don't get others involved, if they are only looking to find away to score. If they show attitude toward teammate when a teammate makes a mistake. If he doesn't help on defensive rotations ect ect ect. 

Lack of Respect- if I observe a player disrespecting the coach, talk back to coach, won't look the coach in the eye, argue with referee, argue with teammates, if he kicks a chair in time out, if he throws towel when being taken out, if he is not fully engaged in timeouts, if he doesn't listen to instruction or coaching, if he damages gear, if he throws basketball, kicks the ball. ect ect ect

Quits- if a player quits after he makes a mistake, if a player shows attitude when a teammate makes a mistake, if he quits after being coached or corrected, if he quits because he disagrees with a call from a referee. If he quits because he misses a shot, if he quits because he gets out played, if he quits for any reason on or off the court.

Tardiness- if a player is late to a workout, if he is late to meetings, if he is late to practice, late to class, late to study tables, if he is late to games, if he is late to appointments, if he is last to warm up, if he is late to return calls, text, e mails, if he is late to video sessions, late to catch the bus, this is a sign of his respect. This is a testament to his commitment to the program.

Attitude- this can be referred back to Lack of Respect above. It is a pet leave of mine to observe players with poor attitudes. On or Off the court. If a player can't be held accountable, if a player doesn't listen to Teammates, or Coaching, if he shows attitude toward a referee, the reacts poorly towards crowd. If a player is always negative with Teammates, if a player will not give 100 % effort always. If a player talks down to teammates. There are many examples.

Character is most important, their decorum, their etiquette. If the player lacks in any of the above mentioned traits or characteristics. These things will be magnified in the classroom, with teachers or professors. How can you build a program that everyone will get behind and support? How can a player represent you, your program, your institution, your community and be a REAL MODEL for what you are building? Your players in your program reflect you and your program, it ALL comes back on you as the Coach. 

Communication- how well does a player articulate and carry himself with people of authority and his peers? if a player can't be positive with his teammates, if he can't effective communicate with his coaches, if he can't talk with referees, how does he lead? I believe Positive communication builds positive results, I also believe negative communication spreads quickly and is toxic and spreads. How is his body language? How does he communicate with his family members? How does he communicate with his Grandparents? Father? Mother? Siblings? Teammates? Staff? Media? 

Communication part 2- what types of things does he post on social media? What types of Tweets? What types Instagram photos does he post? Vine videos! FaceBook post ? Snap Chats? This is a new age of technology, what a person post tells a lot about him as a person, PAY ATTENTION ! 

Are you building a Culture for Success? Are you able to Teach Life lessons to your athletes on a daily basis or are you constant paranoid and worried if a player is going to class? Do you constantly need to handle discipline issues ? Are you constantly defending what is going on to your Players, your AD, your Chancellor? Surround yourself with good people, a good staff and good players. This is the foundation to building a Culture for Success. You are responsible to Set the Tone.

Coaches, don't get greedy, don't gamble on the Character issues if he is talented. Don't ignore the signs, if you observe Red Flags in one game, one practice, one workout, you can rest assured how often it happened on a daily basis. I choose not to deal with the headache.
I am about enjoying my job, If you don't love going to practice, if you don't want to go to office because you are worried about whats next...YOU can fix it. You can change it. You have the choice.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

NCAA SWEET 16 bracket/NBA//NCAA/AAU opinions-Coach Scott Fields

NCAA Sweet 16 bracket/NBA/NCAA/AAU opinions.
Coach Scott Fields
How are your brackets? What teams do you have left?
Who do you have moving forward?

I am not tooting my own horn, but TOOT TOOT,my bracket is still very solid. I still have multiple teams left in my 16.
I will admit, I allowed my heart to make a few choices for me, and as I watched the games, I could see immediately the game was going in the loss colum.

I still have 11 of 16 teams on my original bracket. I still could have 3 of my original Final Four Teams in play. March is still the best month of the year for NCAA Basketball. the conference tournaments, the NIT, The First round and play in games are exciting for the Coaches, Players and Institutions. These programs gain national exposure and for some the only exposure of the year.

It is fun to watch the mid major programs take it to the solid major conference teams. Again, I am NOT surprised by these wins. You have Teams with Jr's and Sr's in the program and that experience and chemistry is invaluable to a successful program. the Traditional Major programs roll the dice every season with the 1 and Done 5 star athletes. Notice I didn't say Student/Athletes.

