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Pro's and Con's of AAU Basketball - part 2

Pro's and Con's of AAU Basketball - part 2
With opinions on how to make it better 

I was fortunate to Coach AAU for three summers as my son was going through HS.
I felt it was an opportunity to bond with him and share our love and passion for the game, and I could travel with him, as we prepared him for his college transition from high school.

In those three years as a Coach, I observed many things, not enough to stereotype or generalize all people and coaches in AAU. But, I wasn't the typical AAU coach, I was in it for the players. I wasn't in it to get a college job. I wasn't in it to build my resume, I was in it to give back to the game and prepare the players for their futures. I wasn't chasing sponsorship or endorsement deals. I wasn't in it for my ego. I believed in Thurl " Big T" Baileys vision to help local players and their families. It was all about player development.

But some positive of AAU Basketball:
It provided us an opportunity to bond as Father/Son and I was able to share my many years of knowledge and experience with him and his Teammates.
My Team was able to test their level of play and individual skill sets versus players across the nation.
My Team was able to gain valuable exposure from college coaches they would never receive during their high school careers.
My guys were able to travel and see new states and cities, new food, different restaurants, 
Learn about different historical events across the country.
I was able to teach life lessons with my Team, talk about life, I would share my NBA experiences and International experiences with them. They enjoyed asking questions about their favorite NBA player.
I taught them mechanics and techniques at a higher level that they were not exposed to with their high school coaches.
I taught them to have fun playing the game.
I taught them to see the game from another perspective.
I prepared them, as I taught them a WorkEthic, physically. I taught them how to prepare mentally before a game. I would push them, challenge them all in a positive way.
They were allowed an opportunity to play with other top players in the state , together as a Team.
My Team got to know each other and learn about each other and respect each other. Most importantly, they got to learn from each other.
My 15 and 16 yr olds were able to come back with a new confidence and gain valuable experience to help them and their personal high school teams. 
Most importantly , I was able to teach them Fundamentals and go over skill development on a nightly bases, every practices started off with physical strength building exercises and fundamental skill work, ball handling, passing, shooting with a focus on defense and communication.
My players on my Teams got better and gained CONFIDENCE. 

Some of the negative things about AAU Basketball that I experienced or observed:
Players had to miss school and classes to travel
But I counter acted that by having players turn into me a current grade report from teachers and they must make their education a priority. They are STUDENT/Athletes . With an emphasis on Student and priority on Education.
It was expensive, players and parents had to pay large sums of money for travel and hotel stays and for their meals. This was because we didn't chase large endorsements. We tried to teach responsibility. I also wanted players and parents to know that if they played for me, it was an investment in their future and an opportunity to learn and grow as players and people. 
Sportsmanship was not a priority, I observed coaches to allow players to have poor attitudes, I saw players come in late and still be allowed to participate. I saw coaches have no discipline or control.
I saw players being enabled, I saw players yelling at their coaches, I saw parents yelling at their coaches. I observed players fighting with referees, I am talking, physical altercations.
I saw coaches , not lead by example, I saw coaches yelling and screaming at players, I saw these same coaches yelling at referees to the point of more physical altercations. 
I would research teams and see them traveling every weekend. We're the emphasis was on playing games.
I am sorry this is the mistake, because not enough time is on teaching the game. The emphasis was on playing, so players were not taught the proper fundamentals.
I would see coaches who were making this there full time job, recruiting the best players to get endorsements. I understand, but it sends the wrong message. It was more about the free gear they wore and shoes they had. Not about TEACHING.

Now, this is from my perspective, this is through my personal lens of three years of Coaching.

The question is this ? 

How do we fix this ?
It is easy to sling mud, and not offer suggestions on how to fix some of the negatives.

Here are some of my suggestions to fix some concerns with AAU Basketball.
There is an NCAA test coaches must pass, but there needs to be more to be qualified to coach in these AAU competitions.

I feel it would be great for any and all coaches to pass a criminal background check.
I feel any and all coaches should pass a detailed and comprehensive training program to Teach the game and be a Nationally Certified  Basketball Coach.
I feel a cap should be put on the total number of tournaments a Team and or players may participate in, putting an emphasis on tournaments that are open for NCAA evaluation periods. 
I feel any and all coaches, if they choose to be AAU coaches,  must be employed by their local school district as educators, so that they work together with their HS coaches and teachers to put an emphasis on education first. 

