Thursday, February 4, 2016

Positive Energy is producing Positive Results with my new Team

Thrilled to be in my element
Positive Energy,  Producing Positive Results with Coach Vando and USU Eastern

The start of the 2016 New Year, I have been blessed with an opportunity to be apart of the staff with Coach Vando and the USU Eastern Golden Eagles mens basketball program.
I am grateful and excited to be working with this group of young men. It is a bonus that I get to coach our son Brandon as he continues to have a great sophomore season as Team Captain and leads in many statistical categories within the conference and in the nation.

We are producing positive results, as we had a good road win in Colorado last weekend. This is the first ever win in Colorado with this current staff and we continue to improve and compete with the top teams in the conference.

This is an link to an article from a school newspaper and website.

I want to preface, they call me a former assistant coach with the Utah Jazz and Coach Jerry Sloan, but the truth is , Coach Jerry Sloan allowed me the opportunity to come in and observe/consult when I was between Head Coaching positions professionally. I have learned a great deal from Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan, I will write a post on that in the near future.

I have been fortune on my coaching journey and this experience has been positive and rewarding. Each day is an opporunity to learn and grow in my profession. 

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