I do hope at some point the NBA/NCAA collaborate and make the new rules to better the Brand of basketball. Both leagues are suffering currently. NCAA Teams suffer as Players know in advance they will attend their university for 1 season and take their talents to the NBA. Case and point B Simmons of LSU. It is sad how this situation all played out in front of everyone's eyes. Ben had no motivation to attend classes, the Program suffers, the Team suffers embarrassment. The Program and institution gains a black eye nationally. Do I blame Ben? NOPE.. The system is fractured.

I get both sides of the argument, if a man who is 18 can be fighting for his country in War, the same 18 year old should have the choice to play professional basketball to provide for his family. I get it.

But the game is suffering from a product stand point. I am going to say it, the current NBA game is saturated with talent that is not ready neither mentally or physically. The NCAA suffers as players can't build the proper chemistry and they can develop their skills as an 18 yr old. The AAU system plays games and not enough emphasis is put on skill development and player development, to much time is spent I  travel and just playing games.

Many players are not surrounded by the appropriate support systems. Players are being exploited by shoe companies and shoe contracts, AAU coaches are pressured to sign and chase the top talent to gain endorsement deals.

Not enough time is spent on teaching Character , not enough time is spent on teaching Core Values and principles of Integrity. Not enough times is given to the Process, everyone wants to skip the Process. When the Process is what is needed to build the foundation of Character. Time is needed to Teach Life Skills from Life Lessons.

I heard Dick Vitale give a suggestion in a live interview on the Dan Patrick show last week.
Dickie V said. " If a kid wants to go pro at the age of 18, out of HS, let him go and bypass college all together, but if he chooses to go to college, make him stay until he at least gets his AA. That is at least two years." That is at least a step in the right direction.
I hope I didnt misquote or misrepresent his quote, but that was the backbone of it.

When we teach kids the value of a commitment, make them stick to that commitment, or do we just allow them to commit until something better comes along? Is this a small window of reality and why so many marriages end in divorce? Is this why there is NO LOYALTY to Teams, Franchises? to relationships?

I will continue to believe that a 16 seed will soon knock off a 1 seed. 15 are already beating 2 seeds. 14 seeds are already beating 3 seeds. Look how many 12 seeds beat 5 seeds this year. SFA  beat WV. Arkansas Little Rock took it to Purdue. Yale beat Baylor. Hawaii beat California.

We all enjoy cheering for an underdog, come on, we all lived vicariously through North Iowa over Texas.
It is upset city in the first couple rounds, this is when reality TV is at its best, Real is great for March Madness as we know it. Then we get deeper in the brackets, then producers and NCAA pray the top seeds advance. More Fans and supporters, more ticket sales, this is why top Teams advance, the stronger and more talented teams find success.

To change the subject, back to NBA....Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry chasing a record number of wins in a single season, makes great TV. It gives meaning to the regular season.
But look at the SA Spurs who are also right there as a top team in the West. Coach Pop has his vetran team right where he wants them. Rested and under the radar of the Americas attention and focus.
TV ratings are up to see Steph Curry do things that haven't been done for years in the league.

Top 4 teams in the West are solid, after the top 4 in the West, the level of play drops off.
In the East, How many contenders do we really have?
Do we really believe a team in the East can content in a 7 game series ?

Coaches are being fired and on the hot seat, players are firing coaches? owners hands are forced to keep the top players in a franchaise happy, again, CORE VALUES, INTEGRITY. Our microwave society , not allow the time or Process to take effect.

NCAA coaches are fired for not winning NOW.

Yes, I am a Coach, I am a fan of the game. I still feel our game is the best spectator sport in the sport entertainment industry. But, I am. Realistic, we need to fix the issues and find solutions to the problems that face our game.

Grass Roots basketball also needs fixed, not enough time is spent on fundamentals.
We have far to many coaches having players dribble around comes, I have yet to see a cone on the court during a game. It am just saying.......
Analytics, ok, I understand it has its place, but basketball is not money ball, it is action/reaction contest. we can all look at stats and take from them what fits our needs.
The same can be said for two different people reading a Bible verse, two different people can interpret the verse two separate ways.