I don't have all the answers, but I hope this opens up and starts dialog to make it a positive Teaching experience for the players we coach and the families we serve.

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Pro's and Con's of AAU Basketball - part 1

Pro's and Con's of AAU BAketball -Part 1 

Pro's and Con's of AAU Basketball. - part 1 

Yes, this is in the wake of another NBA Star talking poorly of AAU Basketball.
Months ago, it was Kobe Bryant, recently LEBRON JMES spoke about his concerns Of AAU system.
See link attached

I will share this, I have a unique perspective when writing about AAU basketball.
I coached my son in his AAU years at the age of 15-16-17, I was given the opportunity to do so when I was between my Professional Coaching from China and Venezuela. I would coach in China and in the summer coach my son, then attend the NBA Summer league. The same with Venezuela, the summer coach my son and try to get to the NBA summer league.
Thurl Bailey a selfless man who won a NCAA championship with Coach Jimmy V at NC State, then with Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan of the Utah Jazz. "Big T" Thurl Bailey had a younger son who he was providing opportunities for with his AAU group.
I felt BIG T was in it for all the right reasons, he wasn't in it to get rich, or chase sponsorship endorsements. He was it in for the Kids of all ages in his program.
I was honored and humbled Big T would run me down and present the opportunity to me.
He always asked me to coach the 17 U team, and I was honored.
I had coached successfully at the college level and coached nationally ranked Teams at the college level. So, I know first hand what coaches are looking for and I wanted to prepare the players and make it an easier transition for them from HS to College, plus I had a strong network of college coaches who were my friends.
I also have my many years of coaching at the professional level, so I wasn't in it for me or a resume builder. I wasn't in it for the money, I was in it for the development for the kids, to help the players and assist the families with your choices and educate them and make them aware of the opportunities that are out there. 
I wanted to be the voice of reason, educate the parents on how to be parents of student/athletes. How to support them in a healthy and productive way. Be there to fuel their emotional tanks. I wouldn't make promises , I would provide opportunity.
I wanted both the parents and players to use AAU for what it was.
An opportunity to showcase their skills sets to coaches of the next level for exposure,  also use it as a measuring stick, to see their skills sets vs those on a national level.

But, I was honest, I told both the players and the parents, I was going to work them hard, I was going to prepare them mentally, physically and spiritually for the next step of their journey.
I wouldn't yell and scream at their kids, they know when they make a mistake, they don't need a man screaming at them to embarrass them in front of their peers and crowds at a practice or a game.

I wouldn't show favoritism to my son, I could separate father/coach.
I needed to prepare him as well, and enabling him would only paralyze him, I wanted to empower him and his team mates.

Here is the link for Lebron James thoughts on AAU

To be continued 
Part 2 coming soon

Things to expect during the 2015 NBA season

Things to expect during the 2015 NBA Season
Again, I like to preface this post by stating I am a professional basketball coach, I am not a member of the press. I do enjoy hosting my Show, but, it is about the journey, about empowering other coaches and players on their own personal journey. I have been blessed to utilize my show as a platform to assist others and I am lucky to have such great friends to allow me their studio and equipment and their time to allow me to grow and gain another skill set as a coach.

I found an article about the upcoming 2015 NBA season and I want to share that content with you my followers.
I do feel it is interesting to project what could happen this season with all the NBA Coaching changes, the players who have moved onto other franchises,
Who are the best teams in the East? Who are now the top teams in the West?
Who is best in paper?
Let's remember in an 82 regular game season, there are many tangibles you can't control.

Here is a link to some things to anticipate in the upcoming season

Here are some things I look forward to this season:
More D league Teams to develop players for the NBA franchises and more single team affiliates.
How will things play out in Sacramento with a great Coach in George Karl and Boogie Cousins
Will the Spurs make another run in the competitive west?
What teams will step up and make a run in the East? How about these West?
Will the Jazz make the playoffs?
Which Rookie will have the biggest impact on their new Team?
Which Free agent will help their new Team ?

