Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year from all of us at the Coach Scott Fields show

Yes, it is that time of Year once again to reflect on the past year. We must be grateful for all the many blessings of 2014. We must also learn and grow from our mistakes. We must be appreciative for the challenges that made us stronger. We have all be on our own journeys in LIFE. We all have a story.
I hope that this New Year brings you the Motivation and Inspiration to obtain all your aspirations.
Not just on this day , but on everyday? We here at the Coach Scott Fields show hope we are able to be entertaining and insightful and Empower you with the skill set to be a better and healthier you.
Thanks for your support and continued support of our program. Thanks for allowing us into your home. We hope that we have inspired each of you to be healthy, happy and you have grown stronger in your faith.     Lets make 2015 the Best !!!!!

What are your Goals?
What is your strategy to obtain your Goals?
Have you put together a game plan to obtain your aspirations?

Share with us your aspirations for 2015 !

Don't just wish, Go make it happen !!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Season Two "Jump Ball" January 6, 2015 at 7:30pm mtn time.

Mark it, Remember it
Get it, Got it, Good !

The Coach Scott Fields Show
Kicks off Season Two
On January 6, 2015 at 7:30p mtn
Alema Harrington, Host of the Jazz Live Pre and Post Game show, interviews the Coach. "Scott Fields" get to know the man on and off the court, learn about the his journey, hear the trials, tribulations, Get to know the Family man, the cultures experienced , the in depth experiences of a man from Indiana who traveled the globe developing Players and Winning Championships while obtaining Success in multiple regions of the World.
What has he overcome? What drives him? What are his Goals moving forward and what can you as a viewer look forward to in Season Two of the Show?

Coach David Blatt on Hot Seat ?

Cav's coach David Blatt
I am curious to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic.
Is it fair for the criticism Coach David Blatt is receiving for the play of the Cleveland Cavaliers ?
Should he be Fired?
Do you think the Team is buying into his system?

Please share your comments ?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Put Players in a Position to be Successful

Put Players in a position to be Successful

I wanted to make this post to hopefully get this to Trend and start dialog between coaches in our fraternity. I am blessed that I have had the opportunity to go into many gyms across the country and across the globe. I have observed many coaches who make the critical mistake of running plays, sets, or offensive systems that do not fit the players. I have made a career and have a niche of changing the culture of many professional clubs around the globe. I don't do anything magical and I don't have a magic stick in my pocket. I keep the game simple, I allow players to do what the do best.
(See my bio on this website) I have been blessed to worked with great High level players. I have been blessed to have coached some competitive Teams. I ask when I sign a contract to have complete autonomy of daily basketball operations . I want autonomy of the player personnel decisions.  I first have individual meetings with the players, I then ask the right questions.
1) What are your strengths? 2)What are your weaknesses? 3)What are your personal goals on the Season? 4) What are your Team goals for the season?
I spend hours watching game film to watch the players and see what they do well. I want to know what was working.
I change the culture. I change the way they will work and I change the way they will prepare.
I then run a series of competing practices. It put the players on the court where they are most comfortable.
I then hold a Team meeting. I identify Roles. I establish in front of the entire Team what I need from players? I then discuss these roles in front of everyone, and I want everyone to know and understand these roles. I want each player to tell me what their teammates do well. I want their team mates to tell me where their team mates want and need the ball to be successful. I get everyone on the same page. It is open communication. the Team will have an identity.
The Team will be mentally and physically Tough. We will be defensive minded. We will be competitive.
If a Big likes his back to the basket on the right block, I create plays! sets or systems where he can catch it on the right block.
If I have a slasher who likes to go left from the top of the key! I again create plays for my slasher to catch it at the top of the key so he can attack left.
If I have a shooter who has a high percentage of shots made from the left corner, guess what. I design a set so he can catch it in the left corner.
It is these details that win games, it is these details that builds confidence. it is these details that builds confidence and trust. it is these details that WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.
Don't be that coach that steals a play or a set from watching a game on TV, or be that coach who attends a coaching clinic and steals a play from the whiteboard, or buys a book, or DVD and says I am putting in this play? the mistake is you might not have the players to execute that play, you might not have the players with the skill sets to execute that system.
Don't be that coach who runs a offensive system who has a Big man catch the ball 28' from the basket and constantly makes a turnover because he can't execute a post entree pass.
This is what plays out, We have all observed this happen during games.
The Big catches the ball and again turns it over, as he can't get the ball into the post on a High/Low set. he doesn't have good hands, he panics, and again he turns it over, the Coach yells and screams at the player,  the players is loosing confidence! his head goes down! his shoulder slump! the players is embarrassed because everyone can hear the coach yelling at him! his team mates loose confidence in him! the player is being yelled at in front of the peers! he family sits in the stands and his girlfriend is a cheerleader. the kid is now down on himself and one mistake has turned into another mistake and he misses his Defensive assignment. the coach then takes him out of the game. the kid sets on the bench and he is now in the Tank. he is the Teams best rebounder and the team gets out rebounded and looses the game. Why? The Coach didn't allow the player to do what he does best.
Think of the domino effect here. These players are fragile, the confidence is fragile, the self esteem is low. the productivity is lowered, the negativity is a cancer.
All because the Coach wasn't progressive thinking enough to PUT THE PLAYER IN A POSITION TO BE SUCCESSFUL and DO WHAT HE DOES BEST.
This is the same as a Boss or a Manager. Put your employees in a position to be productive.We train employees to do a job, we don't ask an dishwasher to go out and now do the books as an accountant do we? It is a simple concept.
I challenge coaches to take care of the details. Do your due diligence,

