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Olympics vs World Cup Basketball competitions - by Coach Scott Fields

Olympics vs World Cup  Basketball Competitions  - by Coach Scott Fields

Olympics vs World Championships basketball !!

Which is bigger ? Which is better ? Which is more important ? Which has more significance?

F.I.B.A, is the International Basketball Federation it comes from the French term which stands for or translates to the Federation of International Basketball. FIBA started in 1932 and it is an establishment for all governing countries who participate in International basketball around the globe.

Please indulge me while I share some history and research with you on the competitions. It seems  a bit college course  101 of me,  but here you go.
The history of FIBA World Championships began in 1950, with the first FIBA Basketball World Cup which was the 1950 World Cup Championships. The FIBA Basketball World Cup is an international basketball competition contested by the men's national teams of the members of the International Basketball Federation. (FIBA), the sport's global governing body. The championship has been held every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1950 (the 1958 tournament was postponed to 1959 and did not get back on its current schedule until the 1970 tournament was held three years after the 1967 tournament).
The tournament was conceived during the 1948 Summer Olympics when FIBA leaders, seeing how successful the Olympic basketball tournament had become, wanted to hold a Championship every four years between Olympiads. The first tournament was held in 1950 in Argentina and was won by the hosts. The tournament was later dominated from 1963 through 1998 by Brazil, the Soviet Union (and later Russia), the United States, and Yugoslavia  (and later Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro), as those four teams won every medal in that era. Since 2002, however, parity has seen new teams claim medals as basketball continues to grow throughout the world.
The tournament was restricted to European and South American professional players for the first forty years of its existence. In 1989, FIBA made the decision to allow NBA players for future tournaments. Starting in 1994, NBA players have played in each Basketball World Cup.

Olympics Games history  : Olympics, comes from Greek origin and stood for the city of Olympia in Greece. The Olympic Games began over 2,700 years ago in Olympia, in south west Greece. Every four years, around 50,000 people came from all over the Greek world to watch and take part. The ancient games were also a religious festival, held in honor of Zeus, the king of the gods. This Olympic logo has the five rings to be symbolic for the five continents.  These games were designed to bring peace and unity through the medium of sports. These games were designed to bring political enemies together. Interesting , don't you think? The Olympics started back in 1896. Some Olympic history The Ancient Olympic Games were religious and athletic festivals held every four years at the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia Greece. Competition was among representatives of several city- states and kingdoms of Ancient Greece. These Games featured mainly athletic but also combat sports such as wrestling and the pankration, horse and chariot racing events. The Olympic Games are considered the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. The Olympic Games are held every four years, with the Summer and Winter games  alternating by occurring every four years but two years apart. There are now Para Olympics and Special Olympics.

now that I have put you to sleep and you have lost interest in the topic, here is my take on these games.

I have an unique perspective on this topic. It hits home for me as I have been blessed to have coached in FIBA as a head coach for 15 seasons and we have won multiple championships. My lens is different from most people from the USA, which I call home.  FIBA is the Federation for International Basketball Association. With my professional coaching abroad I was woven into the fabric of this competitive environment. I even assisted and consulted with a handful of national teams.

The Olympics are every four years but with alternating Winter and Summer games we wait only 2 years between those specific Olympic competitions. The FIBA World Championships are also 4 years apart. Basketball, is of course apart of the summer Olympic games.

FIBA will have the field grow from 24 teams to 32 teams. FIBA has multiple continents represented from regions such as Oceanic, Africa, Americas, Europe and Asia.
The Olympics has over 200 nations represented. I am just trying to compare and contrast here a bit.

I want to get back to my lens and perspective of these wonderful games and competitions. This article is not about ME, I am just sharing my experiences and why I feel the way I feel about the current situation of the many players removing themselves from the World Championship competitions.

I see both sides of the argument. I understand how the world views the World Championships for Basketball and I get the entire Olympic game attraction for the American public.

My personal involvement is this. I have coached over 100 players who went on to represent their countries. Many of these players played and proudly represented their countries and wore their countries colors across their chest. I know and understand the pride they have to say they played for their country. USA, Puerto Rico, China, France, Venezuela, New Zealand, Lebanon, Nigeria are a few of these countries I speak of who participated in either World Championships or Olympic games. I have also coached players who represented their countries  and I had the honor to coach players from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Luxemburg, Austria. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Dominican Republic who wanted nothing more to represent their countries in lower level competitions. I also have close friends who have coached national teams in Africa, such as Angola, European counties such as Poland, England and even Canada.

