Sunday, March 11, 2018

2018 Mens NCAA bracket- Coach Scott Fields

2018 NCAA Bracket
Click the link above to view and print bracket..

Here it is the best time of year. Lets have some fun with March Madness !
Fill out your bracket. Snap a photo and share your picks with us.
Lets see who can win the bracket challenge.

There is no money involved, lets do it for bragging rights...!
after you take a photo of your complete bracket, share it on this tread.

Brackets must be completed and shared on or before Tuesday March 13, 2018  at 10 am EST !

Also predict a score the final game.

Let the fun begin!
Who is the Cinderella ?

Who got a bad break on geographical location?

Will any #1 seeds get to finals?

Who is your Final Four?

Who are the bracket busters?
Who are your dark horses?

Who are your big Upsets ?

How about the play in games?

Did your Team get snubbed?

Who got in who shouldn't have?
Who should have got in?

Lets break it down !!

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