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Dec 21, 1891 Basketball was invented

The Game was invented on this day Dec 21, 1891

I am dedicating this blog to the invention of the Game of  Basketball. Yes, on December 21, 1891. Dr James Naismith took a peach basket and put stitches on a ball and called it basketball. I am grateful for the vision of DR James Naismith.
I grew up in the state of Indiana, I graduated HS in 1986. I played when there was no classification, when Hoosier basketball was what the movie "Hoosiers" was made about. The small country schools vs the big city schools. It instilled many life lessons that I still draw from in my life. I am now 47 years old. I have been in the game my entire life. I, like many in the state of Indiana, I had a hoop in my backyard. Yes, there was a cornfield or bean field as my backdrop.  I spent hours shooting hoops, I would go to a park down the street and play against many older players who taught me the be stronger, find away to get a shot off. I would also be with older friends at their homes and shot on their hoops. When the evenings would come, we would go to a barn for intense competitions or go to a park where I would test my skills vs much older college athletes, play against the athletic African Americans who would help take my game to the next level. I was the Dick Vitale speech " A Boy, A Ball,  A DREAM" I would get up and watch the Coach Bob Knight show on Saturdays, I would watch all IU and Purdue games, we would all choose sides for the rival games. IU vs Purdue. The Midwest version of the Holy War.
Every Friday and Saturday night Indiana HS gyms would be filled to capacity. Pep bands, cheer blocks, and communities would shut down to support the local Teams.  newspaper reports and every once in awhile a local TV station would be in attendance. If the was talent a college coach would be in the bleachers taking notes. What a great atmosphere.
Yes, the day after the games, the barbershops would talk shop, the farmers would line up and lean in the fences to discuss the game the night before.
This lead my journey, I was a 4 sports athlete in HS. Football,Basketball, Baseball and Track.
But my heart always lead me back to basketball.   I would accept a scholarship to play basketball in the state of North Carolina. A state know for great college basketball. UNC, DUKE, Wake Forest, NC State. It was a dream come true.
I had a set back physically when I took an oral polio vaccine to accept my scholarship? My immune system went array and I was bed fast for 9 months. My playing career ended, but I did manage to set a college school recording the cavalier invitational with 21 assist. I was drawing interest for major 4 year schools, but the playing days were over. My college coach new I was struggling, he asked me to come back to school, and get my undergraduate degree with him at his new school and be a FT assistant coach. I jumped at the opportunity. I was a FT student, I was a FT coach, I was 19 years old coaching players my age and older. it set me on a path that would transform my adult life.
I did an interview my Jr year of HS before. A sectional game and during the interview, I said, " I want to be a coach someday" I would set up late at night until 2 or 3 am with coasters on the coffee table showing my mom what I would do against a 2-2-1 or a 1-3-1 press.
I knew if I could explain and make my mom understand the game? I could teach the game.
My career was taking off. (See Bio) on this site.
My entire adult life I have coached the game of basketball at either the College or Professional game.
It is my Life, it is my Passion, It has been my Livelihood.
I have been blessed to coach some great talent worldwide. I have learned from some great coaches and I have been able to put to practice my own philosophies as a Head Coach around the Globe. I have experienced multiple counties, multiple languages, multiple cultures, multiple currencies, multiple religions, multiple governments.

Thanks to DR James Naismith and his peach basket on this day 1891.
The game has changed, the rules have changed, the players have developed, but it is still the greatest game ever.

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