Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Classic Coach Pop just being Coach Pop

Coach Pop's reply on midnight FA calls 
FAs Should Not Expect Midnight Calls from Pop

Click the link to read San Antonio's Coach Pops response to FA calls at midnight.
It is classic Pop.

Gotta love this guy, He is open, honest, when the press is looking for a fresh angle to sale publications, he is so honest, people don't know how to react?

Coaches "TIMEOUT"

Coaches "TIMEOUT"

Today's Coaches "TIMEOUT" once again is posted to help you reflect and think about an affirmation or life skill to assist you in transforming your thoughts to make YOU a better person.

I felt this was a great post and wanted to share it with all of you.

This is about Legacy, what you can do for others.

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2015 NBA Summer Leagues - Orlando/Salt Lake City/Vegas

2015 NBA Summer Leagues
Here we are, we who love the game are having withdraws after the NBA Finals. Now there is just baseball on in the evenings, even our Sports on ESPN only have MLB highlights.
Yes, we can throw out Free Agency news and rumors.

But we who are in the Game, enjoy the entire process, NBA combine, NBA Pre Draft, NBA Draft and now starting in July the NBA Summer League. Yes, these are competitive men looking to make an NBA camp or roster spot. yes, it is a bit saturated with talent not ready for the league. the level is not the highest, but this is the who's who in the global game.
This is our first glimps at future NBA stars, This is a first glimps at who's game will transform on a roster spot.

Orlando July 4-9      Salt Lake City July 6-10        Las Vegas July 10-20
NBA Summer League is for the Drafted players, a handful of undrafted players who have a chip on their shoulder ready to be invited into camp. This is also a place for a handful of second year players, some who wee rookies and now hungry undrafted players come out and compete. Agents send players for exposure, agents use the summer league to increase market value for their players to land in higher level leagues around the globe.
Players are marketing themselves, Coaches from around the globe are scouting for players to help their clubs win. This is a training ground for referees,

I am excited to go down and look at the coaching market, see what teams are looking for a Coach?

I am always eager to learn and grow, watch practices, watch games, network with friends and meet new people in our game. This is the PULSE of the league. Agents are meeting with front office people to broker deals. This is a fun time of the year, and yes, for the fans, a fix of the viewing pleasure.

Good Luck to all the players, There are alwaysgreatstories that hat come from this format.



Monday, June 29, 2015

The KING -LBJ, Lebron is opting OUT with the Cav's

LBJ is Opting OUT with the Cav's
The King has once again spoken, This time not in an interview on where he is taking his talents.
This time he is Opting out with the Cav's. What does that mean to the Fan?

Is it about Power?
Is it about the coach he is playing for?
Is it about the money he can make in the open market?

Is it about control of a franchise he has returned Home to?

enjoy this link , that is well written




Coaches "TIMEOUT"

Coaches "TIMEOUT"
This is all about embracing the journey, and accepting the Bad with the Good.
This is well put together by a great author and speaker- Allow yourself to reflect and see how this fits your personality



Sunday, June 28, 2015

Coaches "TIMEOUT"

Coaches "TIMEOUT"

Today's "TIMEOUT" on this sabbath is about having Faith, know and understand your Journey, you may not be where you want to be, but today is a Blessing and it is only temporary.
Make change in your daily routine if you are not where you want to be ?

Stay Focused, have a Heat Sinking Missle determination to Get where you want to be.
Work hard at it..make it happen

God has a plan



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Swedish Pro League Classic Clip - 1997

1997 Swedish Basket Classic Clip

Again another Classic Clip from the 1997 Swedish Pro League vs
M7 Boras, the suit was on point in this Home Game vs a top league team.

We had a competitive Team made up of International players, everyday the local paper reminded us that the Team was in financial struggles due to the fact they didn't pay an entertainment tax for foreign players the prior seasons.