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to all "The True Reason for the Season"

Let us not loose sight of the True Reason for the Season.

God Bless and Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Coach Scott Fields show

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Team Keeps Growing!

We are excited to announce the addition of two new members of our sales teams. Introducing Travis Yoakum and Rueben Barela.

Travis Yoakum will be working with our national sales team. Travis is a former collegiate football player and wrestler who also graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sports Management from Manchester University. He has extensive experience in planning and implementing events, promotions, and fan interaction programs for many local sports teams in Indiana and the YMCA. He and his wife, Kensi, have one child. He also enjoys coaching baseball and football for his local middle and high schools. He loves cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Indiana Pacers.

From the Coach: “We are thrilled to have Travis on our Sales Associate Team, he is a sports junkie and his background and education will serve him well. What attracted me most to Travis is his passion for sports and knowledge on all sports industry's. Travis has a bright future, he is outgoing, a great communicator and his finger is always on the pulse, he is a walking talking sports encyclopedia. We are lucky to have him, when he speaks, the passion comes from his soul.”

Rueben Barela will be working with Ryan Stipanovich on our local sales team. Rueben was born and raised in Utah. When he’s not coaching his son in basketball or baseball, he’s spending his time reading and researching on his passion, sports. He is a co-founder of The Utah Niner Empire (official booster club of the NFL) and The UteFanFaithful group. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors with great family and friends, traveling to watch his favorite sports teams, and spending time with his son, Jayceton; educating him on life and passing on his passion and knowledge of sports. Rueben comes from a tremendous software sales/business development background. He has a passion for building rapport and helping clients understand the benefits of working with him.

From Ryan: "Rueben is one of the most genuine and trustworthy people that I know. Rueben and I have known each other for over 15 years and there is not anybody that I would rather take into battle. He is a team player and will always go above and beyond for the team; both in sports and work. Rueben is always looking for a way to improve his own skills and educate himself on the industry. I look forward to beginning this opportunity and look for amazing things to come from Rueben."

From the Coach: "It is great to have Rueben join our Team of Sales Associates, he came highly recommended by Ryan. I trust Rueben will be a huge asset to the a Team, his knowledge and experience in the sales area and with our local market is a strength. Rueben and his outgoing personality and networking background will be great to have. I am eager and excited to have him apart of the Coach Scott Fields show Family. I feel our Team is strong and we will be visible in the community."

Who do you pick?

