Thursday, October 22, 2015

Amerileague Basketball SCAM- Glendon Alexander aka Cerruti Brown

Glendon Alexander aka Cerruti Brown needs to be sent away and held accountable
Amerileague Scam
I have been away for awhile from my blogs and post, but when I came across this story, I felt I wanted to be apart of the awareness process. I want this man to be held accountable.

I feel bad for the people involved in this exploiting of people's dreams.

The communities involved, this time the people of Las Vegas. the people he gets to "Buy In," League reps looking to be Comminsioners, League Representatives, The Coaches, the Players, the so called National Try Outs camps....the list goes on

People turn down jobs, as they feel they have an opportunity, I pray they land on their feet soon.
This affects people, families and kids...

I have seen this in the ABA, the CBA and other minor leagues across the country.
What a Shame !

This man (pictured above) Glendon Alexander aka Cerruti Brown who has a LinkedIn profile.
Took NBA former players names, found a couple coaches and chased down HS players.
This is more than a poor business plan or mismanaged franchises, this is misrepresentation, a FRAUD and SCAM.

This man has a pattern, and it must be stopped !

Great job by the D league digest and the research and story done, which was then picked up by ESPN.

This is the D league digest story below

I want to share the links, but please help me spread and share this story

This is the ESPN story and Link below:

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