I am a Coach. I am a Teacher of the Game. There is a reason why our Teams had success.
I value relationships, I care for the players I coach. It is about them, it is not about me.
I hold players accountable, there is transparency, I believe in effective communication. I believe in staying positive. I believe giving a horse some sugar will produce  positive results than constantly cracking the whip on the backside of that same horse.
I believe in roles, I believe in a philosophy and a system. I believe in putting my players and coaches in a situation to be successful.
I identify strengths, and allow people to do their strengths. I discuss weaknesses and work in those weaknesses until they become an asset or strength for the individual.

I am a Detail guy, I focus on the small details. I believe in teaching in progression.

I hope this provides insight, I hope it is empowering for those who took the time to read it.

Good Luck on your journey !

Monday, March 14, 2016

NCAA Brackets /Conference Tournament and takeaways- Coach Scott Fields

2016 NCAA Men's Bracket/Conference action take Aways-Coach Scott Fields

Once again March has lived up to the Madness. There is no better time of year for the college basketball fan. I have coached in the NCAA, NJCAA and I have also been blessed to coach at the professional level.I have been honored to dabble into the NBA. I have to admit, the NCAA March Madness college atmosphere is hard to beat. The all or nothing, survive and advance, win or go home. This is the best reality TV there is, the drama....The best team doesn't always win in the NCAA, but with pressure, and a one game opportunity, a less dominant team can find away to gain some Confidence or they can have a well executed game plan to sneak Goliath. The NBA, well, the better team typical wins in the playoffs, as a 7 game series, the game to game adjustments. talent will usually prevail. Not always, but for the most part yes....NBA Playoffs are fun and exciting, far more exciting for the basketball fan than the 82 game regular season. 
March, we have HS basketball around the country who sets the tone, these young men and women (16-18 year olds playing their hearts out) with aspirations to play at the next level. 
March we have NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA tournament action, We have conference tournaments.
These Conference tournaments allow opportunities to obtain automatic bids into the Big Dance.
NCAA D 1, D 2 or D 3, it doesn't matter. We have bubble team getting the snub, but then we have the N.I.T. The National Invitational Tournament. This is an opportunity for Teams to continue to play and grow as teams and programs across the country. Look how many NIT Teams get into the NCAA the following season. This is another platform for exposure for Players, Coaches an opportunity for recruits to see programs and their style of play.

The NCAA, well there are some things to consider to continue to help the brand and level of play. It is hard to build a program when players are leaving after 1 season. 
I hear debate about the 1 and done. I have strong opinions on it as well. The NBA is already saturated with young players who are not prepared mentally and physically for a minimum of 82 game season. It is a grind, and it is a grown man game in the best league in the world. You can realistically have an 18 year old competing against 35 year old men, whom are much more physically strong and experienced to know and understand the nuances of the game. It is an immediate mismatch. 
This is also why we now see mid major programs not only competing, but beating top tradition programs across the country, Why ? Well, you could have 22 or 23 year old athletes playing against an 18 year old. the mid major programs could have players who have played 3 or 4 years together, they have the chemistry, the have the experience, the have the mental and physical stability to gain an advantage over the diaper dandies.
The NBA an 8 seed can beat a 1 seed,  and I predict it will not be long when we see a NCAA 16 seed beat a 1 seed. Teams can overlook, or take lightly a 16 seed. The 16 seed can be hungry to prove itself, they can gain the confidence needed to be the Giant Killer, we already have had 15 seeds beat a 2 seed. they are bracket killers I understand, but it is great for the game and great for the tournament. The next Cinderella story. 
I grew up and played my HS basketball in Indiana before thee was classification. The movie Hoosiers was made about this experience, the NCAA has the platform for the same hysteria and mystique. Look at the 1983 NC State Wolfpack lead by Coach Jim Valvano, whom the younger generation only know for the Jimmy V foundation speech at the ESPY's. My friend Big T, Thurl Bailey played on that team. 
I will put the 2016 NCAA bracket on here for you to make your picks, test your knowledge.
Come on, let's have some fun with it....The POTUS test his brackets every year on ESPN. Buffet offers a Billion dollars for the perfect bracket. Gotta Love it ! Try to predict the unpredictable.
Put your faith in young student/athletes with the pressure and parity.

Let's be honest, in the NCAA Coaching matters, they can play an impact of the NCAA. It is not a surprise that the same top coaches find away to get to the elite 8 and final 4.
the further you advance the more that weaknesses can be exposed. Top coaches and staffs will attack those weaknesses. 
I am not saying Coaching doesn't matter in the NBA. But there are great basketball minds in the NBA. Yes, you can see experience pay dividends with strong coaching staffs deep in the NBA Playoffs.

