Monday, August 31, 2015

Pat Riley quote

Pat Riley - quote
I have always been a huge fan of Pat Riley.
I like his drive, his leadership, he ability to communicate and motivate.

I like this quote, so I wanted to Share.

Eagles Soar - QOTD

Eagles Soar - QOTD 

Just a great quote

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Coach Scott Fields - VISION

Coach Scott Fields -VISION




I am ready for the next opportunity ! I am a free agent, and I know my best coaching days are ahead.

Brandon (B Sly) Sly - Happy 19th Birthday

B Sly - Happy 19th Birthday

Brandon D Sly, is 19 today. 8/29/1996 was the DOB.

Today he is 19, a boy becoming a man, and the last of his teenage years. You are now a Sophomore at USU EASTERN in Price, Ut. A Point Guard on the basketball team on scholarship.

Kim and I are blessed to have you apart of our Family. You are the Sunshine in our home.
You passion for basketball was our bond. Now, we have watch you grow, watched you mature into a gentleman. Your journey has just begun, but it will be a fun ride.

You came into out life, as it must have been Gods plan. I returned from coaching in China. I told my wife I wanted to mentor kids with Big Brothers, since I didn't have biological children myself. A friend of mine came to me and said, you are a basketball guy, there is a young boy who always has a basketball in his hand, you need to meet him.

We met, we talked hoops, I went to a super league game late one evening, I met a close friend of yours whom I also knew and she said, she adored you and we would be the perfect match.

A Freshman at WHS, to a transfer to RHS, to a scholarship at USU to .............

Your smile, your dimple, your thirst for knowledge, your singing and dance moves
and to think you just got your first dunk only a few weeks ago, a MILESTONE moment and you were angry no one had it on video.

Just know we are proud of you ! Love YA ! and thrilled to be in your life
Kim, Whitt and I are the lucky ones

Happy 19 lil man !

Karma - Coaches TIMEOUT

Just a life Lesson to live by

Friday, August 28, 2015

Top Recruits recreate Steph Currys top plays from 2015 -video

Top Recruits recreate Steph Currys top plays from 2015 

I found this video of top Recruits across the nation trying to duplicate The NBA MVP Steph Currys top plays from 2015

In this video clip the MVP himself breaks down the plays that were special. After his breakdown of the play, the nations top recruits to to recreate the play.

This is a great link, to view and share, it is informative, it is insightful from Steph Curry himself.

This Special person and athlete is the epitome of hardwork, repetition, solid values on and off the court, I can't say enough Good things about this special talent.
I have been thrilled to work with him on two separate occasions, and each time was a honor and privledge.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

R.I.P. - Daryl Dawkins - Chocolate Thunder with Video

R.I.P.    Daryl Dawkins  aka Chocolate Thunder
W/ video 
Because of this power dunker, they re contonstructed backboards and rims.We now have break away rims, to lower to risk to players who shatter backboards. Daryl shattered two backboards in one season.

He had knick names for his dunks.

Enjoy the video link about the late Daryl Dawkins
Twitter @Scott_Fields

Dr J quote - Respect

Dr J  - quote          RESPECT

Just wanted to share a great quote from an ICON

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day - my DES 170 lbs of LOVE

National Dog Day - Des = 170 lbs of LOVE

This my my Dog, this was a Christmas present from my wife. DES is a Great Dane. A Gentle Giant.
He is love able, cuddly , he thinks he is a lap dog, he doesn't know or care if he is 170 lbs.

The way he welcomes me home from a long day of work, the way he knows when I pack my bags for a trip, his kisses, he loves drives in the jeep, where his head sticks out, he loved the convertable, he likes hikes. Walks and runs, he likes to sneak a snack from the kitchen, he gets jealous when the grand dog comes around, he hates be be outside when we have a party.
He will watch basketball games with me, he lays by my feet when I work, he likes sleep overs in the tent. He just wants to be close and snuggle as much as possible

He has been a warrior, he has 1 lung, he had his stomach clipped since he twisted years back, he is a great guard dog, he will let us know when someone comes to visit, he loves to sleep on his matress at night next to our bed. He likes cool weather, he loves carrots and ice cubes for treats, he mourned the lost of his sister LACEY.

He loves when we have guest, he is my best buddy........I baby him, I am a softy, he likes when I rub. His ears and rub his back, I sleep on the floor with him when he doesn't deel well.
He has no idea he is a dog.

Love this BIG FELLA
He is a  great and valuable member of the Fields family

Bill Russell- one of the ALL TIME top Team players and Champions

Bill Russell - one of the ALL TIME top Team players and Champions

I found this post, I have always admired Bill Russell from afar, and I always wanted to set with him and have a conversation with him. I find him to be one of the best competitions of all time, before Live TV games, before social media. How can he be left off of the Mt Rushmore of players?

This post says it all, some people just have a way of winning at every level, they have special characteristics, and talents and skill sets. they are leaders of men, they play a Team GMe, but they empower all of those around them and make them better.

Boston won several Championships during his tenure, as a player, a player coach.
banners have been hung in the Boston Gardens. This man has a lot of hardware and jewelry.

