Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Journey Continues - USU Eastern Men's Basketball program

The Journey continues - USU Eastern

I want to take this opportunity to Thank Head Coach Vando for the opportunity to assist him with the USU Eastern Mens basketball program in Price, Utah.
I will be in this capacity for the remainder of the current season.

Yes, this is where my son Brandon Sly is a Sophomore and having an outstanding season. Yet, I now have gained about 10 more young men in our extended family, as I care deeply for each of these young men who are putting in the work daily.

The program is in the process of building and rebuilding.
I am honored and humbled to be apart of this rebuilding process.

Coach Vando has a wealth of experience at the FIBA and College level. Coach is from Brazil and his international experience is a bonus for these young student/athletes.
He will go out of his way to provide the best opportunity for his players. Coach always has the players best interest at heart. I can't say enough kind words about him as a person and as a Coach. I am fortunate to be working along side of him. he is a life long friend already, I appreciate his Basketball IQ.

It feels great to be on the court, teaching and developing  while changing the culture, infusing positive reinforcement, adding a new Offense that fits the personel, making Defensive adjustments that is more aggressive.

There is a focus on accountability and transparency on the student/athletes part. Disapline and Structure  are being implemented. We are teaching life skills on a daily basis. Creating an Environment for Growth, Development and Empowerment.

This is all about building something special and providing individuals an opportunity to grow as men on and off the court.

I can't tell you how excited I am about sharing my passion with the players.

I can't Thank Coach Vando enough, We are on the same page with what the mission is moving forward. I also appreciate the players for accepting the changes being implemented on a daily basis. We currently have a small roster do to some serious injuries and other circumstances.

The guys are working hard, we are growing, we are building. We had success with a victory last Saturday vs a deep Western Wyoming team. We won 77-73. The process and Journey continues for us. The Conference continues with upcoming games vs Salt Lake CC, Snow, North Idaho, College of Southern Idaho, Colorado NW.

I am in my element, I am blessed, I look forward to where this leads and what doors God will open for us moving forward.

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