Which NBA All Star will have a major injury?
Will KD bring back OKC?
Will Billy Donovan or Fred Hoiburg so well with the NCAA to NBA jump?
They both have great franchises and talent already in place to help them?
Will another foreign coach come in and be given an opportunity?
Will Becky Hammon be given an opportunity ?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What a great week in Vegas

Coach Scott Fields
I had a great week in Vegas at the NBA Summer League. I was able to see hundreds of friends. Coaches, Agents, NBA front Office, General Managers, friends in the media, Players and former players.
I networked like crazy, shook hands, collected contact information I was able to share stories and experiences with Coaches.

NBA Summer League - many things to many people

NBA Summer League- many things to many people 
It is true, the NBA summer league in Vegas is a Big business and has grown 10 fold since its beginning. NBA agent and Visionary Warren LaGarie has done a masterful job with building the NBA training grounds for the summer in Vegas.

For agents, it is a place to market and promote your players to Teams in the NBA and abroad in FIBA. Deals are being done in bleachers, in tunnels and concourses between gyms.
For NBA scouts, many players are being evaluated on the court.
For Players, it is an opportunity to showcase your skills set at a higher level in front of many eyes.
For Coaches, it is a place to develop your skills, and for unemployed coaches it is a place to network like crazy.
For referees, it is a place to also develop and be evaluated.
For All it is a training ground to test new Technolgy, experiment with cameras, .microphones and ere plays to speed up the game.

For fans, it gives the fanatics an opportunity to watch your DRAFTIES, first and second year players.
For Free agents, you can up your market value with a good game or two.

For the city, it is a place to bring in money and More. Money.

This Vegas summer league is many things to many people 

See the link to read more content from behind the scenes

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KC Chiefs Jamaal Charles - Moving Special Olympics moment

Jamaal Charles Moving Speach during Special Olympics Opening
Watch this moving Moment from the Special Olympics World Games opening ceremonies

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Which NBA PG will resurrect their career. - Lawson/Rondo/Williams

Which NBA PG has the best chance to resurrect their Career?
I came across an article this mornings and I wanted to share the content, I think it is a valid question for those who follow the NBA game?

D Will - the Illini PG,  who was once in the same breathe and debate with CP3 ?
The Pg who is rumored to be the reason the Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan stepped down from the Jazz? The man who took his talents to Turkey and was plagued with injuries with the Nets, Mark the "Shark Tank" Cuban rolled the dice when he lost DeAndre Jordon back the his LA Clippers.
D Will returns HOME to Dallas and will attempt to do what Rajon Rondo couldn't.

Speaking of Rajon Rondo- this UK baller, who was an NBA Champion with KG and Paul Pierce,
Gave the Dallas Mavs a shot and the chemistry never worked? was it a conflict with the Coach? Was it the system? was it because KG  and Paul Pierce were not there to make his game easier? Will it work for him at PG for 1 yr with the Kings with Coach George Karl, who helped Gary "the Glove" Payton, can he mesh with Boogie Cousins?

Ty Lawson- this UNC player came into the league and did a nice job for the previously mentioned coach, George Karl with the Nuggets, but some off the court choices, DUI's, and a team that sank when Mello left for the Big Apple, the Titanic team of the Nuggets traded him to the Analytics of the Houston Rockets and Kevin Mckale coached James Harden who requires the ball?

It is a story line that will be interesting to watch develop during the 2015-16 NBA Season

Enjoy the content shared in the link

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Over 100 International players in the NBA

Over 100 International Players now in NBA
I am thrilled to see the number of International Players climbing over 100.
This says so many things about what I already have learned and observed coaching in FIBA for more than a decade.

The world has closed the gap with the USA in basketball . Was it the DREAM TEAM? We invented the game? But, fundamentally they play it better, yes, we are more athletic and play above the rim, but, shooting, passing, ball handling , Team play and work ethic a slight edge might go to International players.

