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Scott Fields - Basketball Coach - "Resume"

Scott Fields - Basketball Coach - "Resume"

Scott Fields - Professional Basketball Coach - "Resume"

Men's Professional Coach experience (NBA/FIBA/CBA) College experience (NCAA 1/2, NJCAA/NAIA, AAU)  Accumulative near 760 Win percentage.

I have more than 25 years of High Level Basketball Coaching experience and expertise. I have a proven record of building and maintaining Winning Cultures. I am a man of integrity, driven, ambitious,competitive, self motivated and passionate about my craft. I have an affinity for building a Family atmosphere with a since of Empowering all individuals we guide and direct for growth and development. I have a near 760 win percentage in my many years of Coaching. I believe in teaching life lessons and preparing young men for their successful journeys on and off the court. I am thrilled to take on challenges by taking Teams to the next level of Success and leaving programs and franchises far better than I find them. This is more than a Passion, Coaching is my Purpose.

To land a High Level Coaching position that best utilizes my strengths and skill sets while building a Team to compete for Championships.

Multiple Championships, Multiple Coach of the Year awards
Nationally Ranked College Teams, Inducted into HS Hall of Fame, Undefeated Championship seasons, records for most wins in a season, largest win margins in a game. Coached NJCAA "Player of the Year" "Developed over 100 players to represent their countries. Coached Current and Former NBA players.

Leadership- leading by example with hard work and being a positive role model for the community
Player and Staff Recruitment- I have a large network of colleagues to call upon to build a blue print program and staff - Trained eye to find high level players to fit my philosophy 
Player Development- I have Coached Current and Former NBA Players, NJCAA National Player of the Year, Developed over 100 players to represent their National Teams around the globe for Olympic or World Championship competitions.
Scouting- preparing Teams for opponents and breaking down idiosyncrasies  for competition. 
Communication- I have effective communication skills to identify player roles and responsibilities within a Team concept for a winning culture.
Strength and Conditioning- Players will be disciplined and prepared both mentally and physically for maximum individual and Team performance.
Public Speaking- for marketing and promoting the Franchise or Institution within the community.
Fundraising- marketing our brand to utilize our program as a vehicle to attract local businesses for productive business relationships
Community Involvement- being a proactive member of the community and giving back and building a community Awareness while teaching life skills.

King University -Bristol, Tn.      B.A. received   Major Psychology
Lewis Cass Jr./Sr. HS - Walton, In.     Diploma received 

{Contact Information}
Cell - (801) 859-6793
E mail-

Available upon Request

#WCW - My Wife Kim Fields

#WCW - My Wife Kim Fields

So we all know what the hashtag #WCW stands for correct?
Woman Crush Wednesday !

Well, mine is and always will be my beautiful wife, Kim.
I was at work the other day, I was a bit frustrated and my wife sent me this selfie, it brought a smile to my face right away.

I am blessed and fortunate...

Just wanted to share my #WCW

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

*** Must Watch - Spurs Coach Pop being Pop

*** Must Watch - Spurs Coach Pop being Pop
I am sorry, but this is funny to me and I wanted to share.
I grew up in an era where Indiana University Coach Bob Knight used to work the press.

But Pop has fun, he has earned the reputation of hating the game time interviews on TV.

Watch this interview for NBA Media day 2015

Classic Pop


Thursday, September 24, 2015

#TBT Throwback to '94 BBC Ecluse- Luxemburg

#TBT Throwback to '94
So, this was my second Professional Head Coach position, but first Head Coach position in Europe.
I traveled to the small country of Luxemburg, they have their own language, Luxemburgish, only a population of about 350,000, the country is bordered by Germany, Belgium and France.

It was a great experience, we finished with a best ever record in franchise history and competed in the Final Four of the Luxemburg Cup.
My first personel move was to fire the existing American player and I brought in a versatile american player.
Double D, Doug Devore a poor man Larry Bird, he was smart, he could play multiple positions and defend multiple positions, he was a team player and made those around him better.
This was a young team with a few vetran players sprinted in.
We had a solid backcourt, Claude and his younger brother Guy,
Luc was our Big Man, Eric was an athletic wing, our bench was solid and they knew their roles.
We wonky lost 1 regular season game that season going into the finals

I will never forget this Team and these guys, they were coachable.
We suprised everyone.......

