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NCAA SWEET 16 bracket/NBA//NCAA/AAU opinions-Coach Scott Fields

NCAA Sweet 16 bracket/NBA/NCAA/AAU opinions.
Coach Scott Fields
How are your brackets? What teams do you have left?
Who do you have moving forward?

I am not tooting my own horn, but TOOT TOOT,my bracket is still very solid. I still have multiple teams left in my 16.
I will admit, I allowed my heart to make a few choices for me, and as I watched the games, I could see immediately the game was going in the loss colum.

I still have 11 of 16 teams on my original bracket. I still could have 3 of my original Final Four Teams in play. March is still the best month of the year for NCAA Basketball. the conference tournaments, the NIT, The First round and play in games are exciting for the Coaches, Players and Institutions. These programs gain national exposure and for some the only exposure of the year.

It is fun to watch the mid major programs take it to the solid major conference teams. Again, I am NOT surprised by these wins. You have Teams with Jr's and Sr's in the program and that experience and chemistry is invaluable to a successful program. the Traditional Major programs roll the dice every season with the 1 and Done 5 star athletes. Notice I didn't say Student/Athletes.

I do hope at some point the NBA/NCAA collaborate and make the new rules to better the Brand of basketball. Both leagues are suffering currently. NCAA Teams suffer as Players know in advance they will attend their university for 1 season and take their talents to the NBA. Case and point B Simmons of LSU. It is sad how this situation all played out in front of everyone's eyes. Ben had no motivation to attend classes, the Program suffers, the Team suffers embarrassment. The Program and institution gains a black eye nationally. Do I blame Ben? NOPE.. The system is fractured.

I get both sides of the argument, if a man who is 18 can be fighting for his country in War, the same 18 year old should have the choice to play professional basketball to provide for his family. I get it.

But the game is suffering from a product stand point. I am going to say it, the current NBA game is saturated with talent that is not ready neither mentally or physically. The NCAA suffers as players can't build the proper chemistry and they can develop their skills as an 18 yr old. The AAU system plays games and not enough emphasis is put on skill development and player development, to much time is spent I  travel and just playing games.

Many players are not surrounded by the appropriate support systems. Players are being exploited by shoe companies and shoe contracts, AAU coaches are pressured to sign and chase the top talent to gain endorsement deals.

Not enough time is spent on teaching Character , not enough time is spent on teaching Core Values and principles of Integrity. Not enough times is given to the Process, everyone wants to skip the Process. When the Process is what is needed to build the foundation of Character. Time is needed to Teach Life Skills from Life Lessons.

I heard Dick Vitale give a suggestion in a live interview on the Dan Patrick show last week.
Dickie V said. " If a kid wants to go pro at the age of 18, out of HS, let him go and bypass college all together, but if he chooses to go to college, make him stay until he at least gets his AA. That is at least two years." That is at least a step in the right direction.
I hope I didnt misquote or misrepresent his quote, but that was the backbone of it.

When we teach kids the value of a commitment, make them stick to that commitment, or do we just allow them to commit until something better comes along? Is this a small window of reality and why so many marriages end in divorce? Is this why there is NO LOYALTY to Teams, Franchises? to relationships?

I will continue to believe that a 16 seed will soon knock off a 1 seed. 15 are already beating 2 seeds. 14 seeds are already beating 3 seeds. Look how many 12 seeds beat 5 seeds this year. SFA  beat WV. Arkansas Little Rock took it to Purdue. Yale beat Baylor. Hawaii beat California.

We all enjoy cheering for an underdog, come on, we all lived vicariously through North Iowa over Texas.
It is upset city in the first couple rounds, this is when reality TV is at its best, Real is great for March Madness as we know it. Then we get deeper in the brackets, then producers and NCAA pray the top seeds advance. More Fans and supporters, more ticket sales, this is why top Teams advance, the stronger and more talented teams find success.

To change the subject, back to NBA....Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry chasing a record number of wins in a single season, makes great TV. It gives meaning to the regular season.
But look at the SA Spurs who are also right there as a top team in the West. Coach Pop has his vetran team right where he wants them. Rested and under the radar of the Americas attention and focus.
TV ratings are up to see Steph Curry do things that haven't been done for years in the league.

Top 4 teams in the West are solid, after the top 4 in the West, the level of play drops off.
In the East, How many contenders do we really have?
Do we really believe a team in the East can content in a 7 game series ?

Coaches are being fired and on the hot seat, players are firing coaches? owners hands are forced to keep the top players in a franchaise happy, again, CORE VALUES, INTEGRITY. Our microwave society , not allow the time or Process to take effect.

NCAA coaches are fired for not winning NOW.

Yes, I am a Coach, I am a fan of the game. I still feel our game is the best spectator sport in the sport entertainment industry. But, I am. Realistic, we need to fix the issues and find solutions to the problems that face our game.

Grass Roots basketball also needs fixed, not enough time is spent on fundamentals.
We have far to many coaches having players dribble around comes, I have yet to see a cone on the court during a game. It am just saying.......
Analytics, ok, I understand it has its place, but basketball is not money ball, it is action/reaction contest. we can all look at stats and take from them what fits our needs.
The same can be said for two different people reading a Bible verse, two different people can interpret the verse two separate ways.

I am a Coach. I am a Teacher of the Game. There is a reason why our Teams had success.
I value relationships, I care for the players I coach. It is about them, it is not about me.
I hold players accountable, there is transparency, I believe in effective communication. I believe in staying positive. I believe giving a horse some sugar will produce  positive results than constantly cracking the whip on the backside of that same horse.
I believe in roles, I believe in a philosophy and a system. I believe in putting my players and coaches in a situation to be successful.
I identify strengths, and allow people to do their strengths. I discuss weaknesses and work in those weaknesses until they become an asset or strength for the individual.

I am a Detail guy, I focus on the small details. I believe in teaching in progression.

I hope this provides insight, I hope it is empowering for those who took the time to read it.

Good Luck on your journey !

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