These players who represent their countries do it for honor, do it for pride. It is an act of service so to say.

I want to share with the American public this. The world Championships are the biggest competition for countries around the globe.  The World championships are the pinnacle of competitions on the basketball stage. Now, to the USA, we do not take the World Championship as serious as we do the Olympic games.

Why? the way I see it, the Olympic games have pageantry, they have marketing opportunities, they have sponsorship opportunities. Olympic games have the TV support on multiple channels all day and night. The American public set around the TV and love the back stories. The endorsement dollar speaks. I will say it again, the endorsement dollar speaks. The Olympic games are a platform and entertainment that brings the American public together for the common goal of winning GOLD ! The 1992 Basketball Dream Team , which was compiled of the best players in the game during that era of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird who NBA commissioner David Stern wisely marketed the league around. Then Michael Jordan helped take the game global.  That Team also had Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen Clyde Drexler Chris Mullins and Patrick Ewing. They were coached by Chuck Daly assisted by Lenny Wilkens, Coach K and PJ Carlisemo. This team was dominant. in the Qualifying tournament they beat Cuba by 79,
 they beat Canada by 44, Argentina by 41 Venezuela by 47 and Puerto Rico by 38. the games were not close and America sent a message, the game was founded here in the USA and we were the best in the world,. The world was in awe of this collection of talent. players from other teams would shake the hands of the American players while lining up for FT's. They would take pictures of the players from the bench while they waited to get on the court. I coached a player from France who was on the National team and he told stories on the bus of how he tried to guard Michael Jordan. When these 1992 Olympics started the beat the African country of Angola by 68 the beat Croatia by 33, where MJ and Scottie put on a defensive show to stop Toni Kukoc as Chicago Bull front office executive J Krause wanted Toni with the Bulls the next season. They then beat Germany by 43 Brazil by 44 and Spain by 41 , They then beat Puerto Rico by 38 Lithuania by 51 nd in the Gold Medal game they beat Croatia again by 32. No game was ever in question. only a glimpse of the endorsement dollar would flex its muscle of American flags were draped over the sweat suits of the American players to hide the logo on the stars and stripes suits to get their gold medal on the stands when the National anthem was playing.

but since that time and era, the world has caught up the American dominance. American teams would once again struggle with team put together and with the ego's of the players feeling the other counties would be intimidated by the NBA stars.

it was like the NCAA sending their best to compete vs the strong professionals of club teams of Europe. European teams were club players and not considered professional and maintained amateur status. but NBA players were professional and not able to play in Olympics until that 1992 team, but it was considered by many to dominate. the Dream team was compared to the dominant African runners of the distant races. but now the tables have turned? The World has caught up with the Americans.  Why? was it the lessons taught by the Dream Team, is it the AAU culture ? (this is a topic for another day) Is it the FIBA clubs have better grass roots basketball and fundamentals are better taught through a club system? Is it the ESPN sports center highlights are only of dunks and not fundamental team basketball?  I will allow you to make your own decision. Is it the young players playing against club pro's? To me it is a mix of all the previously mentioned.

The world and all other countries put far more importance on the World Championships? The Americans and the American players put far more importance on the Olympic games when it comes to Basketball competition. Is it because of Ego? Is it because of the ol' mighty dollar? is it because of the newer term now known as load management? or is it a sprinkle of all? (again I will allow you to form our own opinions)

I feel disappointed when I read the recent news of NBA players withdrawing from the FIBA world cup qualifiers. These games are great confidence builders for players such as D Mitchell, Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum,  Harrison Barnes, Jaylen Brown, Joe Harris, Kyle Kuzma, Khris Middleton, Brooke Lopez Marcus Smart, Myles Turner Derrick White these are all nice young players but do not have the fire power of the NBA elite athletes and star power. I can only believe that these young stars will go into their NBA teams vet camps with confidence and swag after these games. Should America only send U23 teams to these games? Why are Lebron James, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry not going? Is it because of the shift with Coach K stepping down and Coach Pop of the Spurs taking over. NOT !?! Is it because of Load management? probably, these older vet players want to save their legs for the NBA season? is it again the ol' might dollar and exposure?  Just think of the number of International players now in the NBA ? Think of the influx of international talent on NBA rosters. the fear and intimidation factor is and has been gone.

We can not take these World Championship qualifiers lightly. We are about to send these young players into the lions den. These other countries of Spain, France, Serbia don't care who dons the USA jersey, they will come to win it all for their country.

