Friday, December 12, 2014

Phil Jackson in the right place for success ?

At this point of the Season, is Phil Jackson in the right place ? Should he had been patient and waited on the L A Lakers ?or will he still turn around the NY Knicks?


  1. Success in one area does not always translate into success in another area. Unfortunately, Derek Fisher is caught in this mess as the Knicks' inaugural coaching guinea pig under Jackson. Sad, because Fish has a wealth of mentoring and knowledge to pass on to the next generation, but he'd have been better served as Scott Brooks' associate head coach and elevated when Brooks is gone. Jackson has only succeeded because he has superstar players - Michael and Scottie, Shaq and Kobe. He gets players to elevate their game(s). He can only turn the Knicks around when he gets rid of the selfish Carmelo Anthony and lures KD and LBJ to Broadway. And then, you'll see him back on the sidelines, not in the office.

  2. I think he has the talents to be successful, but as long as Carmelo Anthony is in the organization, it will be a struggle. Professional athletes are alpha dogs for the most part. That's why they are professionals. But at this juncture, none of the true leaders and guys who would be integral in winning a championship know that New York is not the place to do it. If Jackson can work his Zen magic on Melo, and snap him out of his selfish ways, he may have a chance. Until then, no dice.