Monday, May 21, 2018

Get to know our Special Guest of the Coach Scott Fields Show (Mentor Theme) - Tuesday 5/21/18- Coach Scott Fields

Get to know these Special guest of the Coach Scott Fields Show (Mentor Theme)
This show is about the importance of being a mentor.

Above in photo.
This special young man is truly something special, I am introducing you and the world to this special young man.
His name is Cole Richey. I have spent some time with this gifted young man.
We have watched NBA games together, we shot hoops in the backyard together.
I will say no more, watch the show and you will see why he is amazing !

Our other guest;
Corey Crowder a former NBA Player for the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs is also the Father and mentor of current NBA Player and Utah Jazz player Jae Crowder. Corey Crowder is a former NCAA D 2,  Player of the Year. Corey also had his #23 retired at Kentucky Wesleyan. Corey is also in the  KWU Hall of Fame. He is a true family man, and a friend.
I am excited to allow him to share his life lessons.

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