Friday, December 18, 2015

Scott Fields and other experts - "What part of the Rim is your Target?"

Basketball Experts sound off with Coach Scott Fields
"What part of the Rim do you Aim at?"
Once again multiple Basketball experts sound off, and again many opinions where shared, I want to preface this article by saying a lot of my article was dropped, as I was very detailed, I teach in progression, I am detail oriented, I not only teach, I explain why I teach the way I teach...

Please read and understand, having a target and an aiming point is important to a shooter.

Enjoy the article, enjoy the content.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Prayers for Keith Smart for a speedy recovery - skin cancer

Prayers for Keith Smart for a speedy recovery - skin cancer

Coach Keith Smart is known for hitting the "Shot" for Indiana University to win a NCAA National Championship.
He now has a Shot to beat Cancer, a rare form of Skin Cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with Smarty and his family is he rest and recovers from surgery.

Please leave kind words for Keith, start a prayer chain.

Here is the article.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just needed to be said- Mood

Just needed to be said

I found this to be my current MOOD
Just felt it needed to be said....

I hope this inspires someone TODAY?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Success based on Relationships - Coach Jim Bolen

Success based in Relationships -Coach Jim Bolen
I found this to be a great article...
It discusses a coaches journey   College choices as a player, Getting into the coaching fraternity.
And where he is now..

Great read

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Selfless/Character = Winner - Rolemodel Steph Curry

Selfless/Character = Winner - Rolemodel Steph Curry
I am a fan and constant follower of Steph Curry. Yes, I have been blessed to have coached him on two occasions. His Rookie year in Vegas NBA Summer League and during an NBA Charity Event in SLC.

Yes, he is from a great family, his father a former NBA player himself. His brother also finding his way in the league.

Character wins, he is a Role Model,on a daily basis he shows he is humble, grounded, he simply out works everyone around him, he makes people around him better both on the court and off.
It is very refreshing to witness.

He is smart, a student of the game, he is coachable, never has an attitude.

I found this article that exemplifies his character, enjoy this read.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Santa takes his talents to NBA - Ho Ho Ho

Santa brings his talents to NBA - Ho Ho Ho
Awesome Video promo
This is a FUN HOLIDAY promo for ESPN - The Mothership did well on this

Please click the link for some fun Santa Hoops spoofs

Thursday, December 3, 2015

#TBT 1993 Chaminade University - Maui Invitational

#TBT 1993 Chaminade University -Maui Invitational

It was 1993, I was young in the Coaching profession. I had just come from a Nationally Ranked Junior College at Chowan in North Carolina. I was now living in Hawaii.
Life was good, Basketball, Beaches and Bikini's.

Great Memories !

Our office was called the "Shack"

We were Pac- West Champs in '94

Live on ESPN -We Played Boston College, Notre Dame and Tennessee Tech that season.

We had a great group of guys. I spent two seasons at Chaminade before going to Chipola in Florida were again we were nationally ranked.

Head Coach/AD Don Doucette
Coach LEN Scaduto, Myself , Trainer Marcus Oshiro

Charles, Brian, Mike, Deron, Ron, Neils, Joachim, Frank, Neven, and others

Enjoy this Throw Back

**Video ---- Great Father /Son interview -Del with Steph Curry

**Video -- Great Father/Son interview
Del with Steph Curry
I had to share this Father/Son interview from last night.
Wed (Dec 2,2015) Del Curry night in Charlotte.

Del Curry spent 10 seasons in Charlotte with the Hornets and this night was for him.
But the NBA Champs with League MVP Steph Curry is in town with his Golden Star Warriors.

Watch this interview when Son Steph turns the interview around and makes it about his father.

This is a Goal...This is Family Business at its best.

Enjoy this video link


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Warning/Scam/Fraud - Players and Coaches targeted -Aris Basketball Club

Warning/Scam/Fraud -Aris Basketball Club
target Pro Players and Coaches
I wanted to bring to the attention to ALL Pro Players and Coaches around the globe of a SCAM.

They use the name of Greek Basketball Club Aris.
The current e mail being used is as follows:
Also used has been

The attached is the first e mail sent to Players
 Aris Basketball Club <> wrote:


Aris Basketball club based in Greece will be organizing a Tryouts program to be held on 15th and 16th of December 2015. Every criterion for invited players will be taken care of (shooting, dribbling,passing, rebounding, defense, 3 on 3, 5 on 5) players will compete more scrimmages to further evaluate actual game situation. (If further evaluation is needed, it is possible to go to a third day and set up a scrimmage with another association to get a better feel for all the players’ skill sets and in other.

The club will also explain rules, policies, and goals, not only for the try-out, but what players will expect for the entire season.Club will also have a few sessions to evaluate players.Aris Basketball team Greece are looking for Point guard,Shooting guard,Small forward,Power forward and Center with small to mid sized contracts($1200-$6000/per month)Interested players should forward game highlight or film.We are interested to hear from any players who can add to the strength of our Men and Women. The Greek Basketball office will be pleased to assist players and parents with the complexities.Please get back to us We will contact you on receipt.

Mr Dimitrios Priftis
Team Manager

Different dates are used, this is sent out Year around..
They changes he dates to meet the urgent needs of players seeking employment.
They also target Coaches.

This is a scam
They then send a follow up e mail..

See attached below :


This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email and coaching bio forwarded.We have looked closely on your information and will be pleased to engage you to take our under 23 teams this coming season.I will be Inviting you for players tryout program coming up in December 15th 2015 where very criterion for each player will be taken care of (shooting, dribbling,passing, rebounding, defense, 3 on 3, 5 on 5). Day two (If necessary) –  players will compete more scrimmages to further evaluate players actual game situation. (If further evaluation is needed, it is possible to go to a third day and set up a scrimmage with another association to get a better feel for all the players’ skill sets and in other.