Remember me saying the Dream team of 1992 beating Spain by 41, well Spain can and have beaten team USA. Argentina with Manu G, Luis S and other NBA players beat team USA in World Cup championships.

This could be a challenging summer for team USA. They have nice young talent. but I do not foresee 50 pt wins with this group. I do not see an average of 30 pt wins with this group. I am not saying the young NBA stars can not compete, I am saying it will be a learning curve for this young collaboration of talent.  It could be a hard lesson for Team USA? Is it the players fault? Is it the NBA's fault ? is it the old mighty dollars fault? There is a new Coach, these tem was just put together and it takes time to get chemistry. It takes time to learn the rules of international play.

I just hope the American fans and spectators are realistic going into these World Cup qualifying games. There will not be 70 point blowouts. Again, I have been apart of FIBA.  I know the passion and purpose of the other nations competing in these upcoming games. It will be interesting....It will be entertaining,... It will be basketball played at a high level of basketball IQ....It will be strategic...It will be a chess match exploiting weaknesses of teams. Can the athleticism of the young NBA players vs the fundamental ball being played by other FIBA teams? Can the young NBA players match the inside game of other top countries? Does the young NBA team have enough bench depth and shooting? Can we match or equal the team play of the older and more experienced Euro national teams? remember the international game is a bit different than the FIBA game, there are a few rule differences, Travels are called when the ball is not put down on the first step, the ball can be played off of the rim, and this is a mental conditioning thing for these players, that is a goal tending call in the NBA. We need to be able to react and swipe the ball off of the rim and utilize or athleticism. The 3 second lane is wider. the no touch rule when a team takes the ball out of bounds to speed up the play. These are all adjustments team USA can make on the fly, but it takes time...

I do feel team USA has talent, we just don't have the star power of the top names of the NBA. Will the American viewers follow and support this team? basketball fans, are basketball fans, the will watch summer hoops think of the TBT tournament where the winner takes all 2 million dollar purse. the BIG 3 of Ice Cubes retired players tour.  Fans support the NBA summer league in Vegas, so they can get a first glimpse of the drafted NBA talent of the future.  so those fans will support these games. but the casual fan?   I know they have far more interest in the Olympic games.

I, am excited for the World Championship qualifiers. I enjoy watching former players of mine compete, I enjoy watching friends of mine coach with team USA and with team abroad.

Lets enjoy the games, lets pray they stay injury free and healthy. Lets support these young men and embrace the games !

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Eurobasket.com - recent Interview May 31, 2018 with Coach Scott Fields

Interview with Coach Scott Fields May 31, 2018 !

Enjoy this recent interview on Eurobasket.com

Date May 31, 2018 !

Overcoming obstacles..... The value of perseverance

Join us this Monday June 4th @7:30 PM  mountain time as we discuss Perseverance. There are so many of us that face challenges. We will discuss how to overcome them and share inspiring stories. If you got a story to tell we'd love to hear it. Share it with us.

Here is an example of some one that was able to overcome a challenge they had faced all of their life.

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Taking care of Business......... The value of a good work ethic

This week The Coach Scott Fields Show will be talking about the value of work and work ethics.
Our guest is a prime example of what hard consistent work can accomplish. Our guest is Brandon Sly.

Brandon Sly our guest talks about what work ethic can accomplish
Join the Coach, Brandon and Bob as we talk together about work ethic.Brandon is an excellent example of what a good work ethic can accomplish. Brandon a recent graduate of Adams State University has consistently worked hard to grow and develop his skills and overcome the obtsacles that he wouldn't let stand in his way. He is an accomplished basketball player. In his two years at Adams State he was the second person to score a thousand points in two years. His skill on the court comes from developing himself in every aspect of the game. While Brandon may not have the height that some athletes are blessed with he has the heart of a warrior. Brandon also took care of things in the classroom and graduated with a Bachelors degree in business management. Brandon's best years are ahead of him, and though he still has most of his life ahead of him. We know he will attack the future with the same energy and work ethic that has blessed his life so far. Brandon's story is an inspiring one. Taking him from dangerous ground to one that has unlimited potential. Brandon was raised by Scott and Kim Fields. They have had a great influence on his life. The Fields have given him opportunity and he has embraced that opportunity with a zest for life and a disarming smile. 
Please join us Tuesday Night at 7:30 for the coach Scott Fields Show.

you can watch it here!

