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One of my best friends in the Business Coach Keith Smart

One of my best friends in the Business, IU legend and current Miami Heat Coach Keith Smart

I have been blessed to be in Coaching for my entire adult life. I was a Full Time College Coach as I finished my undergraduate degree. I have been apart of nationally ranked College Teams, I have been blessed to coach the JUCO Player of the Year. I have been a FIBA professional Head Coach for more than 15 plus years. We accumulated a great win percentage and have won Championships.
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I have traveled the globe and learned different cultures, observed multiple religions. learned new languages I have been so fortunate to work with high level players. I can honestly say it has never been about the Wins and Losses. It has been about the lessons learned and the relationships formed.
I have been blessed to learn from some of the best in the game.
Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan allowed my to come in and observe practices for two seasons. It was a clinic every day. Coach Jerry Sloan reinforced many of my core beliefs and philosophies. I used some of this things learned while I was coaching in Venezuela and China. I am forever grateful to Coach Sloan. And his staff. Coach Phil Johnson, Tyrone Corbin, Scott Layden and PT shooting Coach and current Head Coach of the Phoenix Suns Jeff Hornacek.
But in the picture provided , Coach Keith Smart, has been so generous to allow me to come in and work with his Golden State Warriors teams in the NBA summer leagues for three summers. Steph Curry, was just coming into the league learning the game, Steph was and is a hard working young man who is very coachable? I watched former guest of the show Anthony Morrow come into camp as an un drafted free agent, and earn a spot and gravitate to a great weapon as a shooter for the current  OKC Thunder. There are many players not mentioned, but current Utah Jazz Joe Ingles who has had a FIBA journey of his own was also with that GS Warriors team. So, I am thrilled for Joe.
I was also allowed to come in with Coach Keith with his Sacramento Kings. I spent another summer with him and his staff Alex English, Bobby Jackson, Jim Eyen.
Jimmer Fredette a BYU legend was just drafted to the Kings. I was able to watch his workethic with his player development coach daily. Jimmer is a great person with a great spirit. he works hard and unfortunately he is had a NBA journey were he currently plays for the NO Pelicans.  So I have been with Jimmer on a few occasions! I also had the opportunity to work with him during the NBA lock out Charity fundraiser along with again Steph Curry, Chauncy Billips , Corey Magette , Wesley Mathews,  Anthony Tolliver, Jazz Players Jeremy Evans,  Enes Kanter but that is for a future blog.
I have the attitude of gratitude.
I am blessed beyond words to have met with some quality people in this fraternity.
This is all about the rleationships made. the lessons learned from those relationships.
I hope this blog and The Coach Scott Fields show serves as a platform to motivate  EMPOWER, EDUCATE  and Players and Coaches GROW through our blogs and insightful interviews.
I hope you enjoy this first blog.
This will be a great season.
God Bless and Happy Holidays !!

It is ALL about the relationships I am grateful to all of my former players, assistant coaches, general managers, members of the press, and yes the fans?? I thank all of you for the support and experiences gained.
I have only shared a couple examples here in this blog, the list is long.
I will share future blogs with FIBA experiences, College Experiences, Minor league experiences and Show experiences.

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