The club will also explain rules, policies, and goals, not only for the try-out, but what players will expect for the entire season.Club will also have a few sessions to evaluate players Our contract paper will be forwarded to you in my next email.Main while you are to get back to us with your full contact address and reachable telephone number as i will be calling you on phone.Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email.

Mr Vassili.

Then a copy of a player contract was sent to me replacing Player with Coach for me.
See attached below


Attach here is Aris Basketball contract which should be review witting two days sign and return back to this email if offer is accepted for us to proceed.Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email.

Mr A Vassili

Also attached is the copy of the RTF Aris Club Contract

  Aris Basketball And Scott Fields Contract

 This agreement made and entered into as of 1-12-2015 by and between Aris Basketball Greece represented by Mr. Nikolaos Papadopoulos (Hereinafter referred to as the “CLUB” And Scott Fields (Hereinafter referred to as the “Coach”), Passport number…………….

 In consideration of mutual covenants and conditions contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

 1 The Club does hereby engage the Coach as a skilled basketball Coach for a term, which shall begin on the date hereof, 18-12-2015.and end on the last day of the playoff games 2016 played by Club. The coaches engagement during the playing season covered by this agreement shall include attendance and participation in practices, exhibition games, regular season games, post season playoffs, Cup and tournament games scheduled and entered into by the Club.

2. during the period of this agreement, the Club agrees to pay the coach as compensation for the 2015-2016 Season, 86,400 USD net (Eighty six thousands four Hundred) to be paid as follows:

3.9,600 USD monthly installments commencing on 10h of January 2015 and ending August 2016 and after that 1,000 USD per day at the end of every week as long as the team of Club will play in the play offs..

3a.This shall be deemed a guaranteed contract, ten days after the coach’s arrival on 15th of December 2015.The Club agrees that the payments described above are deemed earned and vested with the coach. Upon the coach meeting the above criteria the full amount of the payments called for are guaranteed by the Club and neither illness, nor injury nor any other consequence shall relieve the club from paying the amount described in their entirety. Notwithstanding the agreed guaranteed period of employment, the club will be entitled to terminate this contract in case ,the coach performs acts of violence against club’s management, players and/or other (team) coaches’ using drugs (after contra expertise/second opinion) and/or abusing alcohol.

 3b.   The club has the right to do a medical exam on the coach within..10... days after his arrival in Greece. The medical exam will be done by a certified doctor appointed and paid for by the club. In case of a negative result for the coach, the coach will have the opportunity to get a second opinion by another certified, independent doctor. If and when the second opinion confirms the original opinion, the contract shall not come into force.

4. The payments described in paragraph 2 above and art. 12 below represented amounts to be paid to the coach after all taxes have been deducted (commonly referred to as “net” payments).In other words, upon receipt of the payments called for, the coach shall have no tax obligation payments.

 4a. If, Club fails to pay the mentioned monthly salary, than the coach is free to stop practicing and playing until the mentioned payment is made. Even if the coach is not working because of this incident, the team still has the obligation to pay the agreed amount of money until the end of the contract period.

 5. During the period of this agreement, the Club will provide the coach with the use of an acceptable automobile and further provide for automobile insurance for the coach and covering injuries to the Coach or to the person or property of others. It is expressly understood, however, that the Coach shall be responsible for his own fuel, oil normal maintenance and parking and traffic violations. The cost of major repairs shall be borne by the Club.

6. during the period of this agreement, the Club will provide with the use of a furnished apartment, color TV, and cable TV and internet that is deemed acceptable to the Coach. The Coach will pay all telephone charges, and the Club shall pay all required utility expenses associated with the normal use of the apartment. The Coach shall also be responsible for any damage to the apartment or any of its contents, save and except normal wear and use.

7.   The Club will provide the Coach with two round trip coach class airline tickets between the home of the Player United State and Greece.

8. during the period of this agreement, the Club shall provide the Coach with all medical and non-cosmetic dental services required for the Coach while residing in Greece addition, the Club shall carry adequate life insurance coverage to provide for full payment of the compensation due to the Player as described herein.

9.   Basic regulations:

The statutes and regulations of the club

The statutes and regulations of the league
The statutes and regulations of the national member federation of FIBA
The statutes and regulations of the FIBA
The statutes and regulations of the FIBA zone

The Club agrees to pay all the necessary fees required to make the Coach eligible with FIBA, and Basketball Federation of Greece. The club will release the Coach for his national team according the rules of the FIBA.

10.   The Coach agrees to observe and comply with all requirements of the Club respecting conduct of the team and the Coaches, at all times, whether on or off the playing floor. The Club may set forth-reasonable rules for the governing of its Coaches. The Coach shall be given a complete set of such rules translated in an English version prior to the beginning of the season. For any violations of such rules the Club may impose reasonable fines upon the Coach. The Coach shall be provided with a schedule of the amounts of such fines as they exist for all the Coach of the Club.

The Coach understands that he must also obey the rules of the League and FIBA and that violations of such rules by her may result in reasonable fines against him or against the Club by FIBA.If the Player is fined, she shall be given notice in writing stating the amount of the fine and the reason therefore and the Coach shall have the right to appeal the amount of and the reason for such fines, according to the rules of the Club, the League, and or FIBA, at that expense.

11.   The Coach agrees that she is aware of the use of random drug testing by the Club and the Basketball Federation of Greece. The Coach hereby agrees to make herself available for the FIBA Doping Test as required by the Club of the Federation.

12.   In addition to the payments described in art. 2 above of this agreement the club agrees to pay the Coach in USD currency bonus payments as follows.