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Get to know our Special Guest of the Coach Scott Fields Show (Mentor Theme) - Tuesday 5/21/18- Coach Scott Fields

Get to know these Special guest of the Coach Scott Fields Show (Mentor Theme)
This show is about the importance of being a mentor.

Above in photo.
This special young man is truly something special, I am introducing you and the world to this special young man.
His name is Cole Richey. I have spent some time with this gifted young man.
We have watched NBA games together, we shot hoops in the backyard together.
I will say no more, watch the show and you will see why he is amazing !

Our other guest;
Corey Crowder a former NBA Player for the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs is also the Father and mentor of current NBA Player and Utah Jazz player Jae Crowder. Corey Crowder is a former NCAA D 2,  Player of the Year. Corey also had his #23 retired at Kentucky Wesleyan. Corey is also in the  KWU Hall of Fame. He is a true family man, and a friend.
I am excited to allow him to share his life lessons.

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The Winner is !!!! - The Logo design that you voted for---- the Coach Scott Fields show

The Winner is !!!

I want to Thank all of those who participated and  "Voted"  for the Logo design.
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We are proud to announce that the new Logo design for our show is

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Are you eager to learn which Logo design won the Vote ? - Coach Scott Fields

Are you eager to learn which Logo design won the Vote?- Coach Scott Fields

Last week we opened up a Vote to you the fans and viewers of the Coach Scott Fields.

we had a final Four

of these Final Four you the voters and Viewers selected the Logo's below

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Big Announcement Coming Soon - Coach Scott Fields

Stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

I want you to stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from the Coach Scott Fields Show.

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Happy Mothers Day to my Mom - Coach Scott Fields

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom - Coach Scott Fields

Diana L. Fields,  My Mom, Where do I even begin to express what you have meant to me and my life?
I don't have the words to express my sincere gratitude, but I will try....

Since the beginning, I can remember you being a wonderful, nurturing care giver. I remember your love and comfort when I had bad asthma. You would calm me when I would have an onset of an asthma attack.
I remember you with me going into the hospital and them making me stay in the oxygen tent.

I guess now at 50, I can appreciate even more the constant support you had for me and all my sports.
You didn't miss a game. You would be there to cheer for me in the bleachers, stands.

My meals were always prepared, the lunches packed or paid for.

You would stay up late with me after basketball games and I would diagram my ideas and plays I feel would work or work better?
I taught you zones, zone presses, zone press breakers. I would discuss Defensive adjustments with coasters.
I knew I wanted to be a coach, I knew I wanted to teach the game, if I could teach the game to you, I could teach it to anyone.

I remember the late night bowls of rice, all the morning breakfast before school.
I observed all the support for Staci and I with whatever our school activities were.

You taught us to be kind, taught us to be respectful, you taught how to treat others. You made sure we were always respectful and grateful.

When I was in Tennessee at college and I was rushed in for an emergency appendectomy surgery, I woke up and you were there.

When I came down with my RA, you were at every doctors appointment. We were there for the surgeries, you were there for the needles going into the joints drawing fluid. You would try to take my pain away if you could.

When I was in rehab for recovery from my multiple knee surgeries again you were there.
You were the care giver and daily nurse to get me back on my feet quickly.

When I couldn't dress myself, you would assist, when I couldn't open things, you would make sure to have it opened for me.
You loved your kids, You would sacrifice and do without, just so we had what we needed.

You made sure the homework was done, you made sure the house was clean and organized, even though I always did just enough to get by you  in my teens you pushed me and challenged me to not be average, you hated my C's, for Staci, it was an A, you would say You can do better, your just lazy, and you were right. You wanted the beds made before we left for school you made sure the dirty laundry was done and folded for us.

Dinners were always ready, we were spoiled.

You taught my sister to be a great wife and mom, I saw you do anything for your grandkids, you made more sacrifices for the grandkids than you even did for us. I didn't think it was possible, but you did as it was second mature, because  it was taught to you by grandma Baker.

You were there to take care of my grandma when she was starting to struggle with her health.
I have never met a more nurturing, caring or comforting women. I was blessed.

You taught me what to look for in a girlfriend. and now a wife. because of those examples, and the strong women I had for examples. My Grandma Baker and Grandma Kate. I had a Mom like you and a sister like Staci.