Bill Russell, simply one of the best to ever do it, and he did it vs Wilt Chamberlian, so he wasn't the only Big on the court, yes he was surrounded by talent, but he was the anchor.

I wish I could set and just talk about Sports/Basketball/Life with you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Coaches need for an escape and serenity is healthy

A Coaches need for an escape and serenity is Healthy.

This post is all about healthy mind, body and spirit. I feel I am blessed to live out in Gods country.
I live just south of Salt Lake City in Utah. I have always had an interest in the western states.

I guess that comes from my grandfather on my moms side, he would take trips to Colorado, Idaho, Utah to hunt Deer and Elk with his friends. I would watch his old reel to reel black and white movies and think it was so cool. They would set up camp, and Chase Big Game in Southern Colorado.

My father is a huge outdoors man as well,  he is retired and his passion for the outdoors with fishing and hunting and camping was passed on. I guess I am easily a third generation outdoors man. When fall rolls around, and there starts to be a crips in the air and the leaves start to change, I get excited.
I live around several Big Game animals, that are not in the mid west.

Moose, Elk, Mule and Whitetail deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Black bear, Big Horn Sheep, Wolves, Cougars can be found along the Wasatch front.  the mountain scales are breathtaking, literally, as I hike in this evelevation above 5200 ft, the air is thin, and the steepness of the terrain is a great cardio workout.

I can remember trips I would take with one of my childhood buddy to the western states. Scotty and I loaded up the car, slept in a tent every night and ate cold cuts and snacks to hike and get movies and still photos of wildlife were highlights of my youth. Scotty and I made great memories together. I now live here with my wife and family.

When I am not in basketball, my second passion is the outdoors. The Big Sky, fresh air, the wildlife.
The popping of a campfire, the hikes. The scenery, there is nothin better. The sense of adventure, to crest the next Summitt, as yiu never known hat you will spot.

The cardio is best cross training, it is always not easy, it is like doing a lunge on every step. With my Rhuematiod arthritis, it slows me down, I just go at my pace. I take the time to soak it all in. I enjoy the beauty. It is a workout, a great sweat. So , please hydrate and fuel up.
For the mind, for me, just to get out and get away, it outdoor therapy. The peace and serenity and being in the Big Game environment is a thrill.

For the spirit and soul, the is nothing better, to me, it is spiritual. It cleanses the soul.

I know for others. It can be anything, a good book, a movie, maybe Golf, or skiing, whatever it is to recharge your batteries, I encourage it. The players and your Team  you coach deserve your best.
Whatever it is to rid your stress, get out and do it. if it is gardening, go garden, for me, Look for me off of the trail, on a game trail, look near a stream or within an eye shot of a heard of elk in the fall.

I will be the guy, with a smile on my Face. A quickend pulse and goose bumps.

Kobe Bryant - Competitive Spirit

Kobe Bryant - Competitive Spirit
I found this post from a former NBA player who is now a Coach. I spoke with this young man this summer at the NBA summer league. He was thrilled for his opportunity after coaching in the D league last season. I was happy for him, as I have been around him often. He is. Great guy who continues to give back to the game and his home community.

He posted this to show his respect for a man he competed against for many seasons.

I wanted to repost and share this, as I feel it does a great job of Kobe himself putting into words what makes him who he is.

Click to blow it up and enlarge for easier reading.

Share with a player or Coach


Monday, August 24, 2015

Steph Curry - just another reason to like this man

Steph Curry- Just another reason to like this guy

Yes, I have had the honor and privledge to have cross paths with the MVP on two separate occasions in my career. I was lucky to be with GS in his rookie year at the NBA Summer League.
The second occasion was able to coach him at the NBA charity event in SLC.

This is not to exploit those opportunities, but I was able to observe and see first hand, how humble, how coachable of a young man he was. I watched his routine, Steph would work on his ball handling before the game. he does the same routine today. His WorkEthic is outstanding, he constantly pushes himself outside of his comfort zone. Steph is a man of spirit and he isn't afraid to show it.
Steph writes in his shows, "I can do all things" a biblical verse.

I am proud of him and he has inspired many. 

This is a great photo and quote, so I felt I should share. Again, just another reason to Like and Support this man. Steph Curry is more than just a player in an NBA Team. I hope many more follow in the trail he is blazing.

Friday, August 21, 2015

What is your EXCUSE ? By Coach Scott Fields

What is your EXCUSE ? By Coach Scott Fields

Take a closer look at this photo ! I am blessed that I currently work with people with disabilities on a daily basis, as I am between Coaching positions. I am inspired on a daily basis when I observe some unique challenges people live with.

I observe challenges, I talk with them, I listen closely to the families. I am moved to my core.
It is all about attitude, it is all about choices, I see special needs individuals and what challenges they encounter when it comes to quality of life. 

I see people give in, and I see them wilt, I also see strong minded individuals and they don't let obstacles stand in their way, they find a way, of course with assistance, with adaptive equipment, assistive technology. But I see inspiration in their eyes, there soul glows, they smile with sincerity, they laugh from the heart, they are real, they don't want attention, they are SPECIAL, they are DRIVEN, this is why it saddenss me to see healthy individuals make excuses, feel sorry for themselves. Why? 