Stadtbredimus will Live on
Ecluse along the Mosel River  
BBC Ecluse

Steve Jobs -Apple- Quotes

Steve Jobs -Apple - Quotes
Steve Jobs, Apple Founder, Movies are made about him. Books have been written by him Nd about him.

Here are two profound quotes I wanted to share with you, as they at applicable to all walks of life.

Enjoy and Share

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not My First Magazine Cover - Fun Times- Coach Scott Fields

Not MY First Magazine Cover- Fun Times- Coach Scott Fields
Just having some fun- This is not my first Magazine Cover- Asia, Latin America, Europe, Scandanavia. I have been blessed with my career ....

Maybe North America soon ? Just sharing some fun

Happy Birthday to my WhItt (Twitters) the big 28 !

Happy Birthday to my Whitt (Twitters) the big 28 !

Happy Happy Birthday to our Girl Whittney Sperry ! You are the BIG 28 today !

I can't tell you how proud I am of you and the lovely lady you have become. I am blessed to have you in my life. There are so many superlatives to discribe you. You are Fun ! You are georgous like your Mom ! You are successful, You are caring, you are a great older sister ! You are giving ! You are a great Momma to Betty ! Well, your Condo is not always the cleanest, but I still LOVE YA !

I came into your life at the tender age of 17 as you were finding your way through those crazy HS years ! I have watched you transform into amazing gal !  I have never been more proud of who you are and who you have become.

I can says this, YOU MAKE 28 LOOK GOOD !
This is to a year of health/wealth and all the happiness you deserve !

I got nothing but Love for you and just know I am always behind you in everything you choose, it is funny this thing called a step dad, but you make it Fun, Enjoyable, and Easy !

I hope everyone helps me wish you a Happy Birthday !


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It all starts with VISION- Coach Scott Fields

It is starts with VISION- Coach Scott Fields
Where does it come from? How do you get started? How can I make a difference?
You must have VISION ! You must be confident in yourself and your skill set and abilities.
You must be comfortable to teach, break down to the simple basics and be able to teach it, demonstrate it, show how you want it done. Don't take for granted they know what you know.
Don't assume, talk to them and teach them like you are talking to a Martian.

As a Coach, there are many paths to take on your journey. What level do you want to Coach?
What gender do you want to Coach? Are you in it for the right reasons? If you are in it for the fame? The money? I will tell you this, you are in it for ALL the wrong reasons.

If you are in it to help others to obtain their goals and aspirations, it is a great place to start.
You must care for the people you Coach ! You must take the time to get the know the athletes off the court you are Coaching.
You must be able to Communiate.
But take it to the next level, you must be able to effectively Communicate with them one on one.
You must be able to identify. Role for the individual before you set your Team goals.
Everyone must know and understand their Role on the Team.
They must buy into your system or Philosophy.
This comes easier for those who have had success and from those who have reached success at higher levels.
You must be comfortable to hold them accountable. You must use tidy who the Team CPtian is going to be and hold that person accountable as well.
Just know before you hold them accountable, you must hold yourself accountable for all of your actions, so, you must lead by example.

As a man with Vision, you must be ready to build and create a CULTURE of Dedication, Disapline,
Hard Work. These must be Goal driven, Winning will be the by product of the Hard Work.
Individual Goals must be willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the Team, Players and everyone in the organization must be mindful of the process.

The can be no hidden agenda's , Things must be first and foremost realistic to everyone.
You must be willing to make a stand for what you believe and not waiver. You must have confidence, you must believe in what you Teach and what you preach. If not, you will loose the respect of those you are leading.

You must stay calm during stressful times, you must control your emotions, as mental clarity comes with rational thinking. You must be able to see what others can't not, but lead them to your vision. We must stive for perfection in a no perfect environment, as many factors you will never be able to control. You must prepare your Team to perform at peak levels in times of stress and pressure, you must make them comfortable being out of their comfort zones. This is practiced, let them start with visualization. Get your players focused on the current task and centered mentally and mindful of their self and each other. This is all done in a competitive environment.  Everyday their must be competition and under stressful conditions and everything must imulate game speed and game conditions.