The Coach shall receive the following net bonuses:

Winning the championship ----------------------------------------------- 800 Euro

Winning the cup ----------------------------------------------------------------1.400 Euro
Winning a home game--------------------------------------------------------1,400 Euro
Winning an away game-------------------------------------------------------1,800 Euro
Making the finals---------------------------------------------------------------2,500 Euro cup===========================3,500 Euro

Bonuses shall be paid monthly with the Coach’s salary after said bonus is earned. All bonuses are guaranteed in the same manner as the Coach’s basic compensation as described herein above. The bonuses shall be paid not later than thirty days after the date they were obtained. Final bonuses due shall be paid before the player departs.

13.   The Club and Coach agree that after the conclusion of the 2015-2016. Season, the club will have an option on the Coach for the following season for an amount of 11,000 USD monthly fixed salary. In case the club does not take this option within 14 days after the last game of the 2015-2016. Season the Coach shall be granted her letter of clearance.

14.   The terms hereof insure to the benefit of binding on the Coach, his heirs and assigns, and the Club and its successors and assigns.

a.     "Any dispute arising from or related to the present contract shall be submitted to the FIBA Arbitral Tribunal (FAT) in Geneva, Switzerland and shall be resolved definitely in accordance with the FAT Arbitration Rules. The arbitrator shall decide the dispute ex aequo et bono.Awards of the FAT can be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Lausanne, Switzerland. To the extent legally possible under Swiss law recourse to the Swiss Federal Tribunal against awards of the FAT and against decisions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upon appeal shall be excluded"

c.       If any of this provision of this agreement shall be invalid, the remainder thereof shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.

d.      On all delayed payments club will automatically pay an interest of 3,5% per month.

e.      All costs for Coach to obtain the money will be paid by Club.

f.        This agreement shall be the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof, any representations, warranties or conditions not expressly incorporated herein shall not be binding upon either party.

g.      This agreement shall supersede all prior understandings, agreements and contracts and contains the entire agreement between the parties.

h.      No oral agreement is binding upon the parties.

i. Both parties agree to use the English language for this agreement

 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this agreement as of the 1st Day of December 2015..

For the Club Mr. Nikolaos Papadopoulos…………   .                                                                              

For the Coach. Scott Fields--------------------------------


Do Not respond...
Let's use this e mail and blow them up
I have already contacted authorities to research the senders to hold them accountable

Please share this content to protect all Players and Coaches

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maximize on Opportunities - Houston Rockets JB Bickerstaff

Maximize on Opportuntoes - Houston Rockets JB Bickerstaff
By Coach Scott Fields
I for one, am thrilled to see Coach JB Bickerstaff get his opportunity. I am not a fan of how it developed, as I hate to see a man be fired. The negative stigma of "Fired" and how it can affect a family. Sometimes the timing is not always effective. But when that opporrunty comes, Maximize on this opportunity. Coach Kevin McHale, Mr. Over/Under move from the Championship Celtics. Did a nice job of getting the Rockets to the Western Conference finals just last season. I am sure he was valuable in the recruitment of landing Dwight Howard. I am sure Kevin has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. But, if you are tuned out? And you loose the respect of those you are leading? The ownership has to pull the trigger. Expectations not being met....? Are expectations realistic? Or is it a matter of a former NBA Champion and All Star not having the patience to Teach and work with this generation of athlete, who don't want to hear about, "Back in my time" to lead a sentence ?

If we look at former NBA players being successful in the lead Chair on the bench ! Well, there is an established pattern. I will let you fill in the blanks with names that didn't work here.... The staple, the name to fill the seats to a Demograph of fans who remember the glory days. I am not saying it will never work, I am not even saying former players don't make good coaches. I am just saying look at the pattern.

JB Bickerstaff, has put in his time. JB has a father who he has been blessed to have learned from. JB has been on the NBA bench for more than a decade. he has Experince. he has the ability to Communicate,he has the ability to Instruct, Teach, and of course , he has the ability to Coach.
In his first game, it earned a "W" he got the Stars and talent to respond and Go Hard to earn the "W".

Let's put analytics to the side, let's put stats to the side. It is about Players performing, and following a Leader, it is about Coaching, It is about having a PLAN, having a Vision of what you want the players do to in special situations. Those players executing is what makes the stats, it is what makes the analytics. Let's not complicate the simplicity of Leadership and Connection from the Coach to Players.

I understand this grind, I understand this sacrifice, I understand the Time and Energy it takes. It is all about having a skill set, it is all about having the ability to connect. I am a Pro Coach myself, I am not a member of the press. I am also all about being positive. I am thrilled for JB Bickerstaff. I am happy for his break, I am happy for his opportunity. I want him to have success. I want there to be a wave of fresh new faces on the sidelines who also have the ability to Lead and direct.

I cheer for the coach who puts in the sweat equity on the floor, I cheer for the coach who hasnt forgotten who he is and conforms to a mold. I applaud the coach who has sacrificed his time to live out his true purpose and passion.

Keep on Coaching them up JB !!! I am proud for you ! Allow me to live vicariously through you until I too am blessed to live my purpose.

Enjoy these links on the Coach who will soon be a household name...It is like a singer on the Voice who is living their dream and get this break.......

This first link supports my thinking on a shift in Coaching !

This next link is on the Rockets giving JB his opportunity.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to Improve "Youth Basketball" -36 experts sound off - Coach Scott Fields

How to Improve "Youth Basketball"
36 experts sound off -Coach Scott Fields
I am once again humbled and honored to have a voice as a expert when asked , " How to Improve Youth Basketball"

In attached photo above, I am running a camp in Twin Falls, Idaho last spring 2015.

The emphasis on this camp was Teaching and Teaching in progression.

Great improvement was visible. The were many positive comments from campers and parents of campers involved.