But we had a good group of men and a supportive crowd. 
The country was beautiful, I remember getting out of the car and pushing reindeer out if the street so we could proceed. The people were amazing, this was some great experiences in my young professional career. I am thrilled the Team has this classic clips to share

Enjoy the link



Friday, June 26, 2015

Sweden Pro Basketball 1997- Jamtland Ambassadors

Swedish Pro Basketball 1997
Jamtland Basketball

The year was 1997, I was coming off of my first European Coaching success in Luxembourg, we set a Franchise record for Wins in a Season and first ever Final Four appreance in the Luxemburg Cup.

I was now in Scandanavia in the country of Sweden, this after a summer in Puerto Rico with a 17 year old Carlos Arroyo who would later be a NBA PG.

My Team was Jamtland, I had inherited a great PG and solid Local Swedish players, I brought in a man from Finland, we had a player from Latvia, Turkey, Croatia. We signed former NBA player Marcus Liberty, before the Team fell in financial troubles from not paying Taxes for a foreign player the year before.

This link is from a Win on the road, I appreciate a former player posting this on social media.
I had much more hair back then, and I was rockin the suspenders.
Enjoy the Link




Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The BEST EVER NBA DRAFT selections 1-60

I found this as an interesting read, so I felt with this being the eve of the 2015 NBA Draft, we should take a look at picks 1-60 and who has been the best selection at each position in the history of the NBA Draft.

Enjoy this link




Coaches "TIMEOUT" for daily Affirmation

Coaches "TIMEOUT" for daily Affirmation-John Maxwell
Time for a T.O. baby !

Time to reflect on the daily quote to help us transform ourselves and thoughts for a better you



Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 NBA Mock Draft ---

2015 NBA Mock Draft 

The 2014 NBA season ended with the Golden State Warriors winning an NBA Championship.
So, This Thursday June 25, 2015. The Dreams will come true for a select few of highly skilled and talented young men.

How will your Team do? Who will your Team pick? Will it make them contenders or will they stay pretenders?

It is important to remember, your Team has been doing a lengthy process, Scouting Games, watching players both Nationally and Internationally. Teams have attended private workouts, Teams have been observing Pre Draft Camps, Teams have an interview process, Teams conduct pre draft workouts at their practice facilities. Background checks with calls have been made to Coaches, Family members, opposing coaches. Test for Mental and Physical aptitude are completed, some Teams use analytical stats.

Let's us not forget it is a business, Trades will be made to find the right fit for not only these draft day prospects, but also free agents will effect the Draft choices, Players will be traded, Positions in the Draft will be sold for a higher draft choice to get their choice.

The Green rooms are Full with their brain trust . Anxiety for the players to be selected, Anxiety for the Front office personel to get their man. Phones will be ringing to the agents, to the players.

Just because a player is drafted, doesn't mean he has quaranteed money or even a roster spot, some of these men will be sent to play in the D league or even abroad to work in their skill sets.

It is an exciting time, Some good players will slip between the cracks and go Undrafted
2nd Rd Guys could make the bigger impact on a roster?

Let us all set back and enjoy the process..

Click this link to see this MOCK DRAFT




Coaches "TIMEOUT" -Thought of the day

Coaches "TIMEOUT"
Thought of the day
At the request of friends who read and follow our post, I was asked to bring more more Motivational/Inspirational Quotes on a daily basis. I appreciate the feed back.
Thanks also for liking and sharing our content with your network.

The "TIMEOUT" section is a post for us to utilize our time to reflect on Positive affirmations.
Thanks again for your comments and request.


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Monday, June 22, 2015

Over 170 NBA Free Agents could change the 2015 NBA draft ?

NBA Free Agents that could effect the 2015 NBA Draft
There are more than 170 NBA Free Agents that could effect the 2015 NBA Draft ?

Some are high profile names with successful Teams. Could the NBA land scape change? Could the balance of Power shift to the other conference?

Lebron James returned home , could he opt out with Kevin Love who is also FA?

How about the Spurs Tim Duncan? Does he have anything left in the tank?

