Thursday, November 5, 2015

Steph Curry Pre Game Warm Up Routine - Coach Scott Fields

MVP Steph Curry Pre Game Warm Up Routine

As most of you may know, I have been blessed to have worked with Steph Curry on a couple occasions. I was with him his rookie season at the NBA Summer League in Vegas and again with my NBA players for a Charity event in SLC.

Let's discuss the NBA MVPs  Pre Game Routine. And why it is successful.....

I will support this with a video link as well.

Players who have a set routine seem to have more of a success rate in the league.
they get on the floor prior to the game, prior to thousands of fans coming into the arenas. And they WORK, they don't go through the motions.the start the Focus, the Muscle memory, and get MOVING at game speeds to emulate game situations.

Steph has a routine where he gets a good feel of the ball and court, gets used to the lighting, get aclimated to the surroundings and works up a sweat.

This starts off with a two ball,  ball handling drills on the baseline to get a feel and start his focus and preparation.
This is a warm up, again to start circulation, get loose, get a feel of the ball in his hands.

Then he goes up close to basket lay up , scoop shots  both left and right hands to start muscle memory, to visualize seeing the ball go through the hoop to gain confidence, notice he starts close to basket, he doesn't walk in court and start shooting threes. he see's the ball go in the hoop many times, then he Moves out to elbows to get a series of shots, after Starts to move back with a series of drills for three point range, 

He will get more than 100-150 shots up, sprint work, foot work, 1 dribble pull ups, to left and right and step back, some sprint catch and shoot drills and again, after more 1 dribble rt, 1 dribble left and more step back shots 

He will get some one on one with assistant coach to have some physicality and shoot on the move

Again, this is the same routine before every game, it does not change....
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Click link to view routine below
Watch and learn :

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