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Scott Fields

Championship Experienced Basketball Coach

Profile: Scott has quickly established himself as one of the more promising up and coming coaches in the industry today. His highly enthusiastic coaching style with tireless work ethic has his peers comparing him to the more respected coaches in the top leagues worldwide today. Scott has over twenty years of coaching experience and 15 seasons as Professional Head Coach, Scott has accumulated an incredible Win percentage of nearly 800 %. Scott has the background and experience to be an asset to any club or franchise looking to take things to the next level. Scott’s teams have won an Asian Championship to add to his list of honors and accolades. Scott's experiences have taken him from coaching at the highest profile colleges and universities in the United States, where his teams were ranked nationally, and he had coached the "National Player of the Year." Scott has won several “Coach of the Year” awards, in Europe, where he has coached clubs to the best ever seasons, and National Team experience, and a two Championships in the Middle East/Asia. The impressive thing is he is an immediate impact in every situation he has come in contact with. He leaves every situation better than when he was hired. Scott has also coached at the notorious summer leagues in Italy and Los Angeles/Long Beach and Las Vegas/Salt Lake City’s NBA summer leagues. Scott is also a motivational speaker, and is in demand for camps and clinics for players and coaches worldwide. In his spare time Scott is in the process of writing a book. Scott was also the Head Coach of one of the more prolific teams in all West Asia, and had them undefeated. Scott has also had success in the United States in the CBA. Scott also adds NBA broadcasting to his resume. Coach Scott Fields is an excellent communicator, He has had success around the globe. United States both in College and Minor Leagues, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. This alone brings him instant credibility.

              Once you speak to Scott you soon realize why success follows him. He is a highly motivating person with substance and credibility on the court and off. He is very positive and has skills in all aspects of the profession. The sponsors, crowd, and community will all appreciate his show time attitude, the players will rally behind him. 
              Scott as a winner:   Scott’s records are very impressive. Scott has accumulated a 756 % win percentage. He has an Undefeated Championship season. First ever international wins with clubs plus coached clubs to best ever records. Scott has won 2 Championships in Asia/Middle East.  In the USA on two occasions His teams were Nationally Ranked, while coaching at the College and University level.

             Scott on player development: While coaching in the States coached the NJCAA national player of the year. Scott has also coached and developed over 100 players to national team positions worldwide. Scott has also placed 5 players to the NBA.

             Scott as a community leader: Scott has always taken an active role in the communities where he has coached. He is an Active fundraiser, Raises Corporate sponsorships, plus active with community needs. Scott serves as a positive role model to players and community. Scott is also actively involved with youth programs for basketball within the communities where he coaches.

           Scott is a coach’s coach: Excellent teacher of coaching philosophies and fundamentals. He is a player’s coach as his rapport with his players are a strength to the program, club or franchise.

             Scott is a proven winner, quality person, and very enthusiastic. His drive for success is truly contagious. Scott will land on an NBA bench. Coach Scott Fields brings an NBA level and approach to your team on every stop he makes. Coach Fields has also consulted with top National Teams that have competed at World Championships and Olympic competitions.

            Coach Scott Fields has one of the best basketball minds in the business. Team Building, Management Structure, Day to Day basketball operations. Coach Scott Fields implements a philosophy and Structure to build success and develop the players to compete at the highest levels .Coach Fields has the knowledge and experience with a proven record to take any team to the next level.

                        The following information is his proven past accomplishments.

            Scott has done work with the Top European, Asian, Latin American and Oceanic Players throughout the globe. Scott has also done consulting work with the top World Cup and Olympic participants.
Along with NBA players Arvidas Sabonis,Toni Kukoc,Peja Stojakovic,Pau Gasol, Emanuel Ginobilli, Zildrunas Illgauskis. Americans NBA players Baron Davis, Jason Caffey and Amare Stodamire, Sean Rooks, Marcus Liberty, Hassan Adams, Salim Stoudamire to name a few. Puerto Rico’s Carlos Arroyo and New Zealander Sean Marks and Nigerian Julius Nwosu and Dominican Republic’s Jack Michael Martinez and Heissler Guillent, Carlos Morris, Rafael Guevara of Venezuela have also worked with Scott Fields.

