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Effective Communication to build a Winning Culture - Coach Scott Fields

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Effective Communication to build a Winning Culture
- Coach Scott Fields

I am a firm believer in the power of communication and I try to take it to another level with effective communication is vital when establishing and sustaining a Winning Culture .
This is a  follow up to the my previous post on "A Positive Paradigm Shift for Coaches"
Coaches by nature are very competitive as are successful businessmen. This competitive nature brings on emotion and passion. We can not allow our emotions to control our intelligence. I am speaking from a male perspective here.  I also believe effective communication  is vital in being successful as husbands and fathers. If we can not effective communicate our needs, our wants and or likes with our wife and kids we will soon be on emotional roller coaster filled with frustrations.

To communicate effectively we must be able to receive and convey our message.
We must always remember to talk with our Audience and not talk at our Audience or individual.. There is a huge difference.
We must keep our message positive and productive. We must not allow emotion to creep in the communication process.
If you are emotional, the message being delivered can be aggressive and many times demeaning and undermining.
Just remember as Coaches and Servant Leaders it is not what we know, it is what is conveyed to empower those to assist them in achieving productive outcomes at the highest levels.

Effective Communication is both verbal and non verbal. Your non verbal skills are as important as verbal skills.

Positive Non Verbal Skills
maintain good posture, if standing, don't slump or slouch maintain good eye contact, lean in to show interest, but do not invade personal space.
Don't be defensive and cross arms in seated or standing position. if seated don't cross legs.
Have zero physical barriers between communicator and listener.
No tenseness, no tight fist or tight pursed lips.
Don't be distracted , stay locked in.
Don't make negative responses when listening
Keep your hands away from face

Verbal Skills
Don't be monotone. 
Maintain a level tone
Observe the listener, see if they are receiving message effectively. 
Does the listener look confused? If yes repeat.
Be clear
Be concise
Keep message short and repeat if needed

It is important not to send mixed messages, don't mix verbal and non verbal cues

You cant be tight fisted and defensive with posture when you tell someone you love them? right?
Also don't pull someone in for a hug then scream and curse in the ear obscenities right?

Effective communicators must also be great listeners
it must be two ways and not always about conveying your message to the person talking message. When we listen we learn. How can we learn if we are the one always talking?

keep it friendly(positive), give two positive thoughts before a corrective thought

Messages must be delivered with Confidence
Your audience will know if you are not confident in what you are conveying. You can be nervous, you cant calm the troops if the general is tense.

Maintain Empathy

Stay Open Minded.
This is productive to learn and listen more about the individual or audience as you are speaking

Respectful keep healthy boundaries

Leave time for Feedback, be willing to accept positive or negative feedback

Always use the proper medium, don't use social media to deliver a personal message
build trust by keeping private things private stay professional

Don't speak about others to others, if there is an issue find solutions before it builds go directly to the individual with an issue address them personally and directly
When we effectively communicate we will always be honest.
this even if  the message is not what the listener wants to hear

Stay consistent, we are also building trust as we stay open and honest.
We are constantly earning respect with our open and honest communication.

I also believe that our ACTIONS always speak louder than our words
I will share this pet peeve of mine.
If you say you are going to do something, DO IT !

Success and Greatness is all about communication.
It is a skill, practice your skill sets daily work on effectively communicating daily.

Practice doesn't make Perfect Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

I wish you all the best of luck on this skill set! We are tested and quizzed daily.

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