The Pan Am games just ended and again USA didn't win gold? We took Bronze
Both Brazil and Canada placed better in the standings.
Of course, we can deny and state the obvious, we didnt send our best athletes and players represent us.
America only cares about the Olympic Games, we don't put stock in the World Championships which are huge in International competitions.
Why ?
Is it that international countries have a great development system? They have clubs and academies?
We have AAU? Playing in games doesn't develop skills, it gives valuable experience for some players? But it doesn't allow time for skill development.

Please see the link attached on the list of International players, consider this list was made in 10/2014
We now have a player from India drafted by the Mavs

We will need to revisit this topic in the future?
I am eager to read your thoughts and opinions?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Special Olympics Games - The right message

Special Olympics Games - True Inspiration
I sat late Staurday night and watching the Opening ceremonies of the 2015 Special Olympics
I was moved by the "Joy" the "Excitement " the "Pride" of the athletes who entered the LA Event.
177 countries paraded in, over 6500 athletes.

This was Powerful and it moved my emotions.
It is what sports is all about, I thought about my time volunteering for Special Olympics.
I thought of the relationships formed, the memories made during my experience.

I thought the message delivered was awesome, the entertainment was good, but this is all about the participants. I highly encourage you to watch the games. Get involved in your region. I promise this will transform you

Putting politics aside, the First Lady Michele Obama shared worlds, enjoy this link

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Space Jam 2 - featuring Lebron James

Space Jam 2 - featuring Lebron James
Ok, I was a fan of the first Space Jam with Michael Jordon. I thought the story was clever. MJ had to win back the talent for his NBA buddies.

Will Space Jam 2 be just a remake of the original ? Will Lebron put his current NBA buddies in the cast ?  Lebron isn't in retirement playing baseball, so the storyline will be tweaked I assume.

What would the new soundtrack sound like ?
R Kelly "I believe I can Fly" was a hit, eager for the new music.

I know it will make money, Lebron is coming off of  a funny Trainwreck movie. It seemed to work, Lebron can play himself easy.

Will they need special magic water, or just wear Lebrons shoes ?

Here is a link to an article

Thursday, July 23, 2015

BYU Icon Jimmer signs contract with Spurs

BYU Icon Jimmer signs camp contract with the Spurs
I have had the honor and privilege to be around and work with BYU graduate Jimmer Fredette who signed with the Sacramaneto Kings.
When I returned from coaching in Venezuela , I went and spent time with my friend Coach Keith Smart. Jimmer was in the gym early working with player development coach Ross McMains.

I also was Head Coach of a group of men for an NBA Charity event Nd Jimmer was on that squad.

He worked tirelessly for a couple hours before practice ever started. He is a great guy, He doesn't complain, he just worked waiting for his opportunity with the Kings .

Jimmer the BYU legend who is 6'2" and about 195 can SHOOT IT.  The Glens Falls NY product was was the NCAA scoring leader in 2011
he has suited up for the Kings, Bulls, Pelicans and now title contenders Spurs

Will he fit? Will he earn and stay with the Spurs after camp? Only a camp contract is quaranteed to this point I hear from sources ?

Well, he is a shooter, he will be put into a system, Spurs spread the floor well and they utilize shooters. I say shooters are always an assets to a Team.
he is a catch and shoot guy. Spurs move the ball well and find the open shooter, they make the extra pass to find the open man.

I say this is a great opportunity to Jimmer and I wish him well

Good Luck Jimmer !!

Enjoy this link and article

Steph Curry fan tribute video

Steph Curry TRIBUTE video made by fan
I have have the pleasure of being around Steph Curry on 2 special occasions.
I was an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors his rookie season at the NBA summer league in Vegas.

The second occasion I was the Head Coach of a group of NBA stars during a NBA charity event here in Salt  Lake City.

I found him to be down to earth, very personable, he was strong with his faith, he was endearing with any and all fans, he posed for pictures with anyone who wanted one. He signed autographs for anyone who requested one.

He had an incredible work ethic even then. I am proud of his success, I am not suprised at all.
This season we was named NBA MVP, and a fan made a tribute video for him to the R Kelly song
Worlds Greatest.

Click the link and enjoy the video
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Doug "HAMMER" Thomas at the NBA Summer League

Doug "HAMMER" Thomas
It was great to run into this former player of mine while in Vegas at the NBA Summer League.

