Sunday, February 4, 2018

Visits with former Players, No better feeling - Coach Scott Fields

Visits from former Players, No better feeling- Coach Scott Fields

I had the pleasure to sit and visit with one of my former pro players.
Rene Farias from Venezuela.

Rene and I were together with Guaros de Lara
(see picture below )

5 years later,  we sat and talked about what the future holds, what we accomplished in the past, We talked about our goals.
We talked about the governments of each of our countries. We talked about the memories we made together. We shared many smiles, we shared many laughs.

I cant share with you enough how meaningful it is to stay in contact with my former players.
Rene and I send many text messages back in forth throughout the years.
but, to be able to give him a hug and embrace and  look him in his eyes was simply the best feeling ever.

Rene was a great player, he was coachable, he was hard working. He suffered a serious knee injury the season I was blessed to work with him. He was an asset to our Team.
He is 31 years old now, He has grown as a person. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to work with him on the court.
I am more proud of the person he has become.

Wins/Losses- we shared success no doubt, the personal relationships are what matters most.

I am honored to call this man my friend, Yes, I bought lunch, Rene is my guy. We not only shared a few hours together today (2/3/2018) but I hope he knows and feels I am always here in his corner to help him in anyway.

There is no doubt things change with time. His haircut was clean, my hair is falling out. I have a new look the beard, his gut was not falling out. our bond and love for the game has not changed.
The respect has grown for each other.

I am blessed to have been his Coach Then and Now.

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