Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jordan or James ? Who would you take ?

Jordan or James ?
Who would you take ?
It was a question sent to me by a former player of mine? So Scotty, let's start the barbershop debate right here.

I am eager to read the comments.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Congrats GS Warriors - Western Conference Champs

GS WARRIORS to the NBA Finals
Western Conference Champs
Congrats to the Westen Conference Champs -Golden State Warriors !
The 40 year wait is over for the fans inn the Bay Area.......GM Bob Myers for making the moves.
Head Coach Steve Kerr for his humility and and settle changes made to bring the Team to another level after Coch Mark Jackson did a great job.
NBA MVP Steph Curry, the People's Player for leading his Team
Klaus the other Splash brother, a healthy Bogut, D Green with his passion, Iggy for excepting a role, D Lee and FE...Fun to Watch, "Who said a Jump Shooting Team can't win in the league?

NBA Finals here they come to meet a King James led Team of Cav's
This will be fun to see the match ups, the adjustments...

Should be an exciting series

Happy (50th) Golden Anniversary to my Loving Parents

Happy 50th Anniversary to Bud and Diana Fields
Sending out a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two lovely people today.
My Mom and Dad, Bud and Diana Fields.

Wow  50 ! which means I am getting ever closer to 50 years old?
You have Staci and I,  You have Whittney ,Kristi, Colton, Kensi, Brandon, Kassi, Conner and Caden.
Now Kara, Cohen and Lakelyn. your legacy continues.
There have been many wonderful memories shared in these Golden Years, to many to list.
Lets hope for many more years of Health and many more Years of wonderful memories ahead !

I love you both and Thanks for your example. I can't name many people who last 50 years anymore !
I love you both and I wish I were there to share it with you....

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Congrats Cleveland Cavaliers - Eastern Conference Champs

 Eastern Conference Champs
Congrats to the Cleveland Cav's on your Eastern Conference Championship.

I am happy for Coach David Blatt who has been under a microscope all season. I am thrilled to see a coach with International success be given a shot.

Lebron James, Love him, hate him, he has a taken a Team and put them on his back.
The Big Three of Kyrie. Kevin and Lebron, is now down to Lebron and a good group of hard working role players and he still has them in the NBA Finals.

To the City who once burned Lebron jerseys in hate, to an owner who was so emotional he blasted him on Twitter. It all comes full circle.

JR Smith has found a home, with arguably the best player on the planet. To Mosgov, who's size at protecting the paint and rim. To Tristan Thompson who's size and versatility on the glass and ability to finish. To Matthew Dellavedova who plays hard in spite of his physical limitations.

It all comes back to King James and his ability to Lead, Inspire, and take a group of men to the NBA Finals. "Lebron is back Home"  that in itself is a story. 5 NBA Finals in a row. With Two different Teams not even MJ has accomplished such a feat.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Matthew Dellavedova Dirty vs Gritty ? Thoughts.....

 Cav's Matthew Dellavedova
The Hot Toic this weekend is the play of the Cav's Matthew Dellavedova.
Sports Talk radio is all over it. The so called experts all have an opinion, The commentators all have a different opinion as well.

I am curious what you think about Dellavedova's play ?

I am eager to hear your opinions.

Tonight is game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals where the Lebron James led Cav's will try to sweep the Hawks.

I posted these photos of the Austrailian born players who graduated from Saint Mary's of the west coast. To trigger some thoughts.

I am sure everyone has an opinion, and will share different views and perspective. I expect if you are a fan of the Hawks, your opinions will be very strong. Kyle Korver with the high ankle sprain, when MD dove for the loose ball and a high ankle sprain has Kyle out for the season. Al Horford of the Hawks get ejected from the game when MD again dove for a loose ball and dove at the leg of AH and AL went with the elbow to the head, as a WWE off of the top rope looking dive caused his removal of game 3 loss.
Let us not forget the scissor leg hold of T Gibson of the Bulls in the 2nd round vs the Bulls.

