Thursday, May 7, 2015

10 things you didn't know about Scott Fields

10 Things you probably didn't know about Scott Fields
10 Things you maybe didn't know about SCOTT FIELDS.

Many things can be googled and are documented, however here are some fun facts about Scott I bet you didn't know

1) his full name is Steven Scott Fields
2) Scott was born with asthma that ended at puberty spent many all night stays in oxygen tents in hospitals.
3) Scott was a High School Athletic Hall of Famer by setting multiple school records and earning 12 varsity letters
4) Scott took an oral polio vaccine to accept his scholarship in North Carolina that caused his immune system to attach his own body and he was bed fast for nine months starting in February in 1987. He required multiple surgeries to have mobility, he was told by Mayo Clinic doctors he would be in a wheelchair at the age of 25.
5) Scott began his college coaching career at the age of 19
6) Scott took his first Professional Head Coaching position at the age of 27 and set a record for franchise wins in his first season as Head Coach in Europe.
7) Scott has had success on multiple continents around the globe
{Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and North America, Scandinavia}
8) Scott has either conducted basketball Camps/Clinics or Speaking Engagements in every state in the USA except Maine.
9) Scott writes a romantic poem for his wife Kim on the 18th of every month as they met on July 18 but we're married May 8 on a private beach on the Virgin Islands.
10) Scott has coached many current and former NBA players, Scott has also coached over 100 players that represent their National Teams in either Olympic or World Championship competitions.

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