Friday, March 6, 2015

Wheelchair Basketball Team USA's Mr. Jeff Griffin our next Guest

World Record Holder/Medalist/Marathon Winner
Jeff Griffin on the Coach Scott Fields Show

Don't Miss This Show.
Jeff will share his Story and his DONT QUIT Attitude with us all this Tuesday. 

Who is Jeff Griffin you ask? This amazing Spirit and Driven man will share his story and insights with all of us as a Live in Studio Guest Tuesday March 10, 2015 at 7:30 PM Mountain 
This man of Faith will leave you INSPIRED watch his Intro video by clicking the attached link and read just a few of his list of achievements....
• LDS Humanitarian Wheelchair Advisory Committee Member
• Guinness World Record Holder
• USA Mens' Basketball Participant and Medal Finalist      
• Athens, Greece - 2004 Paralympic Games 
• Amsterdam, Holland - 2006 World Championships 
• Tokyo, Japan - 2007 World Friendship Games
• 4 time NWBA All-Star MVP
• Harry R. James “will to win” award recipient
Mr Jeff Griffin

• Utah's #1 Men's Singels Wheelchair Tennis Player
• 1st place finisher in the St. George Marathon
• 11-0 member of the 1994 Ricks College Football Team
• Football and Basketball Coach
• Father

Enjoy the video below.......EMPOWER EDUCATE GROW

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