A-B-C or D

I saw this on another timeline the other day and Iw anted to share the same question.
Which Team and why ?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dec 21, 1891 Basketball was invented

The Game was invented on this day Dec 21, 1891

I am dedicating this blog to the invention of the Game of  Basketball. Yes, on December 21, 1891. Dr James Naismith took a peach basket and put stitches on a ball and called it basketball. I am grateful for the vision of DR James Naismith.
I grew up in the state of Indiana, I graduated HS in 1986. I played when there was no classification, when Hoosier basketball was what the movie "Hoosiers" was made about. The small country schools vs the big city schools. It instilled many life lessons that I still draw from in my life. I am now 47 years old. I have been in the game my entire life. I, like many in the state of Indiana, I had a hoop in my backyard. Yes, there was a cornfield or bean field as my backdrop.  I spent hours shooting hoops, I would go to a park down the street and play against many older players who taught me the be stronger, find away to get a shot off. I would also be with older friends at their homes and shot on their hoops. When the evenings would come, we would go to a barn for intense competitions or go to a park where I would test my skills vs much older college athletes, play against the athletic African Americans who would help take my game to the next level. I was the Dick Vitale speech " A Boy, A Ball,  A DREAM" I would get up and watch the Coach Bob Knight show on Saturdays, I would watch all IU and Purdue games, we would all choose sides for the rival games. IU vs Purdue. The Midwest version of the Holy War.
Every Friday and Saturday night Indiana HS gyms would be filled to capacity. Pep bands, cheer blocks, and communities would shut down to support the local Teams.  newspaper reports and every once in awhile a local TV station would be in attendance. If the was talent a college coach would be in the bleachers taking notes. What a great atmosphere.
Yes, the day after the games, the barbershops would talk shop, the farmers would line up and lean in the fences to discuss the game the night before.
This lead my journey, I was a 4 sports athlete in HS. Football,Basketball, Baseball and Track.
But my heart always lead me back to basketball.   I would accept a scholarship to play basketball in the state of North Carolina. A state know for great college basketball. UNC, DUKE, Wake Forest, NC State. It was a dream come true.
I had a set back physically when I took an oral polio vaccine to accept my scholarship? My immune system went array and I was bed fast for 9 months. My playing career ended, but I did manage to set a college school recording the cavalier invitational with 21 assist. I was drawing interest for major 4 year schools, but the playing days were over. My college coach new I was struggling, he asked me to come back to school, and get my undergraduate degree with him at his new school and be a FT assistant coach. I jumped at the opportunity. I was a FT student, I was a FT coach, I was 19 years old coaching players my age and older. it set me on a path that would transform my adult life.
I did an interview my Jr year of HS before. A sectional game and during the interview, I said, " I want to be a coach someday" I would set up late at night until 2 or 3 am with coasters on the coffee table showing my mom what I would do against a 2-2-1 or a 1-3-1 press.
I knew if I could explain and make my mom understand the game? I could teach the game.
My career was taking off. (See Bio) on this site.
My entire adult life I have coached the game of basketball at either the College or Professional game.
It is my Life, it is my Passion, It has been my Livelihood.
I have been blessed to coach some great talent worldwide. I have learned from some great coaches and I have been able to put to practice my own philosophies as a Head Coach around the Globe. I have experienced multiple counties, multiple languages, multiple cultures, multiple currencies, multiple religions, multiple governments.

Thanks to DR James Naismith and his peach basket on this day 1891.
The game has changed, the rules have changed, the players have developed, but it is still the greatest game ever.

Pop goes the ...........

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mavericks making moves

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

There will be a lot of commentary and opinions flying around the sports world in the coming days about the Rajon Rondo trade to the Dallas Mav's. The social media feeds have already been blowing up. The Sports talk radio  people will all way in. So, I thought I would share my opinions as well. These opinions are mine and mine alone.
I watched the Dallas Mavericks early in the season and I thought to myself, "That Team is dangerous."
I liked the product on the floor. You have Dirk Nowitzki a former NBA MVP, who can still provide big numbers with a deadly step back jumper, from anywhere on the floor, off of either foot. Dirk can even hit this shot from 3 pt land with a hand in his face. Wow, what a weapon, but what I like the most is his unselfish attitude to take less money to allow the owner and franchise to sign other quality free agents? It doesn't happen often in this business, but a man gives up base salary for the TEAM. It is obviously a non American thought process, look at the Spurs, Tim, Manu ,Tony all sacrifice salary to compete for a championship, none of those names are American born, Hmmmmm, another interesting blog is coming from this, is greed killing the game? I will get to that later.
Dirk the German born athlete takes a pay cut to allow salary cap space for the likes of a Tyson Chandler, a long basket defending athlete, then you have Chandler Parsons from the Houston Rockets, who has shown around the right players he is a threat from three, he can score off of the dribble, coming off of screens, catch and shot guy, with the explosive scorer in Monta Ellis who put up huge numbers with the smaller market Golden State Warriors,before many knew what he could do, he was already a NBA All Star caliber  player, before the rise of the splash brothers. Now Shark Tank man himself. Mark Cuban pulls the trigger once again for Rajon Rondo a PG who has already won a Championship with the "C's"
When healthy, he can get to the basket, the floor will already be spaced with shooters
Coach Rick Carlisle has a great problem to solve, he has talent! talent that can win Championships, Is it the New Big Three ? It seems Big Three's win Championships,
Recently, San Antonio -Tim D, Manu G, Tony P
Heat - Lebron , D Wade , Chris B
Celtics- Rajon, Paul P, Kevin G
Never forget the Bulls with MJ, Scotty P and Dennis R.
Go back to the 80's
Celtics- Larry B, Kevin M, Robert P
Lakers- Magic, Kareem , James W
let me get back to this, now Coach Carlisle needs to not only be able to design X and O's , manage a game, but now put on his chemistry hat, and make it work. There is talent, we, who know and understand the game, understand it is a process, it takes time. Can the Mav's peak at the right time in a already tough and strong Western Conference ?

