Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another Addition to our Team!

Tracy "T-Money" Graven has covered sports professionally for 30+ years, and spent the last 14+ covering the NBA, WNBA and D League exclusively in Orlando, Boise, San Antonio, Cleveland, Phoenix, Denver, and Oklahoma City. Tracy has media experience in print, digital, radio, social media marketing and television. Tracy is currently the NBA/WNBA/NCAA Editor for He lives in SW Ohio with his wife and five children. Twitter: @tmoneyfromthree 

Tracy will be wearing multiple hats with the program. Tracy will be the Team Lead of National sales. Tracy ( T Money ) Graven his on air personality will also be the show blogger. 

From the Coach: "Tracy and I met several years ago on our professional journeys. Tracy did an Interview with me as a Coach for a Minor league franchise. I was very impressed with his detail and insight. His interview and story painted a picture. He was honest and had integrity. We have remained friends and when the position was created, I new he was a natural fit. Tracy will provide a journalistic perspective, and will be on the pulse with the fans of the program. I am thrilled to have him as a part of the Team. Look for T Money's blog on our site.

T Money brings experience, professionalism and passion to the Team. T money plugs a void on the program. His social media experience and ability to capture the story within the story is second to none. We are blessed to have him on the Team."

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