How about the ATL Hawks and Paul Milsap an NBA All Star? Could he make a change in zip codes ?

I came across this link and wanted to share the content with you the readers....


Enjoy this link and allow it to sink in and share your comments


This is how I roll on Fathers Day

Fathers Day for the Fields Family
This is how I roll on Fathers Day.
June 21, 2015

The Lord has blessed me with beautiful family. I always wanted to be a Dad.
Whittney is beautiful and amazing and so much like her mom and following in her  mom's foot steps in the beauty industry. She is Fun, full of Life, Beautiful is an understatement. She is strong and independent. I came into her life when she was 17, my wife, a single mom, at the time, did an amazing job of raising her. She is loving and appreciative. I can't say enough kind things about her. I hope she knows I am always here for her.
Brandon is handsome and focused on his basketball. He is all about the family business of Basketball.
He is quiet and happy as long as a basketball court is near by, when we go on a family vacation, the first thing we look at is how close is the nearest basketball court or hoop? he loves to dance, and spend time with his friends. Even though he doesnt always show his emotions, he has a huge heart. He enjoys listening to his music, and is a good student. he has a bright future at whatever he chooses.
He is the son I always wanted and he came into my life after returning from Coaching in China. Our bond was Basketball and God had a plan when he came into our home. My wife Kim says he is sour ray of sunshine in our lives, So True.
LACEY may be gone, but never forgotten, her gentle spirit and loving ways blessed our home. RIP LACEY.
Desiel, is the gentle giant, in his mind he is a Lap dog, but this 170 lbs of Love is Man's best friend, he is my baby, when dad is watching hoops, he is right by my side.
I am blessed.....I love my Family, and these Kids are what complete me.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day -Bud Fields

Happy Fathers Day -Bud Fields
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, Charles Dwain Fields (Bud) a man who made many sacrifices to raise us kids, my sister Staci and I are lucky to have you. You started your adulthood early to take on the responsibility to be the man of your house, and help raise your brothers and sisters, this when you tragically lost your father at a much to early age.
You went to work in the factory and put your dreams aside, you needed income and insurance to start your life with our Mom, Diana.
Now in retirement, you are able to follow your passion to all things "Outdoors"
If you are not Hunting, you are out Fishing, if you are not doing either you are writing about it or teaching the youth, the next generation of Outdoormen,  about the joys of Outdoors.
You were my Coach in Baseball, and Football, you taught me trick shots in hoops at lake 16.
He have spent hours on the water together fishing and hours in the stand waiting on those deer to pass.
I only hope I am half of the dad to Whittney and Brandon as you have been for me.
You pushed me to excel in Sports, you taught me life lessons to prepare me for my journey.
You always provided for us as we were growing up, and you were always at every game to scream at Referees when they missed a call. Thanks for being a great example. I am appreciative and I look forward to more time time together in the field
Love you ! Happy Fathers Day !
June 21, 2015

Husband, Father, GrandFather, Great Grandfather, Brother, Uncle and All Mr. Outdoorsmen.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Cavs Coach David Blatt -Thoughts and Opinions

Coach David Blatt of the Cleveland Cavaliers 
I appreciate the questions sent into me from time to time. I will sound off with some thoughts and opinions here. These thoughts are coming from a Coach, not a member of the press. There have been a whirlwind of comments coming from the so called experts ? I will not mention names or mention the sports talk shows of sports broadcast companies. We have all heard the comments, we have all heard the opinions.

I am glad the Cavs had a pressed yesterday to wrap up the season, so this is on the aftermath of that presser.

Allow this Coach to share my humble opinions.
First and foremost Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers on a great season and a great playoff run.
Let's look at the facts, two All Star players went down with injuries. Kyrie Irving who has great skills and ball handling. Kevin Love a face up shooter to spread the floor and great rebounder, both of these guys are double/double guys.KI- points /assist. KL points/rebounds.
Anderson V went down early with a season ending injury. The roster was depleted with injuries and they have arguably the best player in the game Lebron James, who can do it all.

