Friday, January 2, 2015

Importance of a proper Warm Up/ Stretch

Importance of taking care of your Body

Written by Coach Scott Fields

I am astonished at the lack of Warm Up and Stretching being done.
I shake my head and think to myself  "What is going on up in here ?
I observe, I hear players talk about the lack of time spent on this vital part of the process.
Lets be direct and honest here, the Body is your asset, your body is the money maker.
You must take the time to have a proper warm up/stretch and a cool down and stretch after your workout or practice. THIS IS ALL PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE.
Players need longevity in their career.
Why are coaches not taking the time to have a proper Warm Up ? Why is there not enough stretching going on? Coaches seem to think that they can walk on the court and go 110 percent. This is why a during a season, you start to see aches and pains, that turn into injuries.
I believe a player can play with pain, but a player shouldn't play with an injury. There is a Fine Line and a difference here. Blood needs to be circulated to and through the muscles properly, your don't drive a car without Oil do you? Stretching also is apart of this process, the more flexibility and elasticity  the muscles have the better you are as an athlete.
How many times have you had to go out and start a car in sub zero weather? Doesn't it take a few minuets for the water to circulate to get Heat to flow? YES...the same with your body.
With this said, proper Nutrition, proper Rest, proper recover time is needed.
As a athlete is older, you must take the time to get the blood out of the tendons and ligaments.
Athletes need to Ice the joints, the knees, the shoulders, elbows and ankles.
if a Coach doesn't take the Time for a proper Warm up/Stretch/ Cool Down ?
You as an athlete need to take the time before practice and after practice to take care of yourself?
It is your body, it is your asset.
Trust me, I go ramble on and on with this.
But take the time to take care of yourself.......

Preventative maintenance is VITAL. Longevity in your career is important, if your body can't go! neither can your career.

I will challenge you now, take a moment and think about an athlete and their career.  be honest with yourself, Have you seen the careers be shortened because of a lack of care?

YES...we can all reflect and think of a friend, or team mate or a Professional who's career ended prematurely.

Coaches, Please take the Time to put this in your practice Plans. It is Vital, to teach proper habits to your athletes.

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