Saturday, February 28, 2015

Answering Questions from viewers and stating Opinions by Coach Scott Fields

Coaching is wearing many hats Daily.
I am answering a few viewer Questions and stating a few opinions here.

Sharing Thoughts and Answering Questions
By Coach Scott Fields

Allow me to preface this short blog with a heartfelt thanks for the continued support of our Show and Post on this site. I am very appreciative.
I receive questions from viewers and people are curious of my opinions on current events in the game of basketball.
I awake this morning of the loss of another great. 
R.I.P. Anthony Mason. I was able to coach against you when you played with Penny Hardaway in the Long Beach summer league. We were in the final four and you were staying in shape. The game lost a great competitor at the early age of 48. 
I am also sad for the loss of two great Coaches in our fraternity.
Two polar opposites when it comes to style. Coach Dean Smith, who is "Carolina Blue" he was an innovator, the 4 corner spread offense and Coach of many successful NBA players, Michael Jordon being just one of those. He was a great basketball mind. 
Coach Jerry "Tark the Shark" Tarkanian. Sadly, best known or recognized for his NCAA scandals. But he was a man who gave men a chance, a second chance. He took kids from the streets when other coaches wouldn't take a risk. Just as Coach Smith is Carolina Blue, Coach Tark is "Running Rebels". They will be missed. They both did it their way with no regrets. I have books by each in my library. Rest Easy in Heaven !

I did have a text asking me about storming the courts after a victory.
Let me say this, the college game is exciting, the atmosphere is second to known. You have excited students in full support of their teams and institutions. Do I feel it should be stopped ? No, but I say it should be controlled so players and coaches don't get hurt. I feel security should take care of the opposing Teams coach and players to locker room. Allow the fans to celebrate with their players. Allow the players to embrace the accomplishment of an upset win. There is nothing better, I am not going to be overly sensitive to this topic. These students have the pressure of college and classes, allow them to blow off some steam. But, I say control it so no one is hurt, injured or killed. The NCAA is not Euroleague Soccer. I have been in those stadiums as. Pro Coach, now they need reform.

In the wake of the Coach Stallings of Vanderbilt screaming at a student/athlete in the Post game handshake line, do I have an opinion? Yes, but again, it is easy to look back at it and have 20/20 vision.
I have always said this. "I would never want a judgmental person to walk in my home and tell me how to raise my kids." This when I know what goes on in my house everyday. I know my kids better than they do, I know what is best for them.
Are parents perfect? Are Coaches perfect? Am I perfect? The answer is No.
We don't know about the relationship of the Coach and with the student/athlete.
We don't know of a history of discipline in the relationship?
Do I agree with the Coaches principle? Yes, I believe sportsmanship is important, I believe teaching respect and humbleness is vital. But did Coach Stallings go about it the wrong way? Yes, in my humble opinion. I have a different philosophy.
I don't believe it is needed to embarrass a player. It could have waited until it got to the locker room behind closed doors. So, the fundamental mistake was made, he aired out family business in public.
Did Coach need to use that language? No, and he admitted to that.
When the opposing assistant coach made the Head Coach aware of the issue, he could have responded by saying, we will handle this. The Head Coach could have made it a learning experience for everyone in the locker room. He could have been made an example of, and other players would learn that this behavior would never be tolerated. Instead, now the Coach too is an example of what not to do in that situation.

With that said, this is the greatest game. This is the greatest time of Year.
High School tournament action is in full swing. College basketball tournament action is about to begin with March Madness around the corner. NBA is in the home stretch before playoff action.

There is nothing like it. This page and Show is about Empower.Educate.Grow. And everyday is an opportunity to Grow as players and Coaches. We as a society can all learn and grow and reflect on our mistakes. The important part is not to repeat the mistake.

God Bless you on your journey ! 
Parents, use these opportunities to teach life lessons. YOU are the role models. Not the Players, not the Coaches. Parents, you are the examples to your children. Teach the values, Teach the behavior your expect, Teach what is expected, Use this time to communicate and bond with your children. Don't just rush to Twitter to respond and cast judgement. This is the technology and society we live in.
Don't rush to judge and cast stones, rush to Teach your children what is appropriate behavior. We will all benefit from that.

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