Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maximize on Opportunities - Houston Rockets JB Bickerstaff

Maximize on Opportuntoes - Houston Rockets JB Bickerstaff
By Coach Scott Fields
I for one, am thrilled to see Coach JB Bickerstaff get his opportunity. I am not a fan of how it developed, as I hate to see a man be fired. The negative stigma of "Fired" and how it can affect a family. Sometimes the timing is not always effective. But when that opporrunty comes, Maximize on this opportunity. Coach Kevin McHale, Mr. Over/Under move from the Championship Celtics. Did a nice job of getting the Rockets to the Western Conference finals just last season. I am sure he was valuable in the recruitment of landing Dwight Howard. I am sure Kevin has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. But, if you are tuned out? And you loose the respect of those you are leading? The ownership has to pull the trigger. Expectations not being met....? Are expectations realistic? Or is it a matter of a former NBA Champion and All Star not having the patience to Teach and work with this generation of athlete, who don't want to hear about, "Back in my time" to lead a sentence ?

If we look at former NBA players being successful in the lead Chair on the bench ! Well, there is an established pattern. I will let you fill in the blanks with names that didn't work here.... The staple, the name to fill the seats to a Demograph of fans who remember the glory days. I am not saying it will never work, I am not even saying former players don't make good coaches. I am just saying look at the pattern.

JB Bickerstaff, has put in his time. JB has a father who he has been blessed to have learned from. JB has been on the NBA bench for more than a decade. he has Experince. he has the ability to Communicate,he has the ability to Instruct, Teach, and of course , he has the ability to Coach.
In his first game, it earned a "W" he got the Stars and talent to respond and Go Hard to earn the "W".

Let's put analytics to the side, let's put stats to the side. It is about Players performing, and following a Leader, it is about Coaching, It is about having a PLAN, having a Vision of what you want the players do to in special situations. Those players executing is what makes the stats, it is what makes the analytics. Let's not complicate the simplicity of Leadership and Connection from the Coach to Players.

I understand this grind, I understand this sacrifice, I understand the Time and Energy it takes. It is all about having a skill set, it is all about having the ability to connect. I am a Pro Coach myself, I am not a member of the press. I am also all about being positive. I am thrilled for JB Bickerstaff. I am happy for his break, I am happy for his opportunity. I want him to have success. I want there to be a wave of fresh new faces on the sidelines who also have the ability to Lead and direct.

I cheer for the coach who puts in the sweat equity on the floor, I cheer for the coach who hasnt forgotten who he is and conforms to a mold. I applaud the coach who has sacrificed his time to live out his true purpose and passion.

Keep on Coaching them up JB !!! I am proud for you ! Allow me to live vicariously through you until I too am blessed to live my purpose.

Enjoy these links on the Coach who will soon be a household name...It is like a singer on the Voice who is living their dream and get this break.......

This first link supports my thinking on a shift in Coaching !

This next link is on the Rockets giving JB his opportunity.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to Improve "Youth Basketball" -36 experts sound off - Coach Scott Fields

How to Improve "Youth Basketball"
36 experts sound off -Coach Scott Fields
I am once again humbled and honored to have a voice as a expert when asked , " How to Improve Youth Basketball"

In attached photo above, I am running a camp in Twin Falls, Idaho last spring 2015.

The emphasis on this camp was Teaching and Teaching in progression.

Great improvement was visible. The were many positive comments from campers and parents of campers involved.

This is Youth Basketball , Teaching...Teaching proper form, Teaching and skill development.

Enjoy this link to 36 experts on "How to Improve Youth Basketball"

Saturday, November 7, 2015

USU Eastern Basketball names Team Captain

Brandon Sly named Team Captian for USU Eastern Basketball 2015-16
As a parent, you are always thrilled to see your kids happy and following their dreams.
Brandon (BSly) is doing just that. As a Sophomore at USU Eastern in Price, Utah. This 19 yr old is pursuing his dreams and leads his Team into the 2015-16 season.

He has a great story of perseverance. he is a great kid, hard worker.

Click the link to read the article.

Very proud of this young man. As a parent, we are thrilled he is a great kid, as a Coach, I am thrilled to see him soak up the knowledge, and transfer it to his Team.

NCAA coaches hit me up, if you need a true PG ?

Good Luck this season and eager to see where your journey takes you next.

Friday, November 6, 2015

"Put in the Work" Reason why Steph Curry has crazy handles -Coach SF

Steph Curry "Puts in Work" Reason why he has crazy handles
- Coach Scott Fields

I am a process guy, I am detailed oriented, I believe in teaching in progression.i learn from others and observe practices to become a better teacher to empower my athletes and staff.

I was with Steph Curry when he was a Rookie with GS at the NBA Summer league, at that time, he was of course small for a shooting guard and honestly he wasn't a PG, because of his decesion making and ball handling skills.

Wow, has he every worked to prove the scouts wrong. He didn't allow his size to stop him. He didn't allow his weaknesses to define him. Steph was not heavily recruited to colleges, Steph was not everyone's All American. But he had Heart and he has tremendous work ethic. he isa. Great person, and he will outwork and out prepare the best of them.

This is why he is the NBA MVP, this is why he is off to a great start this season.

I am attaching this link to see some of the things he does in the off season to "PUT in WORK"

Young players, Observe, get your notebooks out..

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Steph Curry Pre Game Warm Up Routine - Coach Scott Fields

MVP Steph Curry Pre Game Warm Up Routine

As most of you may know, I have been blessed to have worked with Steph Curry on a couple occasions. I was with him his rookie season at the NBA Summer League in Vegas and again with my NBA players for a Charity event in SLC.

Let's discuss the NBA MVPs  Pre Game Routine. And why it is successful.....

I will support this with a video link as well.

Players who have a set routine seem to have more of a success rate in the league.
they get on the floor prior to the game, prior to thousands of fans coming into the arenas. And they WORK, they don't go through the motions.the start the Focus, the Muscle memory, and get MOVING at game speeds to emulate game situations.

Steph has a routine where he gets a good feel of the ball and court, gets used to the lighting, get aclimated to the surroundings and works up a sweat.

This starts off with a two ball,  ball handling drills on the baseline to get a feel and start his focus and preparation.
This is a warm up, again to start circulation, get loose, get a feel of the ball in his hands.

Then he goes up close to basket lay up , scoop shots  both left and right hands to start muscle memory, to visualize seeing the ball go through the hoop to gain confidence, notice he starts close to basket, he doesn't walk in court and start shooting threes. he see's the ball go in the hoop many times, then he Moves out to elbows to get a series of shots, after Starts to move back with a series of drills for three point range, 

He will get more than 100-150 shots up, sprint work, foot work, 1 dribble pull ups, to left and right and step back, some sprint catch and shoot drills and again, after more 1 dribble rt, 1 dribble left and more step back shots 

He will get some one on one with assistant coach to have some physicality and shoot on the move

Again, this is the same routine before every game, it does not change....
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Click link to view routine below
Watch and learn :