Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HOF Coach Jerry Sloan introduces New Arena name - Vivint

HOF Coach Jerry Sloan introduces new name for Arena- Vivint
I wanted to share this video of my friend Coach Jerry Sloan introducing the new name to the home arena of the Utah Jazz. Knowing Coach like I do, I am sure he was not comfortable to do this project.
Knowing Coach like I do, I am sure it was a favor to the Miller family and to the franchise he loved working for for more than two decades. Jerry you are and always will be known as a JAZZ man.

From Delta Center, to Energy Solutions Arean to now the Vivint arena.
It will take some time, but I and it will catch on !

This heartfelt message is well done....

I ask that you click the link below to enjoy watching and listening to this Hall of Fame Coach discuss History, Legacy, All Stars, Winners, and New BEGINNINGS

Well done Coach




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