Doug and I were together with Guaros de Lara in Venezuela. Doug is simply a BEAST on the court.
he runs the floor, rebounds, he can defend multiple positions. he has the athletic ability people dream of, he plays above the rim.

Doug is a great person, he has an incredible workethic, he is very coachable. He is Thirsty, He knows his abilities and skill sets, he has great value with any Team. he has a mid range game, and will Dunk on you as a soon as you reach, he can score off of the dribble.

He keeps himself in great shape. HE GOES HARD.

He has valuable experiences, he has been on NBA summer league rosters. He has played in the D league. Doug has high level experience. he has played in multiple leagues around the globe.

If you are looking for an ATHLETE for your Team. Sign this guy. You will Thank me.

Brock Gillespie at the NBA Summer League

Brock Gillespie

I got to spend the afternoon with a great person in the business last week in the NBA Summer league in Vegas.

Brock Gillespie is an outstanding individual, He is super talented, he is a former Coach Scott Fields show quest.

Brock and I both admitted we are not good at the SELFIE thing, but we made an attempt at it here.

This multi talented young man has a bright future ahead of him.
He comes from a great family, his father is a successful coach.
The DNA runs deep. I feel he would be an asset to any Team he is associated with, his experience, his skill set and abilities would help any Team win. He would be a Winner in anything he chooses.

Brock still has a passion for the game, his knowledge and basketball mind is an extension of his coach on the court. Brock would utilize his vetran leadership
In a lockeroom. He is a WINNER.

I am glad I got to spend time. It would be a honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

I wish him all the best moving forward

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Jean Abdel- Nour - Lebanon

Lebanon's Jean Abdel Nour 

As a Coach it is always great to run into and spend time catching up with your former players.

While I was in Vegas at the NBA Summer League, I ran into a young man who I had the pleasure to Coach and work with.

Jean Abdel Nour was a young up and coming player in the Lebanesee league. Jean had a great work ethic, he was very humble, he was coachable. he had a great attitude And was a Team player.

Those tangibles have helped land him with one of the top Teams in Lebanon and now a Lebanese National Geam Player.

We were able to talk about Lebanon, it made me miss even more the league, the country, the fans.

I am very proud of this young man and the player he has become.

I wish him the best of luck in his career. Thanks for spending time Jean. I wish you the best !

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pacers go THROWBACK Uni's - Hoosiers the Movie

Pacers go Throwback Uni's - Hoosiers the Movie
Hickory Huskers
This is exciting news for Hoosier basketball fans. The Indiana Pacers today announced that they will utilize the uniforms form the 1950's state Champions from Milan.

In the Movie Hoosiers, the Team was the Hickory Huskers. This was a great time in Indiana Baaketball. the small town team competing against the big city team.

The IHSAA was awesome back in this era. I played HS basketball in this era.
David vs Goliath, Big City vs Small Country towns, Big vs Small

This was the best way to prepare for life and teach life lessons, there was no classification based on On size of your enrollment of your school.
There was no 1A / 2A / 3A / 4A / 5A

It was All In, everyone played against everyone for the State Championship.

Read this link attached for the story

Wearing my Faith at the NBA Summer League - Vegas

Wearing my Faith at the NBA Summer League - Vegas
I am back to the daily grind now. I apologize to those who look forward to my daily post here on my site. I was away networking and enjoying the Mecca of Pro Basketball the Las Vegas NBa a Summwr League.

I must give a shout out to my friends at Active Faith for the sportswear I was rocking while in Vegas at the NBA Summer league.

Please check out the site for great gear from a great company with an important message.

I will say this, not as a paid endorsement, but as a Coach who wore the Sportswear while in the heat of Las Vegas. The shirts were very comfortable, lightweight, and food looking.
I was wearing my Faith daily and was complimented on the sportswear.

Thanks to my friend and NBA player Anthony Tolliver, who is Co owner with NBA MVP Steph Curry and Lanny Smith.

Please support this company.

