Thursday, April 14, 2016

The NBAs historical evening- 73/60 "I Love This Game"

The NBAs Historical evening -73/60 "I Love this Game"

On 4/13/2016 BIG numbers like 73 and 60 show why this is Sports Entertainment.
The NBA had a BIG NIGHT in the West !

After a season of sports banter, experts and pundents all weighing in on "Could they break the record?  Yes the MVP led Golden St Warriors win a game over the injury plagued Memphis Grizzlies to set a single season Record of 73 wins, beating the MJ led Bulls.
Stop the comparisons, let's just enjoy what we witnessed.
73 wins, WOW !!!
Fun to watch, STEPH Curry hits his 400 3 pt FG ...

Then there is the Black Mamba, his final game in the league, #8 or #24 Kobe he puts it to the Utah Jazz on a night just hours before the game, the Houston Rockets secure the number 8 playoff spot to see GS Warriors in round one. Kobe takes 50 shots to score 60 pts to beat the Jazz.
That's a mic drop.

As a fan, fun to watch. As a coach, I smile and I cringe.

let's just soak it up and enjoy

eager to listen to sports radio today...

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