I have an affinity for guys who coached overseas, as I too have done with great success for multiple years. I was thrilled to see Coach David Blatt get an opportunity.  I feel he did a great job while being under a microscope all season. In this day of social media and a saturated market of sports talk shows.

We can all set back and be judged and scrutinized for every move we make ? We can all be second guessed on moves during a game when split second decisions must be made for the best interest of a team. Coach Blatt has a staff who did a nice job., gametime adjustments must be made, between game adjustments must be made. The front office did a nice job with trades to surround LBJ with talent to support him.

"A weatherman is the only guy I know who can be wrong day after day and still keep his job"

Yes, coach Lue kept Coach Blatt from a timeout , that's his job...yes, LBJ claims he changed a play at the end of a game to put the ball in his hands where he wanted it?
Don't you think Michael Jordon did the same thing with the Bulls?

Under the circumstances of a injury plagued roster and getting only two wins away from a NBA Championship, Coach David Blatt has earned the right to return and lead the Cavs into next season.

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

Please share your thoughts and opinions here with us


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tim Duncan vs Charles Banks -loss of over $25 Million

Tim Duncan -$25 Million lost
San Antonio Spurs Power Forward, This NBA Champion/MVP Tim Duncan learns a life lesson as has financial advisor stole over 25 million from the basketball star.

Tim Duncan says Financial Advisor Charles Banks has taken from him over 20 million.

All bad investments, Tim states he admits he made a mistake in trust. he trusted people to take care of things for him.

Tim will speak with players about watching closely your people. Tim states his decision to play next season is not effected by this loss of investments.

Click the link to see the story


Monday, June 15, 2015

LBJ - " I am the best player in the world"

LBJ-  "I am the best player in the world"
The NBA Finals game 5 is now complete. LBJ had a great game.
40pts 14 rbs 11 assist in a loss that put his Team down 3-2 to the GS Warriors led by MVP Steph Curry.

How does this comment make you feel?
Do you agree?
Does his confidence rub you the wrong way?

Does he say this because he feels snubbed by the media for being third in the MVP voting and finding his team down 3-2 .

enjoy the attached video

NBA Finals and Finals MVP up for grabs- "LBJ vs Steph Curry"

FINALS and Finals MVP up for grabs
LBJ  vs  Steph Curry 
This has been a great series for NBA fans. After the Game 5 results GS Warriors lead series 3-2 and now they head back to Cleveland and the home of LBJ?

The Finals are still up for Grabs, who will take home the hardware ?
But also up for debate .
Who should win the NBA Finals MVP?
Steph Curry was the season MVP, James Harden was second in voting and LBJ a was third in votes.
This has of course added extra motivation for LBJ.
Game 5 was outstanding, Lebron put up monster numbers in a loss on the road and to go down a game 3-2
The triple double was a great performance 40 pts 14 rbs and 11 assist. For Lebron James.
Steph Curry put up 37 pts and 17 in the 4th quarter.
NBA Finals are still up for grabs ? can GS finish it off on the road or will there be a game 7?
Who will be Finals MVP .
If GS Warriors win? Does it go to Steph Curry? What about AI and the consistent play he has produced?
If GS Warriors win ? Could Lebron still win the Finals MVP ?

Attached is a great article and video


Friday, June 12, 2015

The Adjustment paid off for Steve Kerr and his Warriors

AI - has been the most consistent player in the series
Let us not forget that AI has not only been the most consistent player in this NBA FINALS.
He also was asked to accept a role to come in off the bench all season to benefit the Team. He has been selfless all season, but when called upon, he was ready. Defensively he has done a solid job on King James.
In this Game, he brought the former All Star and Team USA form. He helped spread the floor, but hit jumpers, knocking down the 3 ball. AI also got out in transition which changed the pace for the Warriors

Enjoy this link and video attachment.
Let's give AI the recognition he deserves, yes Coach Steve Kerr pulled the trigger and it paid off.
They now have home court advantage back in the series.

