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Hey Athletic Directors, take notice, Former NBA Coaches make Great NCAA Coaches- Coach Scott Fields

Hey Athletic Directors, take notice, Former NBA Coaches make Great NCAA Coaches- Coach Scott Fields

Hey Athletic Directors, take note of this, former NBA Coaches and Professional Coaches, make  excellent NCAA Coaches.
Look at those pictured in this above. Dantoni' coached with his brother Mike at multiple stops.
He went full circle, returned to his home state and the university he attended at Marshall. They not only are in the NCAA Tournament, they will at least advance to the second round vs a very good WSU Shockers program.
Coach Eric Musselman, is the son of a NBA Coach, Coach Eric was with a few NBA Teams, he returned to the college game to build a very successful Nevada program.
Look at Coach Patrick Ewing, who was overlooked at the NBA Level to get a Head gig in the Association.
He has also returned to his Alma mater the Hoyas to start to build a solid program.
We all know Coach Cal and his NBA tenure. We also know what he did with Memphis and now to UK. The Guru of the One and done.
There is no question of the talent he recruits year after year, but he also manages and maximizes these young players to get deep into the tournament each year. ..expectations are so high in the bluegrass state.
they expect to win the tournament every year. Coach Cal also build a strong U Mass team prior to his NBA stint, then again took all of his teams deep into tournament play.
ok, there seems to be controversy around him? but he can coach !
How about Rick Pitino? the recent FBI probe exposed wrong doing. But again, at Providence, awesome success, Coach Rick dipped his toes in the NBA to realize he too was built for the NCAA.
Pitino took the UK Wildcats to deep runs, then onto Louisville.
NCAA scandal, yes, but lets not overlook his ability to recruit, to prepare a team, build and develop players. I have had a handful of Coach Pitino's players on the pro teams, they are very well prepared for the Pro level.
I know we can say the same for Coach Larry Brown. He had great success in the NBA. but also look at what he has done at Kansas, SMU, everything he touches turns to gold.
These men can flat out coach.
Look at a lesser known name Coach D Walker, he too has been in the NBA and he has taken a Clark Atlanta team and built them into a program.

Why? these men are awesome communicators, they are teachers of the game, They push, challenge the athlete's, they hold them accountable, they have a system, they have philosophies and style and pace of play. They recruit the athletes who fit their systems.
Yes, they monitor the staffs, they monitor the academic progress of the athletes, the are PR machines. There is name recognition. Their exposure allows them to enter a gym or recruits home and players know who they are.
These men are detailed oriented, they develop players with hard work, fundamental's and they surround themselves with coaches will fill the weaknesses of themselves.
 I find it funny how Athletic directors get caught up in the recruitment of regions. It is more than that. They bring a culture. They bring a wealth of basketball knowledge and strategic expertise.
They know the game, they manage a game, they make awesome game time adjustments.
These coaches have agents, no doubt....they have strong networks, they utilize their networks while recruiting.

Did I mention, I too have professional coaching experience. When I coached my sons college team, we only had 7 players on the roster and yes, we went on a 7 game win streak and we also beat three nationally ranked programs.
How? because We put players in a situation to be comfortable, we allowed players to do what they did best.
We created an Offense that fit their strengths, We would scout and game plan well. The Team was well prepared.
We got them in the best shape in their careers and we played a style that would wear other teams down with only our 7 players.
The scoring became easier, we would get after it defensively.
We would attach other teams weaknesses and we forced their players out of their comfort zones.

I was positive, I was energetic, I was enthusiastic and the players followed and we inflicted out will.

Athletic Directors, maybe look at some of these pro coaches when rebuilding a program.

I am available, I am open to entertain and consider options?
I am just saying.

Do you want experience? Do you want proven winners? Do you want men who will do it the right way?
again, I choose to see the positive in these coaches and what they bring to a program, department, institution and community.

Pro Coaches bring a wealth of knowledge, they bring a wealth of experience, they bring a wealth of expertise.
these coaches also know and understand fiscal budgets, come on they dealt with multi millionaires.
rebuild, build and turn around programs in a hurry with a Pro Coach.
Share a vision of where the program is going.
Trust me players will want to play for them as they know they will also prepare them for the next level.
what an asset to have in a program.

Athletic Directors, It is time to see from a new lens.
Athletic Directors, time to change the game, by looking Up !
University Presidents I think you want men who will bring in revenue to the Institution.
I am just saying.

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