Friday, January 26, 2018

Press Release - The Coach Scott Fields Show introduces new MASCOT

"Betty the Bulldog" is the Coach Scott Fields Show MASCOT

Just as every Team has a Mascot, so does the Coach Scott Fields Show.

The Coach Scott Fields Show is proud to announce the addition of "Betty the Bulldog" as Show MASCOT.
Yes, she is the host Scott Fields grand dog. The decision was easy.
Betty likes walks on the sidewalk, she enjoys going with grandma to get a Pup a Chino at the nearest coffee shop. She loves to play tug a war. She loves afternoon naps. She is very talented. smart and sexy.
"Betty the Bulldog" has a personality perfect for the show content.
She brings great energy.

Show Content, she has that. in the 80's there was Jimmy "The Greek"
Then the "Shwami" in the 90's
"Betty the Bulldog" will make bold predictions on such things as MVP's, Super Bowl Champions, Single Game prognostications.

"Betty the Bulldog" is all things Family, she likes to see what is going on and always be apart of the Action.

Did I mention she likes her beauty naps......the more tired she becomes, the more the MJ tongue comes out/

She can be very girly with her bows

Did I mention she has taken over the house, she has taken over the couch, she has even taken over the bed.

She is often overwhelmed with excitement for the Holidays.

This wonderful spirit has an under bite that appears to have a mad dog look. It is all a cover up.
She has a half blue moon eye on the left side.

As you can see, she is super excited for this Press Release announcement.

But this "Betty the Bull Dog" is already a STAR, she will soon have her own Instagram page.
Like the Mona Lisa, she already has a painted portrait. (see above)
she even has her own HASHTAG #BETTYtheBULLDOG
Look for her show talents soon.

As the Show Host, "I am thrilled and excited to have her talents and skill set to add to our Show Team."
"I am confident you will grow to love her"

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