I now have a wife like Kim.
I see Kim and the Love she has for Whittney who I know will also be an amazing Mom some day herself. I see the support she has for her kids, Whittney and Brandon. She makes every Birthday special, she makes sure every Holiday is fun and exciting. Kim too is loving, caring, nurturing, and so selfless.
Kim is also the most giving person, she cant say No to anyone, if it is not right, she will fix it.
she is a planner and doer.
I would not have appreciated those things unless I saw first hand the wonderful example you have always been. and will be.

Mom you still sacrifice to this day, you are the epitome of selfless and giving.

How do I put into words what you have meant to me for my 50 years of Life. I just know I am lucky, I am blessed. I thought every mom was like you? I didn't know what I didn't know. I only came to see and appreciate you even more when I was exposed to other women who didn't have the same characteristics that you have,  and will always share.

I know now even more how special you are. When I become an parent myself,  I tried to emulate all the special things you were and are to me. If I am just 100th of the parent you were to me, I feel I would be a success.

I was prepared for adulthood, I was prepared to Life.

Thanks for all the things you have ever done for me, you have always been there for me and for us and my family.
Not only on this day, Mothers Day. but everyday. I love and appreciate you !

Happy Mothers Day to my awesome Mom !
Just know I would not be the man I am today if it wasn't for YOU !

I wish I was home to give you a HUGE HUG ! Just know I am always with you in spirit, you will always live within me.

your son


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Logo TOP TWO - You decide ! - Coach Scott Fields Show

Logo TOP TWO - You Decide ! - Coach Scot Fields Show

You the Viewers and Voters have selected the TOP TWO !

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Vote for your favorite Show Logo - Coach Scott Fields

Vote for your favorite Show Logo - Coach Scott Fields

We need your help !
Please vote for the Logo Color combination you like the best ?

The Coach Scott Fields Show  -  Serve. Empower.Inspire.

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The Coach Scott Fields show "IMPROVE YOU" theme and guest line up - Coach Scott Fields

The Coach Scott Fields Show "IMPROVE YOU"  theme and guest line up for Monday 5/7/2018

We have a winner of the "Guess the Clock"  contest from last week
We sent our a prize to our "Selfie"  contest winner !

Once again, the Coach Scott Fields show is bringing you a quality line up.

The show theme is  "IMPROVE YOU"

Coach Hernando Planells is currently the Associate Head Coach of the Duke Women's team.
Coach HP, has a great journey to share with us all and he has a powerful platform to share with us on Monday night.

Coach Scott Fields will answer questions that are sent in prior to and during the show, Coach will also discuss his latest blog. post on coachscottfields.com
"The advice I give my son as he starts his professional basketball career."

Stay tuned, there might be a call in session, call in to the show and ask the Coach your question LIVE on the show.

T$ will join us to discuss all things NBA and NBA Playoffs
T$ is one of the top journalist in the business and his insight on all things NBA.

Pending on his availability? Tony Jones of the SL Tribune our Jazz insider, might join us to discuss the Houston Rockets series and adjustments that need to be made?

The Coach Scott Fields show



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Friday, May 4, 2018

Advice I give my son as he starts his journey on his professional basketball career- Coach Scott Fields

Advice I give my son as he starts his professional basketball career- Coach Scott Fields

I preface this post with I have been blessed and fortunate to have traveled the globe as a Professional Basketball Coach. I have been a Head Coach for multiple successful teams. I have 15 seasons of experience now under my belt in FIBA as a Head Coach, plus over 14 seasons at the college level. We won multiple Championships. I have coached current and former NBA players. I helped develop talent around the globe and put players on their respected National Teams that played for their countries in the Olympic Games and the World Championships. I have been on the journey that you are about to begin. I started off in Europe. I was a young 26 years old. I helped a club to its most ever wins in a single season. I had to learn the language, learn the local currency, I had to learn the culture and customs. I was excited to learn and grow and I was excited to put into practice my coaching philosophy.
I didn't know what I didn't know !
I just knew I wanted to be a Head Coach, I would go where the opportunity led me, I knew the risks, I knew the precautions, I knew the negatives but didn't focus on them. I was about the cross the pound in the metal tube with a passport in my hand and my luggage packed.
I didn't allow my health issues to stop me from pursuing a passion of mine.
Since that time, I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the miserable, I have seen the best of people and the worst of people.
I learned it was a business quickly and I would learn many people in the game, didn't know or understand the game. People in decision making positions didn't know the sport, didn't know the game, I climbed the ranks quickly as we built successful cultures. I have been in Europe, South America, I have been in Asia and Middle East. Yes, I have circled the globe. We have accumulated a near 770 win percentage.
I was using analytics before analytics was in a word.

