Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom - Coach Scott Fields

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom - Coach Scott Fields

Diana L. Fields,  My Mom, Where do I even begin to express what you have meant to me and my life?
I don't have the words to express my sincere gratitude, but I will try....

Since the beginning, I can remember you being a wonderful, nurturing care giver. I remember your love and comfort when I had bad asthma. You would calm me when I would have an onset of an asthma attack.
I remember you with me going into the hospital and them making me stay in the oxygen tent.

I guess now at 50, I can appreciate even more the constant support you had for me and all my sports.
You didn't miss a game. You would be there to cheer for me in the bleachers, stands.

My meals were always prepared, the lunches packed or paid for.

You would stay up late with me after basketball games and I would diagram my ideas and plays I feel would work or work better?
I taught you zones, zone presses, zone press breakers. I would discuss Defensive adjustments with coasters.
I knew I wanted to be a coach, I knew I wanted to teach the game, if I could teach the game to you, I could teach it to anyone.

I remember the late night bowls of rice, all the morning breakfast before school.
I observed all the support for Staci and I with whatever our school activities were.

You taught us to be kind, taught us to be respectful, you taught how to treat others. You made sure we were always respectful and grateful.

When I was in Tennessee at college and I was rushed in for an emergency appendectomy surgery, I woke up and you were there.

When I came down with my RA, you were at every doctors appointment. We were there for the surgeries, you were there for the needles going into the joints drawing fluid. You would try to take my pain away if you could.

When I was in rehab for recovery from my multiple knee surgeries again you were there.
You were the care giver and daily nurse to get me back on my feet quickly.

When I couldn't dress myself, you would assist, when I couldn't open things, you would make sure to have it opened for me.
You loved your kids, You would sacrifice and do without, just so we had what we needed.

You made sure the homework was done, you made sure the house was clean and organized, even though I always did just enough to get by you  in my teens you pushed me and challenged me to not be average, you hated my C's, for Staci, it was an A, you would say You can do better, your just lazy, and you were right. You wanted the beds made before we left for school you made sure the dirty laundry was done and folded for us.

Dinners were always ready, we were spoiled.

You taught my sister to be a great wife and mom, I saw you do anything for your grandkids, you made more sacrifices for the grandkids than you even did for us. I didn't think it was possible, but you did as it was second mature, because  it was taught to you by grandma Baker.

You were there to take care of my grandma when she was starting to struggle with her health.
I have never met a more nurturing, caring or comforting women. I was blessed.

You taught me what to look for in a girlfriend. and now a wife. because of those examples, and the strong women I had for examples. My Grandma Baker and Grandma Kate. I had a Mom like you and a sister like Staci.

I now have a wife like Kim.
I see Kim and the Love she has for Whittney who I know will also be an amazing Mom some day herself. I see the support she has for her kids, Whittney and Brandon. She makes every Birthday special, she makes sure every Holiday is fun and exciting. Kim too is loving, caring, nurturing, and so selfless.
Kim is also the most giving person, she cant say No to anyone, if it is not right, she will fix it.
she is a planner and doer.
I would not have appreciated those things unless I saw first hand the wonderful example you have always been. and will be.

Mom you still sacrifice to this day, you are the epitome of selfless and giving.

How do I put into words what you have meant to me for my 50 years of Life. I just know I am lucky, I am blessed. I thought every mom was like you? I didn't know what I didn't know. I only came to see and appreciate you even more when I was exposed to other women who didn't have the same characteristics that you have,  and will always share.

I know now even more how special you are. When I become an parent myself,  I tried to emulate all the special things you were and are to me. If I am just 100th of the parent you were to me, I feel I would be a success.

I was prepared for adulthood, I was prepared to Life.

Thanks for all the things you have ever done for me, you have always been there for me and for us and my family.
Not only on this day, Mothers Day. but everyday. I love and appreciate you !

Happy Mothers Day to my awesome Mom !
Just know I would not be the man I am today if it wasn't for YOU !

I wish I was home to give you a HUGE HUG ! Just know I am always with you in spirit, you will always live within me.

your son


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