This is Youth Basketball , Teaching...Teaching proper form, Teaching and skill development.

Enjoy this link to 36 experts on "How to Improve Youth Basketball"

Saturday, November 7, 2015

USU Eastern Basketball names Team Captain

Brandon Sly named Team Captian for USU Eastern Basketball 2015-16
As a parent, you are always thrilled to see your kids happy and following their dreams.
Brandon (BSly) is doing just that. As a Sophomore at USU Eastern in Price, Utah. This 19 yr old is pursuing his dreams and leads his Team into the 2015-16 season.

He has a great story of perseverance. he is a great kid, hard worker.

Click the link to read the article.

Very proud of this young man. As a parent, we are thrilled he is a great kid, as a Coach, I am thrilled to see him soak up the knowledge, and transfer it to his Team.

NCAA coaches hit me up, if you need a true PG ?

Good Luck this season and eager to see where your journey takes you next.

Friday, November 6, 2015

"Put in the Work" Reason why Steph Curry has crazy handles -Coach SF

Steph Curry "Puts in Work" Reason why he has crazy handles
- Coach Scott Fields

I am a process guy, I am detailed oriented, I believe in teaching in progression.i learn from others and observe practices to become a better teacher to empower my athletes and staff.

I was with Steph Curry when he was a Rookie with GS at the NBA Summer league, at that time, he was of course small for a shooting guard and honestly he wasn't a PG, because of his decesion making and ball handling skills.

Wow, has he every worked to prove the scouts wrong. He didn't allow his size to stop him. He didn't allow his weaknesses to define him. Steph was not heavily recruited to colleges, Steph was not everyone's All American. But he had Heart and he has tremendous work ethic. he isa. Great person, and he will outwork and out prepare the best of them.

This is why he is the NBA MVP, this is why he is off to a great start this season.

I am attaching this link to see some of the things he does in the off season to "PUT in WORK"

Young players, Observe, get your notebooks out..

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Steph Curry Pre Game Warm Up Routine - Coach Scott Fields

MVP Steph Curry Pre Game Warm Up Routine

As most of you may know, I have been blessed to have worked with Steph Curry on a couple occasions. I was with him his rookie season at the NBA Summer League in Vegas and again with my NBA players for a Charity event in SLC.

Let's discuss the NBA MVPs  Pre Game Routine. And why it is successful.....

I will support this with a video link as well.

Players who have a set routine seem to have more of a success rate in the league.
they get on the floor prior to the game, prior to thousands of fans coming into the arenas. And they WORK, they don't go through the motions.the start the Focus, the Muscle memory, and get MOVING at game speeds to emulate game situations.

Steph has a routine where he gets a good feel of the ball and court, gets used to the lighting, get aclimated to the surroundings and works up a sweat.

This starts off with a two ball,  ball handling drills on the baseline to get a feel and start his focus and preparation.
This is a warm up, again to start circulation, get loose, get a feel of the ball in his hands.

Then he goes up close to basket lay up , scoop shots  both left and right hands to start muscle memory, to visualize seeing the ball go through the hoop to gain confidence, notice he starts close to basket, he doesn't walk in court and start shooting threes. he see's the ball go in the hoop many times, then he Moves out to elbows to get a series of shots, after Starts to move back with a series of drills for three point range, 

He will get more than 100-150 shots up, sprint work, foot work, 1 dribble pull ups, to left and right and step back, some sprint catch and shoot drills and again, after more 1 dribble rt, 1 dribble left and more step back shots 

He will get some one on one with assistant coach to have some physicality and shoot on the move

Again, this is the same routine before every game, it does not change....
Instagram @coachscottfields

Click link to view routine below
Watch and learn :

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween - scary video BOO !

Happy Halloween  - scary video
I am a huge fan of Halloween ! Yes, it is my birthday for one..but it is also my favorite season.
Fall, the cool crisp in the air, the colors, to me it is the kickoff to Basketball season.

Enjoy this video to kickoff your Halloween weekend

I hope it brings as much Fun to you as it does me !!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HOF Coach Jerry Sloan introduces New Arena name - Vivint

HOF Coach Jerry Sloan introduces new name for Arena- Vivint
I wanted to share this video of my friend Coach Jerry Sloan introducing the new name to the home arena of the Utah Jazz. Knowing Coach like I do, I am sure he was not comfortable to do this project.
Knowing Coach like I do, I am sure it was a favor to the Miller family and to the franchise he loved working for for more than two decades. Jerry you are and always will be known as a JAZZ man.

From Delta Center, to Energy Solutions Arean to now the Vivint arena.
It will take some time, but I and it will catch on !

This heartfelt message is well done....

I ask that you click the link below to enjoy watching and listening to this Hall of Fame Coach discuss History, Legacy, All Stars, Winners, and New BEGINNINGS

Well done Coach

Monday, October 26, 2015

RIP Coach Flip Saunders

RIP Coach Flip Saunders
I have always considered myself Blessed, Lucky, and Fortunate to be apart of the Coaching fraternity.
But yesterday morning, the fraternity, and the NBA lost a great man.

Coach Flip Saunders of the Twolves lost his battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
At the young age of 60, we as a society lost a great man.

I send my deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Saunders Family and to the Twolves franchise for the loss.

I have a friend who is currently in a Battle with Cancer, Cancer Sucks ! Please continue to be a support system for those in a battle, this loss happened so quickly.

I wish Flips son Ryan all the best in his climb in the coaching ranks, as he carries on his fathers legacy.

I feel the franchise is in great hands form he future, I feel this is why Kevin G is back in the franchise.

RIP Coach !