Energy, Enthusiasm, Focus, Execution, with Passion and Emotion. This is what the NCAA is all about.Can a Coach balance the one and done athlete and surround them with great role players. Recruiting is what it is all about, get the players to buy into your system and philosophy. But the players in a position to be successful. To be Successful, it is still all about those special relationships. 

Let's set back and enjoy this special time of year !
I hope your Team does well.

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Twitter @ Scott_Fields

Thursday, March 3, 2016

When your Passion becomes your Purpose - Coach Scott Fields

When your Passion becomes your Purpose- Coach Scott Fields

This is not to self promote, This is not to spread poor content in a saturated social media market. This is just a short post or blog to say Thanks to Coach Vando, Thanks for allowing me to be me the past few months. because of your kindness and generosity , I was allowed to be apart of something special and unique. We changed the culture and brought a Program and Team back to life. I hope and pray I have been an impact on the lives of those we were blessed to work with?
I am sad and a bit frustrated when I am not on the court or on the sidelines, not in a huddle or not able to share knowledge and teach life lessons through the game of basketball.
This is a wonderful profession. I take my role as a Coach very serious. This is a Passion of mine with no doubt. If you have ever watched my coaching style, you will observe the Enthusiasm. It is unquestionable. 
First, I care deeply for the individuals I am honored to work with. It is a privledge. I don't take that for granted. It is about building relationships with the athletes based on Honesty, Trust and a commitment to assisting them in developing them into accountable people and productive members of society. I do not have a selfish agenda, It is about them and for them and helping them achieve success. It is NOT just about Winning. The Success is the bi product of the life lessons being taught in the daily repetition. Work Ethic, Perseverance, Transparency and Accountability. If we are able to get the players we coach to hold each other Accountable and to build each other up with positivity. We as Coaches simple Guide and Manage the ego's, We get them to become selfless members of a unit that are for each other and the greater good of the Team. 

We are able to win 3 of the last 4 regular season games. We took momentum into a tough conference tournament. Region 18 is a great league. Congrats to NIC for an undefeated regular season and a # 3 National Ranking. Congrats to SLCC on winning the Conference Tournament.  

I was thrilled to be apart of this rebuilding process. I saw progress, I saw growth and maturity. I saw the confidence grow and self esteem rise. 
I am humbled to think that the young men we coached are now better prepared for their next step in their journeys! 
I close my eyes and send up prayers, that I will be able to continue my Passion? it doesn't matter what level? It doesn't matter the State, Country, or region of the World ? 
I am truly blessed, I have been at the highest levels of the Game. I have been in the best leagues around the globe. There is something special about the college game. There was something special about being close to home and family. I feel we were able to mold and teach and prepare these young men for the next level. I am gratified in being apart of that process.
Thanks to ALL of you for your continued support and kind words that were shared along the way.
It means a lot.....

This Passion was born in the state of Indiana. The Hoosier heartland of the country. Basketball is like religion in this state. The Purpose has manifested itself around the Globe. I am eager to see where this Purpose takes me next. 

Passion to Purpose..... I hope you all find your Purpose in this life. 
Stay Positive, believe in yourself and know your worth and value. Serve others on your journey.
Be grateful and know your Purpose has meaning !

Good Luck on your journey !

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Positive Energy is producing Positive Results with my new Team

Thrilled to be in my element
Positive Energy,  Producing Positive Results with Coach Vando and USU Eastern

The start of the 2016 New Year, I have been blessed with an opportunity to be apart of the staff with Coach Vando and the USU Eastern Golden Eagles mens basketball program.
I am grateful and excited to be working with this group of young men. It is a bonus that I get to coach our son Brandon as he continues to have a great sophomore season as Team Captain and leads in many statistical categories within the conference and in the nation.

We are producing positive results, as we had a good road win in Colorado last weekend. This is the first ever win in Colorado with this current staff and we continue to improve and compete with the top teams in the conference.

This is an link to an article from a school newspaper and website.

I want to preface, they call me a former assistant coach with the Utah Jazz and Coach Jerry Sloan, but the truth is , Coach Jerry Sloan allowed me the opportunity to come in and observe/consult when I was between Head Coaching positions professionally. I have learned a great deal from Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan, I will write a post on that in the near future.