I too suffer on a daily basis from a crippling disease of Rhuematiod Arthritis. It was not genetic, I contracted the illness while taking a vaccine to except my scholarship in North Carolina. I was a HS Hall of Fame athlete on scholarship to play basketball and pursue a dream.
I took the vaccine in October of 1986. I was bed fast in November of 1987.

This is not about me, this is about awareness, it is about individuals who still live their life. they still have a FIRE within them, they have a purpose. They don't allow individuals or circumstances to set their limitations. They have ambition, the have faith, they have determination.

We all have a story, we all have challenges, we all have trials and tribulations.
We also have choices, we have decisions on how we will live our life.
Look around you , you are what your choices have led you to. If you don't like your current situation, just know it is temporary, you can fix it, you can choose to make excuses, you can choose to be miserable, you can be one of those who complain Nd do nothing about it.
Or, you can find solutions to issues. Yiu can make progress with your attitude? Will you choose to except things as they are? Or will you make changes.

I am quilty, I have been in ruts, I have felt sorrow, I am far from perfect, I have had a poor attitude about things. I too have complained, I have felt sorry for myself . But those where test, they were life lessons. 

You too have a choice...REVIVE you. Make the decision to move forward, you might fail? If you do Fail Forward....keep moving towards your goals, keep moving towards your aspirations. FEAR what? Fear is an emotion, it is a self manufactured illusion. 

I hope this post inspires you to be a better you, I hope the photo inspires you to see other choose to be successful.sometimes it is all about changing your perspective.

It is not about flexing muscle, it is about flexing your brain....

Excuses? Are only good for those who make them, go ahead wallow in your excuse, I will not enable you,  I will listen, but, I will set back and see if you wIll do anything about your circumstance, it is up to you to fix it...
An excuse is a premeditated mental reasoning to yourself..are you really buying into it? 

Denial, it is many people know a parent who is in denial about a child with substance abuse issues? How many times have you heard the parent make an excuse for the childs behavior. 

Just throwing it out to make you think about it...I would rather have honesty, direct honesty. It might sting, but in many situations it is far healthier. It will not kill you to hear the truth. Accept it, process it, use it to inspire you in a positive direction, just like a doctor prognoses. You can choose to accept it, or you can you it to empower yourself to make a change Ina. Positive direction.

I was told I would be in a wheelchair at the age of 25, I was told my disease was so active and so much degenerative bone decay by the worlds best doctors at the mayo clinic, that I and my family needed to be prepared for a wheelchair. 
I told my family, "they don't know me very well do they " 
It was a defining moment, I choose not to accept it, I was stubborn, I was heard headed. I fought it  I didn't allow it to define me. Yes, I had great doctors, I struggled to find medications to help me ease the pain, to ease the swelling, I was taking 16 pills a day, in hopes of finding something to help me control the disease, not or never in remission, but control it.

Well, I am about to turn 48, I am still not in a wheelchair. 

True story, I was coaching in Lebanon, I tore my ACL. They did surgery on me to reconstruct my ACL. We had a game three days later, I told the doctors to get me out of the hospital and allow me to coach and lead my team. They said ok, but I would be in a wheelchair.
I said NO, I would be on the sideline , no wheelchair, becUse of what the doctors told me at the Mayo clinic. 
They gave me crutches, I threw the crutches down. I hopped on one leg, with sweat pouring down my body from pain, I had a huge brace on my leg that was newly reconstructed. but I did it to lead by example to my team. 

It was a choice, again a defining moment, ask my players and the fans they will remember.

I am not special, I am just another man who has a choice. I don't share this with you to put myself on a pedestal, I share it in hopes of inspiring others to make healthy choices in the life.

God Bless you on your journeys, thanks dr allow me to share a bit about myself.
But I am blessed God has put me wher I am now. I am inspired daily with the individuals and families I serve daily. You are my inspiration.

REVIVAL - motivational clip

set the FIRE of REVIVAL - motivational clip

As we continue to share Inspirational videos the past couple weeks to Empower you on your journey.
I chose this video of REVIVAL today as the next in the series

I hope you enjoy this clip, and I hope it sets a FIRE within you to Achieve more, Do more.

If you were to Die today, what dies with you?
What Dreams?
What ideas?
What talents?
What greatness ?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throw Back - WAY BACK - #TBT

Throw Back - WAY BACK - #TBT
Scott Fields
Ok, this is WAY BACK, I was still Rockin the diapers, and baby shoes, blonde hair, and chunky
Now NOT much hair left, Tall and Thin, but always SEXY

I was born 10/31/1967 , this must have been in 68?

Lebron James Tweet could cost You $140,000

Lebron James needs $140,000 for Tweet

This is money making money. In this article it is claimed that Lebron James has 23.2 Million followers. With that said an estimated value of one of his tweets could cost you $140,000

Click here to see this link Nd story

Resiliency - What's your Excuse ? What's your Why ? *Video

Resiliency- What's your excuse ? What's your Why ? - Video

As we continue to to share Inspirational content, today is about RESILIENCY.