I took a step back from Pro Coaching when you came into our lives. You were the son I always wanted, but never had before. Our bond was the love for the game of Basketball.
I was able to coach you as a freshman in High School. Yes we had success right away, We won a tournament up north for your freshman age group.
I was also able to coach you in your AAU days 15u, 16u, 17 u. I put you playing 17u players when you were only 15.

I knew Brandon, that you were special, I knew you had a gift, I knew you had the passion. Your skill set was solid, yes, you had a small physical frame, you were young for your graduating class. physically you had not developed yet. You had heart.
You were always coachable, but would struggle with criticism if it was delivered with a negative tone. You were coachable not only on the court but at home.
Brandon had a goal to want to earn a scholarship and use basketball as a tool to get his higher education.
We sat together, we had a game plan, My wife and I gave him responsibility. He knew he had to be a good student.
When he first came to be with us he was at a high school with a lot of cultural diversity. We were in the process of building a home. Our new home was being built in the south end of the Salt Lake Valley.
He would be removed from his comfort zone. Brandon would be living with a white family. He would be going to school in a predominately white community. He was a fly in milk. He embraced it with class and used it to teach others about himself and where he came from.
Brandon is originally from South Central LA, his biological mother had moved him and his older sister to Utah  after Brandon's young uncles age 19 and 21 were shot and killed in gang violence.
Brandon had a father  but he was not in the picture or in his life.
If you have seen the movie blindside? This was Brandon, but switch the story line and script from Football to Basketball. Switch a large lineman in football to a small point guard in basketball.
This story would be called "No Look Pass"
Brandon took care of the classroom, he excelled on the court, each year his body and his confidence would grow.
He finished out his high school career in the toughest and most competitive region of 5A basketball in the state of Utah  playing against then Nationally Ranked Lone Peak HS.
Brandon was first team All State, All Region.
again, he was and everyone reminded him, how small he was and how he would struggle at the next level.
He lands at USU Eastern in Price Utah. Brandon was on a partial scholarship as he had no other offers out of high school because coaches were worried about his size. He always said to himself, " Heart over Height."  it is now tatted on his wrist.
He would have a nice freshman campaign. then as he entered his sophomore year. the team had many issues.
My wife and I receive a phone call at 3 am. Brandon was in tears, the school admin had threatened to stop the basketball season and multiple team member were being arrested for a sexual assault case as a female was allegedly raped. As any parent would, I wanted answers, the team would loose five players in the case. Another player was cut from the team with a vandalism and alcohol issue. I had a relationship with the Head Coach, he asked me to come help him as he was loosing the Team, he had lost control of the locker room and had behavior issues.
I came aboard in early December as an Associate Head Coach. We had to kick another player off of the team for behavior issues. We were now down to 6 players and a walk on. They competed in arguably one of the toughest conferences in the country. National Champions, College of Southern Idaho. Salt Lake Community College and a very good North Idaho and Snow college respectively. The team was tied for last but, I wasn't worried, we only had seven players, but we had the right seven players. We had Brandon at the Point Guard. We had Phil as a shooter, we had Sol, We had Tyson coming off of the bench, We had Alex we had Austin and we had we had Grant and we had Dexter. Two return missionaries, one about to leave for a mission.
We had to change the offense to fit the skills of the players, We had to change the culture, we would change the way we would practice, we would change the way they would prepare. We would change the way we would talk to each other and we would build confidence and we would build respect for each other, I had to challenge them to be held accountable, many players were kicked out of practice for behavior modification. We were setting the tone and building a new culture. I basically ran the team and practices.
Before my arrival the team lost 7 games in a row. I came aboard and we simplified the game, we put the ball in Brandon's hands and we put players in a position to succeed. We allowed them to do what they did best.  We identified their roles.
Guess what we won 7 games in a row. We beat CSI in overtime, we took the current National Champions SLCC to OT.
Brandon suffered a concussion but he would return in time for the conference playoffs.
That is another story and another chapter.
Brandon would make 2nd team all conference and he would continue his career at Adams St University in Alamosa Colorado. He was now a Grizzly !
Brandon was leaving the nest, he was spreading his wings. He was no longer able to come home for the weekends. I was no longer his coach, but I would send him a text every game sharing with him adjustments he needed to make and what he could do to better his game and better the teams chances for success. I was just there for encouragement, for support and a boost of confidence. I was a Coach to him, not just a dad.  He was now on a full ride.
Brandon still had two seasons, he was 5'10" and now weighed about 140.
still small, always the littlest on the court. My wife would go to as many games as she could. She would be in Phoenix for his game vs D1 Grand Canyon University coached by former NBA standout Dan Majerle. Brandon would continue to be a contributor and have a nice Jr year. fast forward to his Senior year.
Brandon was now a Team captain. Brandon was now a leader and I wanted him to work on being a more vocal leader and not just leader by his actions.
Brandon is a true point guard, he knows the game, he has a very high basketball IQ, he controls the pace of the game, he see's the floor very well, he can get his shot off in the paint, he can finish, he now had a nice three point range on his jumper, but he was unselfish to a fault as he always tried to get his teammate involved in the game and he knew how to take over a game when he needed. Brandon played with a chip on his shoulder as he now had goals to wanting to play at the professional level.
He would put out a tweet early in his Senior season that said, "I will be playing professional next season, mark my word." He was putting it out to the universe. but, now he needed to put in the work and show he could do it.
Brandon became the MVP of the Thanksgiving tournament in Hawaii. He finished the tournament with a triple double, 27 pts, 10 reb and 11 assist.
Brandon would then go on to become only the second players in the schools history to score 1000 pts in only two seasons.
Brandon was named first team All Conference, He was runner up to the Player of the Year. Brandon had 16 double/doubles Brandon had over 20 games with 20 points or more.

