Monday, December 15, 2014


Kings Fire Head Coach Malone and Coach Ty Corbin to take over
I am never shocked at moves made, it is a business, I was alerted very early this morning from our very own T Money.  What were rumors are now reality. I guess where there is SMOKE there is FIRE.
The franchise seems to be in transition once again. The new owner is putting his stamp on the franchise. Ty Corbin who had great success with the Kings NBA Summer League Team  by leading them to a Championship in Vegas this summer and is the former Head Coach of the Utah Jazz will take over the Team according to sources.
Yes, once again there are rumors that George Karl is a target for the franchise moving forward.
The GM and Coach Karl have a past. 
I just wish my friend Coach Ty Corbin all the best. The obvious thought for a quick fix is for Team USA center DeMarcus (Boogie) Cousins to get healthy. It appears that this ownership wants a playoff team, in a tough Western Conference now, and is not wasting time.
Again, I am just a Coach who is looking from the outside in, but BOOM, that just happened .

T Money always has his finger on the pulse. 
Ty Corbin is a great guy, hard worker! Coach T was on the staff of Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan.
Ty Corbin has a tough Job, but I believe in him. Are the tools in shed capable of building a Western  Conference Playoff Team?  Coach Ty will now be a carpenter building up this Kings franchise. Good Luck my friend.  This man of Faith will give it his ALL !!

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  1. With the recent firings and movement in college football as well as what happens in basketball, do you feel like the changes are based more on relationships than results? Can coaches wear out their welcome even though they are still winning?