Again, click the link and enjoy the Message 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DESIRE - a Motivational video message

DESIRE - a Motivational video message 

As I continue to share Motivational videos with the intent to Inspire you on your journey, I wanted to share this video on DESIRE.

Click to enjoy the link

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Christopher Duffley 14 yr old Autistic/Blind sings at Red Sox game

Christopher Duffley 14 yrs old- Autistic / Blind sings at Red Sox game

I am moved by this performance- Christopher Duffley is a bright , talented young singer.
Yes, he is Autistic/ Blind he is 14 yrs old. he has a talent, he has a gift

I am currently between my coaching positions, and I am blessed to be working with the State of Utah, with Department of Human services. I work for the Department of Services for People with Disabilities. it is a very rewarding position and I get to work with this population.

I also have a family member who I don't get to see much, but I adore him and think of him often, he has moved across the country, and he too has a talent and gift of signing. Ashton, I am thinking of you when I hear this.

Click and share if this moves you?

Great things come from Vision / Imagination

Great things come from Vision /Imagination

I share this Inspirational Video because I believe in its Content, I believe in the Message
I ask that you take this time for yourself to Listen to this, Hear what is being shared.

I hope it Empowers you on your journey, to find you Passion, find you Purpose.

Click this link, Share this link, 
Pay it forward TODAY, START NOW

Monday, August 17, 2015

BdotAdot5 the hoops Internet comedian at it again - Joey Crawford

BdotAdot5 at it again, this time Joey Crawford
Ok, I am a huge fan of the NBA impersonator as he clowns the top players in the league.

BdotAdot5 this times clowns referee Joey Crawford, great stuff for a good laugh.

In the past BdotAdot5 cloned names like Lebron, Kobe, James Harden and Tim Duncan

His new take on Love and Basketball was classic.

This former D leaguer who resides in ATL, has already been on sports shows.
But let's show some love here, click and enjoy

from Wall St to NBA - Coach Billy Donovan OKC Thunder

Thunder Coach Billy Donovan from Wall St to the League
I found this interesting article on the OKC Thunder Coach Billy Donovan.
I understand, when you are doing a job that you know is not you, it is not your passion or purpose.

A short stint in Wall St reinforced to Billy that sales on Wall St was not his cup of tea.

Enjoy this link

Hero- Motivational clip

Hero - Motivational Clip

We are continuing the series on Motivational content for the week.
I appreciate the positive feed back on your appreciation on what we are doing.

Enjoy this Motivational clip on Heros.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

What I am after cant be purchased- by Coach Scott Fields

What I am after cant be purchased

It is true, I have been on a quest. I have taken risk, I have made sacrifices, I did things that were dangerous, I have made mistakes. I have learned life lessons.

I could write a book on my experiences. I am not where I want to be quite yet, but I am closer today than I was when I was 18.

At 18, I was young, inexperienced, confident, I was willing to take larger risk. I was in a journey to prove people wrong, I did what I thought was right, I threw caution to the wind, I went with it and maximized on opportunities.

My journey is not a path of popularity, it is my path, it is my journey. I own it.

I am pioneering so to say, as trials and tribulations have challenged me. Things that were out of my control happened, life happened.  I went from HS Hall of Famer to bedfast all from an oral polio vaccine. I went from scholarship athlete to full time college Coach, thanks to an opportunity provided to me from the coach I played for.

I was young, single, mobile, could take jobs on a volunteer basis to learn my craft, I would find outside work to supplicant my income pay for my housing and amenities and food.

I was hungry, I was eager to grind, I was on a mission to now help other achieve their goals, I realized early I was a motivator, a great communicator, I could teach the game. I was a recruiter. I would go from North Carolina, back to my home state of Indiana, to Tennessee, to Louisiana, back to North Carolina to Hawaii to Florida.  I would work college camps in the summer to network, make a bit of money to keep me afloat. I would also work Shooting camps and travel all across the United States.

I continued to gain confidence, I was able to practice my craft, I was able to experiment on my teaching and my testimony. I was taking my lumps, I had laser like focus, I was ambitious and driven.

I was always seeking the next opportunity to prove myself. I had now taught the game in almost every state in the United States with camps and clinics. This was all before social media. I was in the game. I had to learn to surround myself with quality people. I had to learn people would use me, I had to leRn not everybody was good. I had to learn kindness was a sign of weakness. Yey, i wLeays saw the good in people.

My career would jump to the Professional ranks in Europe, to then Scandanavia to Latin America to Middle East to Asia and back to Latin America to here in the United States.

I have been around the globe, I have been blessed, I have had so much success.
I have worked with the best in the business, I have learned from the most respected, I have beat some of these at the top levels.

I am never satisfied, I have become We with my family. I now want to put my family in the best position possible. It is not just me, it is We. What I want can't be Purchased. It has to be earned.

I need a break, I need an opportunity, I need someone to help me, like I am always willing to help others. I need for an answer to my prayers, I need it to be apart of Gods plan. I want it to be with the right people. I have a passion, I have a purpose, I have a plan. But, it can't be purchased.