Do we see a pattern here?
The Mavs now arguably have Dirk, Chandler P, and Rajon R. As a BIG Three surrounded by nice complementary role players who have veteran leadership on the bench and locker room. I applaud owner Mark Cuban. Mark is not setting back, he is making moves, making moves with passion, he knows his Dirk has a window of time. Sir Charles Barkley says it best, "Father time is undefeated "

Now it is time for us all to set back, observe the NBA landscape, lets see who blinks, which franchise will now make a moves to continue to compete for a Championship?

I am just a humble professional basketball coach who is between jobs, But I am eager to get back on the floor, develop talent, work with a Team. I am new to this blog world. I know there will be typo's, poor grammar. I am just here to Empower. Educate. Grow.
With the Coach Scott Fields show and blog site to bring content to a over saturated world of  sports talk. This show and blog is different, because it comes from a professional coaches perspective.

I hope this blog stirs up comments, thoughts and opinions.
Please share your comments below.


Enough Said

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Coaches , share your thoughts, Players share your thoughts.


Who was the best of these Three BIG men .

Please share your comments here, I will share my thoughts. On this blog you will see where you can leave a comment, please share your comment here, so that opinions expressed can be read on a future show.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another Member of our Team!

The Coach Scott Fields show and the "Coach" are proud to announce yet another addition to the Team. Introducing Ryan Stipanovich.

Ryan is a Salt Lake City native whose passion for sports began at an early age. He grew up playing baseball, football and wrestling. Ryan played baseball and wrestled at Granger High School. On the wrestling team, he was a 2 year captain. After high school Ryan decided to take his love for sports to the coaching side of things. He has been coaching wrestling since 2001 and currently holds a wrestling clinic for 4-10 year olds every Saturday. 

Ryan has been married to his lovely wife for 10 years. They have two amazing children, Elaysha (9) and Romen (3).  Elaysha is on a competitive traveling dance team and loves to dance at every opportunity she gets. Romen… well he loves the Power Rangers. Ryan’s free time is spent with the family: camping, dance competitions and good old family time.

Ryan is a very competitive person and uses that edge to be successful in daily life, both in work and at home. He has years of Sales and Account Management experience as well as experience working in the sports industry. Ryan has worked for both Real Salt Lake and is currently with the Utah Jazz.

From the coach: "We are thrilled and honored to have Ryan as our Team Lead of Local Sales. Ryan knows and understands our Salt Lake Valley market. Ryan has experience in the Sports Entertainment Industry and in Sales specifically. During the Interview process, I was very impressed with his energy, and his attention to detail. Ryan is professional, he is personable. I knew right away, he was our guy. Ryan will go above and beyond to represent himself and our brand well. Ryan is more than a Team Lead, his experience and background will establish him well in our industry, I feel we have a jewel in him. I will springboard from this to Big things. We will benefit from his talents and gifts."

Kobe vs MJ ? Who would you take ?

In their PRIME, if you were a GM, Who would you take MJ or Kobe ?

I am eager to see the dialog on who you would take and why?
Please take the time to share your comments here.

I will share my Thoughts at the end of the day....

So who would it be Kobe or MJ ?

Let the fun begin..........