 Professional Experiences:
            December 2015- Current USU Eastern, Price, Utah. USA. (NJCAA- Associate Head Coach).. Hired to change culture of the Program and Team, Team only had 7 players remaining on team and was asked to compete in one of the toughest and high profile conferences in the country. Beat former national champions CSI. Took Current National Champions in double OT. In charge of daily basketball operations. Hired to be the recruiting coordinator. Responsible for daily practice plans. Coordinate player development. Moved multiple players onto NCAA D 1 and D 2 levels.
          December 2013-November of 2014 ----Coach Scott Fields show host of the popular National and International coaching show. Webcast with Bravehaven studios .SHOW HOST , coordinate and conduct interviews with NBA Executives, NBA Players and coaches. FIBA Professional players. Responsible to set up inteviews, respoinsible to direct and co direct the show cast.
            September 2012-Current : Guaros de Lara, BBC. Barquisemto, Venezuela (LPB- Professional Basketball ) Latin America, Head Coach.. Head Coach of a Team that hadn’t made post season play in a decade. Brought Instant Professionalism and Changed the culture and implemented new Offensive and Defensive philosophy.Brought High Level, High Intensity trainings and currently have them in a TOP 6 Playoff seed.
             July 2012- Sacramento Kings. Las Vegas, U.S.A. NBA Summer League
(Observe and Consult) with Head Coach Keith Smart. Day to Day on court instruction, Meet with assistant coachesBobby Jackson and Alex English and implement Game Plans, Scouting and Philosopies. Tomas Robinson, Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Honeycutt, Hassan Whiteside. On Kings Roster
              November 2011  NBA Charity Game, Salt Lake City Utah.
Head Coach, NBA Pro’s- Players Chauncey Billups, Steph Curry, Corey Magette, Jeremy Evans, Anthony Toliver,Wes Mathews, NBA Draft #3, Enes Kanter, NBA Draft #10 Jimmer Ferdette.
           April 2010- September 2010 : Dongquan Snowwolves. Dongquan Chang An, China.(China's National Basketball League) Head Coach. Pre Season Kick Off Tournament Champs. Semi Finalist in Final Four
           Dec 09-April 2010: KJZZ TV, Salt Lake City, Utah. Powerhouse Sports With Alema Harrington. (NBA Insider) Give opinions on Utah Jazz and the NBA in general.
           Oct 09-April 2010: Utah Jazz, Salt Lake City, Utah. (Observe and Consult) with Head Coach Jerry Sloan and staff at all Utah Jazz practices while they are in town. Second season to learn from NBA Hall of Fame Coach, Jerry Sloan.
          July 09 – NBA Summer League ( Las Vegas)  Golden St. Warriors.
Assist Coach Keith Smart, Bench Coach 2 games, on court Player Development, Scout and Consulting. Finished league 4-1 Broke two single game scoring records.
          May 09 –Utah Jazz, Salt lake City, Utah.  Observe Pre Draft workouts
         Oct 08-July 2009 : Utah Jazz, Salt Lake City, Utah. (Observe and Consult) with the Coach Jerry Sloan and his staff at all Utah Jazz practices while they are in town.
         Summer 2008 NBA Summer League (Las Vegas/Salt Lake City)Golden State Warriors. Assisted Summer League Head Coaches Keith Smart and Sidney Moncrief with on court instruction, Scouted up coming teams. Finished with a 7-2 record.
       2007- 2008-:  Dongguan Snowwolves. Dongguan Chang An,China. (China’s National Basketball League) Head Coach. Coached the team to BEST EVER FINISH in Club History. Coached Team to Most ever wins in Club History. First Leg 2nd place finish Highest ever in Team History. Coach of the Year.
       Summer 2007 NBA Summer League( Las Vegas) Golden State Warriors: Assistant Summer League Head Coach  Keith Smart. Finished 5-1
      March 2007  Jilin - North East Tigers, Changchun, China (Chinese Basketball Association) Head Coach.  Trained the team for the off season. Instituted a  new Offensive and Defensive philosposhies. Lead team to a 5-0 record. First foreigner to be OFFERED the HEAD Coach position in Clubs history.
     August 2006-January 2007—Utah Eagles, Utah. USA {CBA}  Head Coach
Led team to impressive wins over the top teams in both the Eastern and Western conferences. Had wins over CBA coach of the Year, and defeated the CBA champions. Team folded in Late January due to financial issues. Coach Scott was the only CBA coach to place 5 players to the overseas markets.
    Feb–April 2006- Salt Lake Dream, Utah .USA {ABA} General Manager/Head Coach . 1st Head Coach in franchise history for this expansion team. Led team to 13-1 exhibition seaon.
2005-     Sagesse Basketball Club-Lebanon Head Coach
Sagesse is one of the highest profile team in all West Asia. Scott led the team to an undefeated start in the 05 season .2 time Coach of the Week. Coach of the Month in Region. Runners up in Jalaa pre season tournament with clubs youth players. Left for a material breach of contract by the club,
                      2004-05  - Champville Basketball Club-Lebanon. Head Coach
Scott was hired in early Febuary, He took over for a team at the last place position. The team had no wins prior to his arrival. Scott took over and brought a new attitude and focus with his intensity. They went on to win 6 of 8 games and qualified for the top 6 playoffs. In the second leg of the championship Champville beat every team but one.
Scott not only kept them from the 2nd division he brought them to within 3 points of making the semi finals. This on one of the lowest budgets in the league and with many young inexperienced players. Considered to be a small miracle from people in the league.
                      2003-04 - Qatar Sports Club-Doha, Qatar. Head Coach
He was hired to bring positive results to a team that fell to 4th place in the league. Scott had 48 hours before his first game.
The three teams placed in front of the QSC were his first challanges. Scott's team beat all three teams placed in front of them and this is very amazing know these same team beat them prior to his arrival from 28-35 points.
Scott also lead the team to a 2nd place finish in the Prince Cup and they were quarter finalist in the Emir Cup.
QSC beat the regions top team, 2 times. The same team that recently won the Gulf Countries Cup.
                      2002-03 - Al Riyadi, Beirut - Lebanon. Head Coach.
Scott was an immediate impact on a struggling team. Scott took over a team tied for 4th position in mid January. Scott took them into the playoffs with momentum and spirit. While on the way to the playoff series. Scott established the largest win margin in Lebanese league history 74 point win. Then went into the playoffs as the number three seed. They swept the number two seed 3-0 to go into the finals. They took the 5 year champions to the fifth and final game with a 2-2 series tie. All of Lebanon calls Riyadi the Champions of the 2002-03 season.
Qualified for Asian championships, Arab championships Middle East SUPER LEAGUE plus Hariri and Dubia International tournaments.
                      2001- Worked as a consultant to several NCAA college coaches, and individual player development and instruction.
                       Summer 2001- Los Angeles NBA summer league:
Global/TW,  Head Coach with a final four finish of a 28 team field of free agents.
                       Summer 2001- Treviso Italy, Blu Summer league:
Team Cuore, Head Coach of the team put together by Interperformances. Dr. Luciano Cappichioni. One of the top sports agents of Europe and NBA player representative.
                       2000-2001    Al Ittihad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Head Coach,  Led team to an Undefeated Championship season. Also had International success with first ever wins of Algeria, and Syrian champions in Arab Cup competitions. Asian cup quailifiers, 95ppg and gave up only 57 ppg on defense.
                       1999-2000    SSV Ulm 1846, Ulm Germany:(replaced Serbian coach)
Head Coach,  Scott had the challange of turning the psyche of an struggling team with embarrasing losses to Alba Berlin by 63 and Frankfurt by 46, He made the personel adjustments and his positive approach kept them from relegation. The competitive play of his team gained him strong recognition.