This is all organized, planned out to the most specific detail, under time management. Allowing time for corrective skill modifications.

I say, , "We are what we repeatedly do. We are what we repeated think. We are what we repeated Vision"

If you cant see it, don't try to Teach it, don't try to Preach it. But you better first believe it.
Allow your Vision to come to fruition.
This is were Success lies.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Coaches IMPACT

A Coaches Impact 
This is a great read and a great reminder of the Impact a Coach has on an athlete.

Coaches, please share this post with each other.

Have a great week

Friday, September 18, 2015

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - what society has misunderstood

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - what society has misunderstood
I have always admired Kareem, he was unstoppable, the signature move called the "Skyhook".
He has won as many NBA titles as MJ, the world embraced MJ, but has never built up the Kareem.
Why? Was it his own doing ? Was it his lack of trust with the media?

Arguably the best ever Big Man, before social media, before mainstream, before the Huge high dollar contracts of today.

Should he be on the Mt Rushmore of basketball?

I came across the interesting article on the iconic man.
I still respect what he accomplished on the court, I admire his legacy, I think of his overal dominance from HS in NY, his three NCAA championships at UCLA, they changed the rule about dunking, because he was to dominant and unstoppable. He won 6 NBA titles, he has multiple NBA MVP awards.

Yes, he choose not to play in the Olympics, it was his personal choice. But, he did have longevity in his career. This man who loves literature, reading and writing.

Enjoy this link

Thursday, September 17, 2015

TBT- Throwback Thursday

TBT- Throwback Thursday

Since it is TBT , I thought I would throwback to a couple fun Teams I have been blessed to Coach in recent years.

On Top- the NBA Charity Event with Top NBA Players
Steph Curry, Anthony Tolliver, Corey Magette, Wes Mathews, Chaucey Billups, Jeremy Evans, Jimmer Fredtte, not pictured Enes Kanter also Brandon Sly and Myself

A Nationally Televised game in Venezuela Guaros vs Cocodrillos
During a TV timeout, it was a great group of men.

I have been blessed and I look forward to the next venture on the journey

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inspirational Quote for the Week !

Inspirational Quote of the Week !
I felt it appropriate to share this quote with all of you

I hope it is applicable for you

Please share with others

Jorge Hernandez - the Venzuelan Basketball Architect

Mr Jorge Hernandez - the Venezuelan Basketball architect

I want to congratulate Mr Jorge Hernandez and his family for the recent success of the Venezuelan National Basketball team and their qualification to the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.

I had the honor and privledge to work with him and get to know him on and off the court.
He is a great man, I have the utmost respect for him. To me he is the man behind the magic.

It is true, he has never scored a basket, he has never grabbed a rebound, he has never taken a charge on the court. Be he has given the biggest assist to ALL of Basketball in the country.

He is the charismatic owner of the Guaros de Lara basketball team, that I was honored to coach.
When I met Jorge in Aruba, my first impression of this man is he has the passion and he cared about his people and he is very loyal
To me he was the Mak Cuban of basketball in all of Latin America. He was outspoken. he had vision. He wanted to give his team every resource available to him to provide a culture for success. You have to appreciate that.
The more time I was around Jorge , I saw the successful business man in him like a Donald Trump.

He builds success, he builds people, he provides opportunities.

Even though my time was short, I must give credit to where credit is due.
Mr Jorge Hernandez needs to be given the credit for the vision and direction of All of Basketball in Venezuela. Because of his drive, because of his ambition, because of his vision Venezuela will compete in the Olympics.

I am thrilled for Jorge, he deserves the credit, Basketball would not be at the level where it is today without the Architect.

They are a great group of players on the roster, they have a great staff. And Jorge has been the force behind the product.

So from my personal perspective, I want to send my personal congrats to Jorge and his family.
I am happy for him and all he has done for Basketball in Venezuela.

I wish you all the best moving forward. I know as long as his hands are on the wheel. Nothing but positive results will follow. Go Get 'EM Boss !!!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Comparing two great guards

Comparing two great guards

I have been blessed in my career, I have coached some great individuals, the list is long.
I wanted to share this photo attached to this post.

I wanted to compare two great guards.
1, everyone knows as he is the NBA MVP- Steph Curry
1, is from the small country of Venzuela -  Heissler Guillent

Yes, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to coach both of them, but this post is not about me, it is about educating and making all players aware of the strengths that each of these men have.