Brandon has currently signed with an agent and he will receive his degree on May 11, 2018 He will have a B.S. in Business Management.

I tell you his back story so I can now give him my advice as he prepares for his professional career

You have to know where you came from before you can be ready to go where you are meant to be.

First of all, Kim and I are proud of you and We love you.
You now have a college degree in your hand, the first of any of your family members.
I too was the first member of my family to earn a college degree.

We know many things about you, we know you are small, we know you played at a small school that not many people have even heard of. but, you can put them on the map.

You are still very hard working, You have worked hard for everything you have accomplished as nothing has been handed to you. You have learned many life skills through the game. You have learned how to persevere tough and hard times and your life has prepared you for this journey.

It will not be easy, there will be great times, ahead, there will be challenges and instability ahead, there can be doubt that can creep in. You already know and have heard us preach stay prepared, 
stay ready. Be ready for any opportunity.
This is a business, things can not be taken personally, there will be players you will see get opportunities because of politics and you will know in your heart you are better than.
Wait for your opportunity.
There can be many nights of insecurity, there will be times that seem like no one knows your story, no one knows who you are, it is true and your goals don't care how you feel, you can not have doubt, you can not loose hope, you can not loose faith don't listen to people who don't share your vision and your dream, surround yourself with people who believe in you, challenge you, hold you accountable surround yourself with people who will not tell you what you want to hear, surround yourself with people who keep it real !

You have already achieved a lot, no one, and I mean no one can take away your knowledge and experiences you have gained, no one can take away your high school diploma or college degree.
You are already an amazing person, inside and out.
Brandon you are a person of High Character, High Values, you are honest and loyal.
You will make mistakes, learn from them, you will have successes, stay humble.
You have a passion and you have a purpose, fulfill it. Don't let anyone set your limitations for you.
You choose, you decide.....
Continue to learn and grow, learn from people who have had success, learn from those who have struggled and find out why they struggle, don't repeat their mistakes.
Learn from your mistakes, Failure is not a setback unless you allow it. Learn to read, read about those who you aspire to become like.
I know you watch You Tube a lot, to watch players, to watch teams, to watch workouts.
Flex your brain and stimulate your mental growth as well as your physical strength.

You will be in relationships, do like I did, Marry well, Marry someone who brings out the best in you and you the best in them, Find someone who supports your dreams and goals
you be selfless enough to support them and their dreams.
Be open, be honest, be loyal

I pray you have a family blessed with wonderful kids like I have in you and Whittney.

You are about to be thrust in a world that is not easy, it is not glamorous.
Do your homework, research every person.

You have an agent, build that relationship. You and he will need to grow together, believe in each other, support each other.
Communication is vital and important in any relationship, don't build walls, build bridges.
There will be again, ups and downs, stay consistent, don't get to high on the highs, don't get to low on the lows.
Stay focused, don't be distracted.

Invest in you, invest in your time.
Take care of your health and your body, your body is now your asset, you must take care of it and your self, you must build and strengthen yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

You have so much ahead of you...
Time, you have time, don't force things that are not meant to be, their are lessons all around you, read the signs.
You have a goal, you have a destination you want. but don't forget to enjoy the journey along the way.