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Amerileague Basketball SCAM- Glendon Alexander aka Cerruti Brown

Glendon Alexander aka Cerruti Brown needs to be sent away and held accountable
Amerileague Scam
I have been away for awhile from my blogs and post, but when I came across this story, I felt I wanted to be apart of the awareness process. I want this man to be held accountable.

I feel bad for the people involved in this exploiting of people's dreams.

The communities involved, this time the people of Las Vegas. the people he gets to "Buy In," League reps looking to be Comminsioners, League Representatives, The Coaches, the Players, the so called National Try Outs camps....the list goes on

People turn down jobs, as they feel they have an opportunity, I pray they land on their feet soon.
This affects people, families and kids...

I have seen this in the ABA, the CBA and other minor leagues across the country.
What a Shame !

This man (pictured above) Glendon Alexander aka Cerruti Brown who has a LinkedIn profile.
Took NBA former players names, found a couple coaches and chased down HS players.
This is more than a poor business plan or mismanaged franchises, this is misrepresentation, a FRAUD and SCAM.

This man has a pattern, and it must be stopped !

Great job by the D league digest and the research and story done, which was then picked up by ESPN.

This is the D league digest story below

I want to share the links, but please help me spread and share this story

This is the ESPN story and Link below:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Coach Scott Fields and Basketball Experts on Basketball Tryouts Advice

Coach Scott Fields and 27 Basketball Experts give Try Outs advice
I was honored and humbled to be be apart of a Expert Basketball panel to discuss the topic of Basketball Tryouts.

The link is attached here for your Read of this content from 28 Basketball Experts

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to be apart of this select group of coaches


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Please use this New Sports Networking Site -World Sports ID

I want to help my friend and former player Julius Nwosu and his new Sports Networking site.

It is in the grassroots and members are signings p now.
Please go create a Profile and start networking with other Sports members
Coaches, Players, General Managers, Agents, Members of the Press Re all welcome

What a great place to share thoughts and ideas.

Share photos, Share videos, get to know others in our fraternity

I have a profile there.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Go to this attached link and GET STARTED !

Friday, October 2, 2015

Help me Show support to Coach Flip Saunders and his battle

Timberwolves Coach Flip Saunders
Hodgkin's Lymphoma battle 
Cancer - Orlando Magic's Pat Williams said on the Coach Scott Fields show that 1 in 3 people will battle it in a life time ! Staggering numbers.

Minnesota Timberwolves Coach Flip Saunders has been in a battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and it has now been upgraded to Life Threatening.
(See link below)

Help me in sending Thoughts and Prayers to he and his Family.

God Speed to this great basketball mind !

This should get 10,000 likes and thousands of share.
Help me show support for this member of the basketball community !

Let's show him we are all behind him

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Scott Fields - Basketball Coach - "Resume"

Scott Fields - Basketball Coach - "Resume"

Scott Fields - Professional Basketball Coach - "Resume"

Men's Professional Coach experience (NBA/FIBA/CBA) College experience (NCAA 1/2, NJCAA/NAIA, AAU)  Accumulative near 760 Win percentage.

I have more than 25 years of High Level Basketball Coaching experience and expertise. I have a proven record of building and maintaining Winning Cultures. I am a man of integrity, driven, ambitious,competitive, self motivated and passionate about my craft. I have an affinity for building a Family atmosphere with a since of Empowering all individuals we guide and direct for growth and development. I have a near 760 win percentage in my many years of Coaching. I believe in teaching life lessons and preparing young men for their successful journeys on and off the court. I am thrilled to take on challenges by taking Teams to the next level of Success and leaving programs and franchises far better than I find them. This is more than a Passion, Coaching is my Purpose.

To land a High Level Coaching position that best utilizes my strengths and skill sets while building a Team to compete for Championships.

Multiple Championships, Multiple Coach of the Year awards
Nationally Ranked College Teams, Inducted into HS Hall of Fame, Undefeated Championship seasons, records for most wins in a season, largest win margins in a game. Coached NJCAA "Player of the Year" "Developed over 100 players to represent their countries. Coached Current and Former NBA players.

Leadership- leading by example with hard work and being a positive role model for the community
Player and Staff Recruitment- I have a large network of colleagues to call upon to build a blue print program and staff - Trained eye to find high level players to fit my philosophy 
Player Development- I have Coached Current and Former NBA Players, NJCAA National Player of the Year, Developed over 100 players to represent their National Teams around the globe for Olympic or World Championship competitions.
Scouting- preparing Teams for opponents and breaking down idiosyncrasies  for competition. 
Communication- I have effective communication skills to identify player roles and responsibilities within a Team concept for a winning culture.
Strength and Conditioning- Players will be disciplined and prepared both mentally and physically for maximum individual and Team performance.
Public Speaking- for marketing and promoting the Franchise or Institution within the community.
Fundraising- marketing our brand to utilize our program as a vehicle to attract local businesses for productive business relationships
Community Involvement- being a proactive member of the community and giving back and building a community Awareness while teaching life skills.

King University -Bristol, Tn.      B.A. received   Major Psychology
Lewis Cass Jr./Sr. HS - Walton, In.     Diploma received 

{Contact Information}
Cell - (801) 859-6793
E mail-

Available upon Request

#WCW - My Wife Kim Fields

#WCW - My Wife Kim Fields

So we all know what the hashtag #WCW stands for correct?
Woman Crush Wednesday !

Well, mine is and always will be my beautiful wife, Kim.
I was at work the other day, I was a bit frustrated and my wife sent me this selfie, it brought a smile to my face right away.

I am blessed and fortunate...

Just wanted to share my #WCW

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

*** Must Watch - Spurs Coach Pop being Pop

*** Must Watch - Spurs Coach Pop being Pop
I am sorry, but this is funny to me and I wanted to share.
I grew up in an era where Indiana University Coach Bob Knight used to work the press.