God Bless
In Jesus Name I Play

Thursday, July 16, 2015

NBA Summer League -The Mecca of Pro Basketball

NBA Summer League - the Mecca for Pro Basketball
I apologize I have not been posting basketball content this week. I am in attendance at the NBA Summer League in Vegas. This is the Mecca of Pro Basketball right now. I have been thrilled to see so many close friends in the business.
I will return to posting content next week.
I am sorry for those who read my post. This is the hub of my business and fraternity this week.
All of the NBA is here, Coaches, Front Office, General Managers from around the globe are also here to scout for players to fit their teams needs. Europe, Asia, Latin America, South Pacific.
Agents all here trying to land deals for the players they represent. Contracts are being negotiated and signed.
Players are here competing for Camp invites and players are trying to up their market value in the International market place.
It is competitive to say the least.
Coaches are hustling looking for the next opportunity.

It is a great fraternity of guys, and Becky Hammon is the first ever female Head Coach of a Summer League team the Spurs.

It feels so good to be back in my element, I am able to reconnect with former players.

I will return next week. Thanks for your patience.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Active Faith - IJNIP - my choice in sportswear

Active Faith - IJNIP 
I want to send a special shout out to my friends for the Gear for the NBA Summer League.
Active Faith sportswear - IJNIP


This comfortable, lightweight sportswear, is a company based on Faith

Seen worn by NBA league MVP Steph Curry, James Harden and my close friend Anthony Tolliver.
I highly encourage you to support this company, show your Faith,

I will be wearing it daily in Vegas as I network, scout, visit friends, workout, my choice in daily sportswear is Active Faith.

Proud to support this company.

Tell the Coach Scott Fields , told you about them.


The Journey continues - Thrilled my wife was there to share with me

The Journey continues

From the jump, I am not good at this selfie stuff, which is obvious from this photo from last night.

I am writing this post, to say I had a wonderful time at the Utah Jazz NBA Summer league, it was great to see friends, Coaches, General Managers, Staff, Press, and agents.

I am blessed to be in this game I love.

I am very apprecative and grateful for the love and support of this wonderful women.

Kim Fields is my rock.It was so nice to share this evening together before I leave for Vegas for yet another week of NBA Summer League action.

My friends with the Jazz, great to see you, I know you have a team in Vegas as well. I will see you as I head down tomorrow.

2015 Vegas NBA Summer League. Here I come. I look forward to seeing everyone, catching up, making new friends and networking like crazy.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

NBA Breaking News- uuhhmmm This Mav's fan is upset with DeAndre Jordan

*BEWARE Strong Language*
this Mav's fan is upset with DeAndre Jordan
I want to preface this video link of this upset Mavs fan to say this.
*****Beware - Strong language ******

This Passionate fan speaks his mind about DeAndre Jordan's decision to return to his LA Clippers
it is a bit threatening,,,,, He calls out all of the Clippers

Again, the language is strong,

Throwback- Nationally Ranked Chipola JC '94-95

Nationally Ranked - 94-95 
This was the 94-95 Nationally Ranked Chipola JC
#1 and #2 most of the season with 50 pts wins over top 5 teams in the country.

Head Coach - Florida JUCO  Hall of Famer  Coach- Bob Stinnett

14 schools records set this season
NJCAA National Player of the Year- the Late Jesse Pate
9 players signed NCAA Scholarships
National Champs Arkansas signed Jesse Pate and Marcus Saxon

Great Team, Great Community
Great group of Young men

I think of them often


NBA's DeAndre Jordan flip flops on verbal agreement

NBA's  DeAndre Jordan -- Dallas vs LA "TUG Of WAR"

The Saga has played out, July 1 , 2015 At the stroke of midnight, with a leap second added.
The Players are able to start contract negotiations.

The LA Clippers has DeAndre Jordan one of the leagues top defensive players, who opted out of his contract, this allowed him to be courted by other NBA franchises.

Two Billionare owners were about to be in a game of TUG of WAR.

Two NBA cities, a bunch of players using EMOJIEs across Twitter yesterday.
A couple coaches had to have anxiety. Two Western Conference Franchises.

An agent might have been looking at the contract and finding a loop hole in the fact a verbal agreement means NOTHING.