Both of these men are first and foremost outstanding people, the are family men, they are loyal to their wife, they adore their children. I have seen them both interact with their kids.

Both of these men are very hard workers, both of these men put in hundreds of hours of work on their skills sets to improve their game. Both of these men take care  of themself and their bodies.

Both of these men are very coachable, they listen, they make eye contact, they are focused.
Both of these men put in the work that have been taught to them. Both of these men are passionate about the game. Both of these men have earned the respect of their peers. Both men don't talk , they just work. Both men let their play do their talking. Both are leaders, both are clutch. Both of these men will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage on the competition. Both of these men are humble, they are great with the fans, sign autographs.

The are so many Comparisions to make on these men.

Both of these men will represent their countries in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
1 for Team USA
1 for Team Venezuela

There will be 1 Coach who will be cheering for both of them, it is so gratifying to watch them both succeed. I am thrilled they both have been blessed to perform on the big stage.

I know after the game is over for both of them, they will both be grounded and successful away from them hardwood.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Venezuela to the 2016 Rio Olympics - PG Heissler Guillent

Venezuela to the 2016 Olympics - PG Heissler Guillent

I am so proud of the National Team from Venezuela. I am even more proud of my time together with the PG Heissler Guillent. I was able to spend time with Heissler prior to his making the National Team. I saw his talent. I saw his workethic. I told him if he continued to work hard he would be representing the country.

From the photos you will see my one on one time with Heissler Top Left- working on showing Ball to defense on a cross over, this to get the defense to lunge.
On bottom, you will see a light moment prior to a practice, sharing a smile and laugh. On bottom Rt
A serious teachable moment, notice how locked in he is to every word, he is like Steph Curry. he is very coachable.

In the middle you will see Heissler on the All Tournament Team with NBA players.

I am so proud of him and his accomplishments.

So in 2016 Venezuela will be in the RIO Olympics. A part of me will be with them.
I wish them the Best of Luck !

Sunday, September 13, 2015



I am sad to share that the NBA community and society lost another great one.
R.I.P. Moses Malone.
  (Holding NBA Championship Trophy)
Pictured with my first celebrity inspiration Julius "Dr J" Erving.

Dr J had my interest, I would imitate him on my nerf hoops in the hall way and in the bedroom,
I would dunk Nd slam myself into the door, and my mom would yell,"This is not a gym" I was dunking in athletic ways. I would watch those 76ers to watch him, but I would also notice mountain of a man on the boards. Moses Malone.
A player who went from HS to the Pro Ranks. He was a relentless worker on both ends of the floor, grabbing rebounds, grabbing his own misses, or starting a fast break out to Dr J.

I am sad for the loss.

RIP Moses

I sent my condolences to your family.

Gone to soon.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget 9/11/2001

Never Forget

Lisa Leslie says, " I could Coach Clippers now"

Lisa Leslie says, " I could Coach Clippers now"
People call major sports Copy Cat leagues. San Antonio gave Becky Hammond a great opportunity this past summer by becoming the First female to be Head Coach of an NBA SUMMER LEAGUE team.

Nancy Lieberman was already a NBA DLEAGUE Head Coach of the Texas Legends
Nancy is now an Assistant Coach with the Sac Kings with Head Coach Geirge Karl.

Well another former WNBA player Lisa Leslie says, " I can coach the Clippers now"
She claims she could help their big men.

I found this story in NBC SPORTS.
I wanted to share

Enjoy the content

Thursday, September 10, 2015

MJ vs Kobe the visual comparisons (Video)

MJ vs Kobe the visual comparisons  (Video)
I came across the barbershop talk. I often hear people try to compare Kobe to MJ.
I hear diehard fans of each athlete share there passionate arguments on why MJ or Kobe is better.

True, arguments can be made for each, they both have a competitive nature to them.

It is like what came first the chicken or the egg?

Well MJ came first, he globalized the game, the torch was passed to Kobe, Kobe will pass it onto LBJ.
All I can say is the game is in good hands.