It is frustrating, it is a challenge, it is about being in the right place at the right time, it is about perseverance, I have the experience, I have the confidence, I am chasing it like a heat sinking missile, I am aimed at my target, I have been is not a dream, it is more than a Vision. I feel it is what I was put here to do.

I am willing to work at it, I am eager to continue to learn and grow. I know what I have been doing is right, I know that when given the opportunity, it will take off, I believe in me, I know my value, I refuse to let others set my destiny, I know I too must change my situation. My work, plus my prayers will get me what I can't purchase.

Never give up on your purpose !

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Zealand "Tall Blacks perform Haka " video

NEw Zealand " TALL BLACKS perform Haka"

This is one of my favorite cultural traditions as a pre game ritual.

Enjoy this link

Click and Share

Friday, August 14, 2015

Be "UNSTOPPABLE" - Inspirational Video

Be "UNSTOPPABLE" - Motivational video
I am continuing the MOTIVATIONAL/INSPIRATIONAL video sharing.

I came across this Video and it does Great job of sharing The Drive to be "UNSTOPPABLE"

Enjoy this link and share with you friends.

GO GET WHAT YOU WANT, the. Once ther, strive to be the BEST AT IT !!

Good Luck on your journey ! How bad do you want it ?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cancer Fundraiser - "Buffy the Cancer Slayer"

Breast Cancer Fundraiser -  "Buffy the Cancer Slayer"

Please help us in support of our close friend Sharon "Buffy" Damico. Was diagnosed with breast Cancer a few months ago. She is currently having Chemo treatments, then she starts radiation, she will have her mastectomy in November. Both Breast will be removed. It is also in the lymph nodes. It is a blessing it is only stage two.

We are selling these Pink Bracelets w/ Purple inscription " Buffy the Cancer Slayer" with the Cancer ribbon.(photo of bracelets in top right corner of photo) Buffy is in bottom left corner.

We are asking for $5 for a bracelet  + a small shipping and handling fee, and the proceeds help her pay for the medical expenses, this is being done as a surprise for her.

Please help SHARE this post, and kindly contact me, if you are interested in purchasing a bracelet?
Thanks so much, my Wife, Kim and I appreciate your prayers and purchase of a bracelet for her.

I can be contacted here on FaceBook via messenger or at

Or we are happy to except any kind donation on her behalf.

Straight Outta -- MY DREAMS

Straight Outta -- MY DREAMS

I share this photo as I still feel blessed to have found this wonderful spirit and I get to share my life with her.  I was single for many years, I did not settle, I knew what I was looking for, I like many others have had my heart crushed at a young age. I wasn't going to put myself through that hurt, and I wouldn't hurt anyone else.

I was married to my work, as I coached around the globe. I met many great people, but when my eyes met hers, the attraction was instant. The more time I spent with her, I realized how much we shared in common. The Values, the priorities, she was confident, she is very successful in her work, she was a great mom. I loved kids and fell in love with her daughter Whittney. Whittney, is just like her mom, she is fun, and full of life. Kim was into health and fitness. She has a huge heart. She is giving, loyal, and I could go on and on.

As the line in Jerry McGuire, "You complete me." She made me whole. She inspires me to want to continue to be the best. I am very proud of her. Kim has a great energy, she has beautiful green eyes and a smile that sparkles, her personality takes over a room. 

She puts up with me and all of my flaws and imperfections. She supports my dreams. She is the best thing to ever personally happen to me. She welcomed in our adopted son Brandon, she loves him as if she gave birth to him.

I say she is Outta a Dream, but she exceeds my Dreams. I know God has a plan. I feel our best years are ahead of us. I pray for many more years. 

I overachieved, this is one of those photos and you say, "What doesn't belong?" Well it is me, I am lucky and fortunate. She is my heart and soul. 

I struggle to sleep when I am away from her, I am used to her cuddled on my back and interlock our ankles as we sleep. I am the luckiest man alive. Thanks for allowing me to share my heart on this platform. There is a lot of BS on social media. I hope this photo and story inspires you to find your better half.  I feel more stories like this should be shared, it makes the world a better place.

Straight Outta - Gas (Funny)

Straight Outta -GAS

COME ON, Now that's Funny !
I know at some point in your life you have been in this position !

Straight Outta is the campaign for the Straight Outta Compton Movie

I am just having fun with the app

Straight Outta - Fun

Straight Outta
Having some fun with the marketing campaign of the Straight Outta Compton movie.
Dr Dre once again is ahead of the curve, his Dre Beats logo on bottom, He went viral, It was trending.

I am just having some fun with this, the lighter side of the Coach


Be "UNBROKEN" - Motivational Video

Be. "UNBROKEN" - a Motivational clip

Good Morning, This is Wednesday, hump day, and this is the third in a series of Motivational video clips to Inspire you on your own personal journey. I am doing this to empower you no matter where you are in Life, no matter what your path is! No matter where you are?

You can choose to be persistent, and overcome all obstacles to achieve your Goals.

Enjoy this Video clip and I wish you the best of luck on your Personal and Professional Journey.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Former NBA star Steph Marbury finds home in CHINA

Former. NBA star Steph Marbury find home in CHINA

As many of you are aware, I spent three years coaching then China.