But Pop has fun, he has earned the reputation of hating the game time interviews on TV.

Watch this interview for NBA Media day 2015

Classic Pop


Thursday, September 24, 2015

#TBT Throwback to '94 BBC Ecluse- Luxemburg

#TBT Throwback to '94
So, this was my second Professional Head Coach position, but first Head Coach position in Europe.
I traveled to the small country of Luxemburg, they have their own language, Luxemburgish, only a population of about 350,000, the country is bordered by Germany, Belgium and France.

It was a great experience, we finished with a best ever record in franchise history and competed in the Final Four of the Luxemburg Cup.
My first personel move was to fire the existing American player and I brought in a versatile american player.
Double D, Doug Devore a poor man Larry Bird, he was smart, he could play multiple positions and defend multiple positions, he was a team player and made those around him better.
This was a young team with a few vetran players sprinted in.
We had a solid backcourt, Claude and his younger brother Guy,
Luc was our Big Man, Eric was an athletic wing, our bench was solid and they knew their roles.
We wonky lost 1 regular season game that season going into the finals

I will never forget this Team and these guys, they were coachable.
We suprised everyone.......

Stadtbredimus will Live on
Ecluse along the Mosel River  
BBC Ecluse

Steve Jobs -Apple- Quotes

Steve Jobs -Apple - Quotes
Steve Jobs, Apple Founder, Movies are made about him. Books have been written by him Nd about him.

Here are two profound quotes I wanted to share with you, as they at applicable to all walks of life.

Enjoy and Share

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not My First Magazine Cover - Fun Times- Coach Scott Fields

Not MY First Magazine Cover- Fun Times- Coach Scott Fields
Just having some fun- This is not my first Magazine Cover- Asia, Latin America, Europe, Scandanavia. I have been blessed with my career ....

Maybe North America soon ? Just sharing some fun

Happy Birthday to my WhItt (Twitters) the big 28 !

Happy Birthday to my Whitt (Twitters) the big 28 !

Happy Happy Birthday to our Girl Whittney Sperry ! You are the BIG 28 today !

I can't tell you how proud I am of you and the lovely lady you have become. I am blessed to have you in my life. There are so many superlatives to discribe you. You are Fun ! You are georgous like your Mom ! You are successful, You are caring, you are a great older sister ! You are giving ! You are a great Momma to Betty ! Well, your Condo is not always the cleanest, but I still LOVE YA !

I came into your life at the tender age of 17 as you were finding your way through those crazy HS years ! I have watched you transform into amazing gal !  I have never been more proud of who you are and who you have become.

I can says this, YOU MAKE 28 LOOK GOOD !
This is to a year of health/wealth and all the happiness you deserve !

I got nothing but Love for you and just know I am always behind you in everything you choose, it is funny this thing called a step dad, but you make it Fun, Enjoyable, and Easy !

I hope everyone helps me wish you a Happy Birthday !


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It all starts with VISION- Coach Scott Fields

It is starts with VISION- Coach Scott Fields
Where does it come from? How do you get started? How can I make a difference?
You must have VISION ! You must be confident in yourself and your skill set and abilities.
You must be comfortable to teach, break down to the simple basics and be able to teach it, demonstrate it, show how you want it done. Don't take for granted they know what you know.
Don't assume, talk to them and teach them like you are talking to a Martian.

As a Coach, there are many paths to take on your journey. What level do you want to Coach?
What gender do you want to Coach? Are you in it for the right reasons? If you are in it for the fame? The money? I will tell you this, you are in it for ALL the wrong reasons.

If you are in it to help others to obtain their goals and aspirations, it is a great place to start.
You must care for the people you Coach ! You must take the time to get the know the athletes off the court you are Coaching.
You must be able to Communiate.
But take it to the next level, you must be able to effectively Communicate with them one on one.
You must be able to identify. Role for the individual before you set your Team goals.
Everyone must know and understand their Role on the Team.
They must buy into your system or Philosophy.
This comes easier for those who have had success and from those who have reached success at higher levels.
You must be comfortable to hold them accountable. You must use tidy who the Team CPtian is going to be and hold that person accountable as well.
Just know before you hold them accountable, you must hold yourself accountable for all of your actions, so, you must lead by example.

As a man with Vision, you must be ready to build and create a CULTURE of Dedication, Disapline,
Hard Work. These must be Goal driven, Winning will be the by product of the Hard Work.
Individual Goals must be willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the Team, Players and everyone in the organization must be mindful of the process.

The can be no hidden agenda's , Things must be first and foremost realistic to everyone.
You must be willing to make a stand for what you believe and not waiver. You must have confidence, you must believe in what you Teach and what you preach. If not, you will loose the respect of those you are leading.

You must stay calm during stressful times, you must control your emotions, as mental clarity comes with rational thinking. You must be able to see what others can't not, but lead them to your vision. We must stive for perfection in a no perfect environment, as many factors you will never be able to control. You must prepare your Team to perform at peak levels in times of stress and pressure, you must make them comfortable being out of their comfort zones. This is practiced, let them start with visualization. Get your players focused on the current task and centered mentally and mindful of their self and each other. This is all done in a competitive environment.  Everyday their must be competition and under stressful conditions and everything must imulate game speed and game conditions.

This is all organized, planned out to the most specific detail, under time management. Allowing time for corrective skill modifications.

I say, , "We are what we repeatedly do. We are what we repeated think. We are what we repeated Vision"

If you cant see it, don't try to Teach it, don't try to Preach it. But you better first believe it.
Allow your Vision to come to fruition.
This is were Success lies.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Coaches IMPACT

A Coaches Impact 
This is a great read and a great reminder of the Impact a Coach has on an athlete.