I have been fortune on my coaching journey and this experience has been positive and rewarding. Each day is an opporunity to learn and grow in my profession. 

Enjoy the link attached below on this article

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Team USA - who are your top 12 for OLYMPIC games to bring home the Gold?

USA Basketball - Who are your Top 12 for Olympic Games to bring home Gold ?

I had this discussion yesterday at the office with a friend and basketball coach before practice.
If you are the President of USA Basketball and Head Coach of Team USA, Who do you select for the top 12 to bring back then Gold medal?

Who are your 12 ?
Who makes your roster ?

Who are your PG's?
Who are your guards?
Who are your wings.
Who are your PF .
Who are your centers?

Share who you select and why?

I will share my 12 with you and why in the coming days !
Let the discussion begin

Friday, January 15, 2016

Coach Brad Stevens a great Basketball mind

Coach Brad Stevens a great Basketball mind

I have great respect and admiration for this young basketball mind.
What can I say, he is an Indiana boy....

I am proud of his success, his integrity, his attention to detail, his basketball IQ is fantastic

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Heat assistant Keith Smart returns after rare skin cancer surgery

Heat assistant coach Keith Smart returns after rare Skin cancer surgery
Coach Keith Smart, he is a husband, father, all around great guy, and now we can call him a Cancer survivor.
Without question, Keith is one of my best friends in the coaching fraternity. he has had a great journey in the business. His journey had a brief pause with a recent scare with a very rare form of skin cancer,  one in one million people in the US are affected with this rare form of skin cancer.

Keith hit the SHOT to win the National Championship for the Bobby Knight led Hoosiers over the Cuse back in '87. he had a brief Professional playing career. Yet he has Head Coaching stints with NBA teams such as the Cav's , Warriors, Kings and now assistant with the Miami Heat.

Click the link to read the interview and video with the Sun Sentenial in Miami on his return this week to the Miami Heat bench prior to the Warriors game last night.

Please continue to send prayers and well wishes for this friend of mine. Keith is ever positive, always optimistic, he is led by his faith.
I continue to send prayers to Keith, His wife Carol and his boys, as they have handled this with class and dignity, just like the Heat organization.

God Speed my friend !

Monday, January 11, 2016

USU Eastern Mens basketball (2-0) in 2016

USU Eastern brain trust starts New Year 2-0 

Building, Rebuilding and Coaching 'em up to a 2-0 start to kick the 2016 Year off right.

(Photo credit to my wife Kim who took a second to snap a quick photo, as she is busy watching and cheering for Brandon and I together) Coach Vando and I watching the action as we beat Colorado NW for a Win in Scenic West Conference play at Price Utah on Saturday.

Constantly making adjustments, infusing positive energy, We are changing the culture of the program. We are putting in Offensive sets that fit the players strengths. We have increased the intensity on Defense. Our physical conditioning is better. The spirit and morale is much better as we find success. We are playing unselfishly as we strive to reach our Team Goals.

We still have a lot of work to do, We must be mentally and physically prepared for a tough week.
SLCC comes in on Thursday after a 10 pt loss and it is Fan appreciation night. This will be a great measuring stick to see where we are as a Team. It is true we currently have 7 players and an 8 th player has recently walked on.  We are constantly focusing on our attention to detail.

This week we will also face Snow College in a Rival contest. The atmosphere for both games will be intense.

I have truly enjoyed this opportunity to be back on the hardwood, teaching and developing the athletes. I have seen great progress in the short time together. I am grateful to Coach Vando for allowing me to be apart of the rebuilding process. Coach Vando and I share the same philosophies and passion for the game. I am enjoying my role. 

I am also very appreciative to all the Families of the current and former players, Friends, and Fans who have taken the time to come up to me and share their kind worlds of support. I am moved that you recognize the transformation within the Team since my arrival.

The credit all goes to the athletes who have worked hard in this time of transition. This is a process and a challenge. So to Team Captains Phil and Brandon with  Sol, Alex, Austin, Grant, Tevin and Dexter with a recent practice players Malaki and Richard, I thank you.
 USU Eastern will continue to grow and work hard to represent the program in a positive manner. It is a thrill to see the confidence grow as the young men make strides for the futures at other four year 

Let's get this work in !!