1) Jordan said he was leaving, verbally agreeing to an offer on the table from Dallas.  On July 3rd
Players react, Fans react, 1 owner happy, 1 owner sad.
2) Jordan has second thoughts
3) Players on Twitter go crazy using EMOJIEs
4) Jordan hangs out at his home in Houston
5) LA Clipper owner / Coach/ players all head to Houston to see Jordan
6)July 9 at midnight, the moratorium is over and contracts can be signed by the players
The NBA moratorium is used for the league owners to review the fiscal year to see what the salary cap will be set at, because it is agreed that 50/50 owners and players for the money shared with the franchises.
7) Clipper representatives stay with Jordan in his home to have a contract signed at might night to keep their asset.
It is said, players played video games and no calls were retruned to abs owner Mark Cuban during the day.

Please see this link for a great content

Daily Words of Wisdom -Coaches "TIMEOUT"

Thursday Words of Wisdom- Coaches "TIMEOUT"
Once again, I like to share post I find on line that revoke thought.
I like the words shared here, it is something to live by.

We all make mistakes, but that can't be the excuse to stop.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Deandre Jordan Saga -what will he do ?

DeAndre Jordan Saga
Whe will he end up ?

DeAndre Jordan who played for the LA Clippers and who verbally committed to the Dallas Mavericks is now saying he is confused and might have made a mistake, this has started a firestorm of EMOJIEs on the Twitterverse.

Coach Doc Rivers, LA Clipper owner Steve Ballmer, Blake G and JJ Reddick are in  Route to see him in Houston to see if they can change his mind?

Dallas owner Mark, the SharkTank, Cuban will have a legal field day with this one.
This will be very interesting to see how this all plays out
Two owners who are billionaires, might have to open up the wallets,  

As this day, July 8, 2015, tensions will be high, anxiety will be at another level.

let's see how it all plays out ?

Where do you think he should play next year ?

This will be exciting, I guess intentions are not legally binding. Have things been signed ?
verbal commitments mean nothing in the court of law?
The NBA might have to clean this up?

The owners are at the mercy of the players, They are the assets to the franchise, they bring spectators.

I know I would love to coach him.

My Basketball Coaching Journey - Coach Scott Fields

My Coaching Journey-Coach Scott Fields
I have been truly blessed to have been able to travel the globe and have so much success following my passion of Coaching Basketball.
These are the Organizations I have been apart of
Each of these experiences has prepared me for the next journey.

NBA- Jerry Sloan allowed me to observe with him with the Utah Jazz (2)
NBA Summer League - Golden State Warriors (3) Sacramento Kings (1)
CBA- Utah Eaglez
ABA- Salt Lake Dream
FIBA-  {EUROPE} Luxemburg, Sweden, Austria, Germany
FIBA- {Middle East} Saudi Arabia, Qatar
FIBA- {Latin America} Puerto Rico, Venezuela 
FIBA- {Asia} China, Lebanon
NCAA- Centenary College D1, Chaminade University D2
NJCAA- Chowan College, Chipola College
NAIA- Huntington College, King College 

My Bio can be seen at

Top 50 Players to watch in NBA Summer League

Top 50 Players to watch at NBA Summer League in Vegas

This is a some great content on players to watch at the Vegas NBA Summer league.
I am thrilled to be apart of the action.

I spent last night in Utah at ESA watching players from Utah/ San Antonio/ Celtics/ and 76ers
Some of those players are in this list.

I am also excited to spend time with friends. Coaches, General Managers, Agents, people with the press. I enjoy watching player grow with experience

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Coaches "TIMEOUT" - Value

Coaches "TIMEOUT" 
Today's Quote-
I like this post, a person of value is much more important.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Name that Flag/Country- some of the places I have Coached

Flags from Countries I have Coached in
can you name them?
This is just a fun post.
These are just SOME of the flags from counties I have been fortunate enough to Coach in and have success.

can you name them ?
I am curious how many people can name the countries ?

Again, this is just a few of the counties, and some countries were left off of the post.

Have Fun
Start quessing.........