After the CBA team in Utah folded for financial reasons, Donnie Nelson Jr. Of the Dallas Mavericks sent me to the other CBA, this time in China with JiLin Northeast Tigers and Gm former China NT standout the TigerKing.

It was so cold, It was way up north, near the Siberian border, I think only a few days it was even above freezing.

That success led to warmer climates in Dongquan in the south, in the city of Chang An and a Championship with the Parkview Snow Wolves.
It was only  few hours drive out of Hong Kong.

This is the only country that I needed a translator constantly.
The languages of Mandarin and Cantonese are very difficult for me to pick up, Just like  in the USA, the dialects are different in the north and south made it even more difficult.

The Country loves there basketball. Yes, there is alot of smog, over 300 million Baaketball players were registered in the country when I was there coaching . The food, well, they ate anything and everything, Picked Chicken feet, Camel hump, Rat kebabs, rice milk was popular.

But, Basketball was Big and growing. I had great experiences there. the players played and trained year around. The sports are under through the Government . They are a communist country.
I had to write up. Report for every practice and have it turned in for my checks.
I felt they were stealing, but then again, they paid my salary.

Anyway, former NBA star Steph Marbury has found a home in China, after his NBA career

Enjoy this link to this article

*Great Content "We fall, so we learn to get up" -- Motivational video

We fall, so we learn to get up - Motivational Video

This is the second in a series of MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS I am sharing this week, to Motivate, and Inspire you on your journey and path to Success this week

Click the link to watch this Powerful message

Monday, August 10, 2015

Motivational FIRE------ Video Clip

Motivational FIRE -  video clip
This week I am sharing Motivational videos to inspire you
I hope this helps ignite passion within you

Click on link and enjoy the content

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Beside every good Man/Coach -there is a wonderful support system

Beside  every good Man/Coach- there is a wonderful support system
Kim Fields 
To stay with the Coaching theme, I wanted to share with you how important it is for for us to have a wonderful sport system. In any walk of life, in any profession, either gender, a positive support system is vital to success and happiness.
I am blessed I found a wonderful women to support me in my journey as a Professional Basketball Coach. Kim is a well respected and talented stylist in the Salt Lake Valley. This is as much about her as it is about me. She is a hardworking, independent and one of the best in her field. I am supportive of her and her profession. She travels to shows to stay current on the newest trends and fashions. She takes classes to always learn and grow. I am so proud of her.
The are so many adjectives I could share about her, she is beautiful inside and out. She is a wonderful mom, she is the first to GIVE. She is positive. She will put in an average of a 10 to 12 hr days to service her clients. She will not say No, and is always eager to help.

I am lucky I crossed paths with this wonderful spirit. I met her through her sister, who's husband played for me and we won a championship together in Lebanon. We had never met in person, I was introduced to her by her sister, she described her as "Just like me, a people person, outgoing, she was into fitness, I was told she did some fitness modeling. I thought to myself, how would I ever meet her? I was at a pool with Holly in Beirut when she was deceived to me. My family was all in Indiana, and I was in Florida between season near my grandparents.

Well, as fate would have it. I was going to the NBA summer leagues in Vegas and Salt Lake City to scout players for my team. I would watch sets, learn terminology, nepeta orl with coaches from around the globe and in the NBA. I spent 12 days in Vegas, I was in route to Salt Lake City. I asked Holly for Mim's number so I could introduce my self to her, as Paul would be in Salt Lake and I would workout with him prior to him going back to Lebanon for the National Team. he had to guard Yao Ming of China.

Paul and I would talk, I was eager to see the big fella, as any coach enjoys seeing his players in the off season. I was to meet Paul at the airport prior to the start of the Rocky Mountain Revue, the NBA summer league in Salt Lake City.

I get off of the flight, I come down to baggage claim. I am greeted by Paul, he picks me up Nd bear hugs me, I get. Tap on my shoulder, and I am thinking it will be Paul's wife Holly, I turn around and it was Kim. WOW ! I see beautiful green eyes, a super white smile, toned long legs in green mini skirt. A white blouse, tanned olive skin and my heart lepped out of my chest.

My life would change for the best, we would go to a great Italian restaurant, and we would stay up talking and getting to know each other until 4 am , then Get up and workout at 6:30am
I got to meet her daughter Whittney, she was full of like like her mom.

I enjoyed staying up talking all night long about everything, we shared so much in common, we had simaliar taste in music, in foods, in fitness, we were both professional , she was an awesome mom..

I had found my soulmate, my partner, my sidekick in this journey called life.
She is supportive of my ambitions, she supports my aspirations and dreams. It is not easy to be married to a Coach. We have long days, she understands the commitment, she understands the travel demands. She has come to visit me in China and Venezuela. She has done the AAU thing we me as I coached Brandon.

Kim is my Rock, she is my stability, she is my inspiration to continue to be better and share it all with her.
I am confident God has a plan and the best in life is yet to come. I am blessed to share this journey with you.

Kim is the best decision I have made in my life. She is my life partner.

It is so important to choose and marry wisely. Don't search your entire life looking for the perfect person, Find  the perfect person for you and love all the perfect imperfections about them. I am blessed she overlooks all of my imperfections.

