Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another Member of our Team!

The Coach Scott Fields show and the "Coach" are proud to announce yet another addition to the Team. Introducing Ryan Stipanovich.

Ryan is a Salt Lake City native whose passion for sports began at an early age. He grew up playing baseball, football and wrestling. Ryan played baseball and wrestled at Granger High School. On the wrestling team, he was a 2 year captain. After high school Ryan decided to take his love for sports to the coaching side of things. He has been coaching wrestling since 2001 and currently holds a wrestling clinic for 4-10 year olds every Saturday. 

Ryan has been married to his lovely wife for 10 years. They have two amazing children, Elaysha (9) and Romen (3).  Elaysha is on a competitive traveling dance team and loves to dance at every opportunity she gets. Romen… well he loves the Power Rangers. Ryan’s free time is spent with the family: camping, dance competitions and good old family time.

Ryan is a very competitive person and uses that edge to be successful in daily life, both in work and at home. He has years of Sales and Account Management experience as well as experience working in the sports industry. Ryan has worked for both Real Salt Lake and is currently with the Utah Jazz.

From the coach: "We are thrilled and honored to have Ryan as our Team Lead of Local Sales. Ryan knows and understands our Salt Lake Valley market. Ryan has experience in the Sports Entertainment Industry and in Sales specifically. During the Interview process, I was very impressed with his energy, and his attention to detail. Ryan is professional, he is personable. I knew right away, he was our guy. Ryan will go above and beyond to represent himself and our brand well. Ryan is more than a Team Lead, his experience and background will establish him well in our industry, I feel we have a jewel in him. I will springboard from this to Big things. We will benefit from his talents and gifts."

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