Monday, December 22, 2014

Who do you pick?

A-B-C or D

I saw this on another timeline the other day and Iw anted to share the same question.
Which Team and why ?


  1. B, Jordan is the best cant go wrong with him on any team.

  2. Team b. .
    Or team c but james instead of wade. Than it would be taff between C and B. . But all in all esch Team deserve all of the World

  3. This segment of the blog and for future Show dialog will be called BARBERSHOP TALK.
    As these are the types of heated discussions that go on after a game, on the weekends while you set in the chair.

    So, I will sound of on this and I hope it triggers a few comments from the fans and viewers of the show.

    I like B
    Why you ask? let me start off with these thoughts.
    1) I look at this from a chemistry standpoint. Who will play well together and the strengths of each are taken into consideration.
    2) PG play is vital
    3) defense win
    From a Coaches perspective
    MJ simply transcending the game, he took it global for a reason, yes he was worth the price of admission on a nightly basis! because you never knew what he would bring! even the players on the opposing teams were amazed at his ability and passion for winning, he took it to another level. MJ was so good on the offensive end, he never got the credit he served on the defensive side of the court.
    Magic also transcended the Position of PG. his size, his ability to create shots for great players, his passion also on a nightly basis he willed his team to wins and championships. He was a facilitator. His SAVY and feel for the game was top notch, he could play and defend multiple positions. His SHOWTIME Lakers were a dynasty just as MJ was for the Bulls.
    Dominique was a beast and a nasty power slasher, his ability to excite a crowd with his above the rim play can and would ignite a Team and franchise, Nique would carry the Hawks on his back with a role player or two on his side. Fun to watch.
    Sir Charles never won a ring, but he was as competitive as anyone and wouldn't back down ever. his mentality was to play harder than anyone. Fans today know him for his outlandish commentary on TNT, but this HOF was a force with the 6ers and Phx Suns, If MJ wasn't a Bull , he would have a ring. The Dream, by far the best footwork of any Big man of all time. So, when you look at the number of RINGS in this Team and with the pieces pictured. I say B !

    tell me what you think and why?