I disagree with those who say behind every good man is a good women, I think it is BESIDE every good man is a patient  and sacrificing women.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Straight Outta - Galveston, Indiana

Straight Outta Galveston
In honor of the Movie, Straight Outta Compton based on the true story of the Rap group N.W.A.
Dr Dre, Easy E, DJ Wren, and Ice Cube, three of these men had great solo careers.
Dr Dre of course made his Billion on the sale of Dre Beats. Easy E dies young of AIDS. Ice Cube has been in the movies , FRIDAYS series and more.

Not many people in my high school or small town of Indiana knew of these guys, but I did have there music.

So here is a funny pic to help promote the Movie, once again Dre and the #Straight Outta went viral
Always setting the bar

Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 Team USA Mini Camp Roster- with questions and concerns

2015 Team USA Mini Camp Roster- with  questions and concerns

This is a roster of players invited to the 2015 Team USA mini camp In Vegas.
It is a healthy list of top players willing to represent our country in Basketball.
Look at the names on the list.

Jerry Colangelo does an outstanding job with USA Basketball, and he has restored the talent and pride back in our National Team, this after the embarrassing performance of past teams. His respect from the players and his vision to put the best players who have chemistry is not credited enough.

Coach K and his staff have prepared our talent to compete and represent the country with class, dignity and integrity. He manages the ego's well. He gets the team to sacrifice of themself to the betterment of Team. He is a great communicator, he identifies roles, and pushes the players to maximize their skill sets to get them to be a cohesive unit.

The players, you will recognize, might be in your top 20 list in the league, they might represent your favorite NBA team? 

Let's be honest, we as Amercans put more emphasis on the Olympic Games. When it comes to Basketball.
When the Basketball World put more emphasis on the World Championships. The Olympics are more commercial. So of course, More Money, more Exposure, More Endorsements and money to be made and items to be sold during Olympic Games.

Here is my question?  Here is my concern? If you own an NBA Team, and have a player on Contract, who is an asset to your Team and Community. Are you concerned your asset and key player takes a risk of injury and missing a Season in the NBA?

Two recent examples Indiana Pacers Paul George breaks his leg and misses the Season for the Pacers while playing with the National Team.
Just a few days ago, Dante Exum, of the Utah Jazz,  tears his ACL and will miss the 2015 Season for the Jazz. 

Ok, let's break it down. The NBA has an 82 game regular Season and it is a marathon.
Then Top NBA Teams who win the the NBA Playoffs, plays the best of seven series to advance to the next round. 

This is wear and tear on your body. Does this effect the longevity of a players career and the money he can make with an NBA Team?

This is the same as the AAU debate. these young kids playing all year around, it is wearing these players down and not allowing them to concentrate on skill development.

I am just throwing it out for debate.

I am eager to read your thoughts and opinions

Coach's "TIMEOUT" - transform into a growth mindset

Coach's "TIMEOUT"

This is a screenshot from a quote taken off of Twitter today.

I felt is was great, so I wanted to share.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Like Father / Like Son "Twins - a Chip off of the old Block"

Like Father / Like Son
Brandon Sly - Scott Fields
Ok. This is just awesome, I had to post this. Brandon (B Sly) Sly the Pg for USU- Eastern just had my wife Kim do his hair. he sent me a text, I had to smile.
back when I had more hair. My wife also tipped my hair.

I looked like a frosted mini wheat- My son said, he looked like a burnt Cheeto.

THATS MY BOY !   I am very proud of the man he has become. he is a handsome fella.

Coach's "TIMEOUT" - words to transform your growth mindset

Coach's "TIMEOUT" - words to transform your growth mindset

I feel this POST says it ALL.

Read it, process it, Live by it !

Creed the Movie- Rocky 1000 (Movie clip attached)

Rocky vs Apollo (CREED the Movie)
Ok, I will admit, I am a HUGE fan of the Rocky Movies back in the day.
I have been in sports the majority of my life, This sports theme movie of course made Millions.
Rocky 1, Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4. All great Movies, I will admit I dropped off on Rocky 5 and Rocky 6

I was at the drive in with my Aunt and Uncle when I saw Rocky 1 And 2, I was pumped, It was an inspirational story, the man just didn't quit, the under dog, he had heart, then in the rematch Rocky 2 , I loved it, he got up off of the mat first.

I was in high school when Rocky 3 came out, Rocky vs Clubber Lang, (Mr T) come on ! 
Clubber , Prediction "PAIN" Rocky-"GO FOR IT"  The soundtrack "Eye of the Tiger "

Rocky 4 vs the Russian, IVAN- East vs West, Old school training and workouts, vs the Steriods.
Appollo dies vs the Russian, Rocky fights in memory of Creed.

I felt it was at its best, I thought Sly should have stopped while he was on top

I am pumped up thinking about it...

I lost interest in Rocky 5, I think this is where Rocky trains the street fighter, blah blah
Rocky 6- ok ok ok, enough the franchise was saturated

But, now
CREED, the son of Apollo, the fighter
This might work? I am curious for the soundtrack, his movies always had good music.