Quote of the Day

Stay Focused on your GOALS.

This is life, you must stay focused on your goals, of course, obstacles will arrive, trials and tribulation will occur.
ZiG Ziglar said it best here.

If you truly want something bad enough, you will have LASER Like Focus. Nothing and no one can or will stop you, only YOU will stop you !

Go make it happen

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Coach is feeling a little "FROSTY" today

We hope you enjoy these holiday jingles.....Have a very Merry Christmas from the Coach and Bravehaven media

Quote of the day- be mindful

With anything, there is a process, enjoy the process, enjoy the journey.

I believe that with anything, there is a process, the cliche anything worth while takes time. If it  just develops to quickly you will not appreciate it as much.
This is true in business, this is true in sports, this is true in life.
Please people with Toyota don't start sending hate e mails to me , you have a great product, this is just a statement.
Share with me something you have been working for ?
But then, think about what you have done to accomplish this Goal?

Monday, December 15, 2014


Kings Fire Head Coach Malone and Coach Ty Corbin to take over
I am never shocked at moves made, it is a business, I was alerted very early this morning from our very own T Money.  What were rumors are now reality. I guess where there is SMOKE there is FIRE.
The franchise seems to be in transition once again. The new owner is putting his stamp on the franchise. Ty Corbin who had great success with the Kings NBA Summer League Team  by leading them to a Championship in Vegas this summer and is the former Head Coach of the Utah Jazz will take over the Team according to sources.
Yes, once again there are rumors that George Karl is a target for the franchise moving forward.
The GM and Coach Karl have a past. 
I just wish my friend Coach Ty Corbin all the best. The obvious thought for a quick fix is for Team USA center DeMarcus (Boogie) Cousins to get healthy. It appears that this ownership wants a playoff team, in a tough Western Conference now, and is not wasting time.
Again, I am just a Coach who is looking from the outside in, but BOOM, that just happened .

T Money always has his finger on the pulse. 
Ty Corbin is a great guy, hard worker! Coach T was on the staff of Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan.
Ty Corbin has a tough Job, but I believe in him. Are the tools in shed capable of building a Western  Conference Playoff Team?  Coach Ty will now be a carpenter building up this Kings franchise. Good Luck my friend.  This man of Faith will give it his ALL !!


The daily Inspirational thought !

We at the Coach Scott Fields show believe in Empowerment. We will share Motivational/Inspirational quotes
Please share and comment on the quotes you like.
Make it a great day

Gain a Competitive Edge- EMPOWER.EDUCATE.GROW.

 When not busy with the SHARK TANK, Dallas Mavs owner might be watching the Coach Scott Fields show

We in the business are always looking to gain an advantage, gain an edge.
We take any opportunity to learn and grow, find something that our Players, our Teams or our Franchise can use to GET the EDGE.

Empower your Team, Watch the Coach Scott Fields show
Starting in January 2015

Sunday, December 14, 2014

One of my best friends in the Business Coach Keith Smart

One of my best friends in the Business, IU legend and current Miami Heat Coach Keith Smart

