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My thoughts on the "Hacka" strategy

"Hacka" DJ
My Thoughts on the "Hacka" strategy
By Coach Scott Fields

I want to preface this post with two things
One, I am a coach and this is coming from a Coaching perspective and opinion, not from a member of the press. Two, I get the fact it is easy to set on the couch and observe and give an opinion from the outside looking in, we don't know all of the factors within the locker room and knowledge of the Coaches and the Staff.

Now, I am trying to write this with a solution at the end after I provide my lens which I see this philosophy. 

I want to say, I am not a fan of the "Hacka" mentality. At the early stage of the game and I will elaborate on this thought.
I am all about the positive mental approach to the game. I believe in putting players in a position to be successful.

This is for the Houston Rockets, they are playing on the road in an important game within the series. This is how I break it down.

1) It is a road game, as a coach, we know and expect our superstars to play and perform at the highest levels during this time of the season. But, it is more important that we have our role players step up and be the X Factor to have success on the road. I don't believe the "Hacka" strategy will set you up to be successful.
2) The "Hacka" isn't something that you practice and work on all season. It is not what got you to this point of the post season.
There is no flow to it, there is no rhythm to it, and you are not allowing your players to get locked in to a tempo. There is way to much, start and stop action.
3)D Howard got into foul trouble, and for the most part , your bench, or second unit is on the floor, your second unit or bench players already are not as strong executing the offense as your starters or superstars.
4) You are putting your bench and roll players in a tough situation to be successful, there is no flow, there is the start and stop action, and players already coming in off the bench are playing in spurts. The rhythm is constantly disrupted and as a shooter or scorer, your rhythm is off. And offensive execution becomes more of a challenge in a hostile environment on the road
5) from the Mental standpoint, You are sending the wrong message to your Team and Players, you are saying you don't have confidence in them and you need a gimmick to win the game. When the strategy isn't working , doubt can and will set in, and players will become frustrated. This will turn into Hard fouls and Technicals fouls, which could lead to ejections and suspensions for the next game.
6)This is disruptive to a Defensive game plan for the game, all the focus and attention is to run and Foul a certain player, players become robotic, the focus is on one task and one task alone for certain players, it is not a Team defense, you have one players sole responsibility to run and find the player and foul and you have four other players trying to stop a fast break and you are in constant defensive transition, which is already tough and challenging for bench players. It is not a strength of a second unit.
7) This strategy effects mood, focus and body language, not all players will buy into this philosophy, look at the players on the court and watch the players on the bench. 
You need to play to your strengths as a Team, and continue to do what go you to this point of the post season.
8) currently there is no rule against it and yes, it is a strategy, I do see where it can be effective , but not in this juncture of the game, in the start of the game, many players will rack up fouls, you are putting the Clippers in the bonus early, plus disqualifying your players after getting 6 fouls.

From a Brand and an Association standpoint
Do you make a change to the rule?
Why change the rule? You have a poor shooting player, it is part of the game.1) hire a development coaches and 2)sports psychologist to assist him to become more proficient.
I wouldn't want to be the player to have the rule changed because of your deficiencies.
Yes, it was hard to watch, it become boring to view. It could effect potential sponsorship and companies wanting to advertise during the broadcast.

It did take 84 min to play 24 min of play.(UGLY to watch)

I am a coach, I do see where using this strategy can be productive, but only late in the game, to gain confidence and momentum.

Ideas for Rule changes for the owners to consider: The governing body has a lot to consider. A majority will need to agree and sign off on it and the Commissioner Adam Silver will take that into consideration.
Keep the rule, but 
1) only allow 3x / half so again, it will become strategic.
2) If you choose to "Hacka" allow the foul, then make it like a flagrant foul, they get FT and the ball out of bounds.
More of a penalty should be enforced for using the strategy as a coach, so that it doesn't effect the entertainment value and decrease the value for the spectator and viewership experience.
3) after 3 intentional "Hacka" fouls have been committed,If the player makes the FT, it would be worth 3 pts for each make?

I just wanted to share this, since, I get messages and text asking my thoughts.
Thanks for allowing me this platform to sound off. I appreciate your questions

I am sure I will hit a nerve, I hope it starts dialog, If you have thoughts, please share
But share if you have a solution to the issue that is currently trending.

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