Check out this trailer- Sylvester Stallone, Michael B Jordan

TBT- clowning with family and friends

TBT- Clowning with Family and Friends
I look back at this picture and laugh, as we were clowning around during the holidays.
capturing moments with family in friends during the holidays in Utah.

Great times
Adam, Matt, Jackie, Whitt, Charlie, Hyrum, Jodi, Hannah, Carson, Claude, Buffy, Camille, Michael, Kim, Camille

Fun stuff

Thanks for allowing me to share

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Coach's "TIMEOUT" - time to reflect on what's real

Coach's "TIMEOUT" - time to reflect on what's right 
I felt compelled to share this post, I agree with every word written within.


Pro Athletes purchase what with their $$$$$

Pro Athletes purchased what with their $$$$$$$$ 

Well, I am not in this financial Demograph.

But, I came across this interesting article that discusses what pro athletes purchase with the riches.

This is not quality content, but I found it interesting to see how the other half lives.

I hope you find this as entertaining as I did?

I do feel this opens up another discussion for the future and what should be done to assist these athletes make great investments.

Enjoy the link

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Coach's "TIMEOUT" - thought for the day

Coach's "TIMEOUT" - thought for the day
Mark Twain


I felt strong about this quote today, I hope it helps transform your thinking as well

**NEW Blake Griffin - Jordan brand commercial will be a CLASSIC

**NEW Blake Griffin - Jordan brand commercial will be a Classic

In the wake of all the talk about the SPACE JAM 2 talk with Lebron James

MJ who was in the original Soace Jam, took his brand and made a commercial that will be a classic, the Looney tune character Marvin has a show down dunk off vs Blake Briffin the NBA's dunk King.

This is all done , of course , to help promote, market and sale the new Jordan shoes.

It has all the feel of a old Jordan commercial
A new Mar's Blackman character.  Blake , now known as the best dunker in the league, like MJ in his era,  and yes, the SHOE

Enjoy the link and share with your network

Monday, August 3, 2015

Top National Team Players who represent their country

National Team Players I have Coached

I look at these photos of these National Team Players who I have Coached, I have been blessed to work with such great people and players.

It is an honor to Coach a player who has the Pride to put on the jersey to represent their National Country.

Above is a small snap shot of Players who has done this.

Team USA- Steph Curry- Golden St Warriors. I was with him his rookie season at the NBA Summer League, then I had the pleasure to work with him again at the NBA Charity event.

Team Nigeria- Julius Nwosu- (Team Captain) SA Spurs, I Coached Julius in two occasions, We won a Championship together in Lebanon, the. Again, I coached him with the CBA Utah Eaglez.

Team Puerto Rico- Carlos Arroyo- (Team Captain) NBA journey man, I coached Varlos when he was 17 yrs old with the Fajardo Caridodos. He the. Went to FIU, the multiple Teams Jazz, Celtics, Raptors, Magic, Pistons to name a few.

Team Lebanon- Fadi el Khatib- (Team Captian) coached with and against him in Lebanon. I was with him on an undefeated Sagesse team, he is arguably the best ASIAN player not in the NBA and was the top NBA ASIAN prospect behind Yao Ming of China who was with the Rockets.

Team New Zealand- Sean Marks- Current Assistant GM/ Coach of the SA Spurs, I did workouts with him young in his career, he too was an NBA journeyman, Spurs, Suns, Hornets,  He was apart of the first TALL BLACKS Team to make world Championships.

Team Dominican Republic- Jack Michael Martinez (Team Captain) I coached Jack with Guaros de Lara in Venzuela, he is a fierce competitor, a rebounding machine, he has been the top rounder in many leagues in FIBA and always on NBA radars.

Team Australia- Joe Ingels, I hD the pleasure of working with Joe with the Golden St Warriors NBA Summer League team , he has had a great FIBA career and currently on the Utah Jazz, he is a SAVY player, who is unselfish and known for always making good choices on the court

Team Venezuela- Heissler Guillent I had the pleasure to work with Heissler with the Guaros de Lara Team in Venzuela , I told him the first day I saw him, with his work ethic, we would get him on his NT, and he did it ! he is a true Pg, who can score and will do whatever it takes to be successful.

I am honored and humbled to have had the honor to coach these fine men, I could write a book on their work ethic. I could share great stories of each of them on and off the court. I am proud to cal the, friends.

What do these NBA players have in common ?

What do these NBA players have in Common ?

What do these Former and Current NBA players have in common ?

Steph Curry - GS Warriors
Anthony Morrow - OKC Thunder
Jimmer Fredette- SA Spurs
Anthony Tolliver- Detriot Pistons
Chauncey Billups
Sean Marks 
Carlos Arroyo
Cartier Martin
Stephen Howard
Sean Rooks

This is a short list and I appologize to those who were left off

Ace Custis
Julius Nwosu
Danny Johnson
Jaime Watson
Hassan Adams 

To list a few, these are all players I have been blessed to have worked with, coached, worked out.
These are all great guy, good people, good players.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

TOP NBA Dunks of 2014-15 - VIDEOS

TOP NBA Dunks of 20141-15


I hope you enjoy the entertainment 

How do you rate these ?