I have been blessed to be in Coaching for my entire adult life. I was a Full Time College Coach as I finished my undergraduate degree. I have been apart of nationally ranked College Teams, I have been blessed to coach the JUCO Player of the Year. I have been a FIBA professional Head Coach for more than 15 plus years. We accumulated a great win percentage and have won Championships.
(See Bio on the link on this site)
I have traveled the globe and learned different cultures, observed multiple religions. learned new languages I have been so fortunate to work with high level players. I can honestly say it has never been about the Wins and Losses. It has been about the lessons learned and the relationships formed.
I have been blessed to learn from some of the best in the game.
Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan allowed my to come in and observe practices for two seasons. It was a clinic every day. Coach Jerry Sloan reinforced many of my core beliefs and philosophies. I used some of this things learned while I was coaching in Venezuela and China. I am forever grateful to Coach Sloan. And his staff. Coach Phil Johnson, Tyrone Corbin, Scott Layden and PT shooting Coach and current Head Coach of the Phoenix Suns Jeff Hornacek.
But in the picture provided , Coach Keith Smart, has been so generous to allow me to come in and work with his Golden State Warriors teams in the NBA summer leagues for three summers. Steph Curry, was just coming into the league learning the game, Steph was and is a hard working young man who is very coachable? I watched former guest of the show Anthony Morrow come into camp as an un drafted free agent, and earn a spot and gravitate to a great weapon as a shooter for the current  OKC Thunder. There are many players not mentioned, but current Utah Jazz Joe Ingles who has had a FIBA journey of his own was also with that GS Warriors team. So, I am thrilled for Joe.
I was also allowed to come in with Coach Keith with his Sacramento Kings. I spent another summer with him and his staff Alex English, Bobby Jackson, Jim Eyen.
Jimmer Fredette a BYU legend was just drafted to the Kings. I was able to watch his workethic with his player development coach daily. Jimmer is a great person with a great spirit. he works hard and unfortunately he is had a NBA journey were he currently plays for the NO Pelicans.  So I have been with Jimmer on a few occasions! I also had the opportunity to work with him during the NBA lock out Charity fundraiser along with again Steph Curry, Chauncy Billips , Corey Magette , Wesley Mathews,  Anthony Tolliver, Jazz Players Jeremy Evans,  Enes Kanter but that is for a future blog.
I have the attitude of gratitude.
I am blessed beyond words to have met with some quality people in this fraternity.
This is all about the rleationships made. the lessons learned from those relationships.
I hope this blog and The Coach Scott Fields show serves as a platform to motivate  EMPOWER, EDUCATE  and Players and Coaches GROW through our blogs and insightful interviews.
I hope you enjoy this first blog.
This will be a great season.
God Bless and Happy Holidays !!

It is ALL about the relationships I am grateful to all of my former players, assistant coaches, general managers, members of the press, and yes the fans?? I thank all of you for the support and experiences gained.
I have only shared a couple examples here in this blog, the list is long.
I will share future blogs with FIBA experiences, College Experiences, Minor league experiences and Show experiences.

Follow Coach at

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another Addition to our Team!

Tracy "T-Money" Graven has covered sports professionally for 30+ years, and spent the last 14+ covering the NBA, WNBA and D League exclusively in Orlando, Boise, San Antonio, Cleveland, Phoenix, Denver, and Oklahoma City. Tracy has media experience in print, digital, radio, social media marketing and television. Tracy is currently the NBA/WNBA/NCAA Editor for He lives in SW Ohio with his wife and five children. Twitter: @tmoneyfromthree 

Tracy will be wearing multiple hats with the program. Tracy will be the Team Lead of National sales. Tracy ( T Money ) Graven his on air personality will also be the show blogger. 

From the Coach: "Tracy and I met several years ago on our professional journeys. Tracy did an Interview with me as a Coach for a Minor league franchise. I was very impressed with his detail and insight. His interview and story painted a picture. He was honest and had integrity. We have remained friends and when the position was created, I new he was a natural fit. Tracy will provide a journalistic perspective, and will be on the pulse with the fans of the program. I am thrilled to have him as a part of the Team. Look for T Money's blog on our site.

T Money brings experience, professionalism and passion to the Team. T money plugs a void on the program. His social media experience and ability to capture the story within the story is second to none. We are blessed to have him on the Team."

Who Spiked the Coaches Eggnog???? Stop it!

On the Set at Halftime of Jazz vs Heat

With my friends on the Jazz set Alema Harrington and Big T at halftime of Jazz vs Heat

Friday, December 12, 2014

Phil Jackson in the right place for success ?

At this point of the Season, is Phil Jackson in the right place ? Should he had been patient and waited on the L A Lakers ?or will he still turn around the NY Knicks?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Team Member

The Coach Scott Fields Show is pleased to announce the addition of Nic Fitzgerald to the team. He will act as Vice President of operations for the show, and will also work as the Director of our live broadcasts.

A native of Salt Lake City, Nic has a passion for sports that started with the Stockton to Malone era. He played high school basketball at Hillcrest High School in Midvale, was ranked in the top 200 recruits by Athlon Magazine, and garnered Second Team All-State, First Team All Region, and 5A All Star Starter honors his senior year. He played collegiate basketball for Salt Lake Community College, and Southern Utah University. He is also a former player of Coach Fields.

Nic has a genuine concern for people. This caring nature has lead him to many leadership positions throughout his career. In addition to his duties on The Coach Scott Fields Show, he works as executive producer, director, and videographer for Bravehaven Media. His experience brings another creative layer to the show, and he will focus on our off air media releases, as well as keeping the show running on time and topic.