The Cavs will have a well deserved travel day to get their legs back underneath them.

Thought of the Week

Think about this Thought !

I enjoy sharing content with the opportunity for empowerment
I hope you enjoy this...


Thursday, June 11, 2015

NBA Finals -Game 4 - What to watch for as a Fan

NBA Finals- Game 4 adjustments

NBA Finals -Game 4 adjustments
By Coach Scott Fields

I have read many post and opinions on the NBA Finals.
I see people bash and complain, I see a lot of passion being shared.
Social Media is a monster.

I have read where fans have said Steph Curry is not playing at an MVP level?
I see people saying Lebron is the true MVP. Maybe him finishing 3rd in MVP voting is extra motivation in these finals, is the sleeping Giant awakened? people saying he is the best player on the planet.

I read people saying Steve Kerr is not doing a good job, and that David Blatt isn't coaching he is riding Lebrons coat tails?

People are saying Steph Curry is disengaged ?

Ok, here are some of my thoughts on adjustments that can be made.
Let's understand this game tonight in Cleveland is important and pivotable in the series. It is a marathon, not s sprint......
It is only 2-1 in favor of Cleveland at this time.
It is a series and with the new format
No longer 2-3-2
With the new format if Golden State wins tonight yes it would be 2-2 and home court goes back to Golden State. All is back to square one.

So how can Golden State control the pace of the game?
Don't allow Cleveland to walk the ball up the court. 
They can apply full court pressure on the ball and not allow Lebron to walk the ball up the court.
Golden State isn't getting fast break points and they are not getting easier shots for Steph Curry.
How can they fix this.

Golden State needs to stop or slow the points in the paint.
they need to get Cleveland and Lebron to settle for jump shots and initiate Fast break points, This done by slowing penetration and forcing angles. Forcing players to catch it out of their comfort zones, forcing penetration to areas on the floor where they are not as comfortable.

I have already mentioned picking up Full court, and running doubles at Lebron and forcing MD and others to take jumpers. make the role players beat you.

Golden State must get more production out of Green and Barnes.
D Lee showed he was effective catching at the high post and passing.
Starting D Lee, and bring Barnes off of the bench? I say yes, use D Lee experience. He was apart of the successful 4th quarter run for GS.

ON THE ROAD, GOLDEN STATE can't settle for jump shots from the role players and bench players, role players and bench players must Attack and force Cleveland to play D.
they must continue to get to the basket, they are a jump shooting team, yes, so not many FT' attempts.

How can they get Steph Curry scoring quicker.

I saw a Steph Curry playing with poise and penetrating and kicking out for jump shots for teammates, but teammates were not hitting jumpers in the first three quarters 

I am reading people saying that MD is the Curry stopper.
MD has done a great job of defending and making Steph work. MD has created contact, and has made Steph work.TRUE.
Steve Kerr can run and rub Steph of off double Screens and Staggers
I would head hunt MD on screens and make the double screen on a big  as the second screen and force the Big to have to step out, if switch, Steph can take Big off of dribble to basket.
I would have more ball movement and make the Cavs defend, 2 or 3 quick passes off of ball reversals, make the Cavs slide and penchant and recover to again wear down the legs, spacing floor and shooting of of dribble with no passes is to easy to defend.

On the road, it is vital the bench and role players stay aggressive and not settle for Golden State.  better spacing needs to be had by GS. Allowing for more penetration 

50/50 balls have gone to Cleveland and Golden State must  get to these on the road.

if the pace is picked up, Cleveland will be wore down, because of the lack of depth.

They must play with more urgency tonight, Steve Kerr can't wait for jumpers to start falling, Players can't wait for jumpers to fall. Super stars must be super stars. I don't see either Klay or Steph having two poor performances in a row.
They live by the sword, die by the sword. it is who they are.

