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Importance of an Organized Practice Plan - by Coach Scott Fields

Importance of an Organized Practice Plan
By Coach Scott Fields

We as Coaches don't just roll out the ball and allow the team to just play.
It is not a physical education class. It's not an open gym, nor a church league run.
This is not black top outdoor ball.

Importance of Organized Practice Plan
By Coach Scott Fields
It is important to be organized.
There should be structure to your organization.
I believe every minute on the court should Teach, Challenge and Develop your Team and Individuals in a competitive environment.
I prefer to have the scoreboard on and a clock running for every drill.
I also believe the drills should be competitive. If it is a shooting drill? Make it competitive. The Winners choose the punishment for the losers.
They will not want to loose again. If it is a block out drill ? Make it competitive.
If you have a defensive drill? Again make it competitive.

There should also be corrections and instruction in your practices.
But, I see coaches over teach and break flow of practices. Keep them moving, keep them flowing.
I like video sessions, I like to show video of adjustments that need to be made.
Before you take the court, watch video. Make this a comfortable learning environment. Allow players to take notes on their notebooks.
I also prefer to video practices, this will slow details that again are teachable moments. Body language. Intensity. Mechanics. Execution. Positioning and rotations.
These things can all be seen and it is easier to hold players accountable.
We live in an age where people are visual learners. Use the technology available to you.

I believe you should chart your shooting and proficiency. this again is visual, it can show rankings, which again is competitive. I also like to see a proper warm up and stretch to start your practices. This is preventative maintenance. You  want to prevent injuries during the season.
If you have a budget to bring in strength and conditioning coaches do it. If not educate yourself on proper warm ups and stretching.
Also get your players in the weight room.Pre season in the weight room is different than season lifting. If you have a budget to hire development coaches do it. These coaches can spend time with players before and after practice for individual development. This is Vital to get the repetitions needed for mechanics, footwork, video sessions or weight training. If not YOU make the time for each player for this individual instruction.

My personal opinion is different than that of some Eastern Block coaches whom are more Military style. I am about Basketball and I am about focusing on details of Basketball play and development.
I like to practice good habits. I don't believe in punishment to punish. I don't believe in 3 hour practices. I believe practice at a high level, focusing on details. I believe in hard, intense , focused practice sessions that last a maximum of 1:45 min.
Why? Lets break it down.
When a player is fatigued, they loose concentration. When they loose concentration they revert back to poor habits and poor mechanics and poor execution.
Go Hard, Go a Intense, Go Competitive, Get out..
Keep the practices Fun, Keep the practices Competitive, Keep the practices instructional to stimulate them both mentally and physically.
Keep the practices positive. Why? Lets break it down. If all you do is be negative with instruction, your message will then be blocked out by your athletes. "If you tell someone they are dumb enough times, they will believe they are dumb."  Then their confidence goes down, their body language is poor, they focus is on how dumb they are and their production goes down. The Moral goes down, the spirit of the Team goes down. If you stay positive, you stay upbeat, you make corrections and allow them to keep their confidence and dignity, the spirit and moral stays positive and productive. You are creating a culture, you are creating a productive environment conducive for Growth and Empowerment.
Focus your practices on what us needed. If you need time on offensive execution. Schedule that time, if you need to make adjustments on defensive rotations, make the time.
Every practice, time should be spent on fundamentals and special situations.
Preparation is key, organization is key.
Performance always reflects leadership. Why not allow music to be playing during practices, this is great for warms ups, fundamental work or shooting. The players will relax and Go Hard. How many times do you see players listening to their music walking into the gym, into the game. It works, it's effective. It motivates and sometimes inspires athletes. Use it to create a winning culture. I believe if players are scared or tight they will not perform at their best. If a plater is relaxed and confident, they perform better. If a player us scared to make a mistake, they will make mistakes. If a player knows the coach gas confidence in them, far less mistakes are made.
I also believe that every practice should be at a high intensity level. Every situation must be game situation. You must condition your body and mind to compete at game speed, you are conditioning good habits. We often hear you play like you practice...TRUE.
I am sad when I hear people say hard work is a skill set. I believe the culture of the Team should be hard work. Habits are formed by what you repeatedly do.

Hold your staff meetings, prepare your staff on what the theme of the practice is, get everyone on the same page. Your assistant coaches are an extension of you, they don't work for you, they work with you. The same message must be given. This stops confusion on the players part.

I will not write a practice plan here.
You as a coach know your personnel. The coach needs to structure practices on what the personnel needs on a daily and weekly basis. set the Tone. set the Goals.
Lead by example, don't let anyone outwork or our prepare you.

Good Luck

I want to add a side note to this post.
The photo attached is in memory of Captain Carlos Morris who's life was tragically taken from us.
R.I.P. Carlos Morris and Prayers and Condolences to his family

You will not be forgotten.

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