Nic and his wife of 12 years, Liselle, live in South Jordan and are raising four beautiful children.

"I'm excited to be a full time member of the team, and look forward to a successful season two." Nic comments, "I love basketball, and the mantra of 'Empower, Educate, Grow' and am happy to be able to bring that to our viewers all over the world."

From the Coach: "Nic is a great addition to the Show and Team, Nic is a former player of mine. Nic impressed me with his work ethic when he tried out for one of the minor league franchise Teams I coached a few years back.

Nic is driven, hard working and has great experience with Bravehaven media. I am thrilled to be surrounded by Nic, his insight, creativity, and background make him the perfect fit for our Team. Nic has an energy and passion and is very professional. I realize we are fortunate to have him. I am better at what I do because he is with us. Nic is a true asset. Please join me in Welcoming Nic Fitzgerald as VP of operations."

Follow Nic Fitzgerald on Twitter: @NicFitz33

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Great article chime in with your comments

philadelphia 76ers

How do you fix the flagging Philadelphia 76ers, who seem destined for futility in the first quarter of the 2014-15 season?
DEVAN GONDA @G2hooeysports
NBA/PBR/NASCAR Writer – Pine Canyon, Utah noel

To fix the 76ers, you need to start at the top. Management needs to go. They continue to draft hurt players who miss the entire first year of their career and then tried to trade the one bright spot they had in Michael Carter-Williams, also the reigning Rookie of the Year. Trading away talents like Thaddeus Young and Andre Iguodala before that didn’t help them either. Doug Collins was a very good coach, but they set him up to fail – and they’re doing the same thing to Brett Brown. This dedication to losing is also disrespecting one of the most loyal fan bases in professional sports. General Manager Sam Hinkie and ownership should be paying fans to come watch the kind of product they’re putting on the floor every night. I can’t see any way to fix the 76ers with current management in place. The drafts, trades, and free agency are all products of people who obviously have their heads where there isn’t any sunshine.
JOEY CARROLL @JoeyCarroll305
NBA/NFL Writer – North Miami Beach, Florida