I like the NBA commissioner Adam Silver. But these are other topics

Enjoy this VIDEO link of the comparisons of MJ and Kobe

Also sound off, Who was better in your opinion?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CIA hired a Basketball Coach to Spy on Russia - great read

CIA hired a Basketball Coach to spy on Russia- great read

I came cross this article and found it very interesting. I feel this would be a great tue estoy for a movie.

This was on B/R and I wanted to share the content. This should be shared with your network.

The link is attached here

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Inside the MIND of Michael Jordan - (Video)

Inside the Mind of Michael Jordan - (Video)
It hopes of sharing content, I found a short video which tries to show the mindset of Michael Jordan.
I think what it is trying to share is his competitive edge, the mental approach, the lengths he would go to find motivation.

Trash talking is only gas on the fire. he would take comments from players, coaches, front office staff to fuel his fire. he would take anything to gain a mental edge on his competition.

MJ would push his Team Mates, he challenged them, he physically fought them.
He wanted everyone around him to have the same edge.

I am sure there are many more depths to his competitive edge and and his mentally.

MJ could back his words, I can't imagine coaches wanting to awaken a sleeping giant.

Enjoy this video clip

Monday, September 7, 2015

Coach John Wooden on Success - Video

Coach John Wooden on Success -  Video
This is a TED Talks video, It is lengthy, but for Coaches/Players, I find It a great share for its content.

Click and Enjoy. I find coming from Indiana myself, the Midwest values are core beliefs.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Phil Jackson teaches Mindfulness to his Championship Teams

Phil Jackson Teaches Mindfulness to his Championship Teams
No one can argue the success of Coach Phil Jackson. 11 Championships ! Many are intrigued by his Zen beliefs and being centered and in the moment. Others may  say it is because he had the best players in the game at that time. Michael Jordon or Kobe Bryant with Shaq.  But he managed the egos, he got them to buy into selflessness and Team.

I respect what he accomplished, I think he is brilliant. It is truly a process.

I found this video link where he shares his beliefs, I wanted to share so that you can see the depth of his intellect.

Click and enjoy

Friday, September 4, 2015

Legendary Coach Bobby Knight TOP 10 (soundbites)

Legendary Coach Bob Knight TOP 10 soundbites 

I grew up in Indiana and I was blessed to be a multi sport athlete, with basketball being my favorite.
The Indiana University Head Basketball coach wwas Bob Knight.
My father idolized him, worshiped him. My father went through some health issues and I sent a letter requesting a autographed photo of the coach.
A week later it came with a handwritten note to my dad.

It was awesome.
I have always had the utmost respect for what he accomplished as a coach and what he was able to get out of his players. He has done so many great things for his players once they graduated.
The list is to long, they are all successful in their ventures in or out of basketball.

Bob Knight was the most popular sports figure as I grew up.

Basketball in Indana is a religion. Every Saturday morning, We would watch the Bob Knight show.
We would watch all IU games, then a Lewis Cass HS graduate would go onto play for Coach Knight.
Ted Kitchell, roommate to  Randy Whittman a IU graduate, NBA player and current Head Coach of the Wizards. 

Lets just say, we never missed IU Dad still watches IU, and supports the program, I would guess that he has been dissapointed in the last few years, as I think he wishes Coxh Knight was still at the helm.

I found a list of his TOP TEN soundbites.   Coach Knight was a character, he had his personality.
To me he was a basketball genius, what he accomplished on the court was outstanding.
His knowledge was unquestionable.
His mannerisms? Well, I will leave that to you to decide.

Click the link and enjoy.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Phil Jackson - quote

Phil Jackson - quote
He is the winningest coach with multiple championships
He is The Zen Master, yes, he had talent, but he knew how to manage the talent.

Enjoy the quote

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OKC Thunder Coach Billy Donovan - Life after 2 Championships

OKC Thunder Coach Billy Donovan - Life after 2 Championships 

I am a fan of Billy Ball and what he built in Florida, what was known as a football school. In. Strong SEC. But he was the right man at the right time.
He has great energy, enthusiasm, he is driven, focused, he comes from the Rick Pitino coaching tree.

I found this article and found the content empowering, it is well written .

Please click the link to enjoy the insight.

I feel Billy D will do a nice job in OKC, he cares about the success of the people around him.
His ego is in check.  GOOD LUCK to BILLY DONOVAN this season.