                      1998-1999   UB Mollersdorf, Vienna Austria:(replaced yugoslavian coach)
Head Coach,   Scott Had to win a pressure two out of three games upon his arrival to get into playoff competition, Scott did this and more, Took team to final four in Austrian Cup. Had impressive wins over European cup teams St. Polton, and Oberwart.
                        1997-1998  Jamtland Ambassadors, Ostersund Sweden:
Club was on track for a best ever record and were playoff qualifiers dispite filling for bancruptcy. Had first ever win on road vs. European cup team Sodertalia.                   
                       Summer 1997  Fajardo Caridudos,  Fajardo Puerto Rico:
Known as training ground for current NBA coaches.
                        1996-1997   BBC Ecluse Stadtbredimus, Stadtbredimus Luxembourg: Head Coach,      Team went 37-9, Best ever record, First ever final four apperance in Luxembourg Cup, This is amazing knowing that the team only won 6 games the prior season.Scott served as Special Assistant to the Luxembourg National team,
First ever wins over Ireland,
                         1995-1996  Dothan Blast Pro Basketball,   Dothan Alabama:
General Manager/Head Coach- youngest Head Coach of professional sports in nation.

American Experiences:  
                          2015-current USU Eastern NJCAA Price, Utah.
Associate Head Coach
                          1994-1995  Chipola Jr. College, Florida :
Associate Head Coach, Team ranked #2 in United States finished 22-8, 14 school records, Coached NJCAA national player of the year, Florida NJCAA Pan Handle Coach of the Year.
                           1992-1994  Chaminade University, Hawaii :Assistant Athletic Director/Top Assistant CoachHighest profile DII program in Nation, Host of National tournament Maui Invitational,Pac-West Conference Champs, Pac-West Coach of the Year '93-'94.
                          1991-1992  Chowan Jr. College, North Carolina:Top Assistant Coach
25-6 record, Ranked #12 in United States, Ranked #5 in defense in United States.
Region X Coach of the Year.
                          1990-1991   Centenary College, Louisiana :Assistant Coach
Trans American Conference Champs, Trans American Conference Coach of the Year.
                          1988-1990   King College, Tennessee:Assistant Coach
Ranked #4 in NAIA,  received psychology
                          1987-88       Huntington College, Indiana:Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach Track

As a Player : High School Hall of Fame, Montreat-Anderson Jr. College school record for assist in single game, several all conference awards, received 12 varsity letters,
High School Wall of Fame, two LC awards for citizenship, Scott Fields day of recognition, May 20th 1990.

Other :    
                      Shot Dr. International: when Scott's demanding schedule allows it, Scott coordinates and conducted America's top shooting camps and clinics nationwide. Scott was the #1 speaker on the circuit '94,'95,'96,'97,'98 and 2000 and 2004

Scott’s motivational and inspirational lectures are second to none.
Scott also coordinates and conducts his own mini camps and clincs.
The Coach Fields PROmotion Camps and Clinics 1,2,3,and 4 day format.
Scott was a video advisor for 44 blue productions, 
In Scott's limited time he is writing a book on his basketball travels, adventures and successes.


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Scott Fields

2654 W. Mont Sur Dr.

Riverton, Ut. 84065

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