The Philadelphia 76ers are the Oakland Raiders of the NBA, but even the Raiders have won. To me, it looks like ownership and management are on a tanking stretch to acquire a lot of young talent. MCW, Nerlens Noel (who was rehabbing his whole first year) and Joel Embiid (repeating Noel this year) are all cornerstones if the Sixers don’t get too desperate and start trading them away – or worse yet, letting them walk via free agency. Fixing the problem starts with the board of ownership. Get rid of Hinkie and Brown who both seem content with the worst record in the league and the worst start in franchise history. Find a no-nonsense GM and head coach and get all of this talent on the same page. If not, Sixers fans are going to lose it …
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mcwFirst off, I think the Sixers are a couple seasons away from making some noise. That’s of the players that are hurt (Embiid) and their draft pick overseas pan out, which all indications are that he will. I think that they need to re-sign (K.J.) McDaniels to a multi-year deal making him and Carter-Williams, along with Noel and Embiid the future of this franchise. They are shooting in vast abundance, just not scoring. Right now they just cannot figure out how to win games. Most of their players seem to be looking to impress scouts, so they can get a deal somewhere else. McDaniels’ mom saying the 76ers are tanking and hurting her sons’ future. They need a veteran in there to settle things down and the Sixers don’t have one. Look at the success the Washington Wizards are having since adding Paul Pierce. Having a veteran helps young guys learn to win. The way things are going, it looks like they will continue to stock through the draft and see what these young kids can do. No one likes losing and it’s a bet that last year and this year have probably made MCW think twice about re-signing with the Sixers. It’s a tough road but hopefully the end result is greater than the product of today. Bright side is it can’t get any worse.
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At 0-17, the 76ers have been the NBA’s punching bag this season. It’s a very young team with some nice young talent in Tony Wroten, Noel, MCW and McDaniels. Hinkie is a promising GM who was Daryl Morey’s right-hand man – both use analytics in their processes and are not afraid to acquire assets for future moves. They may look lost right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised     if some of these young players are pieces for future moves, where Hinkie could integrate a solid veteran or two into this young roster. Yes, Embiid will be out the entire season, but I feel he will prove to be a nice acquisition in the future. I feel Philly is on a good path, but they’ve got to beat the Timberwolves, Lakers or Pistons in at least one of the next three games or they’re going to end up the laughing stock of the NBA for life. I see the 76ers trading a few players and drafting another young talent this off-season with the hope that they can all mesh and become a decent team in the softer Eastern Conference. I wouldn’t hit the panic button yet, maybe if they become the first team to go 0-82.
SCOTT FIELDS @Scott_Fields
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Knowing most of the staff on the 76ers and their front office, I still have an outside-looking-in perspective on this. No one knows for sure the direction of the 76ers’ brain trust, but we certainly know they are loaded with young talent and seem committed to developing that talent. The front office and coaching staff seem to be on the same page as they have hired more player development coaches. The question is are the fans willing to be patient and pay regular season ticket prices for what is sub-par product at present? To develop your plan, I believe you have to stick to it and ride it out, regardless of initial consequences. I don’t believe in tanking and I don’t believe that’s what’s going on. These men are professionals. They want to win. They will continue to work and develop. I feel they have great young talent. They need to get healthy, develop the young talent and build chemistry. Will they test the market in free agency if the price is right? Is this a two- or three-year plan? In this microwave society, we want success quickly. To build what Philadelphia is trying to build is a process. The trick is to keep everyone on the same page throughout that process – that includes the Sixers’ fans. Keep frustrations in check, keep the press and fans in check, and continue to keep your players focused on the task at hand – building a winner. It may not be the sexiest solution, but that’s how I see it from a professional coach’s mindset.
TRACY GRAVEN @tmoneymediaohio
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NBA D-LEAGUE BASKETBALL 2013 - DEC 12 Idaho Stampede defeats Delaware 87ers 115-88I agree with Coach Fields. There has to be a plan and it has to be followed through to execute the desired end result. But if you’re asking people to keep paying premium prices for a product that doesn’t even know what agenda it’s following, then Sixers fans would be better off watching their D League team, the Delaware 87ers. Ticket prices are cheaper and at least they’re 3-2. It’s hard to watch a storied franchise like this struggle – I miss Pat Croce. This team was fun with him in charge, Larry Brown on the bench and Allen Iverson at the point. All that is gone so this “dry spell” is longer than current management – it’s squarely on ownership. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are part of this group. I’m still waiting on my refund for ‘After Earth’ and I’ll never get that 100 minutes of my life back and Sixers fans should feel the same about wasting three hours of their lives that they’ll never get back every time they go to a Philly game, money aside. So many people try and go out and become the next Sam Presti or the next Daryl Morey instead of being the first Sam Hinkie or Rich Cho. Pedigree means nothing other than your boss did his job. People need to believe in you because you’re you and one way to do that is to go out there and present your plan, ask for people’s patience and run your business with transparency, never forgetting those butts in seats are the reason you have your exorbitant salary. When those butts go to the Bob Carpenter Center, where are you going to get your money? Rob Hennigan came from Oklahoma City, but he’s never ridden Presti’s coattails and he’s been very transparent about the direction he wants to take the Orlando Magic (which has at least seven wins this season, in their own rebuilding process). Hinkie needs to do the same. Ownership doesn’t seem to be near as engaged as they need to be and as Croce was. I mean, if I want to see a bad Will Smith product, I’ll dial up “I Robot” on Netflix … it’s cheaper than a Sixers game and – these days – more entertaining. (C’mon, Will, you’re better than this – get engaged!) Fixing it? Bring back Pat Croce!!! pat croce larry brown
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This franchise has turned out some of the greatest players this league has ever boasted in the past. Julius Erving. Moses Malone. Charles Barkley. Now they have become the laughing stock of the league. There’s no leadership in the front office. No defined plan for the team’s future. Seemingly, it looks like they are building around MCW and Noel, two good players, but not building blocks in my opinion. Then they draft Embiid, who is out for the entire season. So “the plan” is to start next year anew with these three players and yet another high draft pick? This is a team that won 19 games last season and is on its way to worse futility this season. They may win fewer games than the Philadelphia Eagles, who only play 16 games all year. The fans should boycott and stop going to games. It’s a disgrace to not even try to put a decent product on the floor. Somewhere down the line, there may be a silver lining. But that future is too far away. “Wait until next year” has become too common a theme for this storied franchise. Fans have waited too many years …