Yes, there is now a pattern, but each of those are separate cases.
Let's just look at the photo on the top left. MD doesn't have a sexy game or sexy looking shot. As a matter of fact, mechanically, it is a poor shot 1) his head is tilted  2) his balance hand is not properly placed. 3) look at the V shape in the shooting arm in the shooters pocket 4) shoulders are not square to the target. 5) he doesn't release the shot at the apex of his jump 6) MD doesn't have a fluid motion of the jumper, there is almost a hitch in the shot, like the golf swing of Sir Charles Barkley.

But none of this is why he is on the Cav's. he didn't sign to be a shooter. Steph Curry he is not.
MD is a former Austrailian rules football player, There are many adjectives to discribe his game.

MD is the type of guy you love to have as a teammate, but he is just the type of guy you hate to play against for all the same adjectives we have to describe him.

Does he break any rules.
Or does he just break the hidden rules of the game?
A Players Code?

He is tough, hard nosed, he dives for loose balls, he is a pesky, in your space kind of guy.
King James loves him and supports him, because they were the same jersey. How would Lebron feels if he dove for a loose ball at his leg? It might change his perspective?

Kevin Love is already out for the Season ? Kyrie Irving has been out of this series ?
That was the Big Three. MD has a role on this injury bitten team. His style of play is needed for the success of this Team. MD is better because he plays with Lebron. MD has taken this opportunity to showcase his skills and talents and because of the injuries, he has become a household name in the playoffs.

Let us be honest, if this was back in the late 80's and 90's , nothing would be discussed. MD is an old school throw back type of player, but in this day of social media, everyone has an opinion.
I am curious to see how many cheap shots he takes in tonight's game?
I am curious to see how close the officials watch him tonight, as you know his name has come up in meetings.

Share with me your thoughts and opinions here .........

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#SagerStrong - for Craig Sager and his fight with Leukemia

#SagerStrong      For NBA ON TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager and his fight with Leukemia
If you have watched NBA basketball on TNT, you may not remember Craig Sager, but you will remember his colorful jackets and Sideline Swag. Mr Sager is currently in Houston for Chemo treatments as his Leukemia has returned. #SagerStrong is the hashtag being used to send thoughts and prayers and support his battle. The NBA misses you, you have touched many lives and we pray for a speedy return and full recovery.   Hurry Back, as we are eager to see you on the sideline soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Coach Steve Kerr on his relationship with assassinated father - TOUCHING

Coach Steve Kerr speaks aboutt his fathers assassination in Lebanon

I have a great deal of respect for the job Steve Kerr has done this season with the Golden State Warriors, The team led by league MVP Steph Curry. His humble approach , his knowledge from his playing on Championship teams Coached by top coaches in the league to his broadcasting days to his front office experience which made him the perfect fit for a well constructed roster in the wake of the firing of Mark Jackson who did a great job.

Steve and I share memories and experiences on common stomping grounds. Lebanon was one of my favorite places to Coach.

Enjoy the link shared below on a nice interview with Coach Steve Kerr

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

My thoughts on the "Hacka" strategy

"Hacka" DJ
My Thoughts on the "Hacka" strategy
By Coach Scott Fields

I want to preface this post with two things
One, I am a coach and this is coming from a Coaching perspective and opinion, not from a member of the press. Two, I get the fact it is easy to set on the couch and observe and give an opinion from the outside looking in, we don't know all of the factors within the locker room and knowledge of the Coaches and the Staff.

Now, I am trying to write this with a solution at the end after I provide my lens which I see this philosophy. 

I want to say, I am not a fan of the "Hacka" mentality. At the early stage of the game and I will elaborate on this thought.
I am all about the positive mental approach to the game. I believe in putting players in a position to be successful.

This is for the Houston Rockets, they are playing on the road in an important game within the series. This is how I break it down.

1) It is a road game, as a coach, we know and expect our superstars to play and perform at the highest levels during this time of the season. But, it is more important that we have our role players step up and be the X Factor to have success on the road. I don't believe the "Hacka" strategy will set you up to be successful.
2) The "Hacka" isn't something that you practice and work on all season. It is not what got you to this point of the post season.
There is no flow to it, there is no rhythm to it, and you are not allowing your players to get locked in to a tempo. There is way to much, start and stop action.
3)D Howard got into foul trouble, and for the most part , your bench, or second unit is on the floor, your second unit or bench players already are not as strong executing the offense as your starters or superstars.
4) You are putting your bench and roll players in a tough situation to be successful, there is no flow, there is the start and stop action, and players already coming in off the bench are playing in spurts. The rhythm is constantly disrupted and as a shooter or scorer, your rhythm is off. And offensive execution becomes more of a challenge in a hostile environment on the road
5) from the Mental standpoint, You are sending the wrong message to your Team and Players, you are saying you don't have confidence in them and you need a gimmick to win the game. When the strategy isn't working , doubt can and will set in, and players will become frustrated. This will turn into Hard fouls and Technicals fouls, which could lead to ejections and suspensions for the next game.
6)This is disruptive to a Defensive game plan for the game, all the focus and attention is to run and Foul a certain player, players become robotic, the focus is on one task and one task alone for certain players, it is not a Team defense, you have one players sole responsibility to run and find the player and foul and you have four other players trying to stop a fast break and you are in constant defensive transition, which is already tough and challenging for bench players. It is not a strength of a second unit.
7) This strategy effects mood, focus and body language, not all players will buy into this philosophy, look at the players on the court and watch the players on the bench. 
You need to play to your strengths as a Team, and continue to do what go you to this point of the post season.
8) currently there is no rule against it and yes, it is a strategy, I do see where it can be effective , but not in this juncture of the game, in the start of the game, many players will rack up fouls, you are putting the Clippers in the bonus early, plus disqualifying your players after getting 6 fouls.

From a Brand and an Association standpoint
Do you make a change to the rule?
Why change the rule? You have a poor shooting player, it is part of the game.1) hire a development coaches and 2)sports psychologist to assist him to become more proficient.
I wouldn't want to be the player to have the rule changed because of your deficiencies.
Yes, it was hard to watch, it become boring to view. It could effect potential sponsorship and companies wanting to advertise during the broadcast.

It did take 84 min to play 24 min of play.(UGLY to watch)

I am a coach, I do see where using this strategy can be productive, but only late in the game, to gain confidence and momentum.

Ideas for Rule changes for the owners to consider: The governing body has a lot to consider. A majority will need to agree and sign off on it and the Commissioner Adam Silver will take that into consideration.
Keep the rule, but 
1) only allow 3x / half so again, it will become strategic.
2) If you choose to "Hacka" allow the foul, then make it like a flagrant foul, they get FT and the ball out of bounds.
More of a penalty should be enforced for using the strategy as a coach, so that it doesn't effect the entertainment value and decrease the value for the spectator and viewership experience.
3) after 3 intentional "Hacka" fouls have been committed,If the player makes the FT, it would be worth 3 pts for each make?

I just wanted to share this, since, I get messages and text asking my thoughts.
Thanks for allowing me this platform to sound off. I appreciate your questions

I am sure I will hit a nerve, I hope it starts dialog, If you have thoughts, please share
But share if you have a solution to the issue that is currently trending.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

This is my Mom - Diana Lea Fields

My Mom Diana Lea Fields
This is my Mom, and on this Mother's Day
I want to say I Love you and Appreciate you very much.

You have been a great mom to my sister Staci and I.
You are a great Grandma to Krusti, Kensi, Kassi, Colton, Conner and Caden.
You are also a Grandma to my Whittney and Brandon.

I can't say enough great things, I miss you and think of you often.

Thanks for everything you are to me and helping mold me into the man I am today

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mothers Day to my Wife and Mom of our kids

Happy Mothers Day to my lovely Wife Kim.
Mother to Whittney, Brandon, The late LACEY and Diesel
Team Fields
My Wife is an Awesome Mom to our Kids

I want to Wish my Wife, Kimberly Dawn Fields, a Happy Mothers Day !
You were a single Mom for many years, but you did a fantastic job with Whittney 
She is following in your foot steps in the beauty industry. She is strong, independent, successful. She had the best role model in you.
You were a instant Mom to Brandon, you have been at every Game, there for all the HS dances, you made sure he had everything he needed for his confidence and development.
You had an immediate bond with LACEY. She was your baby girl from day one.
You and Des are running buddies for sure and you keep him in line, as I am a softy when it comes to him.
I set back an observe all of the Love, Support, Nurturing you provide for our Home, you are the glue, you are a hard working professional women who holds it down and provides all the extras. Nothing slips through the cracks...
You are Awesome, Amazing as a Wife and Mom.
I am blessed you chose me and Our Kids have it All, the "Mom of the Year" award thus year and every year.

Love you, a Happy Mothers Day !

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Anniversary to my amazing Wife Kim

Happy Anniversary 
Please help me in wishing a very Happy Anniversary to my amazing Wife Kim.
It was on this day, May 8, we put our toes in the sand on a private beach on the Virgin Islands and we vowed to each other our Love.

This has been one of the best decisions of my life. I found in Kim a women who was a reflection of me. We share so many things in common. You are not only beautiful on the outside, but you are truly one of the most sincere , loving, caring, people I have ever met.
You will go out of your way everyday to help others, you will not say No to anyone, you work extremely hard, you are a wonderful example to our kids. Whittney and Brandon. I know it seems cliche' but on the inside you are even more beautiful.

Words cant express what you mean to me, I thank you for choosing me, I am a blessed man !
I could write a book on how grateful and appreciative I am for who you are and what you do for me and our family.  My life made a turn the moment we met on July 18 when I came into town for my work at the NBA summer league in Salt Lake City. I came into town from Vegas but hit the Jackpot when my blue eyes met your green eyes in the green mini skirt you were wearing, white blouse and high heels. I have your sister Holly to thank for setting up this meeting. We stayed up until 4 am talking and getting to know each other better. Basketball was my life and now I found the perfect person to share it with. Thank you for putting up with me and finding perfections in my imperfections. We have shared and made great memories to this point and I am excited to continue our journey together. I know our best years are ahead.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

10 things you didn't know about Scott Fields

10 Things you probably didn't know about Scott Fields
10 Things you maybe didn't know about SCOTT FIELDS.

Many things can be googled and are documented, however here are some fun facts about Scott I bet you didn't know

1) his full name is Steven Scott Fields
2) Scott was born with asthma that ended at puberty spent many all night stays in oxygen tents in hospitals.
3) Scott was a High School Athletic Hall of Famer by setting multiple school records and earning 12 varsity letters
4) Scott took an oral polio vaccine to accept his scholarship in North Carolina that caused his immune system to attach his own body and he was bed fast for nine months starting in February in 1987. He required multiple surgeries to have mobility, he was told by Mayo Clinic doctors he would be in a wheelchair at the age of 25.
5) Scott began his college coaching career at the age of 19
6) Scott took his first Professional Head Coaching position at the age of 27 and set a record for franchise wins in his first season as Head Coach in Europe.
7) Scott has had success on multiple continents around the globe
{Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and North America, Scandinavia}
8) Scott has either conducted basketball Camps/Clinics or Speaking Engagements in every state in the USA except Maine.
9) Scott writes a romantic poem for his wife Kim on the 18th of every month as they met on July 18 but we're married May 8 on a private beach on the Virgin Islands.
10) Scott has coached many current and former NBA players, Scott has also coached over 100 players that represent their National Teams in either Olympic or World Championship competitions.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Congrats to NBA MVP Steph Curry

NBA League MVP Steph Curry
I want to Congratulate MVP Stephen Curry. It is well deserved in a very close race. If I had a vote this year, I too would have voted for this young man. Steph is the best player on the best team. Steph had a great regular season, and he is playing extremely well in the Playoffs.
I have had the pleasure of being with him on two separate occasions.
I was with Coach Keith Smart and the GS Warriors they year he was drafted out of Davidson at the NBA Summer League. he was very coachable. he was receptive to any and all guidance and direction. He was a sponge.
I had the pleasure of Coaching him again in an NBA Charity event in Salt Lake City. I was the Head Coach of a great group of NBA Players. Steph was out with the fans, signing autographs with anyone who asked, he stayed after the game to again signed or posed for pictures with anyone requesting him.
I could see the workethic, he had a pre game routine, that he still uses before games now.
He out works, out prepares, he spends hours on his skill sets, he spends hours in empty gyms with his coaches. he is well grounded with his faith. Great Player, but even better person.
I am thrilled and excited for him. Yes, he has the DNA from his father who too was a NBA player.
Congrats and God Bless NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

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