Thursday, March 3, 2016

When your Passion becomes your Purpose - Coach Scott Fields

When your Passion becomes your Purpose- Coach Scott Fields

This is not to self promote, This is not to spread poor content in a saturated social media market. This is just a short post or blog to say Thanks to Coach Vando, Thanks for allowing me to be me the past few months. because of your kindness and generosity , I was allowed to be apart of something special and unique. We changed the culture and brought a Program and Team back to life. I hope and pray I have been an impact on the lives of those we were blessed to work with?
I am sad and a bit frustrated when I am not on the court or on the sidelines, not in a huddle or not able to share knowledge and teach life lessons through the game of basketball.
This is a wonderful profession. I take my role as a Coach very serious. This is a Passion of mine with no doubt. If you have ever watched my coaching style, you will observe the Enthusiasm. It is unquestionable. 
First, I care deeply for the individuals I am honored to work with. It is a privledge. I don't take that for granted. It is about building relationships with the athletes based on Honesty, Trust and a commitment to assisting them in developing them into accountable people and productive members of society. I do not have a selfish agenda, It is about them and for them and helping them achieve success. It is NOT just about Winning. The Success is the bi product of the life lessons being taught in the daily repetition. Work Ethic, Perseverance, Transparency and Accountability. If we are able to get the players we coach to hold each other Accountable and to build each other up with positivity. We as Coaches simple Guide and Manage the ego's, We get them to become selfless members of a unit that are for each other and the greater good of the Team. 

We are able to win 3 of the last 4 regular season games. We took momentum into a tough conference tournament. Region 18 is a great league. Congrats to NIC for an undefeated regular season and a # 3 National Ranking. Congrats to SLCC on winning the Conference Tournament.  

I was thrilled to be apart of this rebuilding process. I saw progress, I saw growth and maturity. I saw the confidence grow and self esteem rise. 
I am humbled to think that the young men we coached are now better prepared for their next step in their journeys! 
I close my eyes and send up prayers, that I will be able to continue my Passion? it doesn't matter what level? It doesn't matter the State, Country, or region of the World ? 
I am truly blessed, I have been at the highest levels of the Game. I have been in the best leagues around the globe. There is something special about the college game. There was something special about being close to home and family. I feel we were able to mold and teach and prepare these young men for the next level. I am gratified in being apart of that process.
Thanks to ALL of you for your continued support and kind words that were shared along the way.
It means a lot.....

This Passion was born in the state of Indiana. The Hoosier heartland of the country. Basketball is like religion in this state. The Purpose has manifested itself around the Globe. I am eager to see where this Purpose takes me next. 

Passion to Purpose..... I hope you all find your Purpose in this life. 
Stay Positive, believe in yourself and know your worth and value. Serve others on your journey.
Be grateful and know your Purpose has meaning !

Good Luck on your journey !

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