Coaches, please share this post with each other.

Have a great week

Friday, September 18, 2015

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - what society has misunderstood

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - what society has misunderstood
I have always admired Kareem, he was unstoppable, the signature move called the "Skyhook".
He has won as many NBA titles as MJ, the world embraced MJ, but has never built up the Kareem.
Why? Was it his own doing ? Was it his lack of trust with the media?

Arguably the best ever Big Man, before social media, before mainstream, before the Huge high dollar contracts of today.

Should he be on the Mt Rushmore of basketball?

I came across the interesting article on the iconic man.
I still respect what he accomplished on the court, I admire his legacy, I think of his overal dominance from HS in NY, his three NCAA championships at UCLA, they changed the rule about dunking, because he was to dominant and unstoppable. He won 6 NBA titles, he has multiple NBA MVP awards.

Yes, he choose not to play in the Olympics, it was his personal choice. But, he did have longevity in his career. This man who loves literature, reading and writing.

Enjoy this link

Thursday, September 17, 2015

TBT- Throwback Thursday

TBT- Throwback Thursday

Since it is TBT , I thought I would throwback to a couple fun Teams I have been blessed to Coach in recent years.

On Top- the NBA Charity Event with Top NBA Players
Steph Curry, Anthony Tolliver, Corey Magette, Wes Mathews, Chaucey Billups, Jeremy Evans, Jimmer Fredtte, not pictured Enes Kanter also Brandon Sly and Myself

A Nationally Televised game in Venezuela Guaros vs Cocodrillos
During a TV timeout, it was a great group of men.

I have been blessed and I look forward to the next venture on the journey

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inspirational Quote for the Week !

Inspirational Quote of the Week !
I felt it appropriate to share this quote with all of you

I hope it is applicable for you

Please share with others

Jorge Hernandez - the Venzuelan Basketball Architect

Mr Jorge Hernandez - the Venezuelan Basketball architect

I want to congratulate Mr Jorge Hernandez and his family for the recent success of the Venezuelan National Basketball team and their qualification to the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.

I had the honor and privledge to work with him and get to know him on and off the court.
He is a great man, I have the utmost respect for him. To me he is the man behind the magic.

It is true, he has never scored a basket, he has never grabbed a rebound, he has never taken a charge on the court. Be he has given the biggest assist to ALL of Basketball in the country.

He is the charismatic owner of the Guaros de Lara basketball team, that I was honored to coach.
When I met Jorge in Aruba, my first impression of this man is he has the passion and he cared about his people and he is very loyal
To me he was the Mak Cuban of basketball in all of Latin America. He was outspoken. he had vision. He wanted to give his team every resource available to him to provide a culture for success. You have to appreciate that.
The more time I was around Jorge , I saw the successful business man in him like a Donald Trump.

He builds success, he builds people, he provides opportunities.

Even though my time was short, I must give credit to where credit is due.
Mr Jorge Hernandez needs to be given the credit for the vision and direction of All of Basketball in Venezuela. Because of his drive, because of his ambition, because of his vision Venezuela will compete in the Olympics.

I am thrilled for Jorge, he deserves the credit, Basketball would not be at the level where it is today without the Architect.

They are a great group of players on the roster, they have a great staff. And Jorge has been the force behind the product.

So from my personal perspective, I want to send my personal congrats to Jorge and his family.
I am happy for him and all he has done for Basketball in Venezuela.

I wish you all the best moving forward. I know as long as his hands are on the wheel. Nothing but positive results will follow. Go Get 'EM Boss !!!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Comparing two great guards

Comparing two great guards

I have been blessed in my career, I have coached some great individuals, the list is long.
I wanted to share this photo attached to this post.

I wanted to compare two great guards.
1, everyone knows as he is the NBA MVP- Steph Curry
1, is from the small country of Venzuela -  Heissler Guillent

Yes, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to coach both of them, but this post is not about me, it is about educating and making all players aware of the strengths that each of these men have.

Both of these men are first and foremost outstanding people, the are family men, they are loyal to their wife, they adore their children. I have seen them both interact with their kids.

Both of these men are very hard workers, both of these men put in hundreds of hours of work on their skills sets to improve their game. Both of these men take care  of themself and their bodies.

Both of these men are very coachable, they listen, they make eye contact, they are focused.
Both of these men put in the work that have been taught to them. Both of these men are passionate about the game. Both of these men have earned the respect of their peers. Both men don't talk , they just work. Both men let their play do their talking. Both are leaders, both are clutch. Both of these men will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage on the competition. Both of these men are humble, they are great with the fans, sign autographs.

The are so many Comparisions to make on these men.

Both of these men will represent their countries in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
1 for Team USA
1 for Team Venezuela

There will be 1 Coach who will be cheering for both of them, it is so gratifying to watch them both succeed. I am thrilled they both have been blessed to perform on the big stage.

I know after the game is over for both of them, they will both be grounded and successful away from them hardwood.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Venezuela to the 2016 Rio Olympics - PG Heissler Guillent

Venezuela to the 2016 Olympics - PG Heissler Guillent

I am so proud of the National Team from Venezuela. I am even more proud of my time together with the PG Heissler Guillent. I was able to spend time with Heissler prior to his making the National Team. I saw his talent. I saw his workethic. I told him if he continued to work hard he would be representing the country.

From the photos you will see my one on one time with Heissler Top Left- working on showing Ball to defense on a cross over, this to get the defense to lunge.
On bottom, you will see a light moment prior to a practice, sharing a smile and laugh. On bottom Rt
A serious teachable moment, notice how locked in he is to every word, he is like Steph Curry. he is very coachable.

In the middle you will see Heissler on the All Tournament Team with NBA players.

I am so proud of him and his accomplishments.

