Thursday, May 10, 2018

Logo TOP TWO - You decide ! - Coach Scott Fields Show

Logo TOP TWO - You Decide ! - Coach Scot Fields Show

You the Viewers and Voters have selected the TOP TWO !

We sent out Text, We sent out E Mails, We posted on Instagram@coachscottfields,
We posted on Twitter@Scott_Fields , We even asked you on LinkedIn
Our Facebook post and private messages.

These are the TWO.

A) Purple/Teal
B) Blue/Orange

It has come to this. The Finals.

I appreciate everyone who took part in the VOTE !

Please let your voice be heard again today.....

Lets just say the TOP Three were selected but these TWO made the cut.

Thanks again for your time, Thanks for your participation, Thanks for your viewership
Thanks for your continued Support !

You are welcome to leave your vote here on this thread ?
or Vote on FB or whatever social media platform you view this VOTE ?


Please Like/Follow our show page

As always, we appreciate your support.

The Coach Scott Fields show Team and Staff

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