Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Coach Scott Fields Show now on You Tube - Coach Scott Fields

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    The Coach Scott Fields Show is now on You Tube - Coach Scott Fields
    Coach Scott Fields has 15 years of Professional Head Coaching experience.
    Coach Scott Fields has had coaching success in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Middle East.
    Scott has won multiple Championships,  coached current and former NBA Players, has great insight and speaks from a coaches lens. Scott has been able to accumulate a near 770 win percentage as a Head Coach.

    The coach is well connected and has outstanding friends in the sports/entertainment industry who are his special guest weekly.

    The Coach Scott Fields Show now has a new vehicle to bring you our outstanding platform - You Tube
    To find our youtube page.  Click here
    The Coach Scott Fields Show broadcasts live on Facebook each week. Here is the link to our facebook page. Coach Scott Fields Show. 
    Now you can catch our show with all of our outstanding guests on You Tube.
    This will not be the Live broadcast with Live interaction but you will still be able to be entertained with the show content.

    Please subscribe to our channel and receive notifications when the shows are uploaded.
    We don't want you to miss any show.
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