So in 2016 Venezuela will be in the RIO Olympics. A part of me will be with them.
I wish them the Best of Luck !

Sunday, September 13, 2015



I am sad to share that the NBA community and society lost another great one.
R.I.P. Moses Malone.
  (Holding NBA Championship Trophy)
Pictured with my first celebrity inspiration Julius "Dr J" Erving.

Dr J had my interest, I would imitate him on my nerf hoops in the hall way and in the bedroom,
I would dunk Nd slam myself into the door, and my mom would yell,"This is not a gym" I was dunking in athletic ways. I would watch those 76ers to watch him, but I would also notice mountain of a man on the boards. Moses Malone.
A player who went from HS to the Pro Ranks. He was a relentless worker on both ends of the floor, grabbing rebounds, grabbing his own misses, or starting a fast break out to Dr J.

I am sad for the loss.

RIP Moses

I sent my condolences to your family.

Gone to soon.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget 9/11/2001

Never Forget

Lisa Leslie says, " I could Coach Clippers now"

Lisa Leslie says, " I could Coach Clippers now"
People call major sports Copy Cat leagues. San Antonio gave Becky Hammond a great opportunity this past summer by becoming the First female to be Head Coach of an NBA SUMMER LEAGUE team.

Nancy Lieberman was already a NBA DLEAGUE Head Coach of the Texas Legends
Nancy is now an Assistant Coach with the Sac Kings with Head Coach Geirge Karl.

Well another former WNBA player Lisa Leslie says, " I can coach the Clippers now"
She claims she could help their big men.

I found this story in NBC SPORTS.
I wanted to share

Enjoy the content

Thursday, September 10, 2015

MJ vs Kobe the visual comparisons (Video)

MJ vs Kobe the visual comparisons  (Video)
I came across the barbershop talk. I often hear people try to compare Kobe to MJ.
I hear diehard fans of each athlete share there passionate arguments on why MJ or Kobe is better.

True, arguments can be made for each, they both have a competitive nature to them.

It is like what came first the chicken or the egg?

Well MJ came first, he globalized the game, the torch was passed to Kobe, Kobe will pass it onto LBJ.
All I can say is the game is in good hands.

I like the NBA commissioner Adam Silver. But these are other topics

Enjoy this VIDEO link of the comparisons of MJ and Kobe

Also sound off, Who was better in your opinion?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CIA hired a Basketball Coach to Spy on Russia - great read

CIA hired a Basketball Coach to spy on Russia- great read

I came cross this article and found it very interesting. I feel this would be a great tue estoy for a movie.

This was on B/R and I wanted to share the content. This should be shared with your network.

The link is attached here

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Inside the MIND of Michael Jordan - (Video)

Inside the Mind of Michael Jordan - (Video)
It hopes of sharing content, I found a short video which tries to show the mindset of Michael Jordan.
I think what it is trying to share is his competitive edge, the mental approach, the lengths he would go to find motivation.

Trash talking is only gas on the fire. he would take comments from players, coaches, front office staff to fuel his fire. he would take anything to gain a mental edge on his competition.

MJ would push his Team Mates, he challenged them, he physically fought them.
He wanted everyone around him to have the same edge.

I am sure there are many more depths to his competitive edge and and his mentally.

MJ could back his words, I can't imagine coaches wanting to awaken a sleeping giant.

Enjoy this video clip

Monday, September 7, 2015

Coach John Wooden on Success - Video

Coach John Wooden on Success -  Video
This is a TED Talks video, It is lengthy, but for Coaches/Players, I find It a great share for its content.

Click and Enjoy. I find coming from Indiana myself, the Midwest values are core beliefs.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Phil Jackson teaches Mindfulness to his Championship Teams

Phil Jackson Teaches Mindfulness to his Championship Teams
No one can argue the success of Coach Phil Jackson. 11 Championships ! Many are intrigued by his Zen beliefs and being centered and in the moment. Others may  say it is because he had the best players in the game at that time. Michael Jordon or Kobe Bryant with Shaq.  But he managed the egos, he got them to buy into selflessness and Team.

I respect what he accomplished, I think he is brilliant. It is truly a process.

I found this video link where he shares his beliefs, I wanted to share so that you can see the depth of his intellect.

Click and enjoy

Friday, September 4, 2015

Legendary Coach Bobby Knight TOP 10 (soundbites)

Legendary Coach Bob Knight TOP 10 soundbites 

I grew up in Indiana and I was blessed to be a multi sport athlete, with basketball being my favorite.
The Indiana University Head Basketball coach wwas Bob Knight.
My father idolized him, worshiped him. My father went through some health issues and I sent a letter requesting a autographed photo of the coach.
A week later it came with a handwritten note to my dad.

It was awesome.
I have always had the utmost respect for what he accomplished as a coach and what he was able to get out of his players. He has done so many great things for his players once they graduated.
The list is to long, they are all successful in their ventures in or out of basketball.

Bob Knight was the most popular sports figure as I grew up.

Basketball in Indana is a religion. Every Saturday morning, We would watch the Bob Knight show.
We would watch all IU games, then a Lewis Cass HS graduate would go onto play for Coach Knight.
Ted Kitchell, roommate to  Randy Whittman a IU graduate, NBA player and current Head Coach of the Wizards. 

Lets just say, we never missed IU Dad still watches IU, and supports the program, I would guess that he has been dissapointed in the last few years, as I think he wishes Coxh Knight was still at the helm.

I found a list of his TOP TEN soundbites.   Coach Knight was a character, he had his personality.
To me he was a basketball genius, what he accomplished on the court was outstanding.
His knowledge was unquestionable.
His mannerisms? Well, I will leave that to you to decide.

Click the link and enjoy.