Monday, May 28, 2018

Taking care of Business......... The value of a good work ethic

This week The Coach Scott Fields Show will be talking about the value of work and work ethics.
Our guest is a prime example of what hard consistent work can accomplish. Our guest is Brandon Sly.

Brandon Sly our guest talks about what work ethic can accomplish
Join the Coach, Brandon and Bob as we talk together about work ethic.Brandon is an excellent example of what a good work ethic can accomplish. Brandon a recent graduate of Adams State University has consistently worked hard to grow and develop his skills and overcome the obtsacles that he wouldn't let stand in his way. He is an accomplished basketball player. In his two years at Adams State he was the second person to score a thousand points in two years. His skill on the court comes from developing himself in every aspect of the game. While Brandon may not have the height that some athletes are blessed with he has the heart of a warrior. Brandon also took care of things in the classroom and graduated with a Bachelors degree in business management. Brandon's best years are ahead of him, and though he still has most of his life ahead of him. We know he will attack the future with the same energy and work ethic that has blessed his life so far. Brandon's story is an inspiring one. Taking him from dangerous ground to one that has unlimited potential. Brandon was raised by Scott and Kim Fields. They have had a great influence on his life. The Fields have given him opportunity and he has embraced that opportunity with a zest for life and a disarming smile. 
Please join us Tuesday Night at 7:30 for the coach Scott Fields Show.

you can watch it here!

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