Friday, November 6, 2015

"Put in the Work" Reason why Steph Curry has crazy handles -Coach SF

Steph Curry "Puts in Work" Reason why he has crazy handles
- Coach Scott Fields

I am a process guy, I am detailed oriented, I believe in teaching in progression.i learn from others and observe practices to become a better teacher to empower my athletes and staff.

I was with Steph Curry when he was a Rookie with GS at the NBA Summer league, at that time, he was of course small for a shooting guard and honestly he wasn't a PG, because of his decesion making and ball handling skills.

Wow, has he every worked to prove the scouts wrong. He didn't allow his size to stop him. He didn't allow his weaknesses to define him. Steph was not heavily recruited to colleges, Steph was not everyone's All American. But he had Heart and he has tremendous work ethic. he isa. Great person, and he will outwork and out prepare the best of them.

This is why he is the NBA MVP, this is why he is off to a great start this season.

I am attaching this link to see some of the things he does in the off season to "PUT in WORK"

Young players, Observe, get your notebooks out..

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