Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Matthew Dellavedova Dirty vs Gritty ? Thoughts.....

 Cav's Matthew Dellavedova
The Hot Toic this weekend is the play of the Cav's Matthew Dellavedova.
Sports Talk radio is all over it. The so called experts all have an opinion, The commentators all have a different opinion as well.

I am curious what you think about Dellavedova's play ?

I am eager to hear your opinions.

Tonight is game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals where the Lebron James led Cav's will try to sweep the Hawks.

I posted these photos of the Austrailian born players who graduated from Saint Mary's of the west coast. To trigger some thoughts.

I am sure everyone has an opinion, and will share different views and perspective. I expect if you are a fan of the Hawks, your opinions will be very strong. Kyle Korver with the high ankle sprain, when MD dove for the loose ball and a high ankle sprain has Kyle out for the season. Al Horford of the Hawks get ejected from the game when MD again dove for a loose ball and dove at the leg of AH and AL went with the elbow to the head, as a WWE off of the top rope looking dive caused his removal of game 3 loss.
Let us not forget the scissor leg hold of T Gibson of the Bulls in the 2nd round vs the Bulls.

Yes, there is now a pattern, but each of those are separate cases.
Let's just look at the photo on the top left. MD doesn't have a sexy game or sexy looking shot. As a matter of fact, mechanically, it is a poor shot 1) his head is tilted  2) his balance hand is not properly placed. 3) look at the V shape in the shooting arm in the shooters pocket 4) shoulders are not square to the target. 5) he doesn't release the shot at the apex of his jump 6) MD doesn't have a fluid motion of the jumper, there is almost a hitch in the shot, like the golf swing of Sir Charles Barkley.

But none of this is why he is on the Cav's. he didn't sign to be a shooter. Steph Curry he is not.
MD is a former Austrailian rules football player, There are many adjectives to discribe his game.

MD is the type of guy you love to have as a teammate, but he is just the type of guy you hate to play against for all the same adjectives we have to describe him.

Does he break any rules.
Or does he just break the hidden rules of the game?
A Players Code?

He is tough, hard nosed, he dives for loose balls, he is a pesky, in your space kind of guy.
King James loves him and supports him, because they were the same jersey. How would Lebron feels if he dove for a loose ball at his leg? It might change his perspective?

Kevin Love is already out for the Season ? Kyrie Irving has been out of this series ?
That was the Big Three. MD has a role on this injury bitten team. His style of play is needed for the success of this Team. MD is better because he plays with Lebron. MD has taken this opportunity to showcase his skills and talents and because of the injuries, he has become a household name in the playoffs.

Let us be honest, if this was back in the late 80's and 90's , nothing would be discussed. MD is an old school throw back type of player, but in this day of social media, everyone has an opinion.
I am curious to see how many cheap shots he takes in tonight's game?
I am curious to see how close the officials watch him tonight, as you know his name has come up in meetings.

Share with me your thoughts and opinions here .........

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