Experts say jump shooting teams are not built for championships
Defensive Teams are built for Championships.

Who will be the better Defensive Team tonight?

Notice in all games the Cavs have been tired and fatigued at the end of the games.
they don't have the legs, Lebron in the last 5 min started backing the defender down to the block as he too knew he didn't have the legs to knock down the long jumpers.

Golden State has the Bench and depth, but they are not using it to an advantage.
they are allowing the pace and tempo to be controlled by the Cavs

Watch the Pick and Roll game tonight, watch the switches on those plays and see how they are defended. I can see the Cavs bringing up Curry as he will not switch on Lebron, but penetration must be stopped or slowed.

When GS runs Pick in Roll, see who MD guards and ISO him on the block with the size mismatch.

I am curious to observe the difference in Urgency of GS, I watched the body language of Steph Curry coming off of the floor in Game 3 and he was shaking his head, but he was again poised and professional in post game press conference. But, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see who and if anyone stepped up to challenge the other players in the locker room. It can't all be on Steve Kerr, a Player must step up and challenge the others and hold each other accountable.

If you are Lebron and the Cav's . How can you manage the minuets being played and the volume of shits Lebron has to take for the win. If the series goes 6 or 7 games I say advantage GS. Because Can Lebron continue at this pace. MD was sent to hospital after game three for fatigue and cramping.

let's watch the fatigue level of Cleveland
In Game 2 it was T Mosgov who stepped up in scoring.
In game 3 it was MD.
Who will be the next up . Will it be I Shumpert ? How is his shoulder ? Will it be JR Smith? Will T T continue to clean the glass on the Offensive end.

Will GS continue to play small, or go with AB, DL, DG, KT and SC.
bring AI and HB off of the bench?

Gm's must play more physical? With more urgency?
Let's remember Steve Kerr has no NBA Finals coaching experience, none of the GS Warriors had NBA Finals playoff experience.
NOW ...3 games experience 
I feel GS will show what they are learning from the first 3 games

I am sure Lebron will not allow Cleveland to settle. But can Lebron will another win at Home?

I am excited for tonight

Please share your thoughts and opinions here?


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

RIP -Jessie Pate Mississippi Mr Basketball, Chipola NJCAA player of the Year

Mr Jessie Pate

A Coach with a heavy heart. I send me heartfelt and deepest condolences to the Pate Family for there loss It is way to early for humanity, but heaven brought home a WINNER.
I had the privilege and pleasure to Coach Jessie Pate while I was at Chipola JC in Florida. We were the #1 and #2 ranked team in the country for a majority of the Season because of his NJCAA NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR STATUS.
I could go on and on about his talent, his athleticism, his ability to score. How he had the ability to be an NBA level player.
Instead I want to talk about his infectious smile, a laugh that would  bring a smile to your face. A boy becoming man. Taken from us at the tender age of 41. Selfishly I would want him here with us, but the lord needed a winner in his kingdom.

RIP Mr Jessie Pate, you will be thought of, you will be forever remember, you will be a legend on the life's you touched here on Earth. Thanks for allowing me to be a better Coach, just for the opportunity to spend a short time with you here.

I will carry your drive and competitive passion with me on my journey.


Attached is the video link to his Funeral
Click to view


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

105 yr old fan says GS Warriors will WIn it ALL in NBA Finals

"Sweetie" this 105 yr old has a prediction on the NBA Finals
To me, this is what it is all about. When a 105 yr old fan has this much passion for her Team.
"Sweetie" is her name, Golden State is her Team.

She has a reason to wake every day, she loves her Warriors.

Click the link to enjoy her story and Video !



Friday, June 5, 2015

Larry Sanders walks away from NBA and 27 million

Larry Sanders former NBA player of the Bucks

Who is Larry Sanders you ask ?

I never met Larry personally, and I have never had the opportunity to work with him or work him out. But, I came across this story and found it to be a unique perspective, Larry Sanders perspective.

