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Taking your Focus to another Level -by Coach Scott Fields

Taking your Focus and changing your perspective will
increase your Shooting percentage.
Two men's basketballs fit in the Rim at the same time,
and we can take that rim and put your entire body in that rim.
So, don't tell me you can't shoot a higher percentage.
Taking your Focus to another Level.
By Coach Scott Fields

I have always said, "Average is just as close to Failure as it is to Success."

The same is true when it comes to Shooting and effective Teaching of Shooting.
Why not be as close to Perfect as possible?  It is a process, it is done in progression.
It takes time, it takes dedication. It takes hours of focus and repetition.
I am taking that focus to another level. Here is how to do it.

I want to preface this post by sharing with you that I have utilized this visual demonstration and challenge since the late 1980's.
I was blessed to be able to coordinate and conducted Shooting Camps and Clinics around the country as I completed my undergraduate degree and was already a Full Time College Basketball Coach. Yes, this was before social media, before FaceBook and Twitter and Instagram.

This means it has been used and effective for over a quarter of a century. I guess that explains the grey hair, It is not 50 shades of Grey it is 50 hairs total on my head.
Enough with the jokes, I have taught proper Shooting mechanics in progression (see earlier post on Proper Shooting Mechanics) once an athlete has proper mechanics from months of proper repetition and proper mechanics there will be an increase in percentage of shots made. Players will typically hit a ceiling. I like to raise that ceiling by challenging the athlete to be perfect.
This is done by forcing laser like focus and precision. Now we are not just satisfied with a make.
I am now focused on how we make the Shot. 
I make this Fun, I make it a Game within the Game. I believe in details. 
 I have taken thousands of athletes from around the country. We can take an athlete who shoots 75% and we raise that percentage to 83% just with this Challenge.
How ? Allow me this opportunity to share this with you.
I don't care if you are an AAU coach, a Jr. High, High School or Small College or Major College Coach. I have even taken hundreds of Professional athletes and raised their Free Throw percentage with this focus on details and challenge.
It is paying attention to this simple detail.
I am now taking an athletes who has increased their percentage with proper Shooting Mechanics and I take them to another level.
I am no longer recording makes or misses. 
I am now recording makes and I am paying attention to how the shot is made.
I award points for a make. I award points for what type of make it is.
Allow me to explain further. A official Mens basketball is half of the circumference of the Rim. This simply means, Two official mens size basketball will fit in the Rim at the same time.
I provide this visual for the athlete, I even take the rim and put it over the body of the shooter.
I am changing the perception of the shooter. If they visually see two basketballs fit in the rim they shoot into everyday. And I take the same rim and I put that rim over the body of the shooter. I simplify the game. Now I challenge them for perfection on their makes.
I give a point system on their makes.
As the coach, I am observing where the shot initially hits the rim, this is all I am now watching. I am marking the shot and providing points on this concept.
The points system is as follows:
I give 5 points for a perfect Swish, this means the ball passes through the rim and doesn't touch rim as it passes through the rim. The term, nothing but Net (Swish) that is a five point shot. So I am challenging the shooter to aim for a 5 on every shot. If a shooter takes 5 shots we want a perfect 5 points on every shot. This is 5 shots and 5 points on each shot so (5x5) is 25 total points.
If a player shoots and the ball hits the back of the rim and goes in, I award 4 points for that shot.
If a player shoots a shot and the ball hits the side of the rim and in, I award 3 points for that shot.
If the player shoots the ball and they hit the front of the rim and in, I award 2 points for that.
If the shooter shoots the ball and it is a bank shot make, I award 1 point for that shot.
If a player shoots and misses the shot as it doesn't go in, I award 0 points on that shot.
As a coach, we are now forcing the players to be competitive and not only make the shots, but now they are focused on making the perfect swish shot, to score a 5 on every shot.
I assure you, and I promise you as the Coach and I promise the player, your Shooting percentage will increase. 
Do it, Use it, Share it, but remember to tell them, you learned it from Coach Scott Fields.

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