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Building a Winning Culture through Recruiting - Coach Scott Fields

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Building a Winning Culture through Recruiting - Coach Scott Fields

Building a Winning Culture through Recruiting - Coach Scott Fields

I came across an article the other day , It inspired me to put a few thoughts down.
I wanted to put a few thoughts together on How to build a Winning Culture through Recruiting for your program. 

This is applicable for college coaches and GM's of Professional basketball clubs or Franchises.This is applicable for Basketball recruiting at all levels, it doesn't matter the gender, the level of NCAA Division 1,2,3. NJCAA, NAIA or even Prep Schools across the country. There are even High School programs who have the fortune to recruit. 
Let's be perfectly honest, you have to have talent, you can't go to war with water guns....but you need talent with character, heart, work ethic. If you bring in talent with a poor attitude or a since of entitlement, poor etiquette. It will struggle to build chemistry, you will be dealing with issues daily. I have seen it first hand. 

You as the Head Coach, you have a choice, you have decisions to make. 
If I go into a gym, go to a Game, attend a AAU tournament,  of course, it is very competitive, there will be hundreds of college coaches  or scouts who are there watching, observing taking notes. These coaches and scouts all go out to find the players to provide them stability, Help them Win. Turn around a Program or Club or Franchise. 

I have a philosophy, a system. I find players to fit the mold of each position I am trying to fill.
I am looking for tangibles within these athletes. I am a detail guy. I look for specifics skills sets for my PG, my Shooters, my Wings, my PF and my Center. 

The game has evolved, I look for players with versatility, I like cerebral players, players with a high basketball IQ. Athleticism is a plus, the ability to defend, I like Fundamentally sound players who have some sauce. I also look for the Role Players to fill out my roster of my program.

I also watch for RED FLAGS, these are the signs of a player that I know I will never bring into my program. The player could be the best athlete, he could be a high flying crowd pleaser.
But if I see Red Flags, He would never be a FIT. I am building a Culture with Character. The bi product of that Culture will bring Success.

Work Ethic- if a player doesn't hustle, if a player coast through his warm up, if he coast through drills , if he is lazy on Defense, if he is last on the court, if he doesn't put in effort , if he gets out hustled, if he doesn't work for rebounds. If he sets soft screens, if he doesn't snap his passes, If he doesn't dive on loose balls, never attempts to take a charge, if he never deflects passes, doesn't deny wings, if he get beat to spot, if he allows to get posted up with no fight. If he chooses not to be coachable.

Selfishness- if the player constantly draws attention to himself, after shot, after pass, after made basket, after a dunk.  if the player constantly kills the offensive flow with to much dribble, if they don't get others involved, if they are only looking to find away to score. If they show attitude toward teammate when a teammate makes a mistake. If he doesn't help on defensive rotations ect ect ect. 

Lack of Respect- if I observe a player disrespecting the coach, talk back to coach, won't look the coach in the eye, argue with referee, argue with teammates, if he kicks a chair in time out, if he throws towel when being taken out, if he is not fully engaged in timeouts, if he doesn't listen to instruction or coaching, if he damages gear, if he throws basketball, kicks the ball. ect ect ect

Quits- if a player quits after he makes a mistake, if a player shows attitude when a teammate makes a mistake, if he quits after being coached or corrected, if he quits because he disagrees with a call from a referee. If he quits because he misses a shot, if he quits because he gets out played, if he quits for any reason on or off the court.

Tardiness- if a player is late to a workout, if he is late to meetings, if he is late to practice, late to class, late to study tables, if he is late to games, if he is late to appointments, if he is last to warm up, if he is late to return calls, text, e mails, if he is late to video sessions, late to catch the bus, this is a sign of his respect. This is a testament to his commitment to the program.

Attitude- this can be referred back to Lack of Respect above. It is a pet leave of mine to observe players with poor attitudes. On or Off the court. If a player can't be held accountable, if a player doesn't listen to Teammates, or Coaching, if he shows attitude toward a referee, the reacts poorly towards crowd. If a player is always negative with Teammates, if a player will not give 100 % effort always. If a player talks down to teammates. There are many examples.

Character is most important, their decorum, their etiquette. If the player lacks in any of the above mentioned traits or characteristics. These things will be magnified in the classroom, with teachers or professors. How can you build a program that everyone will get behind and support? How can a player represent you, your program, your institution, your community and be a REAL MODEL for what you are building? Your players in your program reflect you and your program, it ALL comes back on you as the Coach. 

Communication- how well does a player articulate and carry himself with people of authority and his peers? if a player can't be positive with his teammates, if he can't effective communicate with his coaches, if he can't talk with referees, how does he lead? I believe Positive communication builds positive results, I also believe negative communication spreads quickly and is toxic and spreads. How is his body language? How does he communicate with his family members? How does he communicate with his Grandparents? Father? Mother? Siblings? Teammates? Staff? Media? 

Communication part 2- what types of things does he post on social media? What types of Tweets? What types Instagram photos does he post? Vine videos! FaceBook post ? Snap Chats? This is a new age of technology, what a person post tells a lot about him as a person, PAY ATTENTION ! 

Are you building a Culture for Success? Are you able to Teach Life lessons to your athletes on a daily basis or are you constant paranoid and worried if a player is going to class? Do you constantly need to handle discipline issues ? Are you constantly defending what is going on to your Players, your AD, your Chancellor? Surround yourself with good people, a good staff and good players. This is the foundation to building a Culture for Success. You are responsible to Set the Tone.

Coaches, don't get greedy, don't gamble on the Character issues if he is talented. Don't ignore the signs, if you observe Red Flags in one game, one practice, one workout, you can rest assured how often it happened on a daily basis. I choose not to deal with the headache.
I am about enjoying my job, If you don't love going to practice, if you don't want to go to office because you are worried about whats next...YOU can fix it. You can change it. You have the choice.

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