Friday, December 19, 2014

Mavericks making moves

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

There will be a lot of commentary and opinions flying around the sports world in the coming days about the Rajon Rondo trade to the Dallas Mav's. The social media feeds have already been blowing up. The Sports talk radio  people will all way in. So, I thought I would share my opinions as well. These opinions are mine and mine alone.
I watched the Dallas Mavericks early in the season and I thought to myself, "That Team is dangerous."
I liked the product on the floor. You have Dirk Nowitzki a former NBA MVP, who can still provide big numbers with a deadly step back jumper, from anywhere on the floor, off of either foot. Dirk can even hit this shot from 3 pt land with a hand in his face. Wow, what a weapon, but what I like the most is his unselfish attitude to take less money to allow the owner and franchise to sign other quality free agents? It doesn't happen often in this business, but a man gives up base salary for the TEAM. It is obviously a non American thought process, look at the Spurs, Tim, Manu ,Tony all sacrifice salary to compete for a championship, none of those names are American born, Hmmmmm, another interesting blog is coming from this, is greed killing the game? I will get to that later.
Dirk the German born athlete takes a pay cut to allow salary cap space for the likes of a Tyson Chandler, a long basket defending athlete, then you have Chandler Parsons from the Houston Rockets, who has shown around the right players he is a threat from three, he can score off of the dribble, coming off of screens, catch and shot guy, with the explosive scorer in Monta Ellis who put up huge numbers with the smaller market Golden State Warriors,before many knew what he could do, he was already a NBA All Star caliber  player, before the rise of the splash brothers. Now Shark Tank man himself. Mark Cuban pulls the trigger once again for Rajon Rondo a PG who has already won a Championship with the "C's"
When healthy, he can get to the basket, the floor will already be spaced with shooters
Coach Rick Carlisle has a great problem to solve, he has talent! talent that can win Championships, Is it the New Big Three ? It seems Big Three's win Championships,
Recently, San Antonio -Tim D, Manu G, Tony P
Heat - Lebron , D Wade , Chris B
Celtics- Rajon, Paul P, Kevin G
Never forget the Bulls with MJ, Scotty P and Dennis R.
Go back to the 80's
Celtics- Larry B, Kevin M, Robert P
Lakers- Magic, Kareem , James W
let me get back to this, now Coach Carlisle needs to not only be able to design X and O's , manage a game, but now put on his chemistry hat, and make it work. There is talent, we, who know and understand the game, understand it is a process, it takes time. Can the Mav's peak at the right time in a already tough and strong Western Conference ?

Do we see a pattern here?
The Mavs now arguably have Dirk, Chandler P, and Rajon R. As a BIG Three surrounded by nice complementary role players who have veteran leadership on the bench and locker room. I applaud owner Mark Cuban. Mark is not setting back, he is making moves, making moves with passion, he knows his Dirk has a window of time. Sir Charles Barkley says it best, "Father time is undefeated "

Now it is time for us all to set back, observe the NBA landscape, lets see who blinks, which franchise will now make a moves to continue to compete for a Championship?

I am just a humble professional basketball coach who is between jobs, But I am eager to get back on the floor, develop talent, work with a Team. I am new to this blog world. I know there will be typo's, poor grammar. I am just here to Empower. Educate. Grow.
With the Coach Scott Fields show and blog site to bring content to a over saturated world of  sports talk. This show and blog is different, because it comes from a professional coaches perspective.

I hope this blog stirs up comments, thoughts and opinions.
Please share your comments below.

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