I made that mistake. I was so driven, so competitive I forgot to enjoy what was in front of me.
maintain your confidence, maintain and know your value and your strengths, know your weaknesses and work hard to flip them into strengths.

don't be a prisoner to your ambition. Stay driven, and be gracious in defeat and stay appreciative with success

everything is a state of mind, everything is a mind set, stay at peace with yourself.

you have the tools, you have the abilities, you have life lessons, you have the skill sets to make it all come to fruition.  Brandon you have the  foundation.

Always know,  you have  us to fall back on, we are here for you
Family is not always blood Family are those who love you, and have been there for you

We have seen your first basket, your first kiss, your first dance
We have seen snot bubbles come out of your nose when you broke curfews

We have seen you sign scholarship papers, we have seen you win MVP's

As an adult , it is hard to believe you are 21 this means more responsibilities, you have already taken care of your bills, but more responsibility will come, you will want independence, you will want financial independence,  you will want to start a savings account and build a nest for rainy days.

You will have to get a job, have a plan A,B,C and maybe a D.
and in that grind, you will need to always stay prepared to showcase your skills when asked

You will need to be ready, stay ready. You will need to find time for workouts, time for friends, time for a social life. You will learn time management,  you will need to learn to say NO !
This means you have values and you value your time. People will try to take from you, exploit you and use you, people will try to prey on your desire to succeed.

Learn quickly not everyone is nice, not everyone cares about you people only want what they can  get from you

Always see the good in people but know there is evil in the world.

Always be aware, stay in the here and now.

Just know you are blessed

Just know we are blessed to have been on this journey with you
We are lucky, We are fortunate, We are Thankful for you
Thanks for allowing me to be your role model, your real model, your mentor and father figure.

God had a hand in this plan

Be patient, Work harder than anyone else, Prepare harder than anyone else, Stay ready.......
Enjoy your journey...

Don't be afraid to take a risk,
But do your homework, invest your time wisely, Invest your money wisely while trying to gain the exposure you deserve.
Do your homework, do your research, ask the right questions,
Who will be at the camps? Who will be at the workouts?
What Coaches will be in attendance? What General managers will be in attendance?
What level of players will be playing with you?

When you are working out or playing in open gyms, be smart, people will try to gauge their game against yours, don't get hurt. You have nothing to prove against rec league legends.

be smart with social media, there are eyes everywhere, if you post it, they will see it.
be smart, you don't have to post all of your intimate thoughts, you don't have to show everyone how hard you are working,

In the business, if you have to tell people you work hard, it is an insecurity, if you worked hard and you are prepared, the results will show in your performance.

Actions speak louder than words !

Be selfless in your journey, do something for less fortunate individuals daily.
do something for someone who can never pay you back.

Take the focus off of yourself, make it about others. Be a servant leader !

We believe in you, You have value, you don't need people to validate you.

Be proud, Have honor, Stay Humble
Continue to grow and learn daily and weekly.
your Integrity will shine

Be the best You,  that You can be !!
 Be a star with your role, be a Star with your Character
your reputation will always proceed you.

Keep an open mind, just know that failure is not an end, unless you allow it to be.
Failure is a tool to grow.

People will forget what you say, but they will never forget what you did for them !

This is Life, you only get one, Enjoy, Laugh, Have Fun with it..

Soon either you will be in the NBA, or you will have a passport full of ink.
or you might throw in many minor leagues?
Just have fun, know you are now a role model to many others.
Save your money when you make money !

Don't be afraid to ask questions along the way, I have been there and done that !
Who knows, maybe we will work together again one day.

I see Doc Rivers coaching Austin Rivers
You and I look a lot alike, , we always have, we are both skinny and sexy !
true you have a deeper tan
Go get it !!!

Just remember to never stop smiling. Show those dimples, keep laughing, keep dancing, keep singing even when it get hard !

You have earned this opportunity, you have gone further than many of your peers already.

I am not surprised at all, I knew it when I was introduced to you many years ago.
I knew then, what I know now.
continue to believe in yourself.

I set back now and watch from afar.
I try not to smother you, but I am always here for you.

We got your back, you have a support system in place.

Network like crazy, build authentic relationships

This story and your journey continues.....
Haters will hate, let that fuel you
Know your value and add tax

The only pressure on you is what you put on yourself
you have your health, so you have everything
I am proud to call you son. We cant wait to  see where this journey takes you.


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