This is what I can tell you about Larry Sanders the basketball player.

Larry was a Florida 1st Team All State player coming out of HS. Played at VCU declared for the NBA draft after his Jr. season.

Larry played for the Milwaukee Bucks, This 26 yr old player with a 6'11" frame is a PF/C, He was 2nd in Block shots behind the Thunders Ibaka.
Larry Sanders was 3rd in voting for Most Improved player. he had off the court issues.

To me he was finding his way, he was young and made poor choices. he had a bright future in the NBA. yes, he was suspended for marijuana use, in Dec of 2014 he was inactive for personal reasons?
In Feb of 2015 he was suspended for the 2nd time for his marijuana use.

The Bucks bought out his contract, Larry Sanders walks away from the NBA and a 27 million dollar contract

This is his story

Go to

May 29, 2015 ... “Too many people are unhappy with life,” says Larry Sanders, the former Milwaukee Bucks center who, instead of commiserating with his old ...

Larry Sanders Walked Away From the NBA and $27 Million, and ... May 29, 2015 ... “Too many people are unhappy with life,” says Larry Sanders, the former Milwaukee Bucks center who, instead of commiserating with his old ...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Can an Old School Coach be successful in today's NBA game?

Can Old School Coaching work in today's NBA ?
I found this article and thought it was an interesting read.
I wanted to share the content, I hope you enjoy !

Let's enjoy the NBA Finals tonight......

I am also eager to read your thoughts?



Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Did the ESPY's get it right ? Jenner vs Hill

ESPY's Arthur Ashe ourage Award-  Did they get it right ?
Jenner vs Hill ?
We live in a world of Social Media, and we live in a world that is Ratings driven.
But the world leader in Sports. the mothership, as it is called ESPN, has chosen to name Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner the Arthur Ashe Courage Award Winner.

Ms Hill a great story, who also a great story, is well deserving. Yes, I agree, there are also many other story's of courage across the sports worldly.

How do you feel?  What are your opinions ?


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 NBA Finals Match Ups

NBA Finals match ups
The 2015 NBA Finals will have some intriguing match ups throughout the finals.
Coaches- Kerr vs Blatt
Current MVP vs former MVP Curry vs James
Big Men- Mosgov vs Bogut
Guards- Kyrie vs Klay
Thompson vs Green

This is all about match ups, and they are intriguing.
But the most important thing is
Warriors bench vs Cav's bench

the depth in a 7 game series, they have a week so they will have time to have fresh legs.
Each team has injuries, Klay with his concusion, Kyrie with his ankle
Each Team has so called rookie coaches, but each have great experiences to prepare them.

I feel the depth of the Warriors bench is an advantage.
I feel the versatility of Lebron is an advantage.
The  shooting of the Splash brothers is an advantage.

The athleticism of the wings Smith and Shumpert is interesting.

The adjustments made during the games and the adjustments made between games is going to be very interesting.
The rotation of players to slow the super stars down.

The play of the role players on the road will be crucial.

I am eager to read your thoughts ?
Share your thoughts here, and let's have some great dialog.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Rookie Head Coaches Blatt vs Kerr ? Advantage ?

NBA Finals Rookie Head Coaches Kerr vs Blatt advantage ?
For only the second time in NBA Finals history, We have two rookie coaches.

Two Coaches with different backgrounds.
Blatt the very successful International Coach, Success at the Club level and National Team level.
Kerr, the former NBAD player who has won multiple Championships, Broadcaster and TV Analyst.

Who do you feel has the advantage ?

Kerr has the leagues MVP in Curry, Blatt has the former league MVP.
Kerr has a ready built Team he has taken to another level, Blatt has arguably the best player in the world.

Both have solid Coaching Staffs.

Who in your opinion, is better prepared?
Who does the advantage go to in theTimeouts. Who does make the better game time adjustments?
Who makes between game adjustments better?

I am eager to hear your opinions?


During this series, I will be watching closely. I am excited for both men.