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NCAA Brackets /Conference Tournament and takeaways- Coach Scott Fields

2016 NCAA Men's Bracket/Conference action take Aways-Coach Scott Fields

Once again March has lived up to the Madness. There is no better time of year for the college basketball fan. I have coached in the NCAA, NJCAA and I have also been blessed to coach at the professional level.I have been honored to dabble into the NBA. I have to admit, the NCAA March Madness college atmosphere is hard to beat. The all or nothing, survive and advance, win or go home. This is the best reality TV there is, the drama....The best team doesn't always win in the NCAA, but with pressure, and a one game opportunity, a less dominant team can find away to gain some Confidence or they can have a well executed game plan to sneak Goliath. The NBA, well, the better team typical wins in the playoffs, as a 7 game series, the game to game adjustments. talent will usually prevail. Not always, but for the most part yes....NBA Playoffs are fun and exciting, far more exciting for the basketball fan than the 82 game regular season. 
March, we have HS basketball around the country who sets the tone, these young men and women (16-18 year olds playing their hearts out) with aspirations to play at the next level. 
March we have NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA tournament action, We have conference tournaments.
These Conference tournaments allow opportunities to obtain automatic bids into the Big Dance.
NCAA D 1, D 2 or D 3, it doesn't matter. We have bubble team getting the snub, but then we have the N.I.T. The National Invitational Tournament. This is an opportunity for Teams to continue to play and grow as teams and programs across the country. Look how many NIT Teams get into the NCAA the following season. This is another platform for exposure for Players, Coaches an opportunity for recruits to see programs and their style of play.

The NCAA, well there are some things to consider to continue to help the brand and level of play. It is hard to build a program when players are leaving after 1 season. 
I hear debate about the 1 and done. I have strong opinions on it as well. The NBA is already saturated with young players who are not prepared mentally and physically for a minimum of 82 game season. It is a grind, and it is a grown man game in the best league in the world. You can realistically have an 18 year old competing against 35 year old men, whom are much more physically strong and experienced to know and understand the nuances of the game. It is an immediate mismatch. 
This is also why we now see mid major programs not only competing, but beating top tradition programs across the country, Why ? Well, you could have 22 or 23 year old athletes playing against an 18 year old. the mid major programs could have players who have played 3 or 4 years together, they have the chemistry, the have the experience, the have the mental and physical stability to gain an advantage over the diaper dandies.
The NBA an 8 seed can beat a 1 seed,  and I predict it will not be long when we see a NCAA 16 seed beat a 1 seed. Teams can overlook, or take lightly a 16 seed. The 16 seed can be hungry to prove itself, they can gain the confidence needed to be the Giant Killer, we already have had 15 seeds beat a 2 seed. they are bracket killers I understand, but it is great for the game and great for the tournament. The next Cinderella story. 
I grew up and played my HS basketball in Indiana before thee was classification. The movie Hoosiers was made about this experience, the NCAA has the platform for the same hysteria and mystique. Look at the 1983 NC State Wolfpack lead by Coach Jim Valvano, whom the younger generation only know for the Jimmy V foundation speech at the ESPY's. My friend Big T, Thurl Bailey played on that team. 
I will put the 2016 NCAA bracket on here for you to make your picks, test your knowledge.
Come on, let's have some fun with it....The POTUS test his brackets every year on ESPN. Buffet offers a Billion dollars for the perfect bracket. Gotta Love it ! Try to predict the unpredictable.
Put your faith in young student/athletes with the pressure and parity.

Let's be honest, in the NCAA Coaching matters, they can play an impact of the NCAA. It is not a surprise that the same top coaches find away to get to the elite 8 and final 4.
the further you advance the more that weaknesses can be exposed. Top coaches and staffs will attack those weaknesses. 
I am not saying Coaching doesn't matter in the NBA. But there are great basketball minds in the NBA. Yes, you can see experience pay dividends with strong coaching staffs deep in the NBA Playoffs.

Energy, Enthusiasm, Focus, Execution, with Passion and Emotion. This is what the NCAA is all about.Can a Coach balance the one and done athlete and surround them with great role players. Recruiting is what it is all about, get the players to buy into your system and philosophy. But the players in a position to be successful. To be Successful, it is still all about those special relationships. 

Let's set back and enjoy this special time of year !
I hope your Team does well.

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