Friday, April 20, 2018

The Coach Scott Fields Show guest for Monday April 23, 2018

NAPB Commissioner Dave Magley/ Drew League's Charles (Pops) Lovely Sr.

This will be an outstanding show with two community driven individuals who use the game of Basketball to give back to communities and use Education to impact lives.

Former Indiana Mr. Basketball and Kansas U player Dave Magley has had a great journey in the game.
He is currently the commissioner of the NAPB.
This visionary will share great insight on the show Monday night.
This former Coach was also the commissioner of the Canadian Basketball League prior to starting up a great league with great opportunities for small market communities.

Coach Charles (Pops) Lovely Sr. is of the people, for the people.
He is a coach in one of the top summer leagues in the United States. The infamous Drew league in South Central LA.
The Drew league is the summer home to many NBA super stars.
Learn how and why this league was formed?
See how this man helps hundreds of athletes every year, every day with basketball as a tool to gain an education and get boys off of the streets.

These two men are what the Coach Scott Fields show are all about....
Don't miss this show, tell your friends, learn the share their life lessons.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Awesome Coach Scott Fields show guest line up Monday April 16 - Coach Scott Fields

This is a Great line up of Guests........Malik Rose, Tony Jones and T Money

I am thrilled to announce our Show line up for Monday April 16, 2018. The show will start at 7:30pm mountain time.
This is a LIVE show, it is interactive. To watch live

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Malik Rose is a former NBA player- Hornets, Spurs, Knicks and Thunder,
This 2 x NBA Champion and 2nd round draft pick has an amazing journey to share with us.

Malik also is the current General Manager of the Erie Bayhawks, the affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks.
Malik is also a former broadcaster. He was recently named the G League Executive of the Year.

Tony Jones is our Utah Jazz insider, he covers the Utah Jazz for the Salt Lake tribune.
He will join us Live from OKC from the first round action. He will share all things Jazz.

T$ is our NBA insider, he will discuss all things NBA and share his insight and  opinions on all trending playoff topics.

Your host is Coach Scott Fields, shares his insight and opinions from a Professional basketball coaches lens.
His Passion and Enthusiasm to Empower future leaders in the industry are contagious.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

2018 NBA Playoff Bracket- "Who you got?'- Coach Scott Fields

2018 NBA Playoff Bracket
"who you got?"
-Coach Scott Fields

Ok my people, Make your selections !
Who are your first round upsets?

Who are your Eastern Conf Champs?
Who are your Western Conf Champs?

Who are your 2018 NBA Champions?

Lets have some fun with these Brackets

Coach Scott Fields

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Coach Scott Fields Show Contest/Challenge and Gift to Winner - Coach Scott Fields

The Coach Scott Fields show Contest/Challenge and Gift to Winner
- Coach Scott Fields

The Coach Scott Fields Show has continued to grow in size and popularity.
This growth has been done organically. We are thrilled with the number of viewers and loyal followers and listeners we have on a nightly basis.  
We continue to bring you the best in trending sports topics,  Entertaining, Empowering and thought provoking discussions.

Our slogan and mission statement is simple and direct.
Empower. Educate. Grow.

This brings us to this CONTEST/CHALLENGE.

Help us continue to grow our Show

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Your Show Host is Professional Basketball Coach Scott Fields
Winner of Multiple FIBA Championships
Coach of Current and Former NBA Players
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The winner of the Challenge/Contest is the person who generates the most Likes/Follows to our show page.
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The Individual who generates the most Likes/Followers to our show will receive a copy of the newly released book written by Pat Williams , a former guest on the Coach Scott Fields show.

This is a great read,
Stories and Life Lessons from Coach John Wooden and his summer camps

Pat Williams is the Co Founder and  Senior VP of the Orlando Magic and award winning author of his Leadership books and stories.

This book was just released and it is YOURS if you WIN the CONTEST/CHALLENGE.
We will ship it directly to your home.

Good Luck and Thanks for your support in growing our show.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Special Guest for the Coach Scott Fields show - Tuesday April 10, 2018

The Coach Scott Fields show Special Guest for Tuesday April 10, 2018
Coach Larry A. McKenzie and Former NBA Player Dontell Jefferson.

Coach Larry McKenzie is a multiple state championship coach from Minnesota.
He is an author and speaker.

Dontell Jefferson is a former NBA Player who is now an author of his book, "How to make it to the NBA"

This show will be on Tuesday night April 10, 2018.
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