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Players BEWARE - Coach Scott Fields

Players BEWARE - Coach Scott Fields

I am writing this post to educate and bring awareness to a huge business of deception.
I hope this post helps Players, Parents and Coaches in their quest to assist their players find opportunities to advance their careers. This is something that has upset me for years.  I hear of stories that brings tears to my eyes.
The High School State Tournaments are underway. The Colleges are coming into Conference tournaments.
Players, Parents and Coaches need to be aware of the many scam artist that are out there to prey on the dreams of young athletes. These scam artist thrive on the dreams and hopes of athletes looking to go to the next level.
The later in the process, the more desperate individuals become, the more desperate you become, the more money you will spend in hopes of it working out.
High School Players are looking to go to College at multiple levels. NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA 1,2,3.
College players are looking to take their talents to the Professional level. Minor Leagues, FIBA.

I have been in the coaching industry for many years and at all levels. I have been a Pro Coach and won FIBA Championships. I have also had great success at the college level with National ranked teams. Things have changed for sure.
Social media is a tool for these leaches to prey on our athletes.

These SCAM artist are great, they are creative, they have a criminal mind. they look professional, they create websites, they spend money on letterhead. They sale you their network of college coaches, they sale you on their network of professional scouts. they dazzle you with made up success rates on the percentages of athletes they obtain scholarships for.

Coaches of AAU teams have their network of friends for sure, the obvious issues of NCAA investigation's proves this point.  High School Coaches seem to have less control of this recruiting process. Parents don't know what they don't know.
Parents, I get it, you just want to help your child,  YOU ARE FRESH FOR THE TAKING to these SCAM artist you are their target market. They will show you these nice typed up bio's obtain a nice photo, they type up your stat lines. they provide links to video. they will gladly take your money.

Allow me to assist you or at least bring awareness to you. Be Careful ! Ask Questions ? Do your research before you waste your hard earned dollar on certain scouting services, camps, exposure camps, All Star games, just to name a few.
I have seen many players loose money, they might as well throw their money out the window.
I have seen parents pay scouting services and end up with nothing.

Parents, Players, it is your money. Invest it wisely....Don't take your money for rent, money for utilities and hand it to a guy who you don't know well.

Parents be careful with scouting services
Players be careful with exposure camps

  Parents work with your High School Coaches and your AAU Coaches who you have strong relationships with, have them reach out to college coaches for your child.
Parents, stay in your lane, you to can reach out to college coaches to introduce them to your child but again keep healthy boundaries, college coaches don't want an over zealous parent, who tell them how many minuets your son or daughter needs to play. You are only introducing them to your child.
Players you too can reach out to express interest in a Coach, a Program or Institution of higher learning.
Be persistent, but don't burn a bridge.

Players and Parents you can send e mails to college coaches
look up contact info online.
of course, have vitals Ht. Wt. Reach. Vertical jump.
honors, accolades, awards ect.ect.
provide links to game film
highlight videos  are ok, but coaches need to see complete game film to access the skill set.
anyone can look good in highlights.
also with highlight films choose your music to accompany video carefully.
"You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression"
coaches have access to smart phone, send links. it is all at their finger tips.
make it simple for them.

Players and Parents you are at risk with scouting services, I will say there are a few great ones for sure.
Some College coaches use top scouting services, make sure they are reputable.

College Players you must be VERY VERY CAREFUL ! when starting the process to go professional.
there are many sharks circling the waters, there are many so called agents who exploit you.
If an agent ask you for money up front..   RUN !
 If a Team says to you, you need to pay for a license for the federation... RUN !
if someone tells you you must Pay to Play...RUN !
Players going Pro, before you pay for a workout, before you pay for a try out camp, before you pay for Open Try Outs.
ask questions.

Who will be present at workout? Who will see the Open Try Out? Who will be present at camp?
Do your due diligence, do your research, Don't believe everything that is being told to you. This is your money, this is your investment, you have the right to ask questions, you have the right to be skeptical.
Take the responsibility to market and promote yourself.
Don't let them sale you on they will send video, Ask who they will send video to ?
tell them you want the copy of the video or video link, then you send out the link yourself.
again research the e mail addresses, look on line, look up contact information and send it yourself.

 Don't let regional reps take money from you up front.
An Agent will make a percentage of a commission off of you signing a contract with a club.

Success is all about relationships. Work with people you have known and trust.
Trust is earned not given.
Don't be exploited in your quest to live a dream.

I hope this helps some of you, because year after year, hundreds of thousands of dollars switch hands to Scam artist.
empower yourself, educate yourself.

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Good Luck to all of you as you advance your careers !
I hope this is a helpful tool for you !

We can start a thread, if you have been scammed you can provide names for others to protect others.
Provide names of services, provide names of false camps
fake contracts from clubs.

Aris Club was a club for years that e mails scam artist were using.
Lets educate others on these criminal acts !

We all can work together to stop or at least slow this criminal activity. 

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