NBA Summer League Action from Monday Utah/Orlando

NBA Summer League Action from Monday

The NBA Summer League is off to a great start and here is a link to some analysis of all the Monday Action

Orlando / Utah

Coaches "TIMEOUT" -words of encouragement

Words from Show guest - Joshua  Medcalf

Monday, July 6, 2015

Becky Hammon first female NBA Summer league Head Coach

Coach Becky Hammon First female NBA Coach to lead Spurs
I want to send Congrats out to Miss Becky Hammon of the San Antonio Spurs for her opportunity on Coaching the Spurs in Summer league action.
I want to send out a great job to the Spurs organization for allowing this opportunity for Becky to gain valuable experience on her journey as a coach.

I have people ask me how I feel about it?
I am not angry, nor upset, I am thrilled for her. I hope she does well.

I feel she has a bright future, I wish her the best. She is in a great organization and with great people on staff around her to learn from.

Please help me in sending out Congratulations to the Spirs and Becky

NBA Power Rankings after July 4th

NEW NBA Power Rankings as of July 4th

NBA Free Agency started in July 1, 2015 at midnight.
Here we are on Monday July 6 and the writers have a Power Ranking  of The NBA Teams?

The draft is now past, The NBA Summer leagues are now in session, Orlando we are about begin day 3. The Jazz are about to start day 1 this evening, and Vegas will begin July 10.

On Paper, this is how your Teams look ?

Enjoy the Read, I personally find it difficult to measure at this point in the summer.
But, for discussion sake, enjoy the link


Coaches "TIMEOUT" - How to stay Motivated

How to Stay Motivated
This is a great Monday Morning quote.
I hope this allows you time to reflect and think about your Goals.

This is a great post I found about staying Motivated


Friday, July 3, 2015

Will the REAL Scott Fields please Stand up

Scott Fields / Michael Keaton
I have been told for years, I look like Michael Keaton.

What do you think?
I know this , he has a lot more money than I have..

Will the Real Scott Fields, please stand up ?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Coach Scott Fields- "IN MY ELEMENT"

Coach Scott Fields
They say a Picture is worth a 1000 words.....

This is #TBT so here is a throwback of some photos of me in my element.

I am a Free Agent, I am looking for an Opportunity with a Great Franchise

If you know of a Team looking to build a Culture of Winning, I am eager to speak with you

Coaches "TIMEOUT" Inspiration

Coaches "TIMEOUT"
Nick V is a true inspiration, his videos are amazing , I share this so that you can have time to reflect and appreciate all the blessings in your life
Take the time to go to you tube, search his name, listen to his messages


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NBA day 1 Free Agency RECAP

NBA day 1 Free Agent RECAP

Big Money was given to some of the Top Players available yesterday, starting at 12:00 midnight.
The trickle down effect will continue with a few more top tier players, then the next level of players will become the priority for the Teams.

Big Men were the top priority, Big Names, BIG Money
Kevin Love, Lemarcus Aldridge, Draymond Green, Franxhise corner stones.
The list will continue to grow

Jimmy Butler, Tristan Thompson, Kawai Leonard, Danny Green

What about D Wade ? There are still top players on the market. Rajon Rhondo ? Monte Ellis ?

Where will they land? What have the NY Knicks done so far? LA Lakers ?
Once storied franchises are struggling to bring top names and talents.

LA Lakers need to work on their presentations to Top players.
You are selling a culture, you are selling Tradition, but you must show players how you can benefit them on the court to be success. Kobe can help, but Front office must earn respect.
You have to sell more than just weather and celebrities who attend.

Phil Jackson needs to earn his salary NOW.

Phoenix have quietly done a solid job, Cleveland Owner has taken care of his assets.
Golden State has been smart
San Antonio shows why they WIN !
Chicago well done ....  Who will be the suprises ?

Day 2 is on the clock
NBA Summer league is around the corner

Click the link to see the recap

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Midnight on July 1 2015 the NBA landscape will change-Free Agency

Midnight on July 1,2015 the NBA landscape will change

NBA Free Agents are on the move. Franchises are trying to find the right piece for their Team
BIG MONEY is being spent for top Players across the league
Millions of dollars on contracts. Agents working phones, Franchises setting up travel and meetings.
Players recruiting players.

This is a fun and exciting time for those who can test the market. Anxiety is setting in on front offices.

Enjoy this link to keep up to date on all the moves.