Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Coach Scott Fields Show Contest/Challenge and Gift to Winner - Coach Scott Fields

The Coach Scott Fields show Contest/Challenge and Gift to Winner
- Coach Scott Fields

The Coach Scott Fields Show has continued to grow in size and popularity.
This growth has been done organically. We are thrilled with the number of viewers and loyal followers and listeners we have on a nightly basis.  
We continue to bring you the best in trending sports topics,  Entertaining, Empowering and thought provoking discussions.

Our slogan and mission statement is simple and direct.
Empower. Educate. Grow.

This brings us to this CONTEST/CHALLENGE.

Help us continue to grow our Show

We ask that you tag friends and ask them to Like/Follow our show page !
We have a goal to gain over 10,000 Followers with this Challenge/Contest.
Please take the time to tag friends in your network and ask them to Like/Follow our show page

Your Show Host is Professional Basketball Coach Scott Fields
Winner of Multiple FIBA Championships
Coach of Current and Former NBA Players
see his bio at

The winner of the Challenge/Contest is the person who generates the most Likes/Follows to our show page.
Please have the person you tagged to follow the show page message us who referred them to like us.
The Individual who generates the most Likes/Followers to our show will receive a copy of the newly released book written by Pat Williams , a former guest on the Coach Scott Fields show.

This is a great read,
Stories and Life Lessons from Coach John Wooden and his summer camps

Pat Williams is the Co Founder and  Senior VP of the Orlando Magic and award winning author of his Leadership books and stories.

This book was just released and it is YOURS if you WIN the CONTEST/CHALLENGE.
We will ship it directly to your home.

Good Luck and Thanks for your support in growing our show.

Also if you haven't already please rate our Show page.
We have already received several 5 star ratings to date. They are greatly appreciated

Let the competition begin !
Lets see who is the best marketer and promoter ?

Start by tagging at least 100 people you feel will be a great members of this sports community.
It is LIVE...It is Interactive...
It is Entertaining, It is Fun...

Coaches- Tag other Coaches
Coaches- Tag your players
Players -Tag other Players
Sports Fans